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Image 1 of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854), August 6, 1868

Part of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854)

Office No 32 Pleasant Street TEKMS OK SUBSC MPTIOV. year in advance or $3 at thfc two collars ad of tLe ywr ft one ADVERTISING, 10 lines, or leu, suar. .. Insertion $1 00 1 Eaoh additional insertion Three mouth Six months, One vear - H. A. C. I.. DONELLY. 60 3 50 p, - DENTISTRYBE.4NBR on 10 00 - DONKALLY. ft. DENTISTS. KENTUCKY CYNTHIAXA, PIKK STREET over LAND'S STORK ty Respectfully offer their aerviees to of this vicinity. Those emthe eitir-eploying them nny rely upon their best effort. Satifact ion guaranteed ornocliarjre Hf"I)r Donnally will jrive hte undivided attention to the olHce. Or. Reamer will vis it the rountrv a heretofore. Jan 231 v Shop. Carpenter New J. M. DILL, and Builder. Contractor THE CYNTHIANA NEWS. CYNTHIANA, KY., VOL. XIV, KY; ADVERTISEMENTS II A : Also, W illow ware . - also prepared to Be ces. iny houses from the stump. No. 500 Madison street. Having secured the services of a first-claCovlngtor, hy. April0-3to put up all builder he is prepas-utair kinds of stair- - ways as cheap as it can be HEGGE & BRENKER, done in Cincinnati. f JUNCKACTCKKICS JNO- riKE STREET, CYXTHTAXA, KYt OF CARRIAGES, BAROUCHES,- BUGGIES A SPRING WAGGONS, No. 519 Madison street, between 5th and 6th, Covington, Ky. repairing rrParticnhir attention paid tonotice and which will be done on short A., . junel8-t- f reasonable terms. & HAY8, T this establishment can be obtained JXGHES KVKKY BBVKRAGE. J known to the bibulous fraternity, compounGrocers and Commission Merchants ded by aceomniodatiiig adepts from Dealers in Liquor and Grain. Pike street PUREST MATERIALS between Madison and Washington, near tin n d for love or money. K.C. R. R depot. BOURBON, BRANDIES, WINES Ac Also cigars and tobacco of the choicest brands. CyOpen house dav and night. Mar.Vlv tSTDnm in and take a nip. E C. NEIBEL (Opposite Main Street. Court-Hous- e.) nthiana. Ky. C and Confectionary Soda-Wat- er CIGAUS AND TOBACCO and the public generally it to their interest to eall and purchase their supplies. His tobacco and are of the finest quality. HIT The beet duality of Lager Beer for mavJl.Gti saU by the glas. 7T IS friends I 1 will find NOTICE. To the Citizens of Harrison County and Vicinity I WILL open on orahout APIML FIB ST. UH, a large and splendid Mock of Clothing. e Ready-Mad- FURNISHING GENTS' GOODS Boots A Shoe HATS s, TRUNKS, & Clothing; The COVINGTON, KY. femMy HDREXELIUS, iuxt Tailor, Clothing and Gent Dealer in Ready-Mad- e Furnishing Goods. South-Eacorner Madison and Sixtl Jan. 24. lJt7. Street, Covington. Ky. st Confectionery & Grocery, BOCK. mhi I (Suggested upon strewing Confederate graves xith flowers.) ASM ANN. TO o. w. m'donnoi.d' Cans. JAS. w. LACY, Where thought nor stain of treason dyed Its glowing. gushing, crimson tide, Were worth the pangs that rend the heart. That thrust the life strings quivering past, Water Governor lor Steam Hot- PLAIN.ANDTANCY It t.eiiuim-- We find the following in the Union Springs (Ala.) Times. II genuine, it is the most remarkable proclamation ever made to the public remarkable tor its candor, its audacity, and its proud assumption of the badge of in- famy. Is this William H. Smith tho real name of Ihe author? Is "Deputy Chamber of Deviltry, Grand Ordet of Scalawags," the real uame of the new secret pernicious organization? Or is the whole thing a huge "goak1' alter the order ol the uIv K. K. We have received the fallowing; with instructions to publish one time send bill, etc. in iew of its patriot ic object the fact that most of those to whem it is addressed are unable to read, and that, bv the time the scala wags get through stealing, theie will be nothing left in the State Treasury we shall make no charge for its . lcauon: NEW MOVE Boots, Shoes, Hats and Fcb20-6- m b st illuminating Fluid. SALOON, LALLY, Proprietor. NO. 25. f In Leather. c MAGNOLIA 1868. (5, N (i Posters, Labels, l'rogrames. Business Cards Maud Bills, Visiting Can's. Circulars. Ha Tickets, BUnks, Party Tickets, Bill Head Funeral Tickets We uie prepared to execute all kinds ot raig-mil- hand every deecrip brushes. &c. 1 ? EEPS onstantly on Cincinnati prices sale, for town rights State, . JV tion of Lumber, at and all manner making' countv and mv- ,,...t for o lull m' Also Sash. Iors. Blinds, riuiiii I. in use. nf m it for huildiuir BMIflMMN. f..r sale econimieal illuminator All orders tilled at the lowest market pn- contract tor build U Mart-t- DISSOLUTION. AUGUST Office. SUCH AS teen hundred millions of dollars to the payment ol the public debt, they have been expended for the mainteheretofore existing ILL & SMITH, e THE partnership Lucy and M. O. ( .las. W. nance of a grand system of pauperWHOLESALE UKOK, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. How touching and beautiful to sec ism, black pauperism, and Congress in the business as Southland's fair daughters come Mr. Lacv will continue has just voted to continue the stuheretofore. All accounts due will be settled Bringing flowers like incense sweet, LIQUOR DEALERS. with Mr. Lacy. pendous robbery anothei year. To bedeck the narrow home; .Tas.W. LACY. No. 12 & 14 Tike street, Covington, Ky What is the remedy? You have it M. O. CKAlGMILEi Where lofty patriotism feted chivalry lie in your own hands. Storage and Commission. jul8-t- f Vote for men sleeping. Each daughter fair with wteathed memento for office, from I 'resident down, who mch22,66 are opposed to these outrageous And mournful tread goes bearing, swindles. Vote lor a President and To some consecrated spot her gems. JNO. MACKOY & SON, And with aching heart as Hearing, Congress who will agree to WHOLESALE GROCERS. She leans to strew her flowers, her pll. Abolish the negro bureau and let COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Being nature's born, bright, beauteous flow- the negroes shift for themselves. ers. And Kanawha Salt Agents, Abolish the expensive standing UNDER THE SUN Their Vesh. bright petals as they fall Also dealers in all kinds of seeds, clover, army in the South. Hungatimothy, blucgrasH. Orchard grass. O'er sleeping valor spreads a pall. But Gnnt won't do this. He says rian, ft. Pure Northern spring wheat, and More grand, imposing, touching all, he has no opinion of his own, and w ill oats carefully selected. 22 Than the pageantry of Kings. Seventh street, No 23 Tike street Jk do just as Congress directs. COVINGTON, KY. To be shrined in hearts thus true and tried. COVINGTON AVARD & BOSWELL Walnut Street, second door South of TT7HOLESALE and retail Dealers in V T Lamps, Burners. Chimneys, shades, Warnock's Stable, elobes. oil cans, benzine, coal Oil and the CYSTI1IASA .Cynthiana News Job J 0 B 1' R I N T I - lers. We have just seen a model ot an That drew the gushing, crimson gore, That stained the tide that loved each shore, invention patented by Messrs. J. A. PIKE S I KELT. CIHWAIA, KY. Where Southlands brave sons died. Le'orgee & H. P. Stafford, (employ. Flowers, lit emblems of our noble dead, ees at Klwood's plaining mill,) w hich pub-meribu- - Frail, beautiful and perishable in death will AVING fitted up in good style more than a passing notice. shed, S'.emi boilers explode for want of a Thos. English, as a shoe shop, I propose to Line holy incense ro'.md.- Gk.ano C.i.lN" of the CniEF CoXGf annnlv of aratr :ii,.l offer the good people of this county the finest assoitment and best selected stock of And soft winds sighing a requiem low; so that the engineer may know the sixlu Month, 20th Day, Dark Mu. Many gentle hovering spirits know, amount of water in the boiler; but it Unto all subject Congos, by tho grace That hearts with gentle fervour glowing. BOOTS and SHOES not unfrequently happens that the w a ol the Prince of Evil elect to the o'erllovving. Andeyee with pearly tears ter is so agitated or, as it is called. And hands with earnest zeal are strewing Deputy Chamber ol Deviltry, Grand ufoams" so much, that the water will Ever opened in this market. My woik is Their silent resting places o'er. Order of Scalawags Hog and Homissue from the upper gague when the all cm torn made, and 1 propose to sell at Monuments may rear to heaven, iny, Greeting! rates to suit the times. My stock consists With beautiful inscriptions graven, level ot the water is below the lowest of the Brethren Whereas, by art edict of guage, so that explosions may, and Finest as w ell as the coarsest of Ladies' But more with simple touching art, do occur, with the most careful en- our most worthy Masters ol the Grand Can so inspiiethe feeling heart. wear. of all sizes. Finest and coarsest of gentle mens boots Or stir with soft mipterious powers, gineers. This device keens the wa I li irli Chamber of Deviltry, entitled ah and slmes. As the simple act of strewing flowers, ter in the boiler at any req aired Act to overturn government; destroy 1 invite the public to examine our stock. Their beauteous tints may charm us mote, height by a self regulating apparatus the prosperity of the South, oppress My stock of But virtue livc when life is o'er. which consists of a lever, at one end her people; insult their feelngs and of which a float is attached restimr on' trample upon their rights: to promote and HATS CAPS What has been Doae with the the water in the boiler, and to the barbarism; to initiate crime; to reverse .11 one)? Will not be inferior to that of an- house in other end a valve which fits in the the order of nature, and to insure the tin' United States. supply pipe- - Whs the water in the ruin and misery of all the people I have employed, also in connection The Eastern, (Tenf).) .Argus asks boiler is lessened the valve is raised thereof, it. is provided as follows: with my business, the beet workmen in hoot and shoe making that the country a fiords. That the day, fixed for the meeting the lollowing pertinent question-- . and admits more water, but when the Call and have your measure taken. water is at the height demanded the of the apes, asses, agrarians bullies RTMv establishment is on PIKE Street Tax payers, laborers and business valve is closed. The lever is worked burglars, bigamists, blasphemers, cow two door Estst of the drug store. men w ill make a note of them: lUrlt-tS-- ti cheats. without packing boxes so that the ards, cravens, carpet-haters- , liars, lechers, murderers, Over fifteen hundred millions ol part which passes out of the boiler dollars have been collected by the eannot possible become tool with, perjurers, plunderers, rogues, rowdies, United States government, in the lime or other substance and thus de- - rioters, swindlers, and each and every ts H -- ci dirt-eater- GROCER IES! shape of taxes, since the close of the teat the object of the invention, other ungodly wretch of the Deputy Chamber of Deviltry, Grand Oredr of The bend ot the lever on the war. of the boiler indicates exactly the Scalawags, for the heretofore State of dust think ot it. Drexelious Building. Madison Street. height of the water in the boiler. If: Alabama, shall have passed, or have so t ol the National debt Constantly on hand a complete assoit it is desired, 'he lever may be attach- nearly arrived' before the passaire of here has he money gone? of tine .lewclry. Watches, silver an meut plated ware, fine table cutlery, Ac. ed to the whistle and give an alarm this act. that here shall not be time Is the debt any less? janlS.UG D., G. O; S.,to assemlor the D. C. No. it is more than it was three when the water is low. YORK IR UUUUS SiUlJl-It is especially adapted to locomo- ble at the period fixed, such D. C. O: years ago. N While Congress has been making tives, going down grade require more O., G. O. S., shall convene at the end A. UhAiGliMibil, the negro the white BMUl' equal, ami water and less steam, up grade more ol tweniy days from the time this act in Staph and Fancy Dry Goods. Dealer Embn ideries and Fancy Uoods,, "reconstructing" and impeaching, steam and less water; the inventors fakes eftect, unless the Chief Congo Pikcet, Covington Ky, fifteen hundred millions have been claim that the supply will bo as re- elect shall sooner convene the same. Now therelore, 1, WILLIAM H; IMie largest and cheapest stock of staple taken from the pockets of the far quired w ithout any attention from the fancy groceries in town for I. ONO. sale by SMI EH, traitor, patricide, knave. JAS. I HXXPEMOX. J. W. PECK. laboiing engineer. mers, the mechanics and the d By keeping the water reguIarH Chief Congo elect of said State, man. & LONG. HENDERSON ot the ) C. I). IX, ). F Radi- supplied it is expected that The people were told by the assortment of builder's Builders and manufacturers of Sash Complete tools, table and pocket cut- cal patriots, and thieves and bumbvauthoritv conceived of the Devih fuel will be required. Doors. Blinds. Flooring. for sale by V. P. lery J. We have noticed this invention in born ot Stevens, and unto me given mers, that the close oi the war would and Shelving, also furnishers of all kinds of by the Grand High Chamber ol Dev: detail because of its brackets, cornice, moulding and inside finLarge stock of fpieensware andJ.gla.vs at (see a restored Union, with peace, and insert it gratuitously. importance and iltrv, do order all and sundrv ol said ish. W.P. prosperity, and happiness. Well, the Madison, and Railroad, 8th street, bet. It has been in use at Rlwood's pla- elect to the D. CO. D., G. O. S., to war ended three years ago, the South COVINGTON KY oils, Ang'22-t- f Paints, putty varnishes, Window glass. Mek laid down its arms and surrendered, ning mill for sevend months and it meet in New Havti (formerly Mont p. at J. but Kadical hostilities have not ceas- will nay the scientific, and all who gomery,) at the hour of 1l WL MonThe People's Shoe and Hat Store ed. The light still goes on against desire to see fewer notices of loss all day, 13th day of 7th Month, then and Oaek lime, cement, plaster parris. hair and A . E . HUME, eight millions ol white men, women lite from boiler explosions, to call and there to dt vise means to run the here O laths at J. W. P. MAxi i Aci'i ran m muui in and children, and it costs the country examine it for themselves. Decatur, tofore State of Alabama for our especial prolit and Custom made boots and shoes, hicm and just live hundred million a year that (Ills.) Kegister. , boy's wear at delectation. In the name of Airica J. W.P is the price. OCfSome year and a halt ago three and ignorance Amen. What has become ol these filteen I Tames, traces collars, and AND HATS. young men left their homes in Engmu n 4k hundred million! A A bridles at J.W. P. land to seek their fortunes in this Madison street, opposite Pike, Covincton. Does the reader know why Schuy Where have they gone to? Two of them, the ler Colfax has so much to say in favor Have they goue to pay the public Western land. 0C7Gentlenien's Hoots and Shoes Canned fruit, jellies, pickles, sardines and at J.W. P. If essrs Lata, settled in this city, and of protecting foreigners abrord? We debt? of every description made to oder,and have established themselves in busi- will tell you: lie is one of the No, not a bit of it'. a fit guaranteed. and from Best fresh ground flour mill, mealsale at the How is it that in spite of all this ness as painters. The third settled sneaks and b;gots who Flouring for I now offer for sale to my regular customJ. W.P. in Qui DCJ. All three leit their lady swore by the light of dark lantorii3 t ers and the public at large the largest and taxation notwithstanding most complete stock of boots and shoes ever ol the whole national debt has been loves, to whom they were engaged, in that no Catholic should ever vote or offered in Covington. My stock, which has arge stock ot tuns, nuckets. churns. raised from the sweat ana toil of the England, with high hope of meeting hold oflice in this country, and that been selected with great care, consists ot brooms, Ac, for sale at hmi maiJa-J- Iu hnnlMi i n lipin v as again, borne ten days ago the three no foreigner, even if Men'-- . Boys". Ladies". Misses and Children's J. W.P. wear, in both Eastern and Custom-madas crushing now as ladies arrived in New York, where, should vote or hold office until he had oppressive, and Nov. 14. lS7-l- v by previous arrangement, they were been in the United States twentv-onwool, Cash paid for rraltl, (beepbacon, lard ever? and dry hide belts, and niet by one ot the young men, who roan. Ao foreigner, whatever may these aic questions EINSTEIN. S. priMlm jrcMerallyut J.W. PECK'S. The be his religion, who is not lor vou to answer. Don't allow vcur- - escorted them to Galesburg. Apr will Don't fet third yooag uaa came no froa Qiun- iu-- and destitute ol to be dust be thrown in your eyes by the cy a"d on Saturday night, the three vote tor l.mi, and it is to conciliate and & DOZIER, JASPER AND PKALKR IN conspirators w ho are stealing" your couples were married at the house of curry favor with this class, that he READY MADE CLOfHlNG, waa, Juuna. ine ceremony was now professes so great a regard for Manufacturers of every description of rights and your money at the aaaaa penonneu oy itoi. iseecner, accorti-- j uieir interests. llis whole career Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Hats, Ac time. ing to the Episcopal marriage fonn.j shows a hatred of foreign citizens. W hen you are asked next NovemNo. 33, Pike Street, ber lor your vote in favor ol Grant, We wish the happy group long life Spot the hypocrite! We are prepared to furnish COVINGTON, KY. tool ol a crazy Congress, and abundant happiness. Galesburg t lt t , TABLETS, TOMBS, MONUMENTS, who is the Septl9-t- f demand to know what has become of Kegister. Sorrow A cloud which makes MARBLE look brightest, but which the VASES, the fifteen hundred millions of dolTT M. SWOPE, Anna Dickinson has a lecture on lars taken out of your pockets during "children and soon forgets. MANTLES, ENCAUSTIC TILING. marriage.' She likes MERCHANT TAILOR, the past three years. to give good advice on subjects ol AND Cor. Limestone & Barr sts. Ask them the reason why the A cravat and waUh-guarin one which she known nothing. Manufacturer of Fine Clothing, South, now that the negroes are lree, Lexington, Ky. piece ol colored silk, is the latest Madison St., Covington, Ky. f what it forproduces only Opposite 7th Street Market. July2-3The wife of a Toledo saloon keener nov22,GGtf merly raised? coueeteua mouoi women the oiner Ask them il the fifteen hundred ni.rbf and oflftWivolv a.Mkyl ,, Harrison Hotel Lease The banks of Great Salt Lake are STOVES! STOVES!! STOVES! millions have riot gone to windows of a rival establishment. piled high with drowned grasshop-- . Support a great negro boarding Tho police were powerless. pers. school in the South? And to Taxation Owing to the failure of my health, I dewithout representation Manufacturer and Dealer in A Savannah, Ga., dispatch say-- ; Support a standing army over the sire to dispose of my lease ;in the Harrison used to be thought bad enough, but that Jeff Davis in going to leave for South, in order that we may have: Hotel. The house is opposite the WARE, STOVES, TIN in the Southern Legislatures we now Europe. Md i the best stand in town. The Negro judges. furniture is for sale. Persons wishing to ro KITCHEN HARDWARE, KC, hue representation without taxa Negro Governors. into the hotel business will findtliis an exDeaths in Now York last ' week, tion. Fashion Wood Stove, Talented 186S cellent opening. Call and examine the Negro Legislatures. 882, vrw tm md aaa Scott street, bet 4th street property. Terms made known on applicaNegro governments. Congress yesterday took a recess LUCY E. DEVEliS. and Lower Masket space, Covington, Ky. tion to Instead of appropriating theso fif-- until tho third Monday in September. Julyl isi Death in St. Louis last week, 351. CARS. WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, out-sid- e One-hal- HARDWARE, I I a , FLOUR, &c. Ho-sier- iV. one-thir- k-s- s Weather-Boardin- g, boots, mm-- back-ban- oath-breakin- 1 delusively of our manufacture, which in workmanship will excel any ever brought to Ui mnrket. and will be sold at Wholesale Manufacturing Brief. Call and examine our stock belore Ktyle and purchasing elsewhere. Corut-hou- L stone-war- e, e. L. STRAUS. Main St. Opposite one-hal- se Rraneh of L. STRAUS. T'xtngton. Ky. L. STRAUS. Danville. Ky. L. STRAUS. Cincinnati. O. P.S A tine stock of Boys' and Youths Clothing always on hand. April?! J Is OVAL AND.SQUARE Picture Frames e Fellow-citizen- Merchant Tailor, mean-spit-selve- 16-"- Jin hood-winke- I - aaU-raape- ir. Marble Work, , d ALL SIZES, ALL STYLES, ROSEWOOD and GILT. H0OLMG8, PICTURE COR D. Ac, Ac. AT Rhorer Bros. NEW GALLERY CYNTHIANA, KY. PwMf one-hal- m C. BEAM, For Sale or Rent. BOUrt-hon- se ' s g

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