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Image 1 of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.), August 22, 1901

Part of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.)

w MA PUBLIC DAILY - W A. M . w Ctt&t H LEDGER vdKK2VuViHHi'9v REPUBLICAN, years age could have fenced their farms with woven wire they would have exclaimed Eureka! The American Woven Wire Field Fence is the acme of perfection. Is strong, cheap, animal proof, ornamental, defies the elements. fF MAYS VILLI! DAI. V PUBLIC jMUjw vI m . MAYSVILLE, KY., THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, JEXZI' XKPUBLICAK-lt-n. , ViLi r ' LJJ15LJ ' iC4Ji-- e J Mrs. W. LEDCWR-II- 9I. Superintendent C. L. Kesenham is tending the Ripley Fair today. sum. vy D. Dvc fa the guest of Mrs. J. Tllten of Carlisle. Miss Anna L. Sclutzmann is visiting vMlss Tillie Shafer of Covington. Mrs. Jehn Wheoler Is visiting her uncle, Mr. Jehn Shafcr, near Hlpley. ""liss Alice Lloyd of Hichinend is new at the home of her parents in K German-tow- n. Mrs. Addle Cobb has returned from n visit te her sister, Mrs. Omar Lytle of 1'aris. Messrs. I'earce and Andrew Thaxton of Mlllersburg are visiting relatives at Sardls. , Mrs. James Petter arrived yesterday from Louisville te visit her sister, Mrs. Charles D. Pearce. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Kussell returned yesterday from a Bojeurn at Glen Springs, and Harbour Is happy. Judge A. A. Wadawerth was in Ashland yesterday attending the Merchants' picnic at Clyffeslde Park. Miss Dera Uoyeref St. Leuis and Miss Charlette Hever of Klpley spent Wednesday with Mr. J. W. Beyer. Colonel Geerge Y. Priel of The A'sh-lan- d Independent was a pleasant caller en Tiik Lkimjku last afternoon. Br Mr. 11. T. Ennis of Cincinnati Joined Jiis wife here te spend a few days with Jicr parents and his relatives in Aberdeen. Mrs. Jehn W. Alexander and daughter, Miss Louise, returned yesterday from a visit te relatives in Fleming oeunty. . Wyatt. Mrs. Georgia Strlcklett and son, G. Morgan, who have been visiting Mrs. Margery, little daughter of Mr, and W. H. Ball, have returned te Vance-burg- . Mrs. James R. Pugh, Jr., of Vanceburg, dled Tuesday, aged nearly three years. Mr. Charles Martin of Millersburg and Miss Maude Oney, daughter of Rev. C. F. Ondy of Cynthlana, were married yesterday at the Phiunlx Hetel, Loxlngten, by the Rev. U. W. Darlington. H'enry Youtsey, after working around In various capacities slnce his incarceTIIK KKUSPAI'KK MAN. Up rplribtu H lianiNeme or natty. ration in the State Prison, has been asAnd hai none of Ilic charms of tliff duile; signed te the chair manufacturing deIs mere often abstracted than chatty, And nemctlmes unbearably rude, partment and placed in the planing lie courts us, then kIIkIus us and grieves us As much as he possibly can. room permanently. He kisses lis, lees us and leaves us This pertldleus Newspaper Man. Say Maysville people don't Heck te Our mothers won't hae him come cMHni;. Ripley. This morning C. and O. sold 537 He's no earthly oel as a "cutch." round-tritickets te that place en acIlls morals i they say i are appalling: Ills tlnances usually niAtcn: count of the Fair new en. We hope the He's relllcKlnK, r.'ckless, uncarimc. Living hut for the hour, the day; spirit of reciprocity will cause our He's dangerous, dubious, darliiK, Net lit for a husband they say. friends, the cittzens of Ripley, te attend the Elks Fair September 4th, 5th, we girls are forgiving. But somehow Perhaps he hut needs us the mere tith and 7th. Ilecause he gees u rung In the ll lug. And knuns Ihnnld world te Its core? ISTAfter an absence of nearly two Se w e pas by the dude and the schemer Who lead In beclety's van. weeks en account of sickness, Mrs. And cherish the thinker and dreamer Kushrlned in the Jiewspaper Jlan Plnckard will be in Maysville again isiur Illicit Mauiine. next week te settle up the remainder of 0. and O. Flyer Ne. 3, due here at 3:25 all claims of Miss Mary Hudnut's esp. m., passed down last night at 8 tate All having made purchases and net called for them will please send and o'clock. remove them before the day of sale of r Just received, a full line of resldcnce property, which will take Hat for the Fairs. place September llth, IDOL Mrs. L. V. Davis. Thk Lkiiekk understands that a A. J. Fllke, a Cincinnati butcher, au- - movement is en feet te deprive one or tomeblled te Aberdeen yesterday, and mere old Vets In this city of their penstarted te Georgetown, O., but part of sions, or at least te have them made the machine broke and Mr. Fllke had te payable to their peer wives, If the latter liave It repaired en this side of the river. be possible. Just as seen as these man As automobiles are "rarely" seen in this get their checks cashed they (111 up en city, this "seldom" caused a large mean whisky and remain away from crowd te take a leek at it. The owner home until the last cent Is gene, when they return for the devoted wife te feed will probably get away today. them as best she can. FLOUR, FLOUR! Aboutfeur weeks age Mr. Duke Swcet, Big Y, Patent, ft, this week at our while at work In a printing ellice in heuso. Every barrel guaranteed. Cincinnati, had the misfortune te run A Sen. M. C. a large nail through one of his feet. He was taken care of while there by Y. M. C. A. LAWN FETE. several splendid physicians, and for On Friday, August 30, 1SK)1, a Lawn a wlille was threatened with lockjaw. Fete will be given en the lawn of Mr. His father, Mr. James Sweet of Cliften, Rebert A. Cochran. Among the attrac- near this city, had him removed to his tions is the Maysville Orchestra, which home, where he cau new put his feet te always delights. A committee of young the ground, but cannot bear his weight ladles has the matter in charge. It will en it. . be a big success. Plan te be there. FOR SALE. Tickets arc en sale at 25e each, refreshments Included. Let everybody attend. Heuso of seven rooms In Fourth F. Devink. Ward, 700. Apply te Heady-te-Wea- Kt's-iKM- Mrs. J. L. Mainline and children, who have been the guests of Mrs. H. E. Lancaster at Carlisle for several days, have returned home. Prof. E. Ueganstine returned last night from Chicago, where the past two months he has been a student in the University there; Cabllsh and sister, Anna, are spending a few weeks with relatives aud friends in Cincinnati, Newport and Covington. Miss Katherine , m H. CAMPBELL. MR. WILLIAM a Trifle You'll Find Us 1 i ern up nis weeK i The carpenters, painters and paper haugers are making some needed repairs te our store. They have rush orders and expect te complete the work inside of six days. When through we hope te have the nicest Shoe Stere in town, and shortly will begin te receive the finest line of Fall Footwear ever brought te Maysville. Making these improvements will net interfere with our trade, however, and purchasers will Find Extra Inducements Next Few Days Here the vssxSAXX'SVSK - TBmm Especially in Lew Shoes and Oxfords, as we are anxious te close out these lines te make room for new goods. BARKLEY'S Death of This Venerable Citizen Oc- curred Yesterday Afternoon. William H. Campbell died shortly after 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ed Huren en West Third street. He had been in falling health for several years, the result of the Intlrml-tic- s of age. He was born near Washington, this county, and would have been 85 years old in December next. His wife, who preceded him te the grave many years age, was a Miss He leaves no relatives surviving, the death of an only brother, who lived in California, occurring last week. Nearly his entire life was spent in this city, where lie followed the occupation of blacksmithlng, until old age rendered him unable te work. He was a member of DeKalb Ledge Ne. 12, I. O. O. Y., which institution he Joined October 22d, 1814, and he was one of the eldest members of this Fraternity. The funeral will occur from the M. E. Church, Seuth, this aftornoen at 3 o'clock, with services by the Paster, the Rev. W. F. Tayler. The Interment will be In the Mays-vill- e Cemetery, under the auspices of the Oddfellews. Bur-geyn- IBEE fl PRICE ONE CENT. The assigned stock of Breslln &. Reed Twe children of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd at Ewlng has been bought by Judge K. Mube are 111 with scarlet fever. p Miss Grace Andersen of the county is the guest of Miss Lura Richardson of Hipley. Mrs. Guy Williams of Portsmouth is the guest of Miss Marie Itradferd near hia city. IP at- 1901. Mrs. Tabltha E. Williams of this city has had her pension ronewed at the rate of $12 per month. Mr. Ezekiel Cooper of Hiett and Miss Ella Hoed of Aberdeen were married a few days since by the Rev. H. E. Arma- cost. OFFICES FOR RENT. Twe nlce rooms en first fleer of 215 Court street. Possession September lit. Apply te Mrs. L. V. Davis. INDUSTRIAL EDITION. .A. Lawns! Masen County Institute New in Session in This City. FEW OP THE 1 4c. Choice of Calicoes, including dark patterns, Remnants of Matting ! 25c, 85c, 38c grades go at 15c; 15c grades go at 8c. CaJiCOOSl THESE I3f"Seda Water with crushed fruits at Ray's Seda Fountain 12c and PRICES ARE .FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY. FOR. Tr Coming te the Elks Fair! IX TKACIIINd. METHODS Reading Its relative importance in the curriculum. Miss Cass. Recitation Werk Mrs. Harrington. Spelling Hew best teach it? Miss M. Robinson. Recitation Werk Miss Bell. Symposium What can we de te Introduce a mere natural method of teaching In the schools? This was led by Prof. Reld with a clear, full and pointed address. The underlying causes for unnaturalness In teaching was laid largely en the insistent use of a textbook for every subject, thereby causing the tetftfher te sink into a mechanicalnesk which largely harassed the pupils and exhausted the teachers. Child study was recommended and the teacher learning what was really meant by se many definitions suggested. IF SOME it. Fer years our commostorerooms have been headquarters for Fair visitors. It gees without saying that our doers will be again wide open for you during the Fair week. We will take geed care of your parcels and packages you may have with you. Our upstairs windows will be at your disposal to view the grand precession the "Beys" are arranging for. By the way, by Fair time we will have our : Entire Fall Line of In stock, and we'll take it a great favor if you will take a glance at them. If you will de so you will see the best merchandise pertaining to our lines you ever saw. Yeu will net be importuned te buy. We simply want you te see what we have for you when you are ready to lay in your fall supply. Aside from our magnificent stock of Clothing, you will find an endless variety of Neckwear, Shirts, Hats, Underwear, Hese, Cellars and Cuffs, Belts, in short everything needed for boys' and men's outfit. Our Men's and Beys' Shoes will interest you. Just take a glance at our shoe that will tell the tale. Gentlemen who will attend the hops during Fair week and did net bring their dress suits with them can, by leaving their orders in seasonable time, be accommodated with elegant Dress Suits at reasonable charges. Trusting you will call en us when in town, we are, yours during the Fair, show-windo- OF YOUR e. FRIENDS Are going te get married you could net make a mere appropriate gift than a piece of line Cut Glass. Call and leek ever the many beautiful pieces we have just opened. BALLENGERE Jeweler and Optician, THE HOME STORE I yard-wid- wm pi t.i tafcr. ri ri iyiMtrJM1iflIl BE!J!.' " iJiM El ! w 1 K iM W M ilf M ' I 0Try a bottle of Finlay Malt Cream, recommended by all physicians as a a tonic and flesh producer. The Hev. Jehn B.irheur In nnnrmnpeH te preach at the Presbyterian Church at Greenup en Sunday, September 1st. President J. L. Weber has secured ever 1,000 books for Kentucky Wesleyan College Library, lecatod at Winchester. i PENANGS! I S w mjm w m J D.HECHINGER&CO. J3Try a bottle of Finlay Beer. Strictly pure. On hand at all saloons in Maysville. The Elks Fair at Lexington nrebablv netted J.i.OOO, despite the fact that rain fell the entire week A monument will seen be erected en the Serpent Mound in Adams county, 0 giving a history of it. all Laces and Embroideries bought en these two days. Kid GIOVOS, Corsets ! Your choice of $1 Kid Gloves and Corsets S9c. White Goods ! 25 discount en all White Goods, including India Linens, Lawns, Dimities, etc. e Percales! Still a few of Percales at less than manufacturer's prices, 7lic. Hese! 50c Hose go at 89c; 25c Hese go at 19c; 10c Hese go at 7c, Underwear! All 50e Underwear te go at 39c; 25c Underwear 19c; a geed Undcrvust for ladies at .'!c and 5c. w sn Clothing and Furnishings Goods! Best Apron Ginghams! Including Lancaster and Kilbernie's, 4ic. Laces and Embroideries! We will allow you a discount of 25 en ,L Werk has begun en the Street Railway at Paris, which, according te contract with the city, must be in operation by August 24th, 1902. ESTPesitlvely the best cut yellow poplar shingle en earth. Samples at R. A. Carr's and Limosteno Mill. D. G. Wilsen, Orangeburg, Ky. 6. Of Course, Yeu Are BA.R.C3-Ll3Sr- nUC-AJST- J D.HECHINGER&CO two days of the Midsummer Sale shall be our busiest, and we have spared no efforts in marking goods with prices that great rapidity. When we attack prices as we invariably de it is no sham battle, but a duel te the death. All SUMte held the and there's a tempting bargain en every counter and en every shelf. Yeu could use an extra pocket-boo- k here. 8c, REMEMBER, "S-J- ISTMurray it Themas will give the lowest prices consistent with honest The Institute for Colored Teachers work and they de no ether kind. If was called te erdT yesterday morning In the market for Monumental or any at 9:30 by Superintendent of Schools kind of stonework, you will miss it if ou ml3s them. G. W. Blatterman. After singing, reading and prayer the organization was effected with G. W. Blatterman as Conductor, Prof. T. Augustus Reld as Instructor and T. R. Davis as Secretary. The (lrst subject up for discussion was Schoel Pedagogy by Mrs. M. S. Stevens. This was well presented and favorably accepted by the Institute. Schoel Ethics and Schoel Discipline followed. Miss Dill and Mrs. Harrington 'descanted en the respective topics with much satisfaction. Then the routine work of the Institute went en with the rendering of the It will be great; don't miss following program dious HIVE Lawns Lawns The balance of our Lawns must go. Yeu knew you will need a cool lawn dress next summer. Then why net anticipate? Select patterns for your choesings. All our 89c, 25c and 19c Lawns and Satteene marked 10c yard; all 15c, 7lTc and 5c Lawns 12ic and 10c Lawns marked 6c; all marked SXc yard. Buggy Robes I All linen and nice patterns. $1.41) kind $1.10; $1.25 kind 98c; $1 kind 79c; 79c kind 59c. 1 AGENTS. TEACHERS. Friday and Saturday Will Be Great BARGAIN DAYS At the Bee Hive. The last shall make them spin with MER GOODS MUST GO, menev you save in buying j FRANK OWENS HARDWARE COMPANY The soliciting for the Industrial Edition of Thk Lkdekii, which will be Issued September 2nd, will close tomorrow at neon. Merchants who have net been seen and who wish te be represented in this paper will please notify Thk LKneKit at once and the promote! s will call en them. COLORED FARMERS SO g MJKJj First cousin te French Percale. 36 inches wide. Held fast colors. Stripes and figures but chiefly the former. Dark colors suitable for fall and winter house gowns, light colors correct for boys' waists, men's shirts, women's shirtwaists. Net a disappointing meager stock but a bountiful, prodigal selection. Penangs are one of the best cotton fabrics in the market. Quality and patterns as you always expect te find them in this store, absolutely correct. The price is 8! CENTS. Three yards for the former cost of two as original price was 12 cents. US? I i i ?Ah i'. 9 V i Vi& JM . tv h mm D,HUNT&4ffi. i.

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