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Image 16 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 8, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . . . WHITESBURC, LETCHER COUNTY. KENTUCKY . . . THURSDAY. Area health planners deny Whitesburg request for hospital funds (from Page by In turning down die Whitesburg proposal. Squires also noted that Whitesburg hospital director Bernard S. Wysockl has requested reconsideration of the proposal, and that this will be done at the next Council meeting on June i. Wysockl told the Eagle that he preferred not to comment on the matter at this time. Petitions are circulating town, calling upon the Health Planning Council to re- verse its decision. Aside from rejecting the Whitesburg program, the Council did approve some other requests at the meeting last month. Among the programs "sanctioned" by the Council were: A $150, 000 request by the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) " to establish the feasibility of and to plan for an available and accessible, comprehensive health care delivery system in a rural setting. . . according to a Council release. The approval of $28, 000 "to establish the feasibility of and plan for a health services data system to serve" the eight county area. $100, 000 was sanctioned for for a Health Professions Scholarship Fund. A planning grant for $60, 000 "for regional health services" APRIL 8. 1971 1) was approved "to establish an organizational structure for the provision of public health services on a regional basis. " A request from the Frontier Nursing Services for $17,213 in supplemental funds for a family nurse practioner program passed the Council. Bill Squires was asked whether there might appear to be duplication in planning efforts by separate grants for "regional planning, " He responded that .. 16 the $150, 000 grant to the HMO was aimed at establishing "an experimental" medical care "package, " while the $60, 000 g grant is to organize health departments on a regional basis. already-existin- BOB SMART SHOES COMPTON'S in Neon OPENING SOON VsitnntMtMHHHiiti EWi iisBMI Jp9CsHBQL fl lfiLutUij Rl AtJHkeS BAu sfeS ssi)SBE3sW. ' sscij 1 Iff H 9ss)ifM jtust"' LtU sttssVlsisfl ssiB sssmssmiV 1 " " "' IM iJ- - ' mZ'mammM sBPC " i isiiiiiWBisiiiiiiaHMiiiiiifl iiiiiiiiiWLiisHtiifl tBPlBksflftsaBsfife - JOJAK BUILDERS has a Model Home open for your inspection in the new Whitesburg Urban Renewal area. We have many plans to choose from. Financing can be arranged for you. We will build on your lot anywhere in Eastern Kentucky. Our houses go up fast -- You move in quick - You save money. real home an investment. Why settle for anything else? A Call Hind man 785-35- 85 is or see us at the model house for more details.

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