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Image 9 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 8, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN Fleming-Neo- EAGLE . '. . WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, APRIL 8. 1971 n: MRS. VIRGIL HALCOMB TELEPHONES IN SOME NEWS; MRS. WRIGHT IS HOME AFTER SURGERY By WANDA RICHARDSON How fast the years do fly. Mom and Dad Gish have gone on to be with the Lord. My I stopped by the Mountain Eagle office early last Wedhusband Matthew has been gone from us almost a year. nesday morning to leave my My girls are grown and we news. As I walked through the door the Gishes, Tom and have three grandchildren. The Gish children are growing Pat. were very busily getting together the finishing items up fast. Vnen I see Ben -- -I for last week's paper. They always think of him as looked tired and I didn't ask, little Ben -- -I diapered him many times. Sarah, our litbut I would not be surprised if they had been up all night. tle delicate girl, so lovely, I remember lots of nights they Ann, who was always so grown up and wise for her age, and have been up all night getnow the two younger ones. ting out the paper. My mind I am sure I have missed a wandered back to several lot in not knowing them. Hats years ago when the paper was off to the Gishes in all they really a big job to turn out. have tried to do to nuke It was a family affair, with Letcher County a better place all the Gishes, including Dad to live in. Ben Gish, and mom, Lucille I received a telephone call Gish, and Hazel Bowen and last Monday from Indianapolis, Hershel Ingram and myself Ind., from Mrs. Virgil and sometimes my daughters Mrs. Halcomb is the Pat and Kathy helping to former Nola Gabell, a sister fold papers. to Mrs. Icy B. Cantrell and Each one was folded by hand at the Old Eagle Printing office, Mrs. Bessie Cantrell. Mrs. and each was wrapped by hand, Halcomb was very glad and excited to have news of the and then addressed for mailing by the addressing machine. area, A far change from the modern as she has been gone from here for many years and this is one equipment we have today. way' of keeping up with our The old press usually broke people. The Halcombs have down several times while getthree children married. A ting the paper out, and beson, Donnie, has just returned tween Tom, Daddy Ben and home from Vietnam and is Hershel it would get going married. Two daughters also again. Hershel always thought are married, an adopted son, he knew more about it than Gary, age 14, has been with anyone else. By the time the the Halcombs since he was paper was ready scrap paper five weeks old. Mrs. Halcomb was usually knee deep. Herhas a twin sirter, Ola Hermon, shel would get in a big way, living in Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. cleaning up and picking everyHalcomb and Gary were flying thing up and putting it in a down to Atlanta to visit Mrs. pile, and everything in his Hernx n for a week during way went into the pile. I spring school break. It was remember one morning some good to hear from Nola, and money from paper sales the know she enjoys The Mountain week before got misplaced. Eagle. Lets hear from more We never did find it, but Fleming-of our other gone-awa- y was sure it ended up knocked Neon people. We always into Hershel's big cleanup. Hal-com- b. Fleming-Neon-Haymo- wonder what happens to our former residents. Our weight club jackpot is nearing another month's end with Anna Gales, lean Caudill, and Lois Tackett running a close race. Monday night, April 12, will decide the winner. Several of our ladies have lost over 15 pounds since coming into the club. Myself, Mattie Lewis, Ethel Lewis, Linda Yonts and a niece dro ve down to Hazard Thursday night for our monthly Tupperware meeting. The meeting this month was at the home of our manager, Sue Holliday, with a potluck dinner. We bring our own rain cloud and if we went to Hazard during a drought it would rain. Sue and her husband, Elson, are remodeling a lovely old farm house. We had a lovely time, but were sad to learn Sue is taking a leave of absence as manager. Our distributors, Mike and Effie McGay, Ernistine Blevins, and Aileene Lowery of Lexington were present. Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Figger, their second. Mr. and Mrs. Brack Quillen visited Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cantrell and Stevie in Cincinnati, O., over the week end to see the new granddaughter, Elizabeth. Betty said she had forgotten how tiny a new baby could be. Mr. Paul Stapleton and Mr. Lyold Pike were in Rogersville, Tenn. , Monday. Mrs. Austin Wilfong is visiting her brother, Bennie Wright. Mrs. Wilfong has been spending the winter in Cleveland, O. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wilfong and daughter Teressa and Dar-levisited with Mrs. Wilfong's sister, Mrs. Hubert Edwards, and attended the wedding of ne Tommy Edwards to Elizabetn Fleming. The Wilfongs also visited Mrs. Tom Everidge and family, Mr. Wilfong's daugh- ter. We wish to extend sympathy to the family of Mrs. (ulia Rash, who passed away recently at the Whitesburg hospital after a lengthy illness. Mrs. Rash's husband, Raymond, was also a patient in the hospital at the time of her passing. She was survived by her husband, a son, Timothy Rash, who attends Morehead College; a son, Pete ash, Jr., of Wisconsin, and daughters Mrs. Elmo Vance and Mrs. loe Vanhoose of Seco, and Mrs. Sue Caudill. We also extend our sympathy to the family of Mr. Charl ie Hill, who passed away in the intensive care unit at the Whitesburg hospital. Charlie was a disabled miner and had been in bad health for many years. He was survived by his wife, Lois, his daughter, Ernestine, and other relatives and friends. Charlie was a good neighbor and friend. Ollie Sisk was a very faithful and devoted friend to Charlie, looking in on him and helping V many ways while Lois was at work. He will be sadly missed by all. Mrs. Lida Collins, a sister-in-laof Mrs. Mary Wright, has moved her trailer here from Springfield, O. She is staying with Mary until the tra ler is set up at McRoberts. Also, Mary visited with Mrs. Alfred Adams Sunday at Hemphill. Mrs. Adams is confined to her home. Mrs. Peggy Litts and her son, Barry, of Dunham, had supper with us in honor of my daughter Patti's birthday. Mrs. Wilma Wright of Dun w is home after haying ham major surgery at Wise hospital, and is doing well. Her son, Danny Wright, who is in the Army, was home due to the surgery but has returned to his base. Mrs. Evans Kincer and her brother, Bobby Hooper of Louisville, were home due to the death of Mrs. Julia Rash, and to visit with their mother, Mrs. Maxie Hooper. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stapleton were in Alabama to see their son Budd , who suffered a heart attack several week ago while on business in Mississippi. He was on the critical list over a week, but is doing very well at home now. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Wright are expecting Mr. Wright's sister, Mrs. Austin Wilfong, of Cleveland, O., to visit with them for a while, and d also Mr. and Mrs. Virgil and daughters. While here they will attend the wedding of Thomas Edwards. Mrs. S. M. McKinney is back at her home in Fleming after spending the winter with her daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Wright planned to attend a play at Clinch Valley College Wednesday night. Happy birthday to Vina Polly, and a belated happy birthday to our pastor. Rev. and Mrs. Bernard Raper. Wil-fon- ABDOO VISITS . By LOLA MAE SPICER Sp. 5 Lloyd Abdoo, who is stationed at Ft. Jackson, S. C.a brought his wife to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs Frank Abdoo, Neon. We are happy to have them. (Continued on Page 10) Everybody is invited to the 4th annual Letcher County CRAFT FAIR April 10 - 10 to 4 Historical Society log cabin craftsmen bowls, stuffed toys, dulcimers, woodworking, oakbaskets, quilts, cornhusk dolls and flowers, weaving, pottery, many others food special events pinning, soap making, hog butchering, dinner served by Millstone Sewing Center. Soup beans, chicken, etc., or try your taste buds on homemade hominy. picking and fiddling any area craftsman is eligible to display -c- all 633-50- 65 You all come by April 9 if you have not been contacted previously sponsored by Hill'n Hollow Crofts

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