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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, October 25, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

NtJMB. IX -- TT ;: . , iEXINGTON: Prini iTI S A "T "V7 U Hvfe K D 'A :; 'OCTOBER as, i " ,V,'. 1 ;zr f, - "C7TV - j" .i. r-r- - .:' - 7 788.' ty.JOHN BRADFORD at his OmcE in Main &wt 'here 'Subfcriptiiins!' Advertifeme'nts, received, end Prii?tikg' hi i:j different branches done with Care and Expedition. HE Romans had their Temples so built, that it sores that may accrue,- Until tfeu canifevd a rr dent number of Reprefentativts tjirougfi the Jt was tmpvjjibie tonzer tne lempie oj nonour, --)r- '. 0c. forjhis 'piper, . . 'are. 'tliankfu!l$ J , 'into v1S& may fuftaih'as many cxaminati-- ' 'cms at t lqfthil public,' as yur favarite fchcme fufji- IVil- - C.. loPdt which tirtie hoped its t intcl .a. But foine Jay tjiat a majority.;, of those who are OLroved,.andr the (Icrlfng metal of eagerly pufiing for afeparatie sew r..n. of uiu.v: luuy appear. ,their Country at heart, but is oitly desirous of oi Ifppe 'tub "candid public will excuse me 'n ngt btaining pofis of Honour and at the e,x!ence of giving 7humdrt foi mail eply; efpecialK- s. the people : I grant this tin vc tne lute, .J ib copirdieiOff'that we Coinplanters, like yoi. "men ' ought to be carefully guarded asaiull b the eo- fdperoSWHties have many avocations to di- of pie .but supposing a number of .men was to urge you .atteftyons :" and moic el": ec:ally, asyou jo act anil peliave like Clirijtians, and you had rea- mrfde it in the least tecefTaiy. , Jon to conclude that their dejigns was not good BfiudSlivW Poplicola I have no design of enter.would you therefore in .order to'opoje them turn ing f'ntQ' vqHaf commonly called a paper war witjj Heathens, or Savages? To slop or oppofethe enfu'ng far I have " diiremmated faKp you.f. EleUion is not the way to relieve you out of your alarms tomiflead the credulous '.diftrej':; is you oppose one EleUion appointed by the or imofm'n.c ignorant" the impartial will im'gc,; .Representatives of the people, Why not another, and to my'.coUpw'inen the addref wa m.ide f ni jhis would throw yon into perpetual anarchy and that trlbuilithe reftitude of my designs nc 'her do to prevent the evils confusion. I'hat fball you sear a dcagp'ri nor wifli an appeal. I have .which threaten you; Tou are to search your wounds indeed 'aken Ttic lib'eriy qf doin,; what you c to tne core, witnou: which, tt ts oat of the power of "is the duty of .eveiA' good ci.izcr, I Surgery to apply suitable remedies: it is wild to have attempted by my feeblij mferroOt'or. is think that there is any other way to prevent the poiTiblc to avert Spending caldm.r-o- , ;.nd icOore without preventing the corruption 'and confidence, haimony and accord niong mv fetUnv the cause which produced it: mankind will be alciiizens" ana have only to lament ihit l d d not ways thejame, will always aS witnin one circle f prcvioudy obtain your leave. I hoiie'hvjwcver, and when vie know what they did a thousand years you will not be inexorable, when I a(Tue y'ri, rhdr ago in any circumstance ; we fliill know what they though I may be " ignotantly stupid" I am ;iot will das ikoujandyears hence in the jame ; this what is disposed to be " incoirigibly 1 obftiaitc,' on ihe called Experience ; the furejl Mijlrejs and Lejon of contrary is aster a fair and impartial invefigation", lVijdom.' thetc iliould be, even a much smaller majority in Be unanimous in pleading fcr a Setaratioiu and savor of your favorite scheme of a separation than tn all probability it wil. be sranted : then you will you pretend, however previoudy icnuifite, I may chieRl Cotilt- - Jiave the halter jn your own hands : :ow may choolc .. yuiia J ..,.yj, f.-- r, ...., iii tilninaiid fuppofc a free trade, I will most readily Xubfcribc "be called honest moderate men to do yourbufintfs, youmay try m title afparei and what would now to the p,ublic opinion. der the Captains of each contany'-tthe Dignity of the bufmefs, and take the obi- in v.a Whether Pophcok or the Cornpfantcrs mod their wage Jur'a Ipig JucceJJwn of yeaxi did nUq- - nion.of eiwy itiyidual concerning the wages cf guilty of charging the people of this DifWft with P'irginia Curren- - your .Legijlative and Executive Officers; is a ma-cnountto iiore than sour Shillings ignorance, or wnctherhe who urges that it - the a;,.; uititi the revolution itcitrmoie than six jority of the people Jays they are to have one Dol peoples inherent light, as well as iodifpcnfible du. t ) I r lar per any, let them know they are to have that Shilii , ;f a jix fence, time plain ty ,to decide on the propriety of a change in their add no 'ijiorej ghc thexa moderate compensation and it'ers ma very siutary Laws which rimmm government, or'hc who artfully evading the "let them kniw they arc ' to be paid in Country cord unt ti this day, and the peolile prolpered under enquiry would dupe them iuto the mea-fuiproduce until we. can obtain a trade their j up aid mild Government and a,l things we.n is besl: intitlcd to the charafler of ' the Tou have the Jams right to let your Legislators &?c: Oijmnjtlhy a td in good order and there was no peoples advocate" let yuor. friends and my know what their wages fball be. as you have to Jet cawi op murnurinp and repining among the people. But Jvice the revolution Pennfyivania has not bovyulfjoyour hired jervants; ,'and it is as abjoluie-l- y But as a defiic of information Is my chief obiefr heceJJaryioo.ySuppofmg the Farmers of a'.whole walked m the jieps of their Anceflors, nothing wtutd I will thank yott to lell us what those " bngbc State was to employ a large number of Grubbers profpcfls arc which you ve : 'icm jitt what is improperly called first' rate and your friends (for "C'-i.of! a Jplendid appearance, gentlemen of and Rail maulers, and tell them, v;e r.iuft have this youwiitein the piural) have before you ?" And! i work dene, and ve leave it to your own penerBjily ti.e i v fyr ahd it is very huid for an Attorney to be youmay be aiRircd, is they are confident with the how you arp to do this bufiuefs and what you arc 'en huneft Legifla'.cr, as they are Inured to grab profpenty of a country in which like you, I have to have for your labour, you are to make yottrowii ii.: ig at the labours of mankiad, cuflom becomes a embaiked my all, and in whole sate I expect to ft(ond nature, anithey ate a kini of animals of 'prey ; wagM ; and Juppoje this cuflom to be continued far lhare, I will not "attempt to obfeure them butlf a long Juccejfion of years, what do you think would urnd. would it be a wije judicious action to Jet the poifible render tbejn still brighter. Shotrd thetb be the event-- ' They would unthubte ly hens, or to appoint the Hawk to take care oj the. raise their promises lelievc your sears, and restore yourtem-pe- i, wages by degrees, and at length they would have an 'Wolf as guardian over the fl:ecp ? we may see the they will I hopc'prcpaie you for a number of exorbitant price and be far above their Masters is of juch Ltgijlutus in Pennjylvama other quctlions which 1 must take the liberty of 'bit lle'iiMi the people v:as opprejj'ed with the not this a parallel caje? Mankidd under the same aiking. . will be the J'ame, you have Jeen the dif-mlate jvjl war, "when reason and equity would Jay And first, in your" five different deterrhinntiona consequences that attendii those things from that the wages cf Legislators' &?r. ought to be of the people on the ,qucftion of a fepaiation" brought down or reauced, they raijed the expence of Rome to Kentucke, and is you will ge on in the has their opinion been ONCE fairly, raiionally, same channel where others : v S'Ccvernment to more than double as much as ever ii you or satisfactorily taken? Or has there bcenONp 'will certainly fbare the same sate. Kentucky with before the revolution, they are falling ito the cor judicious attempt made for the putpofe?' This ' and ell the natural advantages fbe can boafl, is "now on ruplio' s which overturned the Roman Empire, good Poplicoia is the furnace in which I wifli the very veige of ruin; without Jome juch. meajurei my is in a Jlate of confusion which has Pennsylvania to have my " Tinsel wafli" and your sterling ma-.-tas thole abofc mentioned be ta'teu, you. need never 'been attended with murmurings, repining! and mobs; honcftly tried. And furoly you have mt tho 'tain about being a Separate State ; and you cannot and weuid to God that this extravagant dijpofition reason to dtead the Ordeal. True Gold . smallest be happy as you are Jor the reajons above mentioti-ecbtained a Pajs port through the A.llega- .had iiever .yon know suffers nothing from the fird, tho' seven and many more that may Jbc advanced. ny Mountains, or dowfi the Ohio ; but do you net tunes tried and as y. uis has sustained " five trials' in my ramhes through this Countn, I beheld Jee perhaps unparalleled extravagancy in the elegant one would no: imagine you would dicad thefixth. Hont Court houjes they are building in the Kentucky with grief the Jituation you are in and therefore Come Poplicoia, difafifs your sears and icfi'trxj Cuuntry, at a time the State is in its infancy witk-- naae this numoie attempt to relt've you. hoping that your good nature. No body but yourfclf charc.t trade and conj'equently without Money to pay Jome salutary effects may accompany the. pen of ges the people of this Difuift with ignorance, of the Prin- A STRANGER. ".!. j aft debts, and without Money you with courting savor or difgracingpubhc conrj.iuhuabjoiuteiy necejjary in every jree mate, TO I'OfLlCOLA fidence," all we want is a fair tpa! of a fair que out Money to pay thoje who fatigue Utein- a Sip, , THANK ycu for the notice you havetalicn of ftiop, in which the intcrefts of your " frieijds, 4 venture their lives in defence of the dJcountrymen 2nd fellow citizens" are intimately i.r.i, you uo in inc ua'"- i'? nunc! j. inmy addieis contained in No. IV Vol. II ol this concerned. ru- cit. j.iuauon you arc in to prevent unpenning lupci Consider for your encouragement, that the majofbail anjwer this quejiionfird uegathcly and Though your observations arc neither so judi rity in savor of ypur meafuic " has been gieater f.t pojnively. cious, or good natutcd as might have been than on any (ueftion of cqtial,nionieiM svhichhas It is not by continuing conneSed with the State from so elegant a pen, .it is nevcrthetefs a been aggitated in any country" and that the ' cr Virginia that we can lenibve those gnat evils ; condeicertfion, a man in my ttation had no ngfit consists of only "a very sew. who either or extravagancy like an epidemical aijcaje has jo cxpeft. But the giatiiieation of my vanity is obstinately ignorant or incorugibly prejudiced (laedthe Eitftem States, Virginia not excepted ; and can nci the which i feel myself inoft obliged, : dy increase every ta obstacle to youi wiflifi' cokIi-dwe expeff a pure Jlream to proceed fiom an impure ; Youi lemaiks, howeyei foreign or angiy, hac further that those stupid, inconigibfe', icfrad-tor- y, The extravagancy above mentioned, accrue fountain' bVouphtiny humble perfoimance a lecond tune, untrattable wrongheaded w etche- - ate alft ea "while you'were conneQed with Virginia ar.d Imv ' end, I have not the final est obedtion to its guilty of the imp ji couple .chmeoX bdehty taa can jca ream this cVii cr'anyctfcr qptejf.v'trtea- - 'Lrjujiht a (had, afoujeb, and eea a finh time iUtc wbitjj they aic .19 weak as to think, and""Ca without going throuthe Temple of virtue ; and while they retailed their virtue, while their gene-'rai- s at the end of the war returned to'the plough; Rome was tlie.nurfe of Heroes, the miflrefiof A 'tions, the glori of ' Empires, and 'the source, the Jlandardand' attern', of every thing which ever wtrs praije worthy among men ; but at length a general corruption j'pread itjelf through all degrees of the State, Pieajure Jucceeded in tlie room of semper- ance, Idleness took place" of the love of bujinej's, and private regard extinguiffjed that love of liberty, that 'Zeal and warmth which their Anceflors had (hewn for the Ir.tereft of the Public; luxury and pride became fafbionable, all ranks and orders of me i tried to outvie one another in jexpence and pomp, and when by fa doing tiny had J pent their, prithey endeavoured to make re prijals vale patrimonies, t'jon the public, 'and having before sold every thing e.Je, at lajt Joid tlieir country. The ancient Saxons was a vulgar impolite people, yet they were a free people tad framed a good and was'for a long time very rejolute in Jupporting it, but when they got a number of encroach-me.its 'great' men anting them, there was frequent made on this excellent Cenjiitmion ; which will by' the Hijlery of England more sully appear. The nobilhy has always been the ruin of every free Jlate where ever fait cattle .existed. Letntake a' view of the State 'of Pennfyivania in her itfancy ; this State tho'.a place ofjradear.d a tolerable fertile Joii, was represented for near 100 - ha nhl a .,..V7. rr: 7. i havc-notwf- Bj$ftv fup-pof- ' y n, -- , . i e,' c.' ! al al d 1. i on er

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