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Ohio Valley Conference Records, 1947-1985, 1947

Part of Ohio Valley Conference Records, 1947-1985

87a2Guide to the Collection of Ohio Valley Conference Records, 1947-1985Bobby HartUniversity ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102 USAPhone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: Kentucky University1987Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGGuide to the Collection of Ohio Valley Conference Records, 1947-1985Contact Information:University ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102Phone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: by: Bobby HartDate Completed: 1987Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 2000 Eastern Kentucky University. All Rights Reserved.Ohio Valley Conference Records, 1947-198587A2Ohio Valley Conference27.8 cubic feet, 40,500 items, 57 boxes, 2 wrapped itemsEastern Kentucky University ArchivesRichmond, Kentucky 40475-3102This collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to Eastern Kentucky University. [Identification of item], Ohio Valley Conference Records Collection, 1947-1985, University Archives, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond.The idea of forming the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) was originated in 1941 but could not be implemented until after World War I. In 1948 five schools, Eastern Kentucky, Morehead State, Murray State, Western Kentucky, and Louisville, withdrew from the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and, along with Evansville, formed the original membership of the Ohio Valley Conference - so named because the Ohio River touched the states from which the league drew, or hoped to draw, members. The six charter OVC members were soon joined in this new league by Tennessee Tech and Marshall.Louisville withdrew from the Conference in 1949 and Marshall being replaced by Middle Tennessee in 1952, East Tennessee and Austin Peay in 1962. In 1979, Akron replaced East Tennessee and was joined by Youngstown State in 1980. Western Kentucky withdrew in 1982. In 1986 Tennessee State became the Conference's newest member. Akron withdrew membership in 1987 and Youngstown State will withdraw in 1988.The OVC has held automatic qualification for the NCAA Basketball Tournament since 1955. At that time, it was only second six-team league to be awarded an automatic bid. The OVC has had a number of team and individual successes over the years but the past six have seen three conference members claim national championships; Eastern Kentucky in 1-AA football (1979-1982), Tennessee Tech in NCAA Rifle (1980, 1981), and Murray State in NCAA Rifle in 1985.Official championship competition in the OVC is held in six men's sports: football, cross country, basketball, baseball, golf, and tennis and four women's sports: cross country, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Allsports are conducted within NCAA Division 1 except football, which is I-AA.Arthur L. Guepe served as the OVC's first commissioner, from 1963 to 1975. He was succeeded by former administrator and coach at South Carolina and LSU, Paul Dietzel, who held the post for a year at which time Robert Vanatta, former athletic administrator at Oral Roberts, assumed the position. James E. Delaney became the league's fourth commissioner in July of 1979 and serves in the post today. Jon Verner was named the OVC's first full-time information director in August of 1979. At the 1980 Spring meeting of the Ohio Valley Conference, presidents of the member institutions designated Eastern Kentucky University Archives as the official depository for the conference's older records of continuing and enduring historical and administrative value.The purpose of the OVC, as set forth in its constitution is, "to regulate, control and promote all recognized branches of intercollegiate athletics in its member institutions. Member institutions of the Ohio Valley Conference regard the athletic program as part of the educational process... it is the college's responsibility to exercise control of the athletic program and keep it within the bounds of an educational activity."*Information taken from Handbook of the OVC, 1986-87, p.5.Container ListMedia SeriesDescription:The Media Series consists of one box that our audio cassettes, one VCR tape, and a film covering the years 1965-1977. Taped minutes of OVC meetings and game highlights and films are just some of the interesting subjects in this series.1CassetteAthletic Director's Meeting 19771CassetteCoaches Meeting (Football) 19761CassetteCoaches Meeting (Golf) 19761CassetteCoaches Meeting (Track) 19771Film1965 Basketball Tournament Middle Tennessee vs. Murray & Austin Peay vs. EKU; Dec. 196513/4² video cassetteOVC highlights 1981Minutes SeriesDescription:The Minutes Series consists of two boxes of minutes from OVC meetings. Also in this series are letters and papers that set the date, time, and agenda of the meetings. The in this series cover the years 1962 to 1982 and are arranged chronologically.2Minutes 19622Minutes 19632Minutes 19642Minutes 19652Minutes 19662Minutes 19672Minutes 19682Minutes 19692Minutes 19702Minutes 19712Minutes 19722Minutes 19732Minutes 19742Minutes 19752Minutes 19762Minutes 19772Minutes 19783Minutes 19793Minutes 19803Minutes 19813Minutes 1982Photographs SeriesDescriptrion:The Photographs Series consists of one box of eleven foliders arranged alphabetically and containing photographs that are arranged alphabetically by subject. The photographs in this series deal with the Ohio Valley Conference and its member institutions. Sports facility, important individuals, and groups are all subject matter of this series. Some of themore prominent photos are those of the 1975 OVC Biographiical Committee which included Roy Stewart, Kelly Thompson, anc Charles "Turkey" Hughes; Paul Dietzel, former OVC commssioner; Lake Kelly, basketball coach of Austin Peay; and Roy Kidd, football coach of Eastern Kentucky.Action shots/Individuals411 Ray Flynn - East Tennessee State - track - 1500 meters412 Bruce Jones - Eastern Kentucky - men's basketball413 Wayne Martin - Morehead State - men's basketball coach414 Rodney Moore - Tennessee Tech - track and field415 Jerry Odlin - Murray State - track and field416 Harley Swift - East Tennessee State - men s basketballAction shots/Groups421 Tennessee Tech Football422 Unidentified Football423 Murray State Football424 Eastern Kentucky vs. Murray State - basketball425 Murray State vs. East Tennessee - basketball426 Morehead State vs. Marshall - basketball427 Morehead State vs. Tennessee Tech - basketball428 Western Kentucky vs. Michigan - basketball429 Middle Tennessee - basketball4210 Middle Tennessee vs. Murray State - basketball4211 Western Kentucky - basketball4212 Murray State vs. East Tennessee - basketballBuildings431 Municipal Stadium - Austin Peay432 Winfield Dunn Center - Austin Peay433 Horace Jones Field - Middle Tennessee434 East Tennessee State Campus435 Jayne Stadium - Morehead State436 Wetherby Gymnasium - Morehead State437 Murray State Campus438 East Tennessee's Basketball Arena439 Unidentified BuildingGroup Shots441 Austin Peay Football Team 1977442 Austin Peay Indoor Track Team 1978443 Eastern Kentucky Football - 1974 OVC Champs444 Eastern Kentucky Golf - 1975 Champs445 East Tennessee State Baseball446 East Tennessee State Basketball447 East Tennessee Tennis448 Middle Tennessee Basketball - OVC Co-Champs449 Middle Tennessee - OVC Champs - 1974-19754410 Middle Tennessee Golf - 1977-1978 OVC Champs4411 Murray State Baseball4412 Murray State Baseball4413 Tennessee Tech Women's Basketball4414 Western Kentucky Women's Tennis - 1977-19784415 Western Kentucky Tennis - 1975 OVC Champs4416 Western KY Cross Country - 1974 OVC Champs & NCAA runners-up4417 Preseason All-Conference Team - 1978-19794418 Unidentified Team4419 OVC Biographical Committee - Roy Stewart, Kelly Thompson & Charles "Turkey" Hughes4420 1979 OVC Hall of Fame Inductees - Jim Cope, accepting for Dr. Quill Cope; Ida Denes, accepting for Nick Denes; and J.D. Rayburn4421 Arthur L. Guepe and Sheryl DraperIndividual Shots A-C451 Jim Alexander - Tennessee Tech Golf Coach452 Sammy Allen - Morehead State Baseball Coach453 Jim Arnold - Track and Cross Country Coach454 Greg Artis455 Alfred Brandy - Austin Peay456 Jerry Bean - Western Kentucky Track Coach457 John R. Bell-- East Tennessee State Football Coach458 Ed Bignon - Morehead State Golf Coach459 Bill Branch - Tennessee Tech4510 John Britton - Akron Basketball4511 Madison Brooks - East Tennessee State Athletic Director4512 Dr. Joe Brown4513 Steve Bullard - Football4514 Jack Bushofsky - Austin Peay Football Coach4515 Ed Byhre - Eastern Kentucky Basketball Coach4516 Mark Carlson - Tennessee Tech4517 John Cathey - East Tennessee State Sports Information Director4518 Wayne Chapman - Morehead State4519 David Cleveland4520 Don Combs - Eastern Kentucky Athletic Director4521 Don Combs - Eastern Kentucky Athletic Director4522 Bill Cornell - Murray State Track Coach4523 Jamie Cox - Austin Peay Women's Basketball Coach4524 Dr. D. P. Culp - East Tennessee State President4525 Ken Cunnignham - University of Akron4526 Constantine Curris - Murray State PresidentIndividual Shots D-G461 A.L. Dawson - Morehead462 Larry Denyes - Austin Peay Women's Tennis Coach463 Paul Dietzel - Former OVC Commissioner464 Boots Donnelly - Austin Peay Football Coach465 Dr. Adron Doran - Morehead State President466 Dr. Dero C. Downing Western Kentucky President467 Dr. Dero C. Downing - Western Kentucky President468 Dr. Dero G. Downing - Western Kentucky President469 Jimmy Earle - Middle Tennessee Coach4610 Jimmy Earle - Middle Tennessee Coach4611 Joe Ellenbury - Austin Peay Baseball Coach4612 Joe Ellenbury - Austin Peay Baseball Coach4613 Joe Erwin - Murray State4614 Sheikh Fuy - Middle Tennessee4615 Jimmy Feix - Western Kentucky Football Coach4616 Jimmy Feix - Western Kentucky Football Coach4617 Dr. George Fisher - Austin Peay Athletic Director4618 Leroy Fisher - East Tennessee State Basketball Coach4619 Roy Frazier - East Tennessee State Football Coach4620 Jim Freeman - Middle Tennessee Sports Information Director4621 Jim Freeman - Middle Tennessee Sports Information Director4622 Bill Furgerson - Murray State Football Coach4623 Ed Givan - Western Kentucky - Assistant Public Relations4624 Mike Gottfried - Murray State Football Coach4625 Ron Greene - Murray State4626 Frank Griffin - Western Kentucky Golf CoachIndividual Shots H-L471 Martin Harmon - Austin Peay472 Buddy Hartsell - East Tennessee State Tennis Coach473 Arthur S. Harvey - Eastern Kentucky Track Coach474 Ten Hausauer - Middle Tennessee475 Reginald Hayden - Western Kentucky Football Player476 Dean Hayes - Middle Tennessee Track Coach477 Buddy Heewitt - Murray State Golf Coach478 Fred Hensley - Morehead State479 Tom Higgins - Eastern Kentucky Tennis Coach4710 Tom Higgins - Eastern Kentucky Tennis Coach4711 Jack Hissom - Eastern Kentucky Baseball Coach4712 Jack Hissom - Eastern Kentucky Baseball Coach4713 Russell Holloway4714 Ted Hornback - Western Kentucky Tennis Coach4715 Ben Hurt - Middle Tennessee Coach4716 Connie Inman - Tennessee Tech Basketball Coach4717 Greg Joyner - Middle Tennessee Basketball4718 Gene Keady - Western Kentucky Basketball Coach4719 Lake Kelly - Austin Peay Basketball Coach4720 Rosco Kid - Middle Tennessee4721 Roy Kidd - Eastern Kentucky Football Coach4722 Dick Lalance - Middle Tennessee Tennis CoachIndividual Shots M-P481 Ken MacDonald - Akron Sports Information Director482 Cliff MacPass - Tennessee Tech Basketball Coach483 Harry Majors484 Dr. Robert R. Martin - Eastern Kentucky President485 David Mays - Tennessee Tech Baseball Coach486 Dana McCutcheon487 Stan Mitchell - Eastern Kentucky Football488 Sonny Moran - Morehead State489 Dr. Joe Morgan - Austin Peay President4810 Hal Morrison - East Tennessee State Golf Coach4811 Bob Mulcahy - Eastern Kentucky Basketball Coach4812 Bob Mulcahy - Eastern Kentucky Basketball Coach4813 Charles M. Murphy - Middle Tennessee Athletic Director4814 Donna Murphy - Morehead State Women S Basketball4815 J.T. Musgrove4816 Bob Noyes - Tennessee Tech Track Coach4817 John Oldham - Western Kentucky Athletic Director4818 John Oldham - Western Kentucky Athletic Director4819 Freddy Overton - Murray State Basketball Coach4820 Karl Park - Eastern Kentucky Sports Information Director4821 Karl Park - Eastern Kentucky Sports Information Director4822 Dr. E. K. Patty - Middle Tennessee Golf Coach4823 Gary Perry4824 Jim Pickens - Western Kentucky Basketball Coach4825 Bennie Purcell - Murray State Tennis CoachIndividual Shots Q-S491 M.P. Quillen - Golf Coach492 Chester Ransom493 Johnny Reagan- Murray State Athletic Director & Basketball Coach494 Jim Richards- Western Kentucky Coordinator of Men's Athletics & Golf Coach495 Jim Richards - Western Kentucky Basketball Coach496 Dr. Arliss L. Roaden - Tennessee Tech President497 David Robinson - Middle Tennessee498 Ray Rose - Western Kentucky Tennis Coach499 George Sadler - Morehead State Tennis Coach4910 Dr. M.G. Scarlett - Middle Tennessee President4911 Dr. M.G. Scarlett - Middle Tennessee President4912 Jack Schalow - Morehead State4913 Ron Sebree4914 Joe Shipley - East Tennessee Basketball Coach4915 Dr. Barry Shollenberger - Western Kentucky Basketball Coach4916 Dr. Barry Shollenberger - Western Kentucky Basketball Coach4917 Margaret Simmons - Murray State Women's Track & Cross Country Coach4918 Walton Smith, Jr. - Austin Peay Golf Coach4919 John Stanford - Middle Tennessee Baseball Coach4920 Randy Stacy - Tennessee Tech Sports Information Director4921 Ed Stegall4922 Dean Stucky - Eastern Kentucky Football4923 Jim Suttie - Eastern Kentucky Golf CoachIndividual Shots T-Z4101 Roy Terry - Morehead State4102 Ed Thomas - Middle Tennessee4103 Ed Thompson - Austin Peay Basketball Coach4104 Ed Thompscn - Austin Peay Basketball Coach4105 Tony Towns - Western Kentucky Football4106 Mary Ann Tripodi - Austin Peay Basketball Coach4107 Brian Troupe - Tennessee Tech Basketball4108 Doug Vance - Murray State Sports Information Director4109 Doug Vance - Murray State Sports Information Director41010 Don Wade - TN Tech Football Coach and Athletic Director41011 Don Wade - TN Tech Football Coach and Athletic Director41012 Dave Walker - East TN State Track and Cross Country Coach41013 LawerencesWeiss - Austin Peay Tennis Coach41014 Jim Wells - Morehead State Sports Information Director41015 Dr. Wayne Williams - Austin Peay Track Coach41016 Dr. Wayne Williams - Austin Peay Track Coach41017 Dr. Wayne Willaims - Austin Peay Track Coach41018 Julia Ann Yeater - Western Kentucky Women's Basketball CoachMiddle Tennessee Football Team 19754111 Ben Hurt - Coach4112 LaVon Anderson4113 Sonny Anderson4114 Tommy Beaver4115 Melvin Boyd4116 Tony Buck4117 Andra Bullock4118 Gary Burchfield4119 Johnny Carver41110 Ronnie Cecil41111 John Csir41112 Rich Dickson41113 Bobby Joe Easter41114 Johnny Emert41115 David Fritts41116 Jack Fuqua41117 George Goodson41118 John Harrison41119 Jim Hicks41120 James Isabell41121 Chris Keen41122 Jeff King41123 Leigh Kokla41124 Frank Long41125 Mike Moore41126 Stan Murphy41127 Alvin Palmer41128 James Pryor41129 Michael Robinson41130 Mike Robinson41131 Ed Skinner41132 Rick Steadman41133 Tom Weingartner41134 Anthony Williams41135 Terry Wood fork41136 Eddie Wright41137 Tom WrightMorehead State Football Team4121 Eddie Bishop4122 Bob Brockman4123 Emmitt Colston4124 Joe Dillow4125 Steve Fleak4126 Terry Flowers4127 Ron French4128 Ray Graham4129 Karl Hop41210 Dane Laggebauer41211 Cal Long41212 Keith Mescher41213 Phil Simmons41214 Jerry Spaeth41215 Vie WilliamsMurray State Football Team4131 Willie DeLooch4132 Mark Hickman4133 Mike Hobbie4134 Larry Jasper4135 Art Kennedy4136 David McDonald4137 Eddie McFarland4138 Charles Reeves4139 Les Stinnett41310 Bruce Walker41311 Kevin Whitfield41312 Jay WoddleWestern Kentucky Football Team 19754141 Karl Anderson4142 Karl Anderson4143 Sherold Barrett4144 Sherold Barrett4145 Chip Carpenter4146 Chip Carpenter4147 Steve Carrico4148 Steve Carricp4149 David Carter41410 David Carter41411 Rick Caswell41412 Rick Caswell41413 Larry Deweese41414 Larry Deweese41415 Darryl Drake41416 Sam Fields41417 Sam Fields41418 Dwight Grooms41419 Dwight Grooms41420 Ray Henderson41421 Ray Henderson41422 Barry Henry41423 Walter Herod41424 Walter Herod41425 Bobby Hobby41426 Bobby Hobby41427 Nate Huggins41428 Nate Huggins41429 Jim Ivey41430 Jim Ivey41431 Lawrence Jefferson41432 Lawrence Jefferson41433 Charles Johnson41434 Charles Johnson41435 Darryl Jones41436 James Jones41437 James Jones41438 Roy Kesterson41439 Roy Kesterson41440 Rick Green41441 Fred Kixmiller41442 John Leathers41443 John Leathers41444 Grey Lewis41445 Greg Lewis41446 Bill Lindsey41447 Bill Lindsey41448 Billy Linville41449 Tony Logan41450 Biff Madon41451 Biff Madon41452 Pat Malone41453 Pat Malone41454 Bill Murphree41455 Bill Murphree41456 Paul Sheehan41457 Paul Sheehan41458 Rob Shirley41459 Arnold Snardon41460 Arnold Snardon41461 DeWayne Squires41462 Danny Talley41463 Keith Tandy41464 Keith Tandy41465 Jimmy Thomas41466 Tony Towns41467 Tony Towns41468 Jim Wafzig41469 Jim Wafzig41470 Tom Ward41471 Tom Ward41472 Carl Williams41473 Carl Williams41474 Dale Young41475 Dale YoungPublications SeriesDescription:The Publications Series consists of five boxes which contain such items as press releases, sports media guides, and OVC Basketball Scorebooks. The records date back to 1948 and continue up through 1981. Interesting facts discussed in this series include the 1982 Middle Tennessee victory over the University of Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament, the Tennessee Tech national rifle championship of 1981, and the 1979 I-AA Football National Championship by Eastern Kentucky University. All materials are arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically therein.5Basketball - 1971-19815Directory of Football and Basketball Officials - 1966-19825Football - 1979-19805Manual of Constitution and By-Laws 1975/76-1978/795Manual of Constitution and By-Laws 1979/80-1981/825Press Guides - 1974-19785Press Guides - 1978-19805Press Guides - 1980-19826Press Releases 1960-19616Press Releases 1961-19626Press Releases 19676Press Releases 19686Press Releases 19696Press Releases 19706Press Releases 19716Press Releases 19727Press Releases 19737Press Releases 19747Press Releases Jan.-Aug. 19757Press Releases Sept.-Dec. 19757Press Releases Jan.-June 19767Press Releases Aug.-Dec. 19767Press Releases Jan.-June 19777Press Releases Aug.-Dec. 19777Press Releases Jan.-June 19788Press Releases 19808Press Releases 19818Press Releases 19829Scorebook, Basketball 1949-19539Scorebook, Basketball 19549Scorebook, Basketball 19549Scorebook, Basketball 19559Scorebook, Basketball 1964-19679Scorebook, Basketball 19729Sports Records 1948-19719Spring Sports 19719Spring Sports 1972-19759Track and Field 1968-1975Scrapbook SeriesDescription:The Scrapbook Series contains two scrapbooks of newspaper clipping covering the years 1975 to 1980 which deal with the OVC and its member institutions. The two scrapbooks have such interesting news clippings as those of Paul Dietzel, Bob Vanatta and James Delany all being announced as OVC commisioner. The books also contain clippings of Rhetta Froedge, first woman football player in the OVC (Western Kentucky University), Phil Simms, SuperBowl XXI MVP (Morehead State), and Otis Howard, OVC basketball player of the year for 1977 (Austin Peay).9Wrapped Item 1 Scrapbook 1975-19789Wrapped Item 2 Scrapbook 1978-1980Subject SeriesDescription:The Subject Series contains 45 boxes of papers that detail the everyday workings of the Ohio Valley Conference and its commissioner's office. A large part of the series consists of participation, grant-in-aid, and eligibility lists of the institutions. Lists from 1963-1979 are found for most of the schools although some may be missing. Another interesting part of the series is administration, athletic director, baseball, basketball, and football folders from every institution that was a member from 1960-1979. These folders are filled with information on scheduling of sports events, scheduling of conference meetings, and general correspondence. Folders that contain inter-conference letters of intent are also present from 1963-1977. Each conference posts lists of these letters of intent and this series contains lists for most of the major conferences from 1973-1977.Illegal recruiting is a problem all across the nation. When OVC cases are brought out into the open, either the Ohio Valley. Conference or the NCAA makes a ruling on the eligibility of the student and the school he is attending. This series contains some of the more memorable cases in OVC history. These cases include: the Herman Carter Case, the Chris Bedard Case, the Terry Vanzant Case, and the Giersberg Case.The total period of this series is from 1947-1985. It very accurately tells a working history of hte Ohio Valley Conference. Everday correspondence, letters, and notes are all contained in the Subject Series which is arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically therein.10Academic All-American Basketball 1963-196510AIAW 1979-198010Akron - Administration 1980-198110Akron - Athletic Director 198010Akron - Athletic Director 1980-198210Akron - Correspondence 1978-197910Akron - Miscellaneous 1980-198110All star games 196310American Council on Education 1977-197810American Football Coaches Assoc. 196410Annual Reports 1952-196210Applications for Jobs 1975-197910Arkansas State College 1963-196510Attitude Award 1975-197610Attitude Award 197910Austin Peay Administration 1963-197310Austin Peay Administration 1978-197910Austin Peay Administration 197910Austin Peay Administration 1980-198110Austin Peay - Athletic Director 1963-197210Austin Peay - Athletic Director 1978-197910Austin Peay - Athletic Director 1979-198010Austin Peay - Athletic Director 1980-198110Austin Peay - Baseball 1964-196510Austin Peay - Basketball 1961-196410Austin Peay - By-Laws 5-8 1976-197710Austin Peay - Commissioner's Ruling Chris Bedard Eligibility 1978-197910Austin Peay - Correspondence 1975-197610Austin Peay - Correspondence 1977-197811Austin Peay - Football 196411Austin Peay - Golf 1965-196611Austin Peay - NCAA Infractions 1975-197611Austin Peay - NCAA Rulings 1973-197611Austin Peay - Other Sports 1979-198011Austin Peay - Protests 197611Austin Peay - Track 1964-196911Austin Peay - Transfer Statement 1966-197111Awards 1963-197511Awards 1976-197811Baseball 1964-197711Baseball - Automatic Bid 1978-197911Baseball - Automatic Bid Appeal 197811Basketball - Applications 196911Basketball & Football Schedules 1979-198511Basketball Arena's Questionnaires 198011Basketball - Automatic Bid Appeal 197811Basketball Clinic 1975-197611Basketball Clinic 197711Basketball - Game of the Week 1979-198011Basketball Game Reports 1975-197612Basketball Game situation (EKU vs. Morehead 1/27/79) 197912Basketball - General 1976-197712Basketball - Hall of Fame 1976-197912Basketball - Miscellaneous 1964-197612Basketball - Miscellaneous 197712Basketball - NCAA Tournament 1976-197712Basketball Observer 1980-198112Basketball - Official's Assignments 1966-196712Basketball Official's Clinic 198112Basketball Official's Clinic 1978-197912Basketball Official's Clinic 198012Basketball Official's Ratings 1979-198012Basketball Officials 197812Basketball Press Day 197712Basketball Press Day 1977-197812Basketball Press Day 197812Basketball Press Day 197812Basketball Press Day Nov. 8, 197912Basketball Press Day 198012Basketball Preview 1978-197912Basketball Preview 1979-198012Basketball Schedules 1975-197812Basketball Schedules 1978-197912Basketball Schedules 1979-198012Basketball - Rules Changes 197912Basketball Schedules for Supervisor 1980-198112Basketball Schedules (projected) 1959-198112Basketball Schedules (women's) 1978-197912Basketball Season Ticket Count 198212Basketball Summer Camps/Trips 1978-197912Basketball Tournament (Historical Sketch) 1949-198212Basketball Tournament Information thru 198112Basketball - Tie Breaker System and Protest 197912Basketball - Women's Pro League 197912Basketball - Women's Schedules 1979-198012Basketball (Women's) Tournament 197912Biographical Committee 197512Blue-Gray Game 197812Breakfast - OVC 197912Bylaws (Tie Breaker System for Basketball and Baseball 197912Carson Newman College 196414Carter, Herman Case 196814CDCA 1969-197614CDCA 1977-197814Centre College 1976-197814Championship Dates 1979-198014Chattanooga University 1959-196514Commissioner's Reports 1976-197914Committee - Conference 1975-198014Committee - Conference Finance 1977-197814Committee - Executive 1976-198014Committee - IAA Criteria (Dr. Roaden, Chairman) 197914Committee - Television 197814Committee 197914Committee - Television 198014Community Cable TV Outlets 1980-198114Complaints 1975-197814Conferences - Big Sky Conference 197314Conferences - Big Ben Conference 1963-196414Conferences - Intercollegiate Conference Big Ten 1966-196814Conferences - Ky. Junior College Athletic Conference 196514Conferences - Mid American Conference 1962-197314Conferences - Missouri Intercollegiate Conference 1960-196314Conferences - Missouri Valley Conference 1963-197514Conferences - Other 196414Conferences - Southeastern Conference 1963-197514Conferences - SEC, Basketball 1962-196714Conferences - SEC, Football 1960-196514Conferences - Southern Conference 1961-196614Conference Applications 1967-197514Conference Awards Survey 195814Conference BEOG 197714Conference Dates 1977-197814Conference Manual 1974-197714Conference Meetings 1974-197614Conference Meetings 1977-197814Conference Meetings June 197814Conference Meetings (Annual and Called) 1978-197914Conference Meeting - Annual Spring 198114Conference Meeting (December) 197914Conference Meeting (Fall) 1980-198114Conference Meeting (Spring) 198014Conference Meeting Agenda 1975-197814Conference Memos 1963-196614Conference Memos 1968-197015Conference Memos 197115Conference Memos 197215Conference Memos 197315Conference Memos 197415Conference Memos 197515Conference Memos Jan. -May 197615Conference Memos June-Dec. 197615Conference Memos Jan. -April 197715Conference Memos May-Aug. 197715Conference Memos Sept. -Dec. 197715Conference Memos 197816Conference Memos 197816Conference Memos 197916Conference Memos 1979-198016Conference Memos (cont.) 1979-198016Conference Memos 1980-198116Conference Memos Apr. 23, 1981-May 4, 198116Conference Mileage 1959-197616Conference Notice of Meetings 1963-197816Conference Play-Off games 1968-197216Conference Workshops 197617Congratulations 1975-197817Constitution and Bylaws 195017Constitution and Bylaws 195817Constitution and Bylaws 196017Constitution and Bylaws 196117Contract Agreements 1963-197317Correspondence 194717Correspondence 194817Correspondence 194917Correspondence 195017Correspondence 195117Correspondence 195217Correspondence 195317Correspondence 195417Correspondence 195517Correspondence 195617Correspondence 1957-195817Correspondence 1959-196017Correspondence 1960-196117Correspondence 1961-196217Correspondence 196317Correspondence 1971-197417Correspondence 197518Correspondence 197618Correspondence 197718Correspondence, Misc. 1977-197818Correspondence, Misc. 1978-197918Correspondence, Misc. 1979-198018Correspondence, Misc 1980-198118Correspondence - NCAA General 1980-198118Correspondence - News Media 1978-197918Correspondence - News Media - Misc. 1980-198118Correspondence - Other Conferences 1979-198119Correspondence with other Conferences, Misc. 1977-197919COSIDA 1974-197819Cross Country 1975-197619East Tennessee State - Administration 1963-197419East Tennessee State - Administration 1975-197619East Tennessee State - Administration 1977-197819East Tennessee State - Athletic Director 1963-197419East Tennessee State - Athletic Director 1975-197619East Tennessee State - Athletic Director 197719East Tennessee State - Athletic Director 197819East Tennessee State - Basketball 1960-196419East Tennessee State - Bylaws 5-8 1976-197719East Tennessee State - Football 1963-196519East Tennessee State - NCAA Infractions 197720East TN State - Tennis 196520East TN State - Track 1965-197320East TN State - Transfer Statements 1969-197220EKU - Administration 1963-197120EKU - Administration 1976-197820EKU - Administration 1978-197920EKU - Administration 198020EKU - Administration 1979-198020EKU - Athletic Director 1963-197420EKU - Athletic Director 1975-197620EKU - Athletic Director 1977-197820EKU - Athletic Director 1978-197920EKU - Athletic Director 1980-198220EKU - Athletic Director 1979-198020EKU - Baseball 1968-197220EKU - Basketball 1961-196820EKU - By Laws 5-8 1976-197720EKU - Miscellaneous 1980-198120EKU - NCAA Rulings 196520EKU - Track 196620EKU - Transfer Statements 1965-197420EKU - Transfer Statements 197520Eligibility Lists - Akron 1978-197920Eligibility Lists - Akron 1979-198020Eligibility Lists - Akron 1980-198120Eligibility Lists - Austin Peay 1979-198120Eligibility Lists - Austin Peay 1980-198120Eligibility Lists - Austin Peay, Basketball 1962-197821Eligibility Lists - Austin Peay, Football 1963-197821Eligibility Lists - Austin Peay, Other Sports 1969-197521Eligibility Lists - Austin Peay, Other Sports 1975-197821Eligibility Lists - Austin Peay, Participation and GIA 1978-197921Eligibility Lists - East Tennessee State, Basketball 1963-197821Eligibility Lists - East Tennessee State, Football 1963-197821Eligibility Lists - East Tennessee State, Other Sports 1968-197421Eligibility Lists - East Tennessee State, Other Sports 1974-197821Eligibility Lists - Eastern Kentucky University 1979-198021Eligibility Lists - Eastern Kentucky University 1980-198121Eligibility Lists - Eastern Kentucky University, Basketball 1963-197821Eligibility Lists - Eastern Kentucky University, Football 1963-197821Eligibility Lists - EKU, Other Sports 1968-197122Eligibility Lists - EKU, Other Sports 1972-197422Eligibility Lists - EKU, Other Sports 1975-197822Eligibility Lists - EKU, Participation & GIA 1978-197922Eligibility Lists - General 1963-197522Eligibility Lists - Middle TN State 1979-198022Eligibility, Lists - Middle TN State 1980-198122Eligibility Lists - Middle TN State, Basketball 1958-197822Eligibility Lists - Middle TN State, Football 1958-196922Eligibility Lists - Middle TN State, Football 1970-197822Eligibility Lists - Middle TN State, Other Sports 1969-197522Eligibility Lists - Middle TN State, Other Sports 1975-197822Eligibility Lists - Middle TN State, Participation & GIA 1978-197922Eligibility Lists - Morehead State 1979-198022Eligibility Lists - Morehead State 1980-198122Eligibility Lists - Morehead State, Basketball 1963-197822Eligibility Lists - Morehead State, Football 1963-197823Eligibility Lists - Morehead State, Other Sports 1968-197323Eligibility Lists - Morehead State, Other Sports 1974-197823Eligibility Lists - Morehead State, Participation & GIA 1978-197923Eligibility Lists - Murray State 1979-198023Eligibility Lists - Murray State 1980-198123Eligibility Lists - Murray State, Basketball 1963-197823Eligibility Lists - Murray State, Football 1963-197823Eligibility Lists - Murray State, Other Sports 1969-197523Eligibility Lists - Murray State, Other Sports 1975-197823Eligibility Lists - Murray State, Participation & GIA 1978-197923Eligibility Lists - Tennessee Tech 1979-198023Eligibility Lists - Tennessee Tech 1980-198123Eligibility Lists - Tennessee Tech, Basketball 1963-197823Eligibility Lists - Tennessee Tech, Football 1963-197823Eligibility Lists - Tennessee Tech, Other Sports 1969-197223Eligibility Lists - Tennessee Tech, Other Sports 1972-197824Eligibility Lists - TN Tech, Participation and CIA 1978-197924Eligibility Lists - Western Kentucky University 1979-198024Eligibility Lists - Western Kentucky University 1980-198124Eligibility Lists - Western KY Univ, Basketball 1963-197824Eligibility Lists - Western KY Univ, Football 1963-197824Eligibility Lists - Western KY Univ, Other Sports 1969-197324Eligibility Lists - Western KY Univ, Other Sports 1974-197824Eligibility Lists - Western KY Univ, Participation & GIA 1978-197924Eligibility Lists - Youngstown State 1980-198124Eligibility Rulings 1963-196524Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1975-197924Financial Ledger 1963-197525Financial Ledger 1975-197725Financial - Statements and Budget Reports 1967-197525Findlay College 1963-196425Flags, Conference Championships 197625Florence State College 1961-196325Football 1968-197025Football 1975-197725Football - Attendance Records 1970-197825Football - Coaches Clinic 197825Football - Coaches Meetings 1977-197925Football - Defensive Player of the Week 197725Football - Officials 197825Football - Official's Clinic 1978-197925Football - Official's Clinic 198025Football - Press Day 197625Football - Press Day 197725Football - Press Day 1978-197925Football - Press Day 197925Football - Press Day 1980-198125Football - Rule Reports 1976-197725Football - Rules 1979-198125Football - Schedules 197826Football - Schedules 197926Football - Schedules 198026Football - Schedules for Supervisor 1980-198126Football - Starting Practice Dates 197626Football - Travel and Home Squads 197926Football Yearbook Correspondence 1964-197626Fort Campbell 1962-196326Georgetwon College 1976-197826Golf 1965-197726Golf 1978-197926Grants-in-aid 196126Grants-in-aid 197026Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay (Certificates) 1974-197626Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay (Certificates) 1977-197826Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay (Certificates) 1978-197926Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay (Certificates) 1979-198026Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay - Basketball 1962-197826Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay - Football 1963-197026Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay - Football 1971-197826Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay - Other Sports 1963-196826Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay - Other Sports 1969-197326Grants-in-aid - Austin Peay - Other Sports 1974-197827Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State (Certificates) 197727Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State (Certificates) 1977-197827Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State (Certificates) 1978-197927Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State - Basketball 1962-197827Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State - Football 1963-197027Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State - Football 1971-197827Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State - Other Sports 1963-197127Grants-in-aid - East Tennessee State - Other Sports 1972-197827Grants-in-aid - Eastern Kentucky University (Certificates) 1973-197427Grants-in-aid - Eastern Kentucky University (Certificates) 1974-197528Grants-in-aid - EKU (Certificates) 1976-197728Grants-in-aid - EKU (Certificates) 1976-197728Grants-in-aid - EKU (Certificates) 1977-197828Grants-in-aid - EKU (Certificates) 1977-197828Grants-in-aid - EKU (Certificates) 1978-197928Grants-in-aid - EKU (Certificates) 1978-197928Grants-in-aid - EKU - Basketball 1962-197828Grants-in-aid - EKU - Football 1962-197828Grants-in-aid - EKU - Other Sports 1963-196828Grants-in-aid - EKU - Other Sports 1969-197828Grants-in-aid - EKU - Other Sports 1974-197829Grants-in-aid - Football 1964-196529Grants-in-aid - General 1965-197529Grants-in-aid - Middle Tennessee State (Certificates) 1971-197329Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State (Certificates) 1973-197429Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State (Certificates) 1974-197529Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State (Certificates) 1975-197729Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State (Certificates) 1977-197829Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State (Certificates) 1978-197929Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State (Certificates) 1979-198029Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State - Basketball 1961-197829Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State - Football 1961-197829Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State - Other Sports 1963-197129Grants-in-aid - Middle TN State - Other Sports 1971-197829Grants-in-aid - Morehead State (Certificates) 1973-197429Grants-in-aid - Morehead State (Certificates) 1974-197630Grants-in-aid - Morehead State (Certificates) 1967-197730Grants-in-aid - Morehead State (Certificates) 1977-197830Grants-in-aid - Morehead State (Certificates) 1978-197930Grants-in-aid - Morehead State (Certificates) 1979-198030Grants-in-aid - Morehead State, Basketball 1963-197430Grants-in-aid - Morehead State, Football 1962-197430Grants-in-aid - Morehead State, Other Sports 1964-197430Grants-in-aid - Morehead State, All Sports 1974-197830Grants-in-aid - Murray State (Certificates) 1973-197430Grants-in-aid - Murray State (Certificates) 1974-197530Grants-in-aid - Murray State (Certificates) 1975-197731Grants-in-aid - Murray State (Certificates) 1977-197831Grants-in-aid - Murray State (Certificates) 1978-197931Grants-in-aid - Murray State (Certificates) 1979-198031Grants-in-aid - Murray State, Basketball 1962-197831Grants-in-aid - Murray State, Football 1962-197831Grants-in-aid - Murray State, Other Sports 1963-196431Grants-in-aid - Murray State, Other Sports 1970-197331Grants-in-aid - Murray State, Other Sports 1974-197831Grants-in-aid signees 1971-197432Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech (Certificates) 1973-197432Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech (Certificates) 1974-197532Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech (Certificates) 1976-197732Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech (Certificates) 1977-197832Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech (Certificates) 1978-197932Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech (Certificates) 1979-198032Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech, Basketball 1962-197832Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech, Football 1963-197832Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech, Other Sports 1968-197332Grants-in-aid - Tennessee Tech, Other Sports 1974-197832Grants-in-aid - Western KY University (Certificates) 1973-197432Grants-in-aid - Western KY University (Certificates) 1975-197732Grants-in-aid - Western KY University (Certificates) 1977-197833Grants-in-aid - Western KY University (Certificates) 1978-197933Grants-in-aid - Western KY University (Certificates) 1979-198033Grants-in-aid - Western KY University, Basketball 1964-197833Grants-in-aid - Western KY University, Football 1964-197833Grants-in-aid - Western KY University, Other Sports 1969-197333Grants-in-aid - Western KY University, Other Sports 1974-197833Halftime Extensions 197633Hardship request and rulings 1968-197433High school clinics 1975-197633Inter-Conference Letters of Intent 1963-196733Inter-Conference Letters of Intent 1968-197234Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Austin Peay 1972-197434Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - East TN State 1972-197434Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - EKU 197234Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - EKU 197334Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - EKU 197434Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Marshall 197334Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Marshall 197434Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Middle Tennessee 197234Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Middle Tennessee 1973-197434Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Morehead State 1972-197434Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Morehead State 197434Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Murray State 1972-197435Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Oral Roberts 197435Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Tennessee Tech 1972-197335Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Tennessee Tech 197435Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Western KY University 1972-197435Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (A-F) 197535Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (G-L) 197535Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (M-R) 197535Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (S-W) 197535Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (A-E) 197635Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (F-L) 197635Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (M-R) 197635Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (S-Z 197636Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - Releases & Cancellations 1975-197636Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (A-H) 197736Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (I-R) 197736Inter-Conference Letters of Intent - (S-Z) 197736Inter-Conference Release Agreement 1975-197836Job Applications 1963-197436Judiciary Committee 1949-195036Judiciary Committee 1951-195536Kentucky State University 1964-196536Kentucky Wesleyan 1960-196436Logo Change 197936Loyola University 196336Marshall University 1974-197636Memos (Ralph Stout) 197536Memos - Mimeographed non-Conference 1978-197936Middle Tennessee - Administration 1963-197837Middle Tennessee - Administration 1978-197937Middle Tennessee - Administration 1979-198037Middle Tennessee - Administration 1980-198137Middle Tennessee - Athletic Director 1963-197637Middle Tennessee - Athletic Director 1977-197837Middle Tennessee - Athletic Director 1978-197937Middle Tennessee - Athletic Director 1979-198037Middle Tennessee - Athletic Director 1980-198137Middle Tennessee - Baseball 1963-197137Middle Tennessee - Basketball 1962-197137Middle Tennessee - By Laws 5-8 1976-197737Middle Tennessee - Commissioners Rulings -Eligibility - Terry Vanzant Case (and including audio cassette) 1978-197937Middle Tennessee - Football 1963-196237Middle Tennessee - Golf 1963-196837Middle Tennessee - Miscellaneous 1980-198137Middle Tennessee - NCAA 1975-197737Middle Tennessee - Tennis 1964-197337Middle Tennessee - Track 1963-196837Middle Tennessee - Transfer Statements 1966-197437Middle TN vs. Morehead State sideline incident Sept. 27, 198037Mimeographing (including conference memos) 1979-198137Miscellaneous - Academic Success Study 196439Miscellaneous - Kentucky Schools Studies39Miscellaneous - Prediction Tables 1965-196639Miscellaneous - Prediction Tables 1966-197239Miscellaneous - Sports 1949-196439Morehead State - Administration 1964-197439Morehead State - Administration 1978-197939Morehead State - Administration 198039Morebead State - Athletic Director 1963-197439Morehead State - Athletic Director 1975-197639Morehead State - Athletic Director 1977-197839Morehead State - Athletic Director 1978-197939Morehead State - Administration 1979-198039Morehead State - Athletic Director 1979-198039Morehead State - Athletic Director 1980-198139Morehead State - Baseball 196439Morehead State - Basketball 1960-197239Morehead State - By Laws 5-8 1976-197739Morehead State - Football 1963-197439Morehead State - Miscellaneous 1980-198139Morehead State - NCAA 1965-197639Morehead State - Other Sports 1979-198039Morehead State - Recruiting 197839Morehead State - Track 196539Morehead State - Transfer Statements 1965-197539Moving Office 1975-197739Murray State - Administration 1963-197839Murray State - Administration 1978-197939Murray State - Administration 1979-198039Murray State - Administration 1980-198139Murray State - Athletic Director 1963-197439Murray State - Athletic Director 1975-197639Murray State - Athletic Director 1977-197839Murray State - Athletic Director 1978-197939Murray State - Athletic Director 1979-198039Murray State - Athletic Director 1980-198139Murray State - Baseball 196539Murray State - Basketball 1960-196440Murray State - By Laws 5-8 1976-197740Murray State - Commissioner's Ruling - Eligibility 1977-197940Murray State - Conference Infractions 197540Murray State - Football 1963-197040Murray State - Grensberg Case 196440Murray State - Golf 196640Murray State - Greene, Ron Case 197940Murray State - Miscellaneous 1980-198140Murray State - NCAA Rulings 1975-197740Murray State - Other Sports 1979-198040Murray State - Tennis 196440Murray State - Track 196440Murray State - Transfer Statements 1965-197340NACDA 1975-198040National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame 1978-197940National Letter of Intent 1975-197840National Letter of Intent 198040National Letter of Intent - OVC Letters (A-E) 197840National Letter of Intent - OVC Letters (F-L) 197840National Letter of Intent - OVC Letters (M-R) 197841National Letter of Intent - OVC Letters (S-Z) - 197841National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - All - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Big Eight - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Big Sky - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Big Ten - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - CIAA - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - ECAC - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Great Lakes - 197841National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Gulf South - 1974-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Metro - 1976-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Mid-American - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Mid-Eastern - 1972-197641National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Missouri Valley - 1973-197741National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - NCIAC - 1974-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Ohio Valley - 1969-197942National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Pacific Coast - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Pacific 8 - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - South Atlantic - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - SEC - 1973-197842National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Southern - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - SIAC - 1972-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Southland - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Southwest - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Southwestern - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - West Coast - 1973-197742National Letter of Intent - Conference Lists - Western - 1973-197743National Letters of Intent - OVC Part 1 197943National Letters of Intent - OVC Part 2 1979-198043NCAA 1953-195643NCAA 1957-195843NCAA 195943NCAA 196043NCAA 196143NCAA 196243NCAA 196344NCAA 196444NCAA 196544NCAA 196644NCAA 196744NCAA 1968-196944NCAA 197044NCAA 197144NCAA 197244NCAA Feb. - June 197345NCAA July-Dec. 197345NCAA 197445NCAA 197545NCAA Jun.-Aug. 197645NCAA Sept.-Dec. 197645NCAA Jan.-May 197645NCAA June-Sept. 197745NCAA Oct.-Nov. 197746NCAA Dec. 1977 Misc.46NCAA Jan.-May 197746NCAA June-Sept. 197746NCAA - Automatic Qualification 1973-197746NCAA - Certificate of Compliance 1975-197846NCAA - Chief Executive Officer 1980-198146NCAA - Convention Jan. 198146NCAA - Division I-AA Football Committee 197846NCAA - Division I-AA Football Committee 1978-197946NCAA - Division I-AA Criteria Meeting 197846NCAA - General Correspondence 1978-197946NCAA - General Correspondence 1979-198046NCAA - Information 1961-196346NCAA - Infractions 1958-197247NCAA - Legislation 1979-198147NCAA - Letter of Intent 1973-197847NCAA - Long Range Planning Committee 1972-197447NCAA - Memorandums 1977-198047NCAA - Memorandums 1980-198147NCAA - Memorandums, Miscellaneous 197847NCAA - Memorandums, Miscellaneous 197948NCAA - Minutes 1979-198048NCAA - Minutes 1980-198148NCAA - Miscellaneous May-Aug. 197448NCAA - Miscellaneous Sept.-Oct. 197448NCAA - Officer's Conference 1978-197948NCAA - Officer's Conference 1979-198048NCAA - Officer's Conference 1980-198148NCAA - Reclassification 1975-197649NCAA - Report - Cost of Compliance with Title IX 197949NCAA - Streamline Reporting Procedures Committee 1978-197949NCAA - Title IX 1978-197949NCAA - WKU Appeal Action of Executive Committee 197449NCAA - WKU Exhibit for Report to NCAA Committee on Infractions - 197249NCAA - WKU Infractions 197349NCAA - WKU Report to NCAA Committee on Infractions 197249National Collegiate Athletic Bureau 1963-196750National Scouting Association - Women's College Basketball All-American Team Committee 197950Notary Public 197550Notices of Meetings 1958-196350Office 1975-197750Officials - Baseball 1977-197850Officials - Basketball Clinic 197750Officials Ratings Coaches50OVC Roundball Review 1979-198050OVC SIDA 1964-196850OVC - Winter Meeting 198350Olympics 1963-197250Oral Roberts University 1974-197850Participation Lists - Akron 1980-198150Participation Lists - Austin Peay 198050Participation Lists - Austin Peay 1980-198150Participation Lists - Austin Peay - Basketball 1962-197750Participation Lists - Austin Peay - Football 1962-197750Participation Lists - Austin Peay - Other Sports 1963-197850Participation Lists - East Tennessee State - Basketball 1963-197850Participation Lists - East Tennessee State - Football 1963-197850Participation Lists - East Tennessee State - Other Sports 1963-197850Participation Lists - Eastern Kentucky University 1979-198050Participation Lists - Eastern Kentucky University 1980-198150Participation Lists - EKU - Basketball 1963-197850Participation Lists - EKU - Football 1963-197850Participation Lists - EKU - Other Sports 1962-197250Participation Lists - EKU - Other Sports 1973-197851Participation Lists - Middle TN State 1979-198051Participation Lists - Middle TN State 1980-198151Participation Lists - Middle TN State - Basketball 1954-197851Participation Lists - Middle TN State - Football 1953-197751Participation Lists - Middle TN State - Other Sports 1962-197251Participation Lists - Middle TN State - Other Sports 1973-197851Participation Lists - Morehead State 1979-198051Participation Lists - Morehead State 1980-198151Participation Lists - Morehead State - Basketball 1963-197751Participation Lists - Morehead State - Football 1963-197751Participation Lists - Morehead State - Other Sports 1963-197251Participation Lists - Morehead State - Other Sports 1973-197851Participation Lists - Murray State 198051Participation Lists - Murray State 1980-198151Participation Lists - Murray State - Basketball 1962-197851Participation Lists - Murray State - Football 1963-197751Participation Lists - Murray State - Other Sports 1969-197851Participation Lists - Tennessee Tech 1979-198051Participation Lists - Tennessee Tech 1980-198151Participation Lists - Tennessee Tech - Basketball 1953-197851Participation Lists - Tennessee Tech - Basketball 1963-197851Participation Lists - Tennessee Tech - Football 1963-197751Participation Lists - Tennessee Tech - Other Sports 1963-197151Participation Lists - Tennessee Tech - Other Sports 1972-197851Participation Lists - Western Kentucky University 1979-198051Participation Lists - Western Kentucky University 1980-198151Participation Lists - Western KY Univ - Football 1963-197752Participation Lists - WKU - Other Sports 1963-197152Participation Lists - WKU - Other Sports 1972-197852Participation Lists - Youngstown State 1980-198152Penalties 1963-197552People-To-People Sports 1974-197752Pizza Hut Classic 1977-197952Playoffs 1960-196152Press Conferences 1975-197752Press Information 1976-197752Recommendations 1963-197452Recommendations for Jobs 1977-197952Registrars Meeting Nov. 4, 198152Registrars Meeting - Financial Aid 198052Requests 1963-196752Rulings - Commissioner's (Official Interpretation) 1963-197852Rulings - Commissioners 1978-197952Rulings - Eligibility 1966-197652Schedules 1975-197652Schedules (Football & Basketball) 1978-198553Schedules (Other Sports) 1978-197953Schedules - Schools 1976-197753Schedules - Spring Sports 197853Southern Association 1948-196353Special Olympics 1977-197953Special Reports 197853Sports Information Directors July 197753Sports Publicist's Correspondence 1959-196253Sports Releases 1976-197753Standardization of Awards 197653Standardization of Awards Committee 198053Student Interviews 1975-197653Summer Programs 197653Survey of Financial Assistance to Women and Men Intercollegiate Athletes 197753Television 197753Television Exception Request 1971-197453Television Old 1966-197453Television Request 1977-197853Television Request 1978-197953Tennessee Tech - Administration 1963-196853Tennessee Tech - Administration 1975-197753Tennessee Tech - Administration 1977-197854Tennessee Tech - Administration 1978-197954Tennessee Tech - Administration 1979-198054Tennessee Tech - Administration 1980-198154Tennessee Tech - Athletic Director 1963-197454Tennessee Tech - Athletic Director 1975-197754Tennessee Tech - Athletic Director 1977-197854Tennessee Tech - Athletic Director 1978-197954Tennessee Tech - Athletic Director 197954Tennessee Tech - Athletic Director 1980-198154Tennessee Tech - Baseball 1964-196654Tennessee Tech - Basketball 1960-196454Tennessee Tech - By Laws 5-8 1976-197754Tennessee Tech - Football 1962-196454Tennessee Tech - Miscellaneous 198154Tennessee Tech - Other Sports 1979-198054Tennessee Tech - Records through 196354Tennessee Tech - Track 196454Tennessee Tech - Transfer Statements 1963-197454Tennis 1975-197754Tennis - General 1977-197954Tennis - Women Tourney 197954Tournaments 195254Tournaments 196554Tournaments - Basketball 195454Tournaments - Basketball 196454Tournaments - Basketball 196554Tournaments - Basketball 196655Tournaments - Basketball, Financial Report 197555Tournaments - Holiday Tournament 1964-196555Tournaments - Holiday Tournament, Contracts 1964-196555Tournaments - Holiday Tournament, Convention Center 1964-196555Tournaments - Holiday Tournament, Radio 1964-196555Tournaments - Holiday Tournament, Ticket 1964-1965 Information 1964-196555Tournaments - Memos 196455Tournaments - NCAA 196455Tournaments - NCAA, Basketball 1957-195855Tournaments - NCAA, Basketball 1958-195955Tournaments - Program 1965-196655Track 1975-197755Track 1978-197955Track and Field 1978-197955Track and Field - Approval Forms 196555Track and Field - Entry List 1977-197955Track and Field - U.S. Federation 1964-196855Trainer's Association 1975-197655U.S. Federations 196355University of Dayton 1960-196356University of Tennessee, Chattanooga 197456University of Tennessee, Chattanooga 197656University of Tennessee, Martin Branch 1962-196656University of the South 197856Vanatta, Bob (Personal Correspondence) 1976-197756Vanatta, Louis 1977-197956Venezuelan Games 197656Western Kentucky University Administration 1963-197456Western Kentucky University Administration 1975-197756Western Kentucky University Administration 1977-197856Western Kentucky University Administration 1978-197956Western Kentucky University Administration 1980-198156Western Kentucky University Administration 197956Western Kentucky University - Athletic Director 1963-197556Western Kentucky University - Athletic Director 1975-197956Western Kentucky University - Athletic Director 1977-197856Western Kentucky University - Athletic Director 1978-197956Western Kentucky University - Athletic Director 1979-198056Western Kentucky University - Athletic Director 1980-198156Western Kentucky University - Baseball 196456Western Kentucky University - Basketball 1963-196956Western Kentucky University - By Laws 5-8 1976-197756Western Kentucky University - Football 1963-197456Western Kentucky University - Miscellaneous 1980-198156Western Kentucky University - NCAA Infractions 1974-197656Western Kentucky University - NCAA Rulings 1973-197756Western Kentucky University - Other Sports 1979-198057Western Kentucky University - Records 1947-195957Western KY Univ - Transfer Statements 1965-197357Western Kentucky University - Track 1964-197057Women's Intercollegiate Athletics 1976-198057Women's Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (May 15, 1978) 1977-197857Women's Tip-Off Tournament 1977-198057Youngstown State 1978-198057Youngstown State - Administration 1980-198157Youngstown State - Athletic Director 1980-1981

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