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Image 1 of The Adair County news., February 22, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

L 1 t2tu j fii < tt f t i 41 rt f > L z oz t J JJ Jl f L fwt I < 1fJ I l < Ji1 7 I Jf t > > < th 7I > 1 MS + tf IPETE kdai7o1 Office hoursi f I K- L i K i ui to 9i8Q r Monday in January third Monday in September 1 C Baker 1Circuit Huddlerton AA Commonwealths Attorney t JujgeU L x SherifF W Miller ICirc tClerkJ FNeat J COUNTY T A Murrell J COUETFIVSt Monday In each month Judge AttorneyrJ derkT J Jailer Jr Gmrnett Telly T McCaffrec SurveyorR School SuptW D Jone F erClIRuMeIL Coro CrrrComrrRefruar court I second Monday in each month Judge Jas G Eubank Attorney Gordon Montgomery Marshal I > CHURCH DIRECTORY PRESBYTERIAN c Rov W C Clemens Services second and fourth Sundays in vstor every Sab ¬ each month SundaySchool at 9 Ill Frayermeetang every Wednesday night B0RKESVHXE STREET a bath METHODIST Lewis pastor Rev F month Services first and third Sundays in each SundaySchoo every Sabbath at 9 Ill Prayer meeting Thursday night E BURKESVJLLE STREET j a BAPTIST pastor J Scruggs Sunday GREENSBUBG First and third Sundays in each month m Prayermeeting School every Sabbath at 9 Tuesday night P Rev STREET a t Ft f- c d A < 4 ot 1 ac 1fIf fr m < Ir I 1q >> A J nnIV DMSiy Jr < m t FEBRUARY 22 1905 olcsho t pastor CAMPBEXXSVILIE PIKE fllI1rBen a I jusuamossl f rIIbecueClausI I I I father f 1 I I I W T S Notes Miss Minnie Kemp who was teknpo I > I I a very few of the pupils board ¬ ing have the Grippe now Miss Lena Salmon of Bliss was de tained at home last week on account of sickness Miss Celeste Shirley of Milltown also was absent last week The number is now two hundred and eighty The ones entering last week TEWBLEKS and OPTC1ANSwere Isaac Story and Andrew Lead I Dealers in Diamonds and Precious Stones better The school work is moving along Special attention given to work and nicely in all of the departments The twenty second we will have an all ordersot goods in our line 132 West appropriate and very interesting lec-¬ 2nd Market between 1st and ture from Govenor J R Hindman and Opollte Must Hal tf we are expecting a very pleasant and KENTUCKY profitable time Lecture is to begin LOUISVLLB promptly at ten oclock z 0 0 t joining 1 SaL07Al I Mr Wm Knifley and family have been on the sick list for several days s1part Lincolnshe RS counties ed presidntHis fatherinlaw stead in t xp> Point township gy Meadow Creek Feb 1 1905 Santa Claus is the best friend On the arrival of Abraham that the children have on earth NEW UNDERTAKERS SHOP Let us not poison their minds j I THE LINCOLN LOGS friend Dick 1 Oglesby later asked Mr Hanks Humphrey Jeffries have gotten their gasoline engine placed and will who had split rails with Mr Lin- ¬ coln to get one of the large logs soon be ready for work Mri Henry Geasoiof Louisville is that he was sure Lincoln had visiting relatives at thisplace split with his own hands and Mr Willis Aker has returned from a bring it to the convention hall visit to Illinois At a signal from him Hanks John A Beardis rypi kW t pneu wastQshulderth log and marcti mom a I to the front of the h lLAt the attention given collection e iThro S Messrs Wm Parker and Pike will remove to Texas in the near future t Mr D J Bowen is doing a good business with his saw and grist mill at this place Will practice in the courts in this and ad- meI pureS < NIFLEV We have had the coldest weather known here for several years AtlorneysAtLaw t JAMESTOWN KENTUCKY t r 0 Stone I thingsIare scholarOnly t 14x prontj j i+ tStone 1ff s 1 rarily employed to fill the vacancy made by Miss Shaws resignation is no a longer with us She was well liked by LODGES the faculty and students and she wish ¬ es the school the best of success MASONIC Last week the thermometer on this Regular COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A M hill registered twenty below zero meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night which was the coldest we have had on or before the full moon in each month this winter Gordon Montgomery W M E G Atkins Secretary Onaccountof the cold weather no work has been done on the dining room COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7 meets Friday T R Stults H P for several days night after full moon Horace Jeffries Secretary Miss Virginia Betts who is teaching the classes recently taught by Miss Cii M WISEMAN Ii SOIU Minnie Kemp is proving that she is a splendid instructor and a thorough r b I I Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 m Prayermeeting Wednesday night Jr > fjc j iI ¬ L t NUMBER the hall and men rushed Veghlngli9Eeth Tis with the greatest pleasulathat I attempt to vrite arfeli to The News I suppose tHe people on Cum berland river are too busy catching logs to write a few lines to the News I havent noticed anything from Rowena or Ken ¬ dall for the last few months CHRISTIAN r fV I although as a Santa Gaus matter of fact theftis- O J Ijxed by the Liverpool market and Bloomington is entertaining at The question of retiring Santa present av half sister of Mrs J Claus is a monstrous one As I the tariffduty has never given th far ijgrappo their shoulders togeth soon as is Abraham talk of retiring the sun meirone cent of ithlhe iuge log It was t shine the ffGwers and the sing This season however a stoortage of Jr hatdwh3at in the northwest adyan j2d S fi iJPlebefore order could be ing birds restored but when John Hanks i Gloomy would this world be prices until the Americansfarmers were of1 the A freight agent With her daughter she has been sfppec1 dvii from trie platiorm f without the redfaced jolly heart- receiving twenty cents mor0 per bushel j the guest of her son and brother he had changed politics and in- ed old fellow who for generations for the past two months Mrs steadof being a strong Democrat has been coming once a year to Helm and Mrs Lincoln were not he was then and there converted make the children glad And mills did not propose to pay the Amer ¬ ican farmer the extra twenty cents playmates together They had a Republican aiid shouted for yet they call him a myth During the Lincoln j It is true that but few have unless compelled to do so and they Lincoln the same father but Mary Todd thereupon appealed to the secretary of was something Mrs Lincoln the treasury to permit them to import like 23 years of age when Emily ox wasi he has never been seen But the Canadian wheat pay the duty Todd Mrs Helm was born so grind it into flour export it and secure that the latter became much bet killed rand bread was hauled by in the form of a draw back the duty ter acquainted with her half sis the wagon load to the scene of they had paid the government the feast Something like 10000 The ter when she had become Mrs J people participated in that bathe secretary of the treasury referred the A fact that is not necessarily Lincoln wife of the martyred I something that we can see and matter to the attorney general for gen ¬ I president and when she visited cue The Decatur Review prints two take hold of and measure with eral for an opinion and that governher in Springfield frequently When Mrs Helm was just a girl pictures of the late friend of Lin v the foot rule or put on the scales mental official promptly decided in fa¬ Mrs Lincoln and children came to coin and also a writeup of the andweight like a bale of hay or vor of the millers Senator Hans brough thereupon introduced a bill to load of cool Lexington Ky to visit at the Bloomington womans Santa Claus is real in the same prevent the drawback provision of the home of her father and the scenes which follows The old Lincoln cabin which sense that we arehe is a spirit Dingley act from being applied to of her early childhood Mary Todd frequently visited her sis ¬ Mr Hanks helped Lincoln build a presence a power an influence wheat The fate of this bill which is ter Lillian Edwards in Spring- was taken to pieces and set up at whiph is all that the rest ofus in the form of an amendment to the field and it was on one of these the centennial in Philadelphia in are The only trouble is too sundry civil appropriation bill will de ¬ visits that she met Mr Lincoln 1876 After that it was taken to m ny of us are getting to be so termine just how willing and anxious John Todd Stuart a cousin of Boston and other places and it is materialized and mercenary w- the republican protectionists actuallyappreciate the noble old are to pass legislation which will pro- ¬ Mary Todd was a member of believed to have been taken toI tect the farmers while it at the same London but information on that eIr Congress a lawyer of ability andpoint is indefinite Efforts have A noble old fellow he certainly time somewhat curtails the profits of a friend of Abraham Lincolns so the Minneapolis millers thatfit was through Mr Stuart been made two or three times by is Decatur people who got interest ¬ Good natured he is to a fault And the whole affair is a striking that Lincoln met his future ed in it to find out just what be- No one of the priviliged few who illustration of the love of the republi wife Mrs Helm is the only member came of the cabin but so far all have been fortunate enough to party for the farmer Glasgow Times of her family living today A of these efforts have been with lay eyes on him ever saw a scowl Should I Sleep Tonight upon his brow He is always peculiar fact she relates is that out result MET LINCOLN i happybecause he is always Should I sleep tonight would the cold five generations of the Helm wind blow John Hanks became famous thinking of making other people faiiiily are buried side by side at Relentless and cruel oer the soft white Elioabethtown Ky while five because of his association with happyHis snowunselfishness is absolute Entwining its breeze in the the voices generations of Todd family slum the martyred president He was of nightber peacefully side by side in born in Nelson county Ky Feb- his generosity is unbounded and ruary 9 1802 His parents lived to make even one little child glad Sweeping the earth in its hasty flight Lexington Ky The Helms and Would it pause to sigh and softly weep the Todds were pioneer families in Hardin and Breckenridge he would go to the ends of the tonight counties several years and they world of Kentucky and all became dis ¬ Should i sleep He believes that happiness is tinguished either in politics the then moved to Grayson county It was in Hardin county that Mr the greatest thing in the world Tonight Im weary of the worlds gay army or other vocations Mrs throng Helm was the wife of Gen Helm Hanks first became acquainted and when he starts out on Christ And I lose my thoughts in a sadder song a Confederate general whom his with Abraham Eincoln He was mas eve to scatter this blessing Of the waves that lash upon times shore tory rocognizes His father be a first cousin of Lincolns mother around among the children noth Just to ride the sea to return no more fore him was Governor of Ken and was seven years Lincolns ing can daunt or discourage Would that still voice call tonight tucky Col John Todd a great senior In 1822 he went to Indi ¬ him Should I sleep uncle of Mrs Helm was tho first ana on a visit and speut two The disappearance of the big Shall I rest by peaceful flowing streams provincial governor of Illinois years there making his home wide chimneys and ample fire Where sweet contentment and joy be my dream Mrs Heims daughter who is with the Lincolns who had pre- places makes lots of trouble for viously moved to Indiana from him but he always manages And no phantom shadow lingers to ter¬ now with her mother in this city Kentucky Mr Hanks and Mr somehow to be on hand with the rify my soul Is a professional artist and has J Lincoln worked together during presents that shall make the lit No tidal wave of trouble athwart my talent in a marked degree Dur those two years path to roll The former tie folks t happy If he cannot ing her stayhere she has painted How sweet twould be could I only then returned to Kentucky slip down the chimney he will know several portraits and landscapes ALL CAME TO ILLINOIS climb on the fire escape anyway Should 1 sleep tonight tW among them being that of Ben a relative who was a In the fall of 1828 Mr Hanks to make the children glad Harden 0 Angels with holy power rirmi weak heart prominent lawyer of Kentucky moved to Illinois going by way And is it not monstrous nay of Spencer county Ind where infamous that as his reward for Circle my pathway in midnight deep It is a beautiful piece of work take my part the Lincolns lived Abes father such unselfish generosity Santa DAUGHTER OF JOHN HANKS told him to write and iet them Claus should receive such con Mrs Loomis wife of Mr Elijah know what kind of country he tumely and reproach as is being Give me strength in this life to hope Loomis of 707 East Douglas found Illinois to be and if every¬ poured upon him in certain quar andendure street this city is a daughter thing was favorable Mr Lincoln ters Leave me not lone tonight r of the late John Hanks an early would follow Mr Hanks settled He has beard of the disposition Should I sleep 1fJ friend and associate of Abraham in Macon county and in March felt in some minds to speak of Should I faint neath sorrows load Oh still be near Lincoln who helped Lincoln putt 1830 the Lincoln family came him with flippant credulity and x up the log cabin in Macon county here also When Mr Hanks disrespect and jolly as he is by To shade treacherous follies of life j vith In a talk with Mr Loomis yester first came to Macon county he nature it makes him feel any Hold thou sacred fear earthly ills are > hands till day he stated that he Mr i had utenough logs for a house thing but happy Loomis went down to Decatur on the Sangamon river but on We ought to be ashamed of to attend the state convention account of not being able to get ourselves We owe the grand me on and helped nominate the martyr any prairie broke had settled in-¬ old fellow an immediate apolo May I feel thy presence near tonight Should I sleep LS Hickory Apache z 2 1119O5- News r f Hanks Rnd Lincoln We are having plenty of snow and some rain Old people claim it is the worst in 20 years The freightors have been four days coming through Black Canion f The quarter master sent out some teams a feV days ago Last night one driver came in with 10 head of mules pulling a load of hay I Some of our boys are out all the time Three of them brought in four deer yesterday We are living high on deer bear and tur ¬ key most all the time I was with four Government Surveyors for three months and I got all the hunting that I wanted They are going to run a rail ¬ road from Rice Ariz in the wes ¬ tern part to Holbroqk in the northeastern part via Apache Sixty recruits came in yester ¬ day for the 5th Cavalry Oral L McClure Troop H 3rd Cav J R Stolta K P Conover 7AsaearJ Lp vti Editoi pin f sC CIRCUIT COURT > < JJ- tt oJ r ARIZONH i 4 J t i rR GOIINTYrEENTJGM COLUMBIA AD s F to u t DmElfORV 5ionsnThand Three Mondaylin May COURT County toa i I t > > > Jj Aj it >> I i b I < t POST OFHOEDIKBOITO JL RUSSELL POSTMASTER CQN6vERU PuTY + riijliJ ffL < k r 1r > II = VOLUME tJ k tl tj ifI > t 1tc> I i I < f y f t > t 1t l l 0 c 4 i t 111At db i > Gov Oglesby the logs to build a cabin if he liked the location The offer wasI insinuaI r youngAbehau1ed1the IThey nothing about mythsbut they io know Santa Claus Later on they will ship While they resided in Ma- p comeHwise7f or the present con county the family lived in < W M WILMORE Prop AT pcrmit them to be happy this cabin ICyv < SoHurrah Gradyville Kentucky suInIneror183oMrHanks S y I andfor Santa Claus the I have just opened an Undertakers some others say Lmd yWilsonTrainingSchooL Pect ntmOnientLonardSwett the grand and eloquent pe kefsame WERE 1s no netter place to stop We would very respectfully askth thau at the aboyed named hotel subSriberstoth tb L ndSayWi1sontram VasmakingaDjaddresswh n COFFINS AND GASKETS Protection rallacy Good sample rooms and a firMtc1asi itcr From thislot ilswr The fallacy of protection argument which will be at short profitsJ GiT t4ble Estes very riasonable Jeed taken those displayed at the Chi mea calt andt convinced tMt it would can settle with the Educational Board ttble ttsched Jrt jhafe was never more starikingly illustrated bejtojrptvinte rtto troIila m 1 loJ1ntedt e platform and the gQrCQhv and have the or we r than it has beenthisrinter in uifeenTe was made tlatthei Coirepondents are requested to seiid infill be forced you amore forci m ladn with the tariff on wheat Fdc nQti1d twist w rIi log on y told that WhIR we hear of other pespi > ftli JiUs litLiIc9ln iSuCh edMthhi i the subriq etrai years the pthcted Ill Tibe duty troobk JtyirBcflii i to o Wilmore Hotel know built1nearthe J I > I Russell Springs idd Ly threhc calEXeihnot1S il 1 f landIatd fr i s9aton matwrfftj I P L l c a 41 i 7 r l iW ts f W Ii 1I r I I + 1i i J f1t J it fi i I r fk 4 l j < + Il i ai 1 il P 1 + tio 4if + 1 fY 1 U1 il Jforusealikindsof oJ k fven t sphtBloomington i II f 1 C i w YitltV i JJ ls t VTt i I c S H i trf1 cents f VrX I r 01 bushel t os wsst JE8NcL owa JSS I Dotroit Tribam r I 1 4 I tSj j < fetv 3 < j cmj i tfr i b1j2 Ji 1 < <

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