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Page 0 of Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April 25-28, 1916

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Mis N. L. Todd Assistant Secretary Franklin Mrs. F. S. Gibson Treasurer Louisville TWrtKirucky N r3grn T.E uratinuat Ainatattn PRESENT MEMBE Vice Presidents P. Moore Princeton A. 0. Guthrie High School Department Owensboro Mrs. L. E. Jackson Grammar School Dept. Bowling Green Miss M. E. Williams Primary Department Frankfort Mrs. Florence A. Muir Rural School Department Madisonville L. D. Williams Social Service Department Frankfort Miss Mildred Bryant Music Department Louisville Miss M. S. Brown Home Economics Dept. Louisville J. L. Lawson Manual Training Dept. Frankfort Board of Directors H. C. Russell Louisville R. L. Yancey Covington W. C. Davis Hopkinsville J. E. Wood Danville W. S. Blanton Newport District Organizers First James Hayes Hickman Second A. 0. Guthrie Owensboro Third R. M. Small Elkton Fourth W. J. Callery Springfield Fifth J. 0. Blanton Louisville Sixth N. A. Fleming Covington Seventh E. B. Davis Georgetown Eighth 1. W. Bate RSHIP, 572 OFFICE OF PRESIDENT, 1029 W. Madison Street PLACE OF MEETING: Louisville, Ky., April 25.28, 1917 Lovisville, Ky., Nov. 15, 1916. (SPECIAL CIRCULAR.) EXHIBITS AND AWARDS 1917. A special committee has been appointed to make a class- ification of exhibits for the 1917 session of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association and to provide for suitable awards. At this time we are not able to report in detail the plans worked out by the committee, but we feel safe in saying that whatever line of industrial or art work any teacher may be engaged in will be included in the list. In addition to the lines of exhibits heretofore made there will be a department of canning club products, and proba- bly some forms of literary work. We therefore ask that all teachers, principals and supervisors interest themselves in selecting and bringing to the 1917 meeting the best specimens of children's work from an educational stand point. There will be ample pro- vision for all exhibits, and the judges selected will be authorities on the various lines of work represented. In a later circular we shall publish the rules and classifi- cations that will govern this department. SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT. In keeping with the idea of universal education, and in answer to a popular demand, a departuent of Social Ser- vice and School Improvement has been added. It is hoped that through this department closer sympathy and better mutual understanding between the teacher and the home, the school and society, may be secured; that individual and community thrift may be promoted, and many social ques- tions receive intelligent consideration. To this end, every Parent-Teachar Association, School Improvement League and similar organizations in Kentucky, should en- roll one or more non-teaching representatives as members of the K. N. E. A. This department promises to render a great service to the cause of general education. Sincerely yours, H. C. RUSSELL, H. C. Russell President Louisville E. E. Reed Secretary Bowling Green T. J. Smith Historian Versailles

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