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Image 7 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 8, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN Linefork EAGLE LETCHER COUNTY, Ind. , visited with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hale, who both are not Tery well. Shelby also visited his uncle, Quinton Ison and family. Woodard Cornett is very ill at the Harlan Memorial Hospital. His children from out of state have been called in to see him. He is being treated to prepare him for surgery. We hope him a speedy recovery. Mrs. Frank Sparkman of Gordon, Ky. , is very ill in the Harlan Memorial Hospital, and is in the intensive care unit at this time. Ethel has always been so nice to help others in sickness. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Yonts have been very busy with a payday at check time, and , also getting the quarterly report into the post office. I know by 35 yean experience what a job he has. I forgot to tell about my retirement January 8th from the Linefork, Ky. , Post Office and the store on Oct. 16, and was glad to have a couple like that to take my place. Philip and Thelma June Ison are visiting their grandmother, We are so happy for March to be gone, and really welcome April in, with Easter near, and the hope of new life appearing everywhere. The grass is turning green and buds are bursting forth, the birds singing in the trees all around, with everything letting us know that God is still on the throne, and ff man didn't clutter up the beautiful things that only Cod can make we would not have so many people so miserable and confused. Delia N. Shepherd with members of her family called on Mr. and Mrs. Marion Day and reported a delightful visit. Marie and Marion are very nice to visit with. Jessie Cornett visited with Venetia Smith Friday night and had a good time. Venetia is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fstil Smith. Jessie moved w ith her mother, now Joyce Cornett, who became the wife of Leroy Cornett of Hamilton, O. She also visited school mates at Letcher High Friday. Shelby Ison of Charlestown, A NEED FRIEND IN THURSDAY, KENTUCKY MRS. CORNETT RETIRES FROM POSTOFFICE JOB AFTER By THELMA N. CORNETT YOU WHITESBURG, who plans to return to Indiana with them for a week. Manda Ingram is not feeling well enough to work a big garden this year. She really made a nice one last year. Linefork really has very few people left who are really able to work, as our young people have gone out of the state to find iobs. Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Fields, parents of Mrs. Curt Blevins, have moved to Gordon, Ky., from Indiana to make their home. I am sure Gracie is happy to have them near again Mrs. M. H. Cornett reports that her husband. Mack Cornett, had a heart attack, but will be out again soon if he keeps Improving as he has been. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie J. Roark's little son, who had surgery in Lexington, Ky., is also improving. We are glad to hear he is better. Mrs. Hester Imgram is also not very well. We hope she is better soon, for she is a wonderful neighbor and friend. Howard Shepherd also Is 111 from what was thought to be a heart arrack. Clarence Huff, our mall man, YEARS OF WORKING THERE THIRTY-FIV- E repairman, or whatever is needed, is busy again this spring. He still loves and lives on the soil much of the time, and is one of the old kind who finds time to do much to help people, especially for senior citizens who are unable to do for themselves I am truly sorry for people who can: ot find a place for their old folks. When I was a child my Isaac Huff, who was blind, had an honored place In my grandfather's, Caleb Huff's, home. Then my grandfather great-grandfath- Jeremiah: By CLARINDA APRIL 8, 1971 had a most welcome place in mother's and father's home (Grant and Callie Nolan. ) No one minded sharing. We didn't have much worldly goods, but we were happy and never thought of poverty, or getting something for nothing. Venetia Smith's good friend, Wayne Clark, graduate of Cumberland High School, joined the air force and is stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, In Texas. I hope to be able to tell more glad news next week, Instead of about to many people's illnesses. Indianans visit here BACK family, the Less Caudills, and his suiter, the Bryant Here It is April, and so pretty with flowers coming up and Easter flowers blooming and the birds singing so sweetly. We send our sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Adams on Perkins Branch in the death of Carl's nephew in Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Fields from Charlestown, Ind. , ha ve been visiting his brother and Whit-ak- er family. Aunt Judy Caudill at leremlah is real sick. Hope she is bet- ter soon. Aunt Julia Caudill on Doty Creek is not doing so well. Hope she will hurry and get better. Aunt Mary Dixon is with her son, R. B. Dixon, here at Jere- miah. (Continued on Page 10) FRANKFORT Vote KELSEY E. FRIEND STATE SENATOR 31st DISTRICT A DEMOCRAT LETCHER COUNTIANS: Thank you! Thank you for your courtesy and hospitality shown me during my visits to your county. I am most pleised with the encouragement you have given me and with your continued help I expect to carry Letcher County by a substantial majority. am chosen to serve you in Frankfort as your senator, I will provide the same service to you as I would my own people in Pike County. I have compassion for the over -- taxed working man, the man who works to raise his famIf I ily . my .That has been my trademark throughout life. Inquire of me in Pike County! My time served the people there as County Attorney, Commonwealth's Attorney and as chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee. I am branded in Pike County as a friend of labor and the common people, for I was not wasted when I am one of them. VOTE FRIEND The people of Letcher County and all of Kentuckydeserve something better than what has been placed on them for the past four years. You do not deserve, and you should not have to bear, this dreadful 5 tax on the bread on your table and the shoes on your feet! Let us begin the task of bringing relief to our people! Let us begin by sending a Democrat to Frankfort who has in his heart the best interests of the common man! Let us begin by voting May 25th for KELSEY E. FRIEND for State Senator! SENATOR (Paid for by Kelaey Friend)

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