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Image 4 of The Quarterly Bulletin of The Frontier Nursing Service, Inc., Vol. VII, No. 3, Winter 1932

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

2 THE QUARTERLY BULLETIN _ _ IN MEMORIAM E "Awakened from the dream of life." g Mrs. Davis C. Anderson, Cincinnati ; Mrs. Eugene J. Buffington, Chicago Q Mr. Cabell B. Bullock, Lexington, Ky. 2 Mr. Joseph Carter, Woodford County, Ky. Dr. Lee K. Frankel, New York ' Mrs. Charles H. Hodges, Detroit . Mrs. James H. Perkins, Cincinnati "' Mr. Embry Swearingen, Louisville , Mrs. Charles F. Thwing, Cleveland Dr. Whitridge Williams, Baltimore i It is with sad hearts that we read the roll of the death of ten of our members during the last six months. Each name Q recalls the memory of some outstanding act of service to our 1 young organization and brings before us the gallant history of a long and useful life. It is not possible, in a few faulty human E words, to express the poignant appeal of this roll call to the i Frontier Nursing Service. i Dr. Whitridge Williams gave us the prestige of his great 5 name on our National Medical Council and the advantage of his E rare mind and high obstetrical attainments; Mr. Swearingen was one of our larger donors and, like his wife, a strong sup- E porter of our work; Mr. Carter was the husband of one of the l first members of our Executive Committee; Mrs. Buffington came on our first Chicago V Committee; Mrs. Thwing never failed in her devoted interest to the work through the Cleveland * Committee; Mrs. Hodges gave devoted service on the Detroit , Committee and opened her house for one of our meetings; Dr. E Frankel, a National Trustee, lent the force of his marvelous { intellect and the statistical services of his great institution, for i our use; Mr. Bullock, who has lately died at the age of 91, gave many hours of the last years of his long life to the early strug- , l gles of our young movement, and placed undying faith in its L i success; Mrs. Perkins was one of the little group of Cincinnati I women who first adopted the Frontier Nursing Service and or- _ ganized the Cincinnati Committee, of which Mrs. Davis C. Anderson was co-chairman. Our brief tribute to this roll of A friends must close with Mrs. Andersons name. It is impossible Q to express the blank that her death leaves in our ranks. No _ A sweeter, no finer spirit ever crossed over to the other side. T.; The time is coming when the membership of the Frontier Nurs- i ing Service across the Great Divide will equal its membership i i . in the world around us here. The outward loss is an immense i spiritual gain. No movement is really successful that hasnt l _ the backing of that real world, of which this outward semblance ' is but the shadow of a dream. A l . l l

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