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Image 6 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 28, 1913

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Mt6 as waived I THE JEFFERSOHI AN DEVOTED E NT! RELY TO JEFFERSON COUNTY. J ST. HELEN'S PICNIC FOR P S X SONA 4 FALL PLOWING Parade to Leave Bank of St. SEE THE Helen's at 12 O'clock Sharp BRINLY LINE Next Monday. OF Those who are exported to participate In the big parade on thr oerasion f the annual picnic of the St. Helen's Commercial Club on next Monday, Sept. I, are requested to take notice of the fact that the parade, consisting of St. Helen's Commercial Club, Juvenile Drill Corps and Floats will leave the Bank of St. at 12 o'clock, noon, sharp. These are the latest arrangements as made by those in charge of the Dai ade. The committee appointed to inspect the lawns of those who have entered the contest of the best kept lawu is out inspecting the lawns today. The Ciub's prizes ot to 00 will be awarded for the best kept lawn and $1 00 for the next best. Those of the committee afe Nat T. Frame, chairman, Rev. J. B. Peiffer, B. E. Schaffner, Henry Roggeokatnp, Sr., and Edw. J. Meyer, president ot the Club. Father Peltier is taking the committee over the district in bis Sulky, Gang and Walking Plows Disc Harrows, Pulverizers, Etc. 36-- 3 COMPANY Estab. Incorporated 1900. 1839 Car. Preston and Main Sis., Louisville. The Logical Place for everything in the line of Kodak Supplies Hrcafni' I'noto Supplies are not a and we study sideline with your needs fnm ev-r.ingle. We an: not bound t- ANY T'lOOT and can get for you anything in our : : line. u-- Mrs. Mary E. Russell Dead. AND PRINTING can bi done." PROMPT AMU BPffCIBNT SHKVICE " 321 W. Jefferson St. LOUISVILLE, T Opposite Inters urban station KY. The funeral of Mrs. Mary E. Rus sell, who passed away Monday morn ing, Aug. 25, at 1 o'clock, of general debility, at her home near Pennsyl vania Run church, was heii Tuesday morning at the church, couducted by Rev. E. W. Elliott. Intermeut took place in the cemetery at that place. Mrs. Kusiell was ttj years of age and was the widow ot William Russell, who died live years agp. She is survived by three children Mrs. James Moore, Lawrence and George Russell, and one sister, Mrs. Mrs. Russell united Sam Russell. with tlit.- Baptist church in early life and lived a consistent Christian. Many friends sympathise with the family in their bereavement. School Examinations. tnunity telephone number At. Miss 15. B. Hummel is spending week in Louisville. NOW IS THE TIME a to arrange for that Sale or list your farm. COME AND SEE ME. And don't forget that 1 am also prepared to write your A. . In the interest of the East view. wr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith spent District No. I2, 8chool. A physical Sunday with Mrs. E. P. Sweeny examination of all applicants was Miss l.ydia Frederick, who has been made by Drs. McPherson and' Bates. Quite a number of children came, ill for sometime, is improving. after the examining committee had Miss Nora and Marietta Finley gone. The Club desires to extend spedt Sunday with Miss M.Frederick sincere thanks for their kind services. , ai Sixty per cent, of applicants bad as r. anu ft mrs. j. (. . n. Koolns Dad as their guests at Brookjffunday Mr either inflamation or chronic enlarge ... .BBmLBa .... .1 anu .iis. r. mcwllm Hailltlc son ment ot tonsils; 3o percent, bad weak o. eves anJ 35 per cent, had bad teeth. Floyd. From refreshments sold they realized Mrs. 'Bias wL muy about $10.00 profit. been visilfl The United Farm Women would be road. glad if all who are interested in the Ml88 improvement of their homes, schools, days in community, roads and clean amusePFjrU-infriend, ments for their children would either organize a club of their own or join Mr. John Fretuincd them in their efforts at Okolona. home after Cincinnati . 1 K.J fl Fire and Windstorm Insurance with strong and reliable companies a a f E. R. SPROWL umo. Phone Rj, 3 Birth. Mrs. Newt Swan spent the Tuesday with Mrs. Chas. Walker M iss Esther GoJsliaw, of Cincinnati, is spending a few weeks with Mrs. lohu Petry Mr. Leonard Pittenger and family, of Louisville, were guests Sunday of Mr. aud Mrs. J. P, Frederick. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. M eMail an and son, Floyd, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. 3. A. Robins. Mrs. E. L. Floure and children, of Lebanou Juuctiun, are visiting Dr, .mil Mis. D. A. Kloore. Mr. Enos Omer, of Kansas City, Mo., is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wes Outer. Miss Nannie Gailhreath visited Mrs. E. R. Sprowl and Mrs. J. C. Alcock the first of the week. Mrs. Claud Tatchell and little daughter, of Miudletown, visited her parents Monday. Miss Gertrude Ellingiworth has returned home after u very pleasant visit tO'Frankfuit. St. Edward's sctfool, of Jefferson-town- , will begin Monday, Aug. 1st, with the Urscliue Sisters in charge. Mrs. Albert Wiugiuton spent Wednesday with Mrs. Joe SPROWL MOTIQIEEB Children Stand The Okolona Branch of the United J. Carlin had as her guest Farm Women gave a picnic on Aug Friday rtrs. Olvia Carlin. Mr. , R, ESTATE Physical Test. Mrs. George Si automobile. ::::::::: Tl(i ill either fresidence Wlc- KAL n Doing Good Work in Okolona Com ti it l hams columu. Ik-len- BRINLY-HARD- Y FARM WOMEN ! ' onhs AUQUST 28, 1913. - ippppdc.vtaum iw mi i VTTll, I 36-- 2 IV BY E. R. SPROWL. PUBLIC SALE Born, to the wife of Mr, F. R. Schott, of Hike's Point, August 22, a TUESDAY, tine girl. Uln.. .1 . v.1 i i nK Ul IW1-- SEPT. 2, 1913, at 10 O'Ciock A. M. a.. -.I .. I' Til 111(11 111 T P I if V I uii . I highest and best bidderTat my' Loui vH . ausliep Lrd.v the e Pike, (Preston street road), one mile south of .., Okolona. ,vv;'.inu elKnl ' , from citv. all; mv Tr7 pari as io ows : " "!- nig in two good workr horses.' i,.,wl ij, " .ifiisisiouu suw, ii .... .. i suocK hogs (150 poundsK . ." ' l i i . aicou, i surrey ana e acrescorn'iVfield, harness ra,f0"' Cart- - 7 lot of '?oie n?V- , 1 V'avtT, i nay rake, t)llver chilled plows, 1 J. 1. C. rldinif ulow. ijr" e i u'-nloiva i J row and numerous other articles. Some household and ,,. ., ... II. u Mil 1II11IM . SKI ana aiu r terms iiuiiiiui oi nine months . witlmnt nole with . approved security, ne- !?ec Uah..; ,3""V.Kr"ir? ul me insurance liauk. No property to be removed until erftic are coaplied with terms New Store at Anchorage. Fanelli Bros., the well knowu merchants of JelTersontown, will open a new store at Anchorage, in Jefferson county, on September 1st. They are now ordering Koods and getting things in shape for the opening of a s store. This makes three s'tores for the Fanelli boys in the county, the otlier one being at Buechel. They are hustlers and, uo doubt, will succeed at Auchorage. te ,, ffKiLff Lk first-clas- in.. 1 ',. 1 one-hom- j J?: n..-ul- SPROWL, Auctioneer Jefferaontown k Lunch by Fanelli Broa. K. K. Fanelli Bros. Play Tracy's. two-hors- 1 1 Uh.: Vi... W. A. GAILBREATH. BY E. R. SPROWL Fanelli Bros, will play the Tracys, ot JelTersonville, next Sunday. This team has played here before and the fans will remember that the game was one of the hardest fought battles ever pulled off at Jefferson Heights Snyder and'Jont s will be the batteries for Fanelli's. Pitcher Monroe, iate of the team and part of the season under the management of Harris and Roetninele, of Fanelli Hros., has been sold to the Chicago White Sox. Public Sale! Real Estate and Personal Property Examinations for pupils from the county schools and also for children wholiave heretofore attended private schools in Louisville, who expect to "One of the best reasons why I would not be enter Uie public schools this year. without telephone service," writes a Georgia farwill he held in the Administration . AT 2 O'CLOCK P. M. mer, "is the pleasure it gives my wife and the building of the Board of Education Thursday and Friday, September 4 MR. N T RAGLAND has instructed me to sell knowledge that while I am away, she has the prohit personal at his rts denceon the Bardstown pike, about four blocks from pronertv aid a, according to announcement tection that the telephone gives." e ndnus of Bro. Burger Resigns. by Supt. E. (). Holland. The made On the farm the telephone dispels loneliness Mr. Rudy Zimmerman and sou, examination will also be open to Rev. W. L. Hurger.has offered bb Two No. 1 Jersey cows, 5 dozen young chickens, 3 dozen and is the means cf bringing help in any emerpupils of the eighth grade, who failed Adam, liave returned home after resignation as .pastor of Cnrist Luth spring wagon, 1 turrey, 1 bent 1 rood jump teat surrey, 2 sets harness, gency that may .arise. , ast term, and will be conduct spending a weeiWith II. A. Hummel. eran church in JelTersontowu and 70 onion cratet, 76 locust potts, 25 cedar potts. 1 large iron 2 set. u0w war kettle bre .g nnp. inrai. I . low. i ..i ,,,.i.i. ed by Miss Elizabeth McConathy and l If you haven't a telephone on your farm see mill irn mlrla t,..K - . the Mt. Zion Lutheran church in the Mrs. Ella W BVjit ft ........ SZ?LZrrl Irn7rTJ. 1 onion ru,c ".w' 1 "arrow, l cultivator. 2 ar- . aBBt '"il I"un5 mlon drill, I tfernctir Ttr : 8Cim' -8ausa Urinder, lot . ttttiVi iliM I ir aKBUAaaBhggMftiugMMaft1iftwL jjjjtjre J aauJM i 'L nm hi ftjmcairo. t reTT therao church ai Jone'sboro, Iod ,the pitted the Jefferson county examin- was the ifuest ff JVB. Pord Sunday. resignation to t;(1te effect Sept. 30. At 4 O'clock P. M. Mr. W. T. Buchanan will sell his the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or write for Farm. Truck and splendid ations and have certificates signed Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Casey, of Louis- Bro. Burger has made many friends our free booklet and learn how little this service by County Superintendent, O. J. ville, took supper witli Mr. and Mrs. during his stay here and it is to be It consists of 17 acres of tine land, with co.y dwelliug of four rooms, hall costs. Stivers, are exempt from the ex- W. A. Whefler Eriaay. and porches, all necessary outbuildings, good water and plenty of all kinds regretted that he is going to leave. We will llrst sell the improvements aud one acre of land, next ltt of fruit aminations. DEPARTMENT Rev. Crtinse, of Louisville, Mr. and FARMERS' LINE acres and then i.oth placet as a whole, the greatest price in the aggregate At a conference between the Mrs. E. W. McMahan aud family and Buys Semonin Property. to he the accepted price. Finance ( loniiniUec ot the Hoard of MisslvaMudd were guests of Mrs Remember, this property is located on iianisiown. pie (Uncoln Way). W. J, Semonin has sold his country-dwelllt.- only about four blocks from the terminus ol electric Car line at Kern representatives of the A. J. Carlin Sunday. Kilucatiott and and farm on the Pisherville Creek, where values are increasing by leaps and bounds, aud don't forget Hikes graded school of Buechel, the Miss Irene Staeckler, of St. Mat question of the tuition fee to be paid thews, is spending the weeK WHO road to Sid. Radclille, of Spencer the date. Terms On personal property: $o.K) and under, cash; over that amount county. Possession is to be given by the couutry uupils entering the a credit of six months without interest, note with approved security, negoMisses Auna and Mary Sauer, of October 1st. Mr. Semonin and fam- tiable and payable iu bank. city high schools was referred back INCORPORATED. Glenview. cash, balance In reasonable payments to suit ily will move in a short time to their On real estate: One-thirto the Board of lOducatiou of the ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Miss Litkt Ross, of Beechmout, has hotiie near the Southern depot here. the purchaser, with interest at t per cent and lien. A deposit ol 10 per cent 357 SOUTH PRYOR STRE ET, Buechel school for further considerafter sneudlng several Mr. aud Mrs. Carl Purcell, who have ol purchase price will be required on day of sale as a guarantee of good faith. ation. The board Is asked to pay the returned home B. R. SPROWL. Auctioneer, Jefiersontown, Ky. with Misses loma and Vary been making their home with Mr. sum of $875 as tuition fee' for the days Sauer, at their home near Cknview. and Mrs. Semonin, will move Septempupils or pay the regular tution fee Rev. J. . I. Cole left yesterday fot ber 1st into the new house of Mr. of each nupil. BY E. R. SPROWL. Sacramento, Ky., where he will assist fjoule Cue ill Livingston Heights. Wanted. meeting. Mrs. Cole will in a revival FISHERVILLE. yean WANT visit relatives at Corliln duriug Mr. Buechel Club to Meet. i olil. 11. I.. Ii. lilSI-.- ei imii. abont hi. a .Kliersum.". Cow for, 2H. . ." Everyone who has had an Cole's absence. Aug. Although ir..v nutter tlvi1::.'mNK;iMuN.iM1.lul.. YOUR NAME PRINTED occasion to use the old HopeweM Mrs Lavenla Wnrtele, Mrs. Henry move thingsthe forces which usually to action within the chcl.Ky. C road in muddy weather for the last Brand and son, Andrew, Mr. E. Buchel Commercial Club have appar- Of the Bast Little Fruit and Truck Farm In Jefferson Gn. ON WITHOUT CHARGE i,.iih.-- ;uni eenueiotaes eleam A AN'I'KII hundred and fifty years will rejoice Wnrtele were vuestsof Miss Kathryn ently been lying dormant for some BU.ll .line-u- . il :uul ttresseJi Will .w.i Write us today ,as we are manu t'lllllll. UBWIS, J' ti' soniown to Know that it is almost piked at Sweeny this week. weeks, tha regular meeting night, facturers and can give you the lasL and in a few weeks will be com ll..iiifl:iu ill' anil Mrs. John next Monday, Sept . 1, is expected to quickest service as well a? lowest pleted. To fhe residents along thi Bell 3 O'clock P. M. and Mamie Tucker and Mattit bring out a large number of those SATURDAY, SEPT. 13, 1913, For Sale. prices on I arpaulins, lcnis,Awn-ing- s, road the mire four feet deep f Langham, of Smyrna, and Roy who have formerly been among the wprk BJIire. ,'lTsAMt- -A Etc. Ks' previous years will soon be only ; In order to settle the "State of DAVID KYSKH, deceased, the EXECUTRIX, MRS. of Louisville, visited J, B. leaders, besides others who are beJ i MiJKhMKN.Yallej tHnmile I arm ot :w acres, located has ordered me toselltneir Louisville Tent & Awning Co. half forgotten memory like the ox Eoid Sunday, coming stronger boosters for that KKIIKOIIA KYSUlt. known as the "Meddls Lane," Hiuentuu miles Southeast of Huerhel. Ky. and Driving mr, baifnws ,, about 3 on the county road Incorporated. inn Ml the wllOle ootttt or and other things of carts, Indians ,gj will Mr. Chas E. Walker and daughters, community . At this meeting it is and n miles from Loulavllle. on No. I road. 1) silles from Barflltown plUe. LOUISVILLE, KY 116 S. Third St. pioneer days. It should also increase, Misses Carrie and Nettle, attended said that some Important matters UQEK.Jegersonwtw.p. About 0 acres of this land Is In a HIUH STATU OK OULTI V ATION and tl.e remainder L the supply of beans, as it opens up the graduation exercises Wednesday will dc up for discussion. Mr. E. Rr Inuaslure. All kinds of Bne trult and trood water. The Improvements are in excellent Knit SAU- K- VnutiB tiriviiiB mare, buguy and g sections nkrht. where Miss Nettie received Sprowl is expected to address the club condition and conslslsof il welling of rooms, porches, etc., tenant house of S rooms and one of the chief harness. DR. QILLAtlD, JbBewpittown, all necessary outbuildings. Splendid nelffhborhood. . 10tf Chapter of Accidents. of the county. her diploma, she being one of tin- with reference to the Perry Centen This is unquestionably one of the beat proposition! ever offered, and you cannot af. sc spring t Ton SamsI., One .;u-which is to be held in Louisville ford to overlook this opportunity if you want a farm that will soon pay for itself. nial, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bush and daugh graduates. Times: Several persons were injured e lie next mouth, as the county is to be lrd cash, remainder on T.ONt) TIMK. AND KASY PAYMENTS, wllh i it PIKIIK KA, Aucnoragv. and others escaped unhurt from ac- - ter. of Louisville, spent several days Miss Lillie ( hanipion, of Texas, given a part in this big celebration, ate per rent and Hen. A deposit of 10 per cent of purchase price vtlll he required couuty Monday after last week with Mrs. Bush's cousin who has been in one ol summer idents in the the ll WHlPaJ enlleili-son dav of sale as a guarantee of irood faith. , nir liusln.-snoon, left Mon- property beforehand. i nomas anriiiuiui-- .i yuwug Mrs. S. E. Potts. ' with the Miss vnu ins,- us Detore i iitcrliiu' scnool . it St. Edward's Prizes Awarded. tTDo not fail to Inspect tills JUKKKItSilNlAN Both i'iioul-siy to farmer, while returning to his home Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reel, of Tucker's day for N: E.R. SPROWL. Auctioneer. Jeffersonto n, Ky. IIH A meeting was held at St. Edward's fromTaylorsville, was seriously hurt Station, spent Sunday with Mrs sume her st,i' . 'alKU', ll FoitSAMt- Space in lllls e. ll U .It cent u word! His hotse took fright in a runaway. uarents. Mr. and Mis. Tom and school in JelTersontown Tuesday night Misses M e Kousai.i-- n.irL'ams in second hand rrean object beside the road and Moody. Mr 'ts Sun- - and prizes awarded to the winners in Dr. Stti'i'','e. JU (j. J lJKO:i.U Jelferaontowii it .in BY E. K. SPROWL separators. unui;in;igeable. The buggy was nd Plo- - contests held at the recent festival. Mrs. Nancy Genovely.who was seri day MIssV was Shelburue Mrs. Cclia Brentllngerwonthe purse. and ivertusned m. gnes ously hurt a few weeks ago by a fall, re nee Ki av. Untnr Ovcle. Motor Uoal HUH ,r arid M010( Hunts ai thrown to the road, suffering 4 scalp is improving. uTai ssrt The handsome tiandmade shirtwaist Milheist i M new ma barittffn prices; aUmakea, brand wound, fracture of the right arm plan. He . a ben box. made and donated by Mr. John ii.iiiuiiiv navuie-nwith Lewis Kl Mr. and Mrs. Will Savage mi beiore luyiuii or yon wll above the elbow ami t.ruises about Hubbuch, was awarded to Mr. Geo. otiv prOvosiilon On ... i. w,, ill used Motor UJ their two children were the guests of Siuitli an Cole, of Louisville. The two doll Wi'iie us today. Kiu lose stamp toi the body. The vehicle was wrecked. S Mrs. J. A. Pound Saturday 11. Trenton I.UOK 1IOX, made and donated by Mrs. J. Eugenia Money, ten yars of age, Mr and lot Midi. and Sunday. Birth B. Thompson and Mrs. J. W. Keller, daughter of Kligene Money, a farmer The Rev. E W. Elliott tilled his ap CardB of Thanks. Mrs. W. 11. Vocum ;ind daughter, was won by Miss Mary Theresa Harlg, near Wilsouville, fell lrom a shade at Bethlehem church last iui the yard of her home aud pointment AT 3:30 O'CLOCK P. M. a number of Louisville. The calf, donated by express our sincere iiiaiiKNio tree Sunday and was eptertaiaed in the Emma, entertained iuite III honor Mrs. Mary Gering, was won by Mrs of friends l'i i.i .y evening inn ri'latiies, tlieiius aim ueit'iiuins iui her rig lit foreanivwas broken. home of Mr. J. A. Pound. shown us i, i iniiii, ss ami death of our beloved MR. E. C. LUTES lias instructed me to sell his Houseand Several mishaps occurred at the and The drillers are still plugging away of the birthday of Kmma't father. Elmer Keller, of JelTersontown. The din inn the illm-spublic square, in JelTersontown, Ky., e.oun. r.s,. uu UK .i imi lauiei huso oridge acoss the northern ditch, two at the sulphur well, but no water in Those present were Mr. and Mis. numbers on the gold watch were Lot on Main street, near laiu- a., ir w ish to thank the ll- ..I.J. e.ol Mrs. C. drawn aud the lucky number found to to the highest and best bidder, on above elate. M on the sight yet. McDaui.-j- j Mr. and George miles South of Jacobs Park and the pall Peal Misses Carrie and Louise Seltz enFamily Tin-- UEitEAVBii be 20!lti. The narty holding this num This is one of the best located lots in Jeffersontown, 06x200 South Park road. It is said that the tertained a jolly buncb of girls from Young, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stout, ber will be presented with the watch feet to alley. The improvements consist of a good dwellrnjj of conv.- ii.:ire to sincerely tliiinlt our man Mr. ami Mrs. Morris wooden bridge is in a dangerous the citv last Stiudav. The crowd was as soon as they lind out who the lucky and necessary outbuildings- - Nice yard anJT good Irleodaand relatives onfor the kindnessdeath dition. A motorcyclist crossing the composed of Misses Llllle Dresher, Mrs. Sarah V,um, Mr. George ) i- person is. The parish ot Ml. Uil want's 7 rooms and all acsjoinl of the Bvnipath v shown us , Hofstatter, Katherine Coleman leum, Mr. and Mis. W. H. Vocnui, is grateful for the splendid attend.,1 M r leo.oaTrltbrri.-sbridge at good speed Monday after- flora rar(p"r a home or an investment, this property is hard f$ beat. Mo l UKIl, HIISBANII ANIll'Hll.llllKN and Mary Flnlev. Down ance at the festival on two very innoon was thown off his wheel when a Miss Ida Holloway, the young Misses Bessie Wright. Cordle clement niirhta. While the rains TERMS A cash, balance in one and two years with,' inter.ji3naBUDBi4tlatt&aWasavnftatBsl3AJBUBYBa plank in the bridge broke. The motor- daughter of Mr. J. E. Holloway, Is ing, Dora ami Martha I'arrott, L,eoira keDt many awav, there were large on; day of of diphtheria. Curry. Mattie and Mary Thorn, Vera crowds and the festival was a decided est' at 6 and lien. A deposit of 10 will be required cycle was daH.aged in the accident sufferiagf rom an attack of good faith. sale as a guarantee Waldrldgc, Nellie Moore, Katie Jen- success. but the rider escaued with a few E. R. SPROWL, AW The Best Pain Killer nings, Emma VCuni, Masters David bruises. A few minutes later another Minister Praises this Laxative Charlie and bridge broke as an autoJeffersontownrm plank In the Bucklen's Arnica Salve when ap- Lindsay, Oscar Moore, Rev. H. Stubenvoll of Allison, la,, mobile was passing over and an axle plied to a cut, bruise, sprain, burn or Willie Cleary, Arthur Wright, Ansil King's New Life Pills of the machine was broken. Two male scall, or other injury of the skin, will Curry, Frank Hofelich, Tom Burk in praising Dr. Everybody in the county rends May Continue Practice. 8uccecu when everything elee falls. occupants of the car leaped out when Immediately remove all pain. E. E. hart, Henrv Katchman, Clyde Pear- for constipation, Writes: Dr. King's some newspaper or magazine. Why occurred, they were not In neivous prostration and female Cammack, New Life Pills are such perfect pills the accident son. Willie Vui uui, Willie Pair-mouChamberlain ot Clinton, Me., sayt: weaknesses they are the supreme hurt. not take advantage ol The Herbert no home should be without them." No Dr. Will Farmer's practice at Mrs. Alex. Gailhreath of "It robs cuts and other Injuries of Warren Stout. Sam llisbop, remedy, as thousands have testified. Mr. and will probably be continued by regulator for the liver and clubbing offers? We furwere returning home in a their terrors. As a healing remedy Yocura. Many nice and useful pres better South Park FOR KIDNEY. LIVER AND Try Dr. Thos. E. Craig, of Colesburg, Ky., huiiv last evening when tntv dli its equal don't exist." Will do good ents were received and all report a bowels. Every pill guaranteed. nish all papers itt agents' rates, if TROUBLE STOMACH formerly of this county and a friend 25c. at all druggists. covered the bad condition of the ... OR.. ., I ill .1 good time, and wish Mr. Yocum many them. Price it is the beut medicine ever told you are a subscriber to this paper. '"kk"i.-thbridge In the nick of time to prevent iwr v""- "u,r -- of Dr. Farmer. Advertisement. over a druggist's counter. more happy birthdays' Advertisement, horse from falfing through. Pleasure and Protection Lex-ingto- n SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 . Vr" , 6, 1913 1 . . ' little Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company Fruit g d Classified Advertising Executrix Sale! . i ' K 17-- at seven-year-ol- d - bean-raisin- two-ho- . Terms-One-th- ;,. . y 111 1 R'-el'- v a v w m i PUBLIC SALE! Ki t MONDAY, SEPT. 15, 1913 - - . Wal-dridy- e, - Electric Bitters 's . - il ; e -

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