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Commerce, Business and Labor Publications Collection, ca. 1783-ca. 1958

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Commerce, Business and Labor Publications Collection


ca. 1783-ca. 1958


University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292

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[Identification of item] Inventory of the Commerce, Business and Labor Publications Collection, ca. 1783-ca. 1958, University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville.

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Copyright has expired on some of these publications but others remain under copyright protection. For further information, see the section on copyright in the regulations and Procedures of the Special Collections Library or consult University Archivist.

Collection Inventory

1. Adams, Charles F. The interstate commerce act: its operation and its results; an address, 1888
2. Balogh, Elmer. Rassegna Di Legislazione Lituana, 1934
3. Bauer, John. Fair Value for Effective Rate Control: Reply to Judge Ransom. Reprint, 1924
4. Beck, Sir Adam. Misstatements and misrepresentations, 1925
5. Blandi, Joseph Gregory. Maryland business corporations, 1783-1852. 1934
6. Boot and shoe worker's union. Constitution, 1921-1929
7. Brandeis, Louis D. Interlocking Directorates, n.d
8. Bricklayers, Masons and. Plasterers International Union of America. Constitution and Rules of Order, 1924
9. Brissenden, Paul and Lipshie, Joseph. An Economic Condition of the Millinery Manufacturing Industry, 1937
10. Brotherhood of Maintenance of way employees. Proceedings of the convention, 1919-1922
11. Casady, Clyde S. Massachusetts Savings Bank Life Insurance, n.d
12. Clark, Charles E. Effective regulation of public utilities, n.d
13. Clinton, George. Federal and State Power Laws, n.d
14. Clinton, George. Federal and state jurisdiction over water power, 1924
15. Cloth Hat, Cap and Millinery Workers International Union. Report of Proceedings. 6 vols, 1902, 1913, 1915, 1921-27, 1929, 1933
16. Concerning the Sino-Japanese question. (Tientsin, Tientisin Press, ltd, 1920?)
17. Cooke, Morris Llewellyn. What price electricity for our homes, n.d
18. Crowther, Samuel. A primer; comment, 1934
19. Crowther, Samuel. $970,000,000 minus; a second primer, 1935
20. Danciger, Joe. Market Demand and Proration... a Letter, 1932
21. Devinat, Paul. The American Labour Movement and Scientific Management. Reprint... Geneva, 1926
22. Dinwiddle, Courtenay. Why cripples? n.p, n.d
23. Dunn, Charles Wesley. The proposed interstate trade commission. n.p, n.d
24. Ferguson, Samuel. The participation of the public in utility finances. Address, 1924
25. Garrett, Garet. Rescue of Germany and As Noble Lenders, 1931
26. Gray, John H. The state abdicates: utilities govern themselves... An address, 1930
27. Gulak, A. Das Urkundenwesen Im Talmud, 1935
28. Hoover, Herbert Clark. Why the public interest requires state rather than federal regulation of electric public utilities; an address, 1925
29. Illinois state federation labor. Proceedings... annual convention... 7 vols, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1958
30. International fur worker's union of United States and Canada. Report of Proceedings, 1930
31. Jones, J. Edward. The Purpose of Monoply in Proration. An address, 1933
32. King, Judson. Wrecking regulation, also a summary of the past 19 months of the power war, 1930
35. Legas Naturae. Our economic problem; can you agree? Think it over, n.d
33. Kligler, Israel Jacob. Malaria control demonstrations in Palestine. Jerusalem, 1922
34. Lafollette, Philip F. Chain Banking. An address, n.d
36. Little, Arthur D. The Fifth Estate. An address, 1924
37. Lloyd, Jessie. Gastonia, a graphicchapter in southern organization, 1930
38. Manufacturers' Appraisal Company. The Somers Unit System of Realty Valuation, n.d
39. Massachusetts. Special commission on control and conduct of public utilities... Report, n.d
40. Memorandum on the Hulah concession submitted to the Palestine royal commission, 1936
41. Merchants' association of New York. Report of special committee on government ownership of public utilities, 1919
42. A message from the students of Germany. Dresden, n.d
43. Metcalf, Leonard. Some Observations Upon Water Works Rating. Paper, 1916
44. Morgan, Arthur Earnest. An adventure in education, n.d
45. Moulton, Harold G. and Leven, Maurice. The Thirty-Hour Work Week, 1935
46. National Industrial Traffic League. Proceedings of the annual meeting, 1914
47. National Women's trade union league of America. Proceedings. 2 vols, 1922, 1929-36
48. Price, Geo. M. General Report of the Director of Investigation, 1913
49. Raushenbush, Hilmar Stephen. High Power Propaganda, 1928
50. Ryan, John Augustine, The ethics of public utility valuation, 1928
51. Sabine, G. A. What of Our Prosperity and Whither Has It Flown, n.d
52. Sargent, Fred W. The drift toward confiscation, 1930
53. Shonts, Theodore P. The old order changeth giving place to the new, 1918
54. Sims, John Green. The Field of self education, 1927
55. The Study of the Constitution in American Colleges and Universities. Reprint, 1934
56. Technological Unemployment: Myth or Menace, n.d
57. Thorne, W. V. S. A Central Purchasing Agency for the Hospitals of New York. A paper, 1909
58. Traylor, Melvin A. The Human Element in Crises. An address, 1931
59. Tryon, F. G. and Lida Mann. Mineral Resources For Future Populations, 1926
60. Union social economica de Cuba. Commercial relations between Cuba and United States of America; a contribution, 1936
61. United Brotherhood of carpenters and joiners of America. Proceedings. 4 vols, 1914, 1916, 1920, 1924-1928
62. United electrical, radio and machine workers of America. Proceedings, 1950
63. United garment workers of America. Proceedings of the... convention, 1922, 1927
64. United Textile workers of America. ...Convention, 1956
65. Untermyer, Samuel. "The most urgent economic and political question of the day", n.d
66. U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Annual Report, 1940
Virginia, State Corporation Comm. Annual Reports, 4 vols, 1920, 1922, 1924, 1925
67. Viteles, Harry. Proposals for the organization of the Orange Industry Within Palestine, 1930
68. Ward, Harry F. The Profit Motive, 1924
69. What Makes Up My Mind On International Questions, 1926
70. White, Daniel D. Life Insurance Exposed, 1939
71. Wilcox, Delos Franklin. Fundamental planks in a public utility program, 1915
72. Wilcox, Delos Franklin. The future of public utility investments, n.d
Boot and Shoe Workers Union. Proceedings Annual Meetings 6-8, 7-8 IV-11th 3 Vols, 1904-1907, 1911-1913
3 Vols.
1. Amalgamated Center; the tailor re-tailored, 1928
2. The Amalgamated in Cincinnati; a record, 1928
3. Blackford, Katherine M. Scientific selection and assignment, (c1913)
Bricklayers, masons and plasterers International Biennial report 4 president
4. Brotherhood of painters, decorators, and paperhangers... Report, 1929
5. California. Commission to investigate the causes leading to the failure of the St. Francis dam. Report, (1928)
6. Clayton, Claud F. Farmers' cooperative buying, 1928
7. Conway, Thomas F. The farm problem, (1936)
8. Coyle, David D. Our forests, (1940)
9. Elazari-Volcani, I. The dairy industry as a basis for colonization in Palestine, 1928
10. Elliott, John. (South Tyrol to-day), 1929
11. Emerson, Harrington. Practicing efficiency and knowing costs, 1912
12. Emerson, Harrington. "The twelve principles of efficiency.", n.d
13. Engineering Magazine. The standard books on organization, n.d
14. Filine, Edward A. More profits for the retailers and the public, 1928
15. Filene, Edward A. The way out for the manufacturer and the merchant; an address, n.d
16. Gantt, Henry Laurence. The task and the day's work, 1912
17. Gantt, Henry Laurence. Task work the basis of proper management, 1911
18. Gantt, Henry Laurence. Training workmen in habits of industry and cooperation, 1908
19. Gilbreth, Frank B. Fires, n.d
20. Great Britain. Colonial Office. Palestine, 1930
21. Great Britain. Committee on Finance & Industry. Report, 1931
22. Great Britain. Committee on Ministers Powers. Report, 1932
23. Hamm, John E. The English Hire-Purchase Act, 1938. 1940
24. Harley, Alfred F. Secrets of a ship canal, 1935
25. Hill, James M. Address delivered, 1908
26a. "Hours of Labor" (Bulletin 4 of Civic Federation of New England." Addresses by Alfred Mosely, J. P. Archibald, M. M. Marks, James Duncan, and Louis D. Brandeis, February 1, 1906
26. Hornbeck, Stanley K. The situation in China, 1927
27. Knoeppel, Charles E. Why I am an efficiency engineer, n.d
28. Lee, Ivy L. Publicity for public service corporation, (1916?)
29. Little, Arthur D. A laboratory for public service, 1909
30. McCullagh, Francis. The Iron Hand in Mexico, 1927
31. McEntee, James J. Now they are men, (1940)
32. Mason, Perry E. Principles of public-utility depreciation, 1937
33. Metcalf, Leonard. The war burdens of water works in the United States continue, n.d
34. Mork, Harry S....Selective economy in raw materials, 1908
35. Pavelic, Ante. La restauration economique des pays Danubiens, (n.d.)
36. Porter F.J. Labor efficiency betterment, 1911
37. Redfield, William C. The limits of efficiency, an address, 1912
38a. Unidentified Booklet No author. No Title. Relates to Japanese Influence in China. LC # DS 740.5.J3C6 1920 c.1, (1920)
38. Van Alstine, David. Profitable ethics, 1911
39. Watkins, Myron W. The economic prospects of air transport, 1929
1. Aldrich, Withrop W. Business Recovery and Government Policy, an address, Chicago, Dec. 8, 1936
2. Coin's financial school answered, from Bankers' Magazine, 1895
3. deHaas, Jacob. Palestine: A Problem in Development, 1924
4. Delbridge, Elias James. The American Plan of Economy. The Blue Book of Economics, 1936
5. Givens, Meredith Bruner. Permanent organization for the study and control of unemployment, New York, 1931
6. Goldman, Solomon. Does Zionism jeopardize patriotism? Chicago, 1931
7. Gordon, Benjamin Lee. Ophthalmology in the Bible and in the Talmud. Chicago, American Medical Association, 1933
8. Hall, Helen. The American dole in the light of mental hygiene. Philadelphia, Dec. 28, 1933
9. Harris, H.H. & T. N. Pulmonary Pathology in the Talmud. New York, Paul B. Hoeber, 1936
10. Keller, L.E....Comparison of earnings of farm labor and maintenance of way employes and railway shop laborers. United brotherhood of maintenance of way employee and railroad laborers, n.d
11. Knoeppel, C.E. The bonus plan of rewarding labor... N.Y., C.E. Knoeppel, n.d
12. League for Industrial Democracy. The future of capitalism and socialism in America...New York, 1927
13. Lichtheim, Richard. Das Programn des Zionismus. Berlin, 1913
14. Lorwin, Lewis L. Economic Nationalism and World Cooperation. Banff Conference, Institute of Pacific Relations, Aug. 1933
15. Lorwin, Lewis L. The Problem of Economic Planning, World Social Economic Congress, The Hague, 1931
16. Lubin, Simon J. To Save Capitalism, The Author, Dec. 1931
17. Mayer, Joseph. Comparative Value and Human Behavior. Reprinted from The Philosophical Review, Sept. 1936
18. Schaffner, Robert C. Some impressions of German Industry and Finance, Chicago, A. G. Becker, 1926
19. Seligman, Eustace. The Stock exchange act. An address... Boston, Nov. 17, 1934
20. Sze, Sao-Ke Alfred. Reconstruction in China. An address, Philadelphia, Nov. 27, 1934
21. Williams, Daniel Roderick. Is Congress empowered to alienate sovereignty of the United States, (1931?)
22. Wisconsin. Industrial commission. Unemployment Compensation department. Operation of Wisconsin's unemployment compensation act. Madison, 1937
23. Wolman, Leo. English experience with unemployment insurance, n.d

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