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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 25, 1940

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

19 Volume no. WHITESBURG, LETCHERCDtJNTY, KEHTUUKY, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 25, 1940 33. Boxing Season To Open At Jenkins NUMBER 35. Whitesburg Baseball Former Letcher Man Thieves Loot Local Pent Calves Stolen Letcher County In April Court Term Passes in Nashville Represented at Hardware Store On Cumberland Club In Kentucky Saturday, April 27 River League State K. E. A. Sentenced at the April term On Monday night. April 15, The hardware store owned 11 Sentenced to Sport fans of Jenkins and the entire area surrounding will be interested to know that they can see the first box ing match of the season on the local arena of the American Legion here Saturday night, ADril 27. This will perhaps be the most interesting boxing contest ever staged in Jenkins. Pretty evenly matched as to size and both real scrappers, Frankie Hughes, Miami, Fla., and Pete Urban, Cincinnati, wil be the first to make their afd appearance in a fair. Urban is new on the local arena, but he has a scrapping reputation. Hughes has often appeared on the arena, and generally carries away the enlaurels. Another gagement is set between Jimmy Kelley. Indianapolis, Ind., and Gib Jones, Cincinnati. This bids fair to be a real skirmish, coupled with unusual thrill and interest, that will make the audience "sit up and take notice". Then bethere's to be an tween Jimmy Maddox, Miama and Willie Curtsinger, And still two entanglements are scheduled, one between Mickey Roberts, Cincinnati, and Oakie Greer, the old familiar, Oakie, Bur-dinKy. The last and final bout will be between Art shipley, Cincinnati, and Kid Mullins, Pound, another of the old familiar kind. Neither Roberts nor Shipley have ever skirmished on nthe Jenkins arena. Indications that there will bo a record crowd from the sunounding coal fields to see the boxing. These contests are always witnessed by from three to four thousand spectators. "Moon" always Mullins sponsors and helps out in arranging the schedules as well jis other details, and is adept at the business. ten-roun- 10-rou- Cin-cintia- ti. e, Crate Houston Is Victim of Pneumonia Jenkins, Ky., April 24, Mt.: Relatives here were Eagle: advised a few days ago of the death at Happy, Ky., of Crate Houston, young high school student, son of Mr. and Mrs. John 31outoton, former residents of Letcher County. The young man died after a few days illness of pneumonia. While Crate's condition was considered serious from the beginning, he rallied, but' death, the common fate of all, stood defiant, and the brave heart of a splendid young man who stood high in his class' at , the Hazard high school, surrenderedgoing on to meet and greet relatives and kind friends who had preceded him to a glory land. Crate was a nephew of Sam Vanover, East Jenkins, and he also leaves many other close relatives in and around Jenkins, all of whom grieve at his untimely passing. After an extensive funeral service at his happy home the body was brought to Shelby Gap for interment in the family plot there. A large number of the friends of Crate both at Happy and Hazard accompanied the remains to its last resting place, with sad hearts Sunday. Many of these were his schoolmates. Mrs. John Calloway and daughter Mary Dean, of Fort Thomas and Mr. Jim Squires, Richmond, returned on Sunday after a visit with Prof, and Mrs. R. Dean Squires. ! On last Wednesday night, of court were the following: some unknown person or perjGe Burry, Life, Murder. Evans Hall, 2 yrs. Green Dale sons went into my Barn and stole one small black yearling Esquire Brown, 2 years heifer, also on the same night Owen Newsome, 2 years one black heifer was stolen Chas. G. Adams, 3 years from Mrs. D. C. Lewis. Both Junnior Blevins. 2 years. black and about the same Paul Rose, 2 years size. Arnold Sloan, 2 years I am a member of the FarBud McCall, 2 years mers Home Journal ProtecGeorge Davis, 3 years tive Service which is offering W. H. Tacket, 3 years A great deal of interest was a standing reward of $25.00 centered around three cases at this term of court as follows: The State vs Luther Johnson in which Mr. Johnson was accused of Killing Kim-mDonalds at Millstone. being acquited of the charge. Attorneys Stephen P. Combs, Jr., Astor Hogg and Emmet Fields were the defense lawyers and Judge J. E. Childers, Commonwealth. Joe Burry of McRoberts who killed his own son some time ago when he (Joe) was intoxicated plead guilty of the charge and begged mercy of the court er n for the apprehension and conviction, of the thief or thieves who did this stealing, and I will doublt this reward making it $50.00 for the apprehension and conviction of the thief or thieves who stole those cattle- - (Signed) J. B. EVERSOLE. Partridge, Kv. This 23rd day of April, 1940. Georgetown College Glee Club Entertains At High School ed sentence, giving him the; life sentence hich the State onThe Georgetown Glee Club their annual tour were in provides in this plea. Whitesburg this week at the Three men indicted in the November election, accused of High School auditorium. Under the voting people at Kona who Dr. Bonowitz, supervision of who is known never appeared on the elecfar and wide for his talented tion grounds, some as much as twice, and people who had musical career, and who has in been dead for years. The men played for Royaltyby Europe the king. and was kinghted indicted were Messers Henry of Italy besides having many Tacket, M. D. Bates and Chas. honors bestowed upon Kiser. Tacket's case went to other during his many tours trial and he was found guilty him Europe. and sentences to three years through Gracie Thomason of Miss in the penitentiary. The other accompanist two were continued over to Louisville is thealso two girl and there are the next court. A motion was singers, Misses Mildred Murmade by Tacket's lawyer for a new trial, said motion being ray of Carlisle and Harrie denied. An appeal Bond was King of Wisconsin.Whitesburg, filed and Tackett is free until (After leaving HazClub the Court of Appeals rules on the Glee school will go to today (Thursard high the case. day). Letcher Credit Bureau Established Smoot Creek News at Nashville Tennessee Henry and operated by Ed Maggard F I It ST GAME TO BE PLAYED Around fifteen Letcher P. Collins passed away after of Whitesburg was broken inSUNDAY AT HAZARD to on Tuesday night, April 23, Countv teachers and nroffes- suffering from Pneumonia-Hwas the son of Mr. and and robbed of the following sors attended the K. E. A. Meld A revamped edition of the in Louisville last week. Among Mrs. Elisha B. Collins of Isom, items: Whitesburg All - Stars will Ky. Henry was born at Isom "24 them were Supt. Watson C. Remington Knives swing into action Sunday in March 19, 1899, aged 41 years. 5 Webb and Miss Martha Jane Big Ben Watches for Men the first game of the Kentucky Potter, County Supervisor, Besides his parents he is 2 Wrist watches for men River Baseball League. The survived by three brothers, and 3 watches, brand "Defiance" Prof. R. Dean Squires locals, under the management Hershall, of Panama Canal Prof. C. J. Reed of Fleming. for men of Charles Ihrig, of the Dr. Zone, Millard, of Isom, Ky., Mr. Webb presided at one 8 Gem razors Pepper company will engage and Byrd Nashville; also 2 fish lines, brand "Nylon" of the meetings as First Vice the Hazard - Allais club at three sisters, Mrs. Laura Col C61. Stewart Rod-1 fish rod, brand "Fork and President. Hazard. die from England spoke at the lier, of Lackey, Ky., Mrs. Ar-v- il Hoe" A large contingent of local using the subject Stidham of Marlowe and 1 fishing reel, brand "Pflue-ger- " meeting, fans are expected to follow Mrs- David McKnight of "Behind the Scenes in Europe" the club to Hazard and see Waynesburg. Ky.; also one 2 Hon. Claude Pepper, U. S. flashlights how they perform against the half sister, Mrs. John Madden Senator from Florida also 1 flashlight veteran Allais nine. on "Education in --a of Sackett. 1 alarm clock, color maroon spoke Whitesburg entertains McDemocracy". Apparently SenHis family want to than 2 pair hair clippers Roberts May 5 and the club is every one for the comforting and a small amount of ator Pepper is very interested expecting the hearty support words in this sad hour and money and many other in Federal aid without TiWW. of all fans on that date. may. this sorrow never come items not listed here wera 'al control for the schools of The local club has signed 20 to them, but we realize God America. According to Mr. taken. players and its forfeir fee went knows best and we humbly Webb, both speakers made Chief of Police Gilbert Polly very interesting into the hands of the League bow before Him. We hope and instrucSecretary at Hazard this Henry is at rest today on that is holding $25.00 reward for tive speeches, and "says Mr. the capture of any person or Webb, "What weekAmerica needs happy shore where we hopo Sunday Manager Ihrig re to meat him again someday. persons or any information is more school minded senators leading to the arrest and con- and to ports that he will use a fuil equalize educational compliment of players in or- "May the breezes of summer viction of any person or per- opportunities. We need both sons connected with this robblow so,ftly, der to see how they look under the Federal and State aid." Where his remains lie burned, bery. fire. Harry Rice, who has been May the snows of winter be Baby Dies tossing for Allen is to be on light on his grave; And. over his last resting place the mound for the locals soon; Club is but may not be ready for the may Lois Faye Halcomb died, in game, at Hazard. Other play- The birds sing their sweetes the Louisville hospital, Apcifcu In Pike County 17, leaving- many ers who may be seen, on the song, lovefsstal tht-- morning breaketh, mouna for the locals include Till mourn her death. Little Faye: , April 16 , was 6 years, Frankfort. Ky-Mazel Brown, Amos Cook, And the shadows flee away.' 10 months amfcl7. More than 600 boys and girls days, old: She .was' Lexie Potter-- ancL Marvin V Io.wt attending-thschools in PiMly flower whfch biooinW m Hall who all throw from the of county, have become members our home, She leaves a darl orthodox right handed posiof the Pike County Junior ing mother, tion and Roy Bryant and brothers, and We wish to take this oppor- Sportsmen's Club, according one sister to five Shade Adams who are weep of her passtunity of thanking our many to reports received by the Di- ing, but she is now a happy Cook will play right field friends for every "kindness vision of Game and Fish head- angel in HeavtV, with her when not on the mound and shown us in our recent sad quarters here from Pike coun- dear father and brother who ty's Conservation officer, J. passed away a short time ago. Lexie Potter is set as second bereavement. Especially do we thank the C. Williamson. beseman for at least part of May God bless her loved the time. Bryant plays first Marlowe Local No. 5977 for Tha Junior Club is being ones who are left behind so base. Ihrig will do some of the the beautiful flowers, Mr. sponsored by the Pike county they may meet them in Heacatching and Dorsey Hatton Stewart of the" Johnson Fun- Game and Fish Protective ven some day. will assist. Dorsey will do eral Home for his kindness Association and is creating We also wish to thank our some work at third base, too. and excellent work, and Rev. much interest throughout the many friends and neighbors Walker Pigman is lined up Green for his beautiful service eastern mountain county. The who showed us so much symmembers of this youth organifor shortstop and Cotton Craft and words of comfort. We can "only say thank you, zation pledge themselves to co- pathy during our mournful is in centerfield. Shade Reyhours. nolds will play some left but the memory will linger in operate in the movement to And may God bless the field and Follace Fields, new our hearts always. Only God conserve forests, fish, game, ministers, Mr. Caleb football coach will also ap- knows our loss and how much and other natural resources. and Mr. Frank Gilley treech for thelr we miss our loved one her pear in the outer garden. An essay contest, titled wonderf ul services which were Paul Crase, Dick Huffman, spirit is constantly with us. "How Prevention of Forest held at the home of little Lois Most Sincerely, Henry Addington and Audra Fires and the Conservation of Faye Halcomb. JOE DELPH, e o. - ell - Junior Sportsman's Organized - - Letter port-sider- s. Miss June Frazier spent last Saturday night with Miss Edna and Alta Maggard. Miss Dixie and Audra at Adams spent last week-en- d i Pigman are others who have their home on Smoot. Mr. Ivel Maggard, student, been signed to contracts while of Carr Creek High School still others will be addedwith his' Police Judge Ralph Peters spent last week-en- d of Hazard has been named parents on Smoot. Mrs. Buddy Napier and her president of the revised leafamily of Viper spent last gue and other teams in the Sunday visiting friends on loop include Tribbey - Hard-burlSeco. with whom the Smoot Creek. Whitesburg team will play a Mr. Viron Banks is engaged pair of double - headers, and in mining and timber business McRoberts. at the present time. The season will run for 18 Miss Goldia Adams spent weeks and the winner will be last Saturday night with Miss entered in the district meet. Juanita Clarke. A novel trophy has been preDempsey Maggard sented to the league and will Mr. spent last Sunday night with be shown in the Eagle office Mr. Hadward Napier at his within the next few weeks. home at Viper. Did Dempsey go to see Hadward, or his sisMrs. Nancy Delph ter, Hazel? Mr. Shade Maggard has been Mrs. Nancy Delph passed ill for the last few days, but away at the home of her son, is on the road to recovery. Tip. at Marlowe, Saturday WHAT'S THIS? night, at the age of 71 years-ThJune Frazier casting rombody was removed to the antic glances at Dempsey Johnson Funeral Home where Hubert Frazier it was prepared for burial, Maggard wanting to "make up" with which took place in the Maness Grover Mag- cemetery at St. Charles, Va. Dixie Adams gard "losing weight and look- on Monday, April 22nd. Akra Morton going bad" Besides her husband, she e Fork ing to Glen leaves to mourn her deparFrazier forgetting to refuse ture, three sons and three Dempsey Mag- daughters, as follows: Tip, of the bottle gard spending last Saturday Marlowe; Ballard, of St. night at home Jaunita Charles. Va.; Frank, of St. LETCHER CREDIT Clarke seeing "too much" of Charles, Va.; Mrs. Ethel Edens BUREAU Gay Fraz of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs- - Annie Grover Maggard Bank tjf Whitesburg Bldg. ier bitten by the "love bug" Tritt, of St. Charles, Va.; and Whitesburg, Ky. Mr. Castle Morton wanting to Mrs. Victoria Edens, of "see" Miss Edna Maggard Va. Mr. Bill Sailing, George- Dempsey taking a Services were conducted at town College, spent the week girl home last Wednesday the old home in St. Charles, night. Ghop! Chop! end with Mrs- - Sailing. Va., by Rev. Green In order to cooperate with other business and professional men and women in the control of retail credit and in the dissemination of credit information, we are announcing the opening of the Letcher Credit Bureau as of April 1, 1940, having as our subscribers 85 per cent of the retail g business establishments of Letcher County. We are equipped to furnish all available information concerning the character, paying habits, trade records and the financial responsibility of individuals, firms and corporations and also handling collections, court records and special investigations. It is our desire at all times e to maintain reporting facilities within our bureau and we feel that all who take an interest in their credit standing will welcome our organization. When a prospective customer asks for credit, regardless of where that person has lived we can quickly get for you a very informative, detailed on his or her credit standing. We offer a constructive and cooperative service to all and stand for a straight, efficient, conscientious collection service with 100 per cent safety. e Thanks - credit-grantin- y, high-grad- TIP DELPH, and FAMILY The Eagle force was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Nolan Tuesday evening to a six o'clock dinner honoring Mr. Nolan's birthday. Fried Chicken and hot buiscits were the main attractions. Mr. Chester Hogg and W. Stewart were also guests to the surprise dinner. Planning and serving the dinner were Mrs. Sarah Bow-e- n and Mrs. Grace King o Mayking assisted by Miss Hazel Frazier. Mr-Georg- e i Body of Roxana Youth Will Reach Home Friday e re-po- rd Bee-Tre- ia, red-head- ed The body of Virgil Watts who was killed about a month ago in Hawaii will arrive at the home of his father, Dann watts Friday morning and the funeral will be preached Saturday. Elders G. Ben-nAdams, Kirby Ison and Tipp Cornett will be in charge of the funeral. et Fish and Game Will Help My Home", is being staged in connection with the organization of the junior club. County Superintendent of Schools, C. H. Farley, recognized as one of the county's leading conservation advocates, has instructed all of his principals to organize a Junior Sportsmen's Club and to have the members enter the contest which will close on May 1. A yearly dues of 5 cents for each member, is charged and this money is used, to purchase cards and badges for the members. The contest which is nqv under way has strong suppdft from merchants of Pikeville and manufacturers of sporting goods from many sections of th'i nation. To date eight of those manufacturers and jobbers have contributed prizes and others are expected soon. This grand array of fishing rods, reels, lines, hunting knives, and a great many other prizes, suitable for girls, is now on., display in the window of the Pike Count News where. it. will reman until the contest, ends. prizes-includin- She was laid to rest in the Halcomb cemetery near her home. We also wish to thank the Parker Funeral Home who was in charge. God bless us all that we may meet her in Heaven some day. MRS. MARY HALCOMB AND FAMILY. College Students Enjoy Spring Vacation During the Educational Association in Louisville last week several colleges were suspended for spring vacation. Students visiting'their parents here during this spring vacation were: Mr. Astor Collins, Morehead, Mr. James Squirtfs.' and Miss Carolyn Fields, of Richmond. . Pigman Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Pig- man announce the marriage of their daughter, tcHttA, to Mr. Ercel Frazier on Jfovem-be- r 3, at Wise, Virginia. The bride has had a position in Tom John's Restaurant for the past two years. She is an attractive, capable and lovely young lady. Mr. Frazier has been a teacher in the Letcher county schools for the past ten years and is well known and admired by all who know him. Mr. J. M. Richardson of Polly, Ky., was a pleasant caller on the Eagle Monday. Mr. Richardson served in the 3rd Division in France in the late World War and upon asking Mr. Richardson if he Mrs. Mason G. Pope and Mr. John Maggard was a would be willing to fight daughter, of Richmond, were business visitor in Whites- again he stated not on Fore- the guests last weelc of vMr. and Mrs. Lindsey Webb. ign soil. burg last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Welcker were week-en- d visitors in Knoxville. They stopped on their return in Cumberland to see Gone With The Wjnd.

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