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Image 1 of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.), February 6, 1910

Part of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.)

IVOLUMNE HISTORY OF RELIGION PASSAGES SEVERAL TESTAMENT Now the whole sum and sub light of Conscience the divine spark so shine that men may see stance of the Easter festival in a is this We find it to your good works of honesty IN NEW EXPLAINED I Authors Former r ries Pointed Out Errors in Se- moreMinneapolis Minn- army and By Susan J Peck the second coming In reading some of the old num had brought relief to the starving The bers of the Blue Grass Blade I victims of the Inquisition find that a few errors not made words were spoken in contempt by the typesetter occurred in the of his enemys threat and also in series df articles from my pen jest and were answered by laughentitled The History of Relig ter and applause Before the Son of Man left ion were selections the scene of his persecutions to se The letters made by students and colaborers cure help in quelling the insurrec from a more elaborate work un tion and Inquisition he bade his der the above title prepared by disciples Watch for his return myself and several friends and telling them what signs to look for in the heavens and that they used as lessons for our scholars When I copied them for publi would be given in the night and cation I did not notice the mis- during the dark period of the takes but will correct them The moon The story was both poetized one is the statement that the gen ealogy recorded in Matt 1 is that nnd dramatized and we have in the Testament the words of the of Jesus as well as of Joseph There is nothing in the list of poet and dramatist Immediately names per se to indicate that it is after the tribulation shall the sun not which accounts for the erroand the moon shall ter sunset of the pupils as happens The second is the assertion that not give her light Jesus whose genealogy jsi to be once during each lunar month and the stars shall fall from found in Luke ITT was a just man nut the statement that one Jesus heaven Matt xxiv 29 30 The was unjust and the other just is falling stars were only the falling correct when applied to those two rockets sent UP from the mountain men whoso genealoeies nre not in slopes that the watchers might eluded in the Now Testament hut under the protection of darkness hAa made mod whom he men prominent of fhemr tioninp oftenest their respective J the number of his armv that it titles Son of God and Son of might exceed in size that of his enemy the Son of God and Man or more that he might by that means com The Son of God as pel pence without bloodshed properly Son of the God The words Matt xxiv 27 there were rods many and lords mnny was the only betrotten son For ns the lihtninp cometh out of James whom lZinr Herodslew of the East and shineth even unto Now about the West so shall also the corning fActs XII 1 2 in this time Herod the king killed of the Son of Mnp Tames the brother of John with reference to the fleshing rockets the sword It nnd after the birth on every side which the Other pawnees of the son which occurred after the marriage of the widowed priests have mad to seem myster Queen Mary to her second hus- ious I can exnlain as rationally band Joseph Ring Herod sought and as correctly Matthew otherwise the Son of to slay him also In Rev I 5 we rend that the father was dead be Man wrote and practiced the fore the birth but after the he Gospel of Peace of Goodwill of Conscience of Honestv of Truth petting of his son I have written of the crucifixion of Unman Rights and his enemy whose title the Son of Godwrote and of the Son of Nun was given him in derision by the practiced the Gospel of War of of the lords because his father the car Oppression of Knavery and Kingdom versus the Republic penter was a commoner whose condemnation was secured and in his revelation to John he under the rule of the son of James declared his character in Chapter Behold I who was then known as the Holy xvi 15 in the words Ghost and who could not have come as a thief in the night been a hose except he first had Blessed is he that watcheth and lived and diedof his resuscita keepeth on his garments lest he tion from the sleep induced by the walk nnked and they see his through He would taking of opium his escape in the shame disguise ofa priest and I will others steal our very garments By transposing many passages now give the meaning of several passages which have been so often the two Gospels have been so used to delude the laity I can mingled that it hns been easy for rive the correct meaning of the the priests to attribute them to Bible passages for I was educated one person The Son of Man had a wife for the ministry in fact studied theology that I might learn the find three little children at the truth and so be able to impart itj time of his crucifixion and his words addressed to little child ¬ to others The origin of tho eating and ren were to his own My readers must by now under drinking of the sacrament was the threat made by the Jew the only stand with me that there were begotten son to prisoners of the two kinds of Christs two kinds Inquisition that when the Gentile of Christianity and two kinds of Son of Man should be dead Christians as there are now For the word I Christ in a language now dead was the origin of the word Conscience and meant tho or Ex sameAnd thirst St John vi 53 cept ye eat the flesh of the Son of the words of Heb vii 3 have are in reference to Christ the Man and drink his blood Without father no life in yon The words vi Conscience 54 He that eateth my flesh and without mother without descent drinketh my blood hath eternal having neither beginning of days And Heb xiii nor end of life 8 Justice the Jesus Christ it in a tone of astonishment when Conscience the same yesterday should the threat was told to him and today and forever The words Take eat this is follow it as it did in the original my body and Drink this is bookThe my blood in reference to the advice to worship God not the gods for God is a spirit II the Spirit of Truth and must fellowprisoners when after his be worshipped through tho action escape he had returned with an I of the Conscience and Let your afr alongfiislipeof bwere I r ¬ ¬ disI t I question ¬ ¬ theSon IJ r r VOX POPULI fromI digni easyit be of ancient origin ue It as a denotes Some IS IT THE VOICE OF GOD teem in which they are held by the gi rer So you see the church has simply taken up one of the old nn Pagan legends and ded icjted it as one of their own in A Brilliant Talk to be worked up by a sanctimonious set of priests and preachers EASTER SUNDAY A Pagan Festival Introduced a An Explanation That Reduces the Thousanr Years Before the Divine Character of This and Time of Christ Other Phenomena according composition Greeksthe theTavntinn of Five Min- ¬ Q utes Before the Liberal Club ISRAELITES PILLAR OF FIRE r by was given by those who sought o save their fellows from sin And this was the original and genuine religion or Christianity for the teaching of which the Son of like many others was Man condemned by the lords In St John viii we read of him as judge of the court and there we see instead of sustaining the law of Moses he applied the law of justice or Conscience and dis charged the prisoner with the Go thou and sin no words 1common IBy Channing Severance By Joel M Berry The subject this evening is preFew people we find who ever sented in the form of a conun took the time or trouble to inves drum Is the Voice of the People minds and subject to their influ tigate the subject matter of an the Voice of God No the voice ence through fear and ignoranceEaster Sunday They know it is It is their selfassumed mission of the people is not the voice of called Easter Sunday and they God The voice of God is that in life to speak for God and they celebrate it as a holiday by feastof the priest for only priests neglect no opportunity to do so ing on eggs and that is about the Thus Dr Balkwill explains the know what God thinks and what andwhen they refer to what God extent of what a large majority he wishes to say and only priests has done in human affairs through know about it But when we tell the power of the Bible and the do his talking them that it is no other than an God church we know they are calling But what is God anyway old pagan festival instituted thou ites and the fire from before the is nothing but a word of three attention to their own work sands of years before the Christletters but to these letters the With craft and cunning the catch ian era then they charge us with was long ago put forth trying to injure the church and us which It consumed upon the priests connects an idea and that phrase voice of the people is the idea is this that outside and apart the voice of God to flatter the com of cloud from this material universe there mon herd of humanity with the exists a personal power and in church then we admit the truth controls all idea they really control society which telligence of the charge which the un and are something besides mere things and Every festival of the Christian we suppose a large petroleum iverse wouldwithoutHave been and numerals But facts show other never Church apart from All Saints lamp to have been used the flame could not continue to be Who wise for the few lead while the Day was originally a pagan fesdiscovered this important fact many follow in every department tival Sunday the first day of the The aforesaid priest or one of his of life and the people as a whole the festival of the Ro weekwas predecessors in the dim and dis are blind followers of priests and man Sungod as the other days of dense smoke would ascend as a tant past How did he discover politicians who work together in the week were festivals of the pillar to some height and then it By exercising his imagination harmony for a common purpose moon and five planetspower and plunder on his credulityand In the fourth century Constan To say the voice of the people Is such knowledge very valuatine mnde an effort to enforce rest No but it is the voice of God in public afble and trustworthy on the first day from all work but passes for the truth when given to fairs is to talk twaddle and jolly this interfered with the peoples stupid to divert their atten flnmcJbel wWon dnake it dull and stupid specimens of hu the holiday u dinthe iiinth century tft manity who lack the ability or the tion from the forces that really the edict was repealed Again in It courage to think for themselves rule and enslave them mentally the sixteenth century the Puritans Are such people very numerous and physically tried to restrict the liberty of the a dangerous combustible adds They arc for they comprise the The only time the people ovar terrible great majority of human beings really do things is when priest ¬ people on that day but made a Mr Balkwillsome events happened two ofwhich failure of it craft and kincraft have forced Soon that walk this earth Easter commemorates the ver- we should call accidents The God believers are noted for them into an uprising like the nal equinox when the sun crosses after the imitation of the burnt numbers but not for general in- French Revolution or one of the the equator nnd the days become offering by Moses and Aaron Na telligence as a rule or the ability various kinds that have occnred longer than the nights It is by dab and Abihu the oldest sons of periodically in history But at clearly and rationally arrangement the first Sunday af- Aaron took each of them his cen- to think Belief in God is mostly due to such times very little is heard or ser and put fire therein and laid ter the full moon which happens the priest is the said about the old gag and offered education and the upon or next after March 21st incense thereon voice of the people is the voice of strange fire before the Lord educator He plants the idea of God and if the moon is at full on a but we do hear his real one in their minds when impresSunday Enster Sunday is the which he had not commanded sions sink deep and stick hard voice through the priest protest ¬ them And there came forth a fire Sunday after As the egg was the and that period is early childhood ing against their disturbing law symbol of birth it became the from the Lord and devoured them a time in life that is noted for and order so I repeat the voice and they died before the Lord symbol of Easter and Sprinp in credulity because the reasoning of the people is not the voice of connection with Sunworship Lev x 1is never heard Probahbthey had taken some faculties are dormant and unde God for his voice priest himself representing the trinmphant Sun through the of the sacred naphtha and put it veloped The God idea is sown on only Eggs were sacred Easter offer-¬ soil so to speak for any ¬ who uses it to make the people ings among the ancient Egyptians in their censers and anointed fertile thing a child is taught it can be comply with his wishes and be Babylonians and Persians who themselves with it as well in or made to believe and that is why obedient to him presented each other with color the world is full of idiotic non ed eggs and also among the Jews THE DELUGE stale superstitions and so who used peers at the Passover had done wrong no doubt but it sense All is miracle in the history of was the sort of wrong ofa fool many fancies that pass for facts and the Chinese Once taught they arc never en the delugea miracle that days A form for blessing Easter eggs hardy workman in a powder fac tirely forgotten aud the more the of rain should have inundated the tory is found in the ritual of Pope globe and leThe next outbreak is attrib child is fed on such trash the four quarters of the Paul V Great controversies have to the uted to the peonles murmuring harder it is to develop clea and have raised the waterfall existed in the earlier churches heights of fifteen cubits above the rational thinking afterwards over the celebration of Eanter In but it rends as if some receptacle a God or what the priest has de top of the loftiest mountains the latter part of the second cen containing the sacred naphtha had accidentally upset and the clared God to bo has done more miracle that there should have tury a dispute existed concerning heen been catAracts flood pates and the day on which to celebrate fluid running along the ground to dwarf the human mind nnd openings in heaven a miracle that The Latin churches claimed it had caught fire in some of the keep it in n low state of enfoldoutlying tents of the ment than any other thing or all sorts of animals should have should be on Sunday while the nearest in the ark from all Eastern churches hnd been cele cnmp And the fire of the Lord cause that has wielded an influ been collected parts of the world a miracle that brating it on the 14th day of the burnt among them and devoured enceTo believe in his God is to an Noah found the menns of feeding uttermost part of the month Nisnn The controversy in the period of ten months Num erniip chor the mind to a phantom and them for a listed nearly half a century 11 the animals with 1rr Bnlkwill rives similar ex to prevent it from natural ten- a miracle that About A D 150 Polycnrp the could have provisions Bishop of Smyrna visited Rome plmntions of the triumph of Eli dencies which it would follow if all their included and retained in the nnd explnined the views of the 5nh over the priests of Baal when left free to net for this belief been a miracle that the greater Pastern churches He was treat- nnnhthn was burned floating on keeps it occupiel with frivolous ark of them did not die a mira- ¬ top of the water an 1 of nar and fanciful thins as no concep part ed by Anicetus who was then the the ark Bishop as an equal No attempt rntives in the Maccabees and con tion of God hns any connection cle that after quitting to main ¬ they found food enough was then made to impose a dif¬ eludes The evidence is circum with known and demonstrated tain them and a further miracle ferent day upon tho Asiatic stnntinl cumulative positive and facts a different kind that a person churches On the contrary Poly one would think sufficient to prove The God of priestcraft is as sep but thought himself capable of ex- ¬ carp and others celebrated Easter that the prophets and priests of nrnte and distinct from Nature all the animals could according to their own views in Israel used n hitrhly inflammable and natural phenomena ns theolo plaining how fed in Noahs the city of Rome But in the time fluid probably a preparation of cry is from real science for matter be contained and is without a naturally that of Victor the controversy becom refined petroleum to bring down is not good enough for the priest ark ing more heated an attempt was fire from the heavens to make his God out of so he uses miracleBut the history of the deluge made to settle A councilwas a substance termed immaterial of the most miraculous being palled by Victor of all the church FINDS A MISSING LINK which when analyzed by reason event thatwhich the world ever es of Italy At this council it Indiana Scientist Discovers Fish is found to be only another name heard of must be the height of it was decided that Easter should be with Dorsal Cord nothingPantheism folly and madness to attempt an celebrated on Sunday is condemned and explanation of it it is one of the The celebration of the Easter Bloomington Ind January 28 denounced by every priest that mysteries which are believed by Festival in the light in which it Dr John Hazman on an explor- speaks for God for he wont have faith consists in believ- ¬ was originally designed is grand- ing trip in South America for the it that God is part and parcel of faith andwhich reason does not such a ing that ly beautiful It contains both Carnegie Institute of Pittsburg the material universe for is only another rood sense and reason hat when has discovered the missing link one would be so ordinary and believe which miracle Voltaire the church comes to take it up in animal life between the sala- common place the mysteries of and daub it over with a sancti mander and the fish according to- theology by which they bamboozle was trying to count the not be A little girl monious brush of sacredness and a dispatch received by Dr Karl their mental slaves could are not trees from the window ola train institute it as one of their sacred Sigemann head of the Indiana worked Natural laws How fast She exclaimed in wonder enough for priest they run and theyve only one leg festivals then we begin to kick University Zoological Department complicated craft to do business with so tho Womans Journal deeper these foes of reason and r ¬ theE byMoses exposingits offeringOf 3 ¬ Thedescription ¬ circularbrass flamebeing clouddescribed + ¬ whilethe lightAs ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ theythought ¬ i ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ xi 1- ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ it ¬ ¬ ¬ I MJJ LID Ln 11 tJ J l

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