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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 8-- Unfinished Business. 9-- New Business. 10-- Call of Standing Committees: On President's Report. On Finance. On Appropriations. On Experiment Station. On Salaries On Internal Expansion On Military Instruction and College Discipline. On MIinutes of the Faculty On Nominating Executive Committee On Nominating Board of Control. On motion this program for all meetings of the Board was unanimously adopted. Mr. Davies, as Secretary of the special committee stated that they were now ready to make a report and thereupon read the report in full. Ir. Clay suggested as an amendment to section 20, that the words "upon their own motion or" be inserted before the words "upon the representation of the President", which upon motion unanimously adopted. Gov. Cox proposed the following amendment in section 6, that the words "does not exceed" be substituted for "covers" in the sixth line, which amendment was unanimously adopted. President Patterson moved that the further consideration of this report be post- poned to the next meeting of the Board. Mr. Clay offered as an amendment a motion that the report be read by sections and each section be acted upon when read, which was accepted and unanimously adopted. M1r. Davies moved the adoption of the first section of the report, which motion was unanimously carried. Motion was made that section 2 be adopted. August 5, 1912

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