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Image 6 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1883-1884)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

/ , ' ' i . Q ‘ { E F A C U L T Y . ]AMES K. PATTERSON. Ph. D., F. A., ` Presitlent, Professor of Metaphysics, Civil History. ” ROBERT PETER, M. D., i Professor of Chemistry and Experimental Physics. \ JOIIN SHACKLEPORD, A. M., , Professor of the English Language and Literature. ` I JAMES G. \\'IIl'l`E, Q Professor of llathetnaties, Physics, and Astronomy. A. R. CRANDALL, Professor of Natural History and Director of the Mechanical Department. r C. R. TYLER, Second Lieutenant U. S. A., _ Professor of Civil, Mechanical, and Mining Engineering, Drawing, and Military Science. F. M. IIELVETI, Professor of the French and German Languages and Literature. ]OllN ll. NEVILLE, A. M., Professor of the Latin and Greek Languages and Literature. MAURICE KIRISY, A. i\l., · Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy, and Principal of the Normal Dep't. I ALBERT A. MENKE, P ~ Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, Horticulture, and Agriculture. \\`AL'l`ER K. l’Arl"l`ERSON, Principal ofthe Preparatory Department. \V. G. THORNBURY, Instructor in Practical Mechanics. I G. D. UUCKNER, M. D., Metlieal 1{xaininer. . M. L. PENCE, B. S., I Professor of Book-keeping and Assistant in Preparatory Department. i FELIX I. BAR'l`<`>N, · { Tutor in Preparatory Department. · l _l. \\i. 'l`.·\Yl.Ol{, 1 instructor in Greek aud Latin. 1 ]OllN GILCIIRIST, i ` i Superintendent of Farm. ’ i Mus. 15. P. RYLANI), ‘ l Matron of Boarding lrlall.

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