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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., September 1, 1887

Part of The Big Sandy news.

ND Y NEWS. IG At VOL. 111. NO. 2. CURRENT BorrtLO Bill's CONQUERED. a dW Tore. Baa bathing by moonlight or starlight ia aa ovation. Bbnatob RiDDLBaanoiB once fought twa duels In ona day. la the Mexican church choir no woman Going; Through the Treacherous Rapids In a Boat f erlloua Trip Made by the Inventor ef a Craft Calculated to Kob Turbulent Seaa of Their Terror, la allowed to elng. Tbbre arc 1,400,(100,000 cl gantlet smoked la this country annually. ar raiting pcarbea ton Inchet In circumference at HeutoovlUe, Ark. Bumu), Aug. 28. C. A. Percy, a of Suspension Bridge, went N, Y r wagon-make- MEAT FAMINE THREATENED. Ueef to la as High as Whsn the Cow Jumped Over the Moon. Chicago, Aug.Srt. The 7Wfrw this morning has a long article on the dressed beef ring, and how It la profiting by the low price of cattle. It says It Is assumed In many quarters that a beef famine Is not far away. Estimates aa to the destruction of cattle In the Northwest last winter are that in Montana there were about 400,000 head, In Idaho about 100,000, In Wyoming about 8W,000, In Colorado about (0,000; or 850,000 in all. During the summer on account of the excessive drought, It It estimated that the lostet In the beef producing States, such at Itllnoit, Iowa,Ohio, Missouri, Kan- through the Niagara rapids thlt afternoon in a apparatus resombling a The trip waa attended with Ta hop trojipt tho Mohawk Valley, K. much donger,chlef of which waa the likeli" Mid never to be finer In quality. hood of the craft being destroyed by sunk-arocks.' Large crowdt along the banks sas and In New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, AM. the Vandorbttt roads will do away of the gorge saw tbeexporlmeut. Percy's Nebraska and Dakota, awell the total to with the deadly par atove thla winter. l.SiO.OUO Many, Tna Psclflo Railway Commission will Invention la anvoutcen foet long and near- assert bead of beeves. figures however, are far that these t alt In New York from September U0 UiOo. ly Ave foot wide, la shaped llka But thla In not the mala and covered with water-proo- f canvas. The too high. labor L future famine. keel Is weighted . three hundred fact which Indicates t are helping Egypt' t pounds of Iron platewith strongly ribbed. It Is now known that from 80 to TO per American and (train groweis to compote with Westers The whole rent, less of calvea were born Hi Is tpring weight Is nine hundred farmera. than la utual, owing to climatic causes, pounds. At each end Is an air chnmbor A Lima child near Charlotte, Mich., tlx and a half feet long, and between whli h must have ita effect In time. To this fell Into nillk can head first and waa them la another space four foct long, mutt be added the fact that cattle drowued. have been rushing their surwhich can be utilized to carry pas ten iron; r ellver eertifl-cate- a provision Is made for using oars. These viving stock on the market at an CotKTiri7 rate, and that from these are giving considerable trouble la chambers ran be Imperviously closed, and the only trouble seems to bt the air sup- and other causes many ranchmen are disKew Jersey. going out of tho business. couraged la Milan, tlicy have no aidewalka; but ply. 1'cr.y claims that his Inveutlon Is Tbots whoand opposed to this view argue are and perfectly the entire street la paved smoothly from aafe In a heavy sea. lilt Idea of that there are still 23,000,000 beeves bouse to bouse. and 13,000,000 milch cows In the country. Tbb people ef thlt country apend $81,. testing It In the whirlpool and rapids The bulk of these, however, enter Into to demonstrate these quali000,000 a year Tor alike. Lett than half of waa ties and make money by exhibiting local conaumptlon and use. A great un It la woven here. easiness, such as never before character-lie- d Tsars rumora era In tho social broese It subsequently In the gorge. The atari the cattle business, la manifest In about a coming marriage of a Duke to an waa made from the old Msld of the Mist business circles. The producer finds not landing from which all the barrel naviga"American glrL" a dollar of profit and more often heavy Tbb great Tower of Babnl which It to tors have left. Percy changed his attire, losses charged against bis socount, Tho d dUUngulth the French Kxlilblllon of 1839 fixed up a drag a consisting of a thou market price has been low on account of line, and weight and la gradually rtalng. the glut, for In Chicago alone over 1900,0(0 rowed out toward the Canadian there. Mink Twain, the richest humorlal In the The t had no effect on the head of cattle have been thrust on the world, le aa Inveterate amoker and an unt drag. At throe Percy pulled In market during the last thirty days. tiring billiard player. his oars, and as the boat drifted rapidly EPIDEMIC? AMONO FISH. XnrfTBa of Die Penotylvanla railroad toward whirlpool rapids, entered are to organize Independent assemblies of the rear the rhan-beBanks of Htreanis In Illinois and Wlseoa At twenty-fivair the Knights of Labor. sua Heaped With the Itasd. minutes of four o'clock the boat passed It le aald that Flood and Mackey loat under the bridge. It was tossed about Gai.xka, III., Aug. 86. Within the past 13.000,000 In the recent attempted wheat In the big two or three days the fish In many of the breakers, as the barrels had corner In Han Francisco. itreama In thlt section have died by been, but behaved better. It was Obkiraj. the Pension Commla-eloaamillion, and the fow that out of sight, and waa turnod about the drawa the largest pention enjoyed by the counter currents, but never rolled are left are rapidly following auit. by auy soldier!.! a week. over. Atitncared the Whirlpool Kaptda The banka of the. Galena river and Aa O'.Noll (Neb.) girl fell out of a second-atur- Percy put his head out, but drew It back branches are lined with doad fish of all wiudow to the ground and landed In time to avoid the ahock of the last sites aud varietlea from the tiny minnow uninjured on her rubber buttle. breaker, litis was the worst one of the to the mammoth cat and sturgeon. At Mage that he can lot, and Percy had been deceived by the Buncombe, Wis., a few miles from this It ia aald of eomniand da,000,0iu In caah In half an lull la the torrent. Just before It the place, dead fish are so numorous on the boar any tltuo during buaiueet hours. craft went out of viow for a mo- bsnks that the stench arising from them Is Tbkbb la til II another railroad danger ment, but turned up safely In the almost unbearable. At Lancaster, Wis., that mutt go along with the car stove aed maelstrom. It did tint circle around, but the scene on the river bank beggara dewaa carried toward the Canadian shore. scription, upward of fifty wagon loads the wooden bridge the grade A Entenada (Cal.) paper apoake of ma. Percy aguln emerged from the air cham- of dead fish being In sight. There are ticgtny aa to plentiful In that aeoUon thai ber. He had been sufficiently shaken up, numerous theories afloat as to the It forma the cheapest kind of fuel fordo, and toeing chance to row ashore with- csuse. Ona is that the recent rains have out encountering the Dovtl'a Kapldo, ha riled the water with mud, so that Ibe fish nestle use. J. K. of Cape Charles, Va., hat did so, landing at Colt's elevutor twenty have beeu unable to breathe, and strugraited I1O.0UO worth of kale from fifty minutes after he hod struck the llrst gling to isthe surface for air, have died. that during the dry, hot sumaoraa, or WJ0 per acre, lilt net profit It breskort. Only Ave minutes were spent Anothnr In the rapids. Percy was none tho worse mer, the valleyt and marshes above were IIS.9M, or tJW per acre. flllod with some poisonous growth that, Tbb public debt hat been reduced at the 'or his trip, with the recent floods, was carried into average rale of iU,TtV073 each year, the streams and poisoned the water. Jim Pomtroi, the Boy Flanl each day, and fl JO. 4T for evory minute Boston, Aug. 3 Jusse, Pomoroy, the yearn. of the Utt twenty-twA Battlo With Indians. sevAt Beymour, Can., the Other day, a maa boy murderer, who hat been tu prisonhorriDbxvxb, Col., Aug. 80. The IitjmHUtm'$ waa found dead In the woodt with a child eral years as a result of a series of Gleuwood Bprinirs special savt: Bernstein, playing bealde the dead body, but too ble murders, haa jutt contested to a crime who lives about four miles below Meeker, of which he waa not suspected. Ho adyoung to convoy any Information. It just In. A bottle has taken place beWbbb a home with the cognomen of mits having decoyed a little boy named tween Kendall's men and a baud of InLaggard wina a (10,000 puree, the eternal Horace Miller out on the Mouth Boston dians. Deputy Sheriff Jack Ward Is killed marshes and cut him almost to pieces. Unfltneta of Ihinga on thia mundane InPomeroy hsd a mania for cutting people and several are wounded. Several ephere rceelvee another etrikiog lllustre-Woup. He waa only fourteen years old at dians are reported killed. Several were of Women have boen aeen to fall and to bo carried off the Bold. A bold, bad young man hat been writing the time. A number Bo far aa known, the fight was stopped by (lend pardoned, lova letters to Iba daughter of Jay Gould, trying to get the young thought thia confession will put a darkness and It Is thought will certainly ' and bar brother ej plaint to a reporter but It la on be resumed by daylight. that tae writer baa never aoen the young quietus their efforts. Tst llfe-bos- t. . surf-boa- wlud-mlll- ra two-dolla- thirty-poun- ten-fo- under-curren- half-pas- e MINERS' y Bull 17i,-IS- A o - . - Thought H Ha Orovs Into Iho Locomotive. ' Had 'Em. Mtu.mxAiss Hacbat, of California, JliKurxrrx. Mii n., Aug. St. A mischievhat reoeivod tho crone of the Legion of ous workman named I'oik, stlhe big mill Honor from the Kronen Government for small garter snake Havre the terminus of bit Atlantlo at Ontonagon, placedofa a fellow workman upon tho shoulder able. named Hollls yesterday. Tne man was Maa. Roobri la the cattle Queen of Tox-- busy and the reptllo made tho event of at, aald to be worth l,onn,o. Her before ha noticed that Houiotlilng la preacher, and lira. Kogcrs his nock was wrong. Then he craned liltuuct and look after the buaiueet end of the estabmet the fiosliing eyes and vibrating tongue lishment, of the suske within two inches of his nose, : President Ci.rvKi.ASo' to and with a yell of horror threw up his invitation Pittaburgh la to be angravod on a steel hands and rolled upon the floor In a dead plute, which la to be rolled until It ia only faint, and Is very low from tho effect of throe thousandths of an inch In thick net the shock. and can be rolled together in tho form of j hue-ban- d eeroll, Wharton Baker, of Philadelphia, I at the head of the American tyud'ento which haa just secured auch extensive conoe. alont In China for banking, building railroad, tclagrapha and telephones, devel- oping mlupa, eto. Tbb death of Prnf. Baird before completing hit alxty fifth year ahowt that men of aolence do not always undni-stun- d the aeience of Ufo. A man of hit powerful physique and great alillitiet thould have lived at loatt eighty year. Not to be outdone by Yan Phon Leo, the Chinaman, Jo Klohl Takomlni, a Japanese nobleman, haa juat married Mitt Carrie Hitch, a beautiful Creolo belle of New Orleans. There teomt to be no limit to the enterprise of American girls. A fBoTooiurn, aald to be one of the Unroot In the world, baa bocn taken of the United Blatoe Treasury building at Washington. It measures seven fout by four and la to be presented to of the Treasury, Daniel K. Manning. Tbb real estate orate in (Southern hat even demoralized tho doctors. In writing a pretoription recently ouo of ' them added this direction: "Take down and tho remainder In ono and ttwo years, secured by mortgage." 'SHETr.s thousand people atseinbled at City Point, Boetou, the other day, to wltnots a series of swimming matches between dogs. The contestants swum from a barge anchored about half a mllo off shore ton point within a short distance of land. Da. SrtxcT.H F. Bairii, tho decanted eecretary of tho Smithsonian Institute, Is the author of more than 1,201) books, pamphlets and publications of various kinds. Elder Evans, of the Shaker community at New Lebanon, Columbia County, N. Y.-has just rolabrnted his elghly-tlftbirthday. For years ho has abstained from eating flshaiid flesh. have story that some . Tua Mormons Eastern phrenologist has offered (1,000 for John Taylor's head, and the tomb of tho dead presldont will be jealously guarded Inconsequence. A Laimtbirq (Mich.) man has a tame oricket which tings whenever called upon to do to. It It ns frolicsome as a clroua clown, and la almost tickled lodouth to reoelve any notice from ita owner. It tmgs in a rasping, snwuling tenor, and In a minor key, but gets there juat tho same, The little innrct furnishes no end of amusement by its evident Inlelligcuco and Call-forn- one-thi- rd h flfty-liv- o Ita wUlinguess to diupluy IU Deals Sentence Commute! Governor CIUKI.KSTON, 8. C, Aug. WrsTcnxsTBa, Pa., Aug. 'JO. A singular accident occurred on tho railroad between here and Fraxor last night, resulting in tho death of Wm. Walton, a rltiten of West Goshen. Walton waa driving home, and it seems that on reaching the railroad hia horto left the wagon road and started down tho track. A train going in the opposite direction struck the horse and ground it to pieces under the locomotive, Walton's body was also fearfully man if led No White Pupils Need Apply. Oa., Aug. 38. In the Legisla- Atlanta, a resolution was passed taking appropriated to the At. tanta University unless that Institute will give the Governor satisfactory assurance that it will not accept white pupils. It is believed by a great many that this resolution will be passed by the Senate, and that the Glenn bill will not be put on Its passage. ture y awny the Richardson has commuted tho sentence colof Oxey Chorry, tho twelvn-your-ul- d ored girl, couvlctod of murder and in Hnptomoor, to imprisonto bo hangod ment In the penitentiary for ftvo years. The girl waa convicted of killing a two year-ol- d white child by adniinlttertmg a dose of concentrated lye. East. Prof. Brooks, of the Red House Observatory, obtaluod a good observation thia morning of tho new oomet recently discovered by him In the eastern hoavons. The comet la now in Caucor, one dogrce cast of Constellation the star lota- - It Is moving less than one degree daily toward Iho sun and becoming The Cornel In th PnKi.nsN. Y., Aug. 28. brighter. Squilleri in Southwestern Miltourl. Bt. Lotus, Aug. US. Bottlers are rushing Into Southwestern Missouri and squaltlng on the finest lands In tho Htato that had been granted to tho Iron Mountain railroad, which has been forfeited them by failure to obsorve lis contracts with the Government. ' IM.000 Nahticokb, Pa., Aug. 25. Terrible ex. citement waa cansed this morning In the fatal No, 1 abaft at this place by the breaking away of earth barriers that separated a worked out portion of the colliery from the chambers where mining is in progress, and the sudden precipitation of a large body of water into a gangway where over throe hundred minora were at work. For a bang time past a huge aubterranean reservoir has been forming, containing millions of gallons of water. Tbia underground lake was 570 feet below the surface. The chamber where tbe men were at work was 150 foot further down, and about the ssme distance from tho mined galleries. The first intimation tbe men bad that the mine was being flooded waa the audden appearance of water in tbe chambers. As it Increased in depth many hurriedly quit work and rushed to the bottom of the shaft. By thia time a regular exodus from all parts of the colliery set In, ' the minora wading through water breast high before tbe last of them got out. The work oX rescuing the men was proceeded with e taking np promptly, the twenty at a time. All sorts of rumors were set adrift, and the mouth of tho mine waa crowded with anxious women and children, exhibiting the usual alirm and frantic demonstrations. Luckily, all Ninety mules were taken out safely. perished. Work will be suspended for an indefinate period, as the water ia still running in. Had the earth fissure been wldo enough to admit tbe whole volume of water at once not a man would have . steam-carriag- been saved. PLUCKY DEED or a Bandsoma Kentucky Woman Is Month Carolina. S. C, Aug. 25. Information here ia to the effect that a few Texas Cattle In Ohio. Aug. US. The Ohio Live-stoc- k Commission has Issued a circular prohibiting railway companies from unloading cattle from Texas and the Gulf Stales in Ohio unless tboy provldo separata yards for them. Gladstone's resolution against the proclamation of the Irish in National League was negatived the House of Commons by a vote of 2?i to 104. Chamberlin, Collins and two other Unionism supported the minority. Com-mm's- , r, sat watching "phtod" A yoiitigstnr his mother whllb li Slio Inadvertently passed ono without removing tho atone. Hopeful picked it out with the remark: Here't one you didn't unbottou, CMcmjo Tribune. ninmma." .'" clu-rrie- imnie-diutc- ly m Huw is it that we coiiHtHntly hear in case of porll of the mnu who was "cool and collected," and never any tiling about tne innii who wai "warm Veiii JJwen A'nw. uml scattered," -- Coll-hbia- , received daya ago the Assistant Superintendent and Roadmaster of .the Northwestern Railroad, accompanied by tho sheriff of material Willismsburg County, w,ith train and force of hands, proceeded up a T. C. Willoughby, tram road owned by a large planter, lumborman and raanu facturcr, and began at the extreme end of the rood, tearing up and loading tho rails which were rented to Mr. Wil loughby and about which there bad been a dispute. . Mr. Willoughby was absent in Philadelphia. In the evening when the train waa loaded and ready to run on tbe mnin track Mrs. Willoughby, a handsome Kentucky woman, took a position on the road In front of the engine and refused to allow the train to past out, A sofa and rocking chair were there, and she "held the tort" all night, and declared ahe would remain there until her husband returned. Tbe railroad attorney arrived and at tempted, unsuccessfully, to make the woman vacate. Mra. Willoughby employed lawyers, but no settlement could be arrived at. On the evening of tbe second day the railroad attorney ordered the train to run out at any cost. Mrs. Willoughby had armed herself with a sixteen shooting rifle, and aa the train came down upon ber, Instead of moving, she covered th engineer with a rifle, and ordered him to halt, which he did without a second or- der. Here the train, superintendent and hands remained until a compromise satisfactory to Mrs. Willoughby wot agreed to. Battlo With Bandits. Bbowksvillb, Tbx., Aug. 25. Customt policemen and troops, led by Senores Felix Tames and Joaquin Costilla and Cap, tain Romero had a fight with Mauriano and Hesendei and thirty bandits on the 17th lust,, near San Curios, in the mountains. Tho robbers were beaten and was captured. They had in their possession a quantity of smuggled goods. Kescndcz is wanted in tho United States for smuggling, but that offense is not included in the list of extraditable offenses, and it ia not likely he will be ' given Up. v Stay of Execution for Jako Sharp. Whitehall; N. Y Aug. 25. Judge Pot-te- r bus granted a slay In the Sharp case. At 13:20 p. m. n hansom drove np to the en- ten-mil- Gong, a Washington, Aug. S0.-Chinaman and laundryman, has doclared his Intention boforo the Supreme Court of the District to become an American citixon. He declnros that he it tired of washes, washco, and wants a Government office; either the position of an Indian agent or custom-hous- e officer, would suit him. r Gladstono Beaten. London. Aug. 36. baltimoro Burker Reprieved. Baltimore, Aug. 32. Govornor Lloyd reprieved John Thomas Ross, late negro, who was to have been hanged In Balfor two weeks. The retimore prieve was granted on the strongtb of a communication sent to the Govornor by Judgo Duffy, who pasted senteuoe on .; Ross. Government Deposits. . Washington, Aug. 25. National Bank depositaries now hold (J0,35(,304 of Government funds. This is the greatest uuiouut of funds ever held by the depositaries at ono time. War Department Vacancies. Washington, Aug. 25. There are fifty, three vacancies in tho War Department to be filled by civil sorvioo appointment. The Commission intends to extend the part, without Injuring any of the eight "examin at ion for promotion," under which supper, though these vacancies occurred, to other departpersons who were eating si) felt the shook. Every picture In the ments. house was destroyed. Pennsylvania Prohibitionists. Harkisburo, Pa.. Aug. 35. Hon. SimDrill Driven Through His Body. Easton,' was nomiPltmoitu, Pa., Aug. 20. While George eon Chase, of tbe Prohibition Convention by Eyere, a miner, was preparing a blnst, nated for Supreme Judge. Captain tile powder ignited by friction, and the D. C. Irish, of Newcastle, was nominated drill with which he was pounding the i.?r State Treasurer by acclamation. chains was driven through his body. Tho Inmates Spared. Owoaao, Mien., Aug. 36. During a storm the house of W. G. Ketchum was etruok by lightning and shattered in almost every Tbb grand Jury for Jessamine County ,. e Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 2S. Judge Samuel Hall, of the Bute Supreme Court, who has been at the point of death for several weeks, died at midnight last night at his summer residence at Mount Airy. Ho as surrounded by his fumily. THE COMMONWEALTH. . Car-tin- Celestial ; tbe B. andO. relumed into court the folio wing list of sen Three Hundred of Them Caught la Wbbxlino, W. Va., Aug. 24. A fright sational Indictments against prominent a Shaft , ful oolllslon, with lost of life, occurred on politicians and civil and revenue offlclals: the Baltimore and Ohio railroad at Eas. James Barkly, United Stales storekeeper Into Which a Lake kuddsnly Pours Its Wao ton's Siding, a point twenty-fou- r miles and guuger, concealed weapons, attault All Escape. tenLuckily sst of this city, at eight o'clock this morn and battery and brandishing weapons to y Ambitious ' 1887, RAILWAY WBECBV trance to Ludlow street jail, and a clerk from the office of Cochran & Clark entered the jail bearing the news of the granting Marries an Indian Heiress. . of a stay of proceedings. He handed the Pirkhr,Dak., Aug. 80. Douglass F. chief clerk at' the Cheyenno Agoncy, note personally to Mr. Sharp, who read it without showing any signs of emotion or to Madien Dupreat, was married the wealthiest Indian heiress on tbe Sioux making any comments upon It. Mr. Sharp then hnndod it to hia wife, who read it and Carlln is closely connected reservation. with' prominent army officers, and wltb seemed to be delighted at the news. the Carlins of Illinois. Over one thousand Old Woman Eatl Her Whole Family. Indians witnessed the ceremonies, and the " festivltloa will last three days. Winsepeo, Aug. 25. Lottcrs from Frailer and Stewart, dated Fort Chippewyan, Champion Swimmer. July 5, stute that they reachod that point FHiLAnxi.PBtA, Aug. 99. Robert Magee, after many hardships. Forest fires have swim- been numerous and destructive. Destituof Baltimore, won the ming championship of America and a tion at Fort Chippowyan last winter was purse of IS50 yesterday by dofoating But- terrible, and several cases of cannibalism e race in aro reported. One old woman at Little ler and Blackhurst In a the Delaware river. Butler held the chamRed rlvor admits having killed and eaten pionship for five years. The time of the ber whole family. Starvation and cannimen was: Magee, 3:67; Butler, 8.10:10; balism are also reported from McKeaxia Blackhurst, 8 H.V . river. '. .,' An Death of Judgs Samuel Hall. PERILS. 1, Two Persons Killed and Twenty Injured em r, lady. . LOUISA. LAWRENCE CO.. KY., SKPTKMBKIi TOPICS. w If baa applied for ' innniam warn, out faciam. ing, A west-boun- d emigrant train waa descend ing a heavy grade, when It crashed Into an east-bounfreight train with fearful velocity, wrecking both engines and badly smashing a large number of can. The casualties reported are Engineer Al Smith and Isaac Arbuthnot, of the emigrant train, killed, and the serious ly injuring of Patrick Fitzgerald, englneor of the freight train ; two boyt named Burke and Btanabury, of Grafton, W. Va., who were atealing a ride, and between twelve and fifteen emigants whoso names could not be learned. Tbe accident waa the result of a misapprehension of ordera on the part of the englneerof the freight train, who thought he had the right of way, and pulled outo the aiding just as tbe emigrant train came up. the common nuisance of all good cltiiens, and against tbe pesce and dignity of the commonwealth of Kentucky; L. Dr Baldwin, United States deputy collector, same charges; Wesley Hocker, McKinney Moss, Dick Moss and W. H. Phillips, judge of Jessamine County, aame charges', W. T. Jones, Representative-elect- , indicted for carrying concealed weapon; Henry A. Welch, jailer of Jessamiue County and Judge of the election, for knowingly receiving other than a legal voter. Tbe penalty ia a fine and forfeiture of office. George Martin, Henry Rogers, James Young and George Bryant, Illegal voting;. The grand jury, upon mature reflection and further investigation, withdrew the indictment of nuisance against Colonel L. D. Baldwin, United States Deputy Collector, and others, believing that Bill Kitsane's Experience Outdone, the charges In the Indictment coulo Fort Worth, Txx., Aug. 34. Campbell not be sustained by reliable witnesses. Langley, the father of the once notorious and for thla grave and vague cbargs and not yet forgotten Bill Langley, living thsy substituted aa Indictment for asin Bell County, Tex., saya that his son, sault and battery, which they believe is who waa publicly hanged twelve yeara as strong as the facts elicited will warrant. ago In Giddlngs, Lee County, by Sheriff Among the new Indictments are two for Jim Brown, in the presence of several libel, one against Henry T. Duncan, of the people, not thousand waa hurt Lexington J'rtu, and the other against M. at all, buC was allowed to escape; A. Cassidy, of the Lexington Hmday Ban-tie- r. mat tne . Iriends of Bill were perThey published the report of W. mitted to arrange things so that T. Jonea, that the had been when the drop fell the weight of the body found on tbe place of N. D. Miles, this tell upon an Iron hoop, supported by an without fear of God before their eyes, but appropriate body harness. The coflin, being moved by the instigations of the devil, and ao on. Bail in each case $1,500. which waa actually buried, contained nothing but atones. While the last sad Tub last saloon In Somerset haa expired, rites were being pronounced Bill Langley anl local option Is In force. There la great way out of tbe country. rejoicing among the anti-liquwas well on his men. He has been living since bis supposed exFob the past two years S. W. Hodley, of ecution In Nicaragua, where he la a lead Dayton, near Newport, has ing citisen, and one of the largest owners through Texas. He kept upbeen traveling a correspondand cattle herders in Central America. ence with his wife until about a year since, when it suddenly ceased, and hia Heavenly Visitors. wife gave him up for A few daya Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 24. The larg-- ago she received a letterdead. him, and he from est comet that has appeared in many yeara explained the reason why she had not In the northern hoard from him. While traveling through la visible here sky. Its outline Is somewhat dim, but is Texas he was stung by a centipede, and perfectly plain to the nnkod eye. It was lost his mind from the effects of the bite. first noticed about 10 o'clock. He was unconscious for several weeks, Centralis, III., Aug. 24. At 7 :80 thia and for many days waa at the point of evoning the heavens north of this city death, and totally unable to give any acwere beautifully Illuminated by the pas count of himself. He Is now slowly recov sage from east to west of an unusually ering, and writes that he will join his famlarge meteor. It left a great parachute trail ily when he is able to travel. behind It. Nothing similar to It has ever Tub recent death of John Clay remove been witnessed In this section. the loat membor of the immediate family of the illustrious statesman whose name Unlquo Accident. be bore. Wbbblino, Aug. 34. This afternoon . Tna removal of rock from the bar at tbe holding a target rifle boy named Clary was mouth of Licking, at Covington, the work on the reunion grounds, when it was acci dentally discharged. The ball, of only now being carried on by the Government, Is going forward very rapidly. Big masses pierced entirely through the hare boon already out away and piled up fleshy part of the leg of a boy of ten, on tbe bank for subsequent removal. The named Norwood Richardson, and then opinion is general among tbe river men continued its course, striking Joe Grienor, that the taking away of the bar will have a boy of about tbe same age, In the back the intended effect of making the Licking between the shoulders, injuring the spine a tafe and convenient harbor for river and piercing one lung, causing fatal craft at all timet except when the Licking injuries. The accident Is unique when the itseii la on tbe boom. trifling missile is considered. Maooib Burns, alias Robinson, who waa arrested on the charge of bombarding the A Boll of Uflhtninj. ; residence of Colonel George E. Currio, in CoLOtBiA, 8. C, Aug.24. Duringa thu- -. m in Aiken County a few days ago, Dayton, with bowlders, and aent to jail in Mrs. Allen Pool, Mrs. James Hnrley and default of t500 bail, escaped from that in Mrs. Uri Noble, with their children, were stitution a few nights ago. Tbb following Kontucklana were penreturning home from a visit to a neighbor's house when a bolt of lightning struck sioned on the aitbi Dependents Cyrena, In their midst, instantly killingMra. Noble widow of James W. Kindred, Speedwell; and seriously, and perhaps fatally, injur- Nancy E-- , widow of Littleton Johnson, ing Mrs. Pool. Four of the children were Clay pool; Lixiie, widow of Charles Link, slightly hurt Mrs. Noble's infant, which Newport. Increase John Lafollett, Now she was carrying in her arms when she Havon; Andrew Stellan, Louisville; Sbel-to- n Baker, Porklns; Josiah B. Ash by, was killed, escaped without the slightest Onton. Original invalids Jas. C. Tyler, Injury. Jos. Arthurs, Petersville. Louisville; Strange Affliction ot an Aged Lady. . Mexican War Geo. Rose, Bhsrpsville; Findlat, O., Aug. 24. A doublo affliction Sam'l W. Atkins, Davidson; Wm. B. years, Whitesides, Riverview; J. T. Clark, came to Mrs. Folk, aged eighty-fiv- e Hodges. a well known rosidont of Marion Township, this county, this morning. She arose Jacob Sipks was thrown from his buggy from her bed fooling as well as usual, and near Custor, Breckenrldge County, anil ate a hearty breakfast, and a few moments killed. afterward suddenly became both blind and At Hawesvllle, Hancock County, Emlle deaf. The loss of these senses is evidently KaufTman was crushed to death in a well Is supposed to be the repermanent, and newly dug. sult of old age, as there wns no other apTbb counsol for Lindsey Smith, convict. ed at Nlcholasville, of murder, has applied parent cause for the calamity. for a new trial, on the ground that the Profit in Bond Buying. man whom his client was convicted of killWAsniNOTOsi, Aug. 24. A statement preing has turned up alive. The motion for a at the Treasury Department shows new trial was sustained aud set for the pared a profit to the Government of 323,303 by second dny of the February term, 18S& lf purchase of t3,13i,400 Forxpauoh's circus showed at Hopkina-ville,th- e per cent, bonds, or in other woids, other day, and during the street the Interest charges on the purchased parade a number of private residences, bonds would amount to "KSS'.SH more than if the bonds had been loft unoccupied, were entored by thieves the sum paid to-dand robbed of money, jewelry, plate and allowed to run to the date of maturity. other valuables. Judge Joe McCarroll waa the heaviest loser, his loss amounting to A Now Admiral. ' Washington, Aug. 24. The President overtax). e at Harrodtburg came The court-houshas promoted Commodore Bancroft Ghe near the other night. Early In rardl to be Rear Admiral In the navy, tho burning Buckner Rifles held a meetnight the to take the plaoe of Rear Admiral Frauk-li- n, retired. Rear Admiral Ghorardi is at ing In the building, and some one threw a lighted cigar stub into a wooden spittoon, present commandant at the Brooklyn navy yard. His commission was signed flllod with sawdust, which at 12 o'clock broke out Into a considerable blate. Fory by the President. tunately, some young men, who were keeping late hours, discovered the blaze DofianiiO Voted, v oellincr, and It reached Dublin, Aug. 34. The Ennis Beard of just bo to reextinguishedtheIt. The houseafter was Guardians has adopted an official resolu- hard work 1830, and ia said by lawyers to erected in tion defying the Government proclamabe the best arranged struoture of its kind tion against the National League, aud exhorting all Boards ot Guardians to ad- In that section. Joseph Johnson, of Covington, while revance the principles of the League, turning from the Maysville fair, got into an altercation with a stranger, who Veteran Soldier Fatally Burned. Tofbka, Kan., Aug. 34. Colonel G. C slashed him across the forehead with an Graves, who was Lieutenant Colonel of ugly looking knife and escaped. Allen Tanner, stage driver, was the Second Iowa Cavalry, and Brigadier-Generof the Kansas National Guard drowned In Green river at Calhoun, a few under Governor Glick, was burned to days ago. Tanner had driven his borses death in the destruction of the polise barn to the river to water, and mistaking the place for his usual watering-place- , the In this city. ; horses sank in fifteen feet of water and were drowued. The man was drowned in Ooctor Shoots a Burglar. St. Louts, Aug. 24. At 11:30 o'clock this trying to save them. Word has come from Orlando, Fla., of morning Dr. H. Marx shot anil fnUilly wounded a burglar who was trying to Ibe death of Kev. Gilbert Gordon at tbe For thirty yeara he enter his residence, No. 1403 Monroe, ago of eighty-six- . street. Ha gave his name aa Henry was tho loading Presbyterian minister of Loulsvillo. Langer, of St. Louis. M. F, CONYMisIicr. SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. There nre $100,000,000 invested la the WRtrli iocluitry in this country. A cannory In Oregon that is putting up ten thousand cans of peas ft day turns out a great quantity of vinegar, which is made of juice obtained by boiling the pods of the peas. Poins n West The foundry situated at Cold Spring, is tu be sold. The establishment has been in uninterrupted operation since 1819. and achieved fame during the rebellion from its heavy guns. An investigation of Spanish earthquakes by two Italian physicists shows that they are more common in the coast regions than in the interior, and in tho south than in the north; also that they occur most frequently in the autumn and winter months). A new material, termed celluvert, is now made by passing paper, or any fibrous fonn of cellulose, through a batli of nitrio acid; the glutinous surfaces to produced nre then pressed together and washed, when they form a very tough and hard substance, useful in the i arts. Boston Budget. According to Dr. Hellman, the Geeman investigator of lightning statistics, a house built on a l'unostone foundation that is, in a district whore the underlying geological formation is limestone is least exposed to danger from lightning. In a, sandy region the danger is nine times as great, and a dwelling on times as loamy ground is twenty-tw- o , likely to be struck. An artificial ivory, of cream whiteness and great hardness, is now made from good potatoes washed in diluted sulphuric acid, then boiled in tho same solution until they become solid and dense. They are then washed free of the acid and slowly dried. This ivory can be dyed and turned and made useArkamaw Traveler. ful in many ways. A method of clarifying water has been devised by Prof., Dobroslavine, He uses first a soof 6t Petersburg. lution of perchloride of iron, and follows that with a solution of carbonate of soda. The quantities are said to be three grains of the perchloride of iron and fourgrainsof the soda crystals per gallon of water. Boston Tran- -' . script The Shot and Leather Reporter says that strikes in the shoo trade during the last year have cost in wages from Nearly half $5,000,000 to $6,000,000. this sum is snid to have been lost in tho strike in Winchester five' months' County, Mass. The Wilmington Btrike of morocco workers lasted seven months and cost $225, 000. The strikes at Salem and Teabody. Mass., entail a loss of $3,000,000 in wages. Lesser strikes bring up tbe total. The government of the Australian. colony of Victoria is about to undertake the exploration of the interior of New Guinea, by sending out an expedition under the command of the Rev. J. Chalmers, A missionary who has acquired a thorough knowledge of the natives and groat influence over them. Recent explorations in the German part of New Guinea show that the large river named after the Empress Augusta is navigable for small steamers to a. point two hundred and twenty-fou- r miles from its mouth. iV. T. Ledger. well-know- -' PUNGENT PARAGRAPHS. and you ahull learn the truth you need to know. Do the truth you know, George Mnr, Donald. Talk is cheap. The man who talks too much gets so liberal that he gives himself awirv. BMimore American. Busy lives, like busy waters, are generally pure. Stagnant lives, like llr. stagnant pools, breed corruption. V. Nicholas. The young man who can go into a pawnshop without a quickening of the pulse and heightening of the color has been there before. facie. The man who sits down and waits to be appreciated will bnd Iumsetl among uncalled for baggage after the limited express has gone by. Whitetall Timet. A shark was found high and dry on tho beach at Savin Rock, Conn., recently. It is thought he was on his way to Wall street and got wrecked. , , ttochester express. Every man has some peculiar train of thought which he falls back upon when alone. This, to a great degree, molds the man. Dugald Stewart. An article is printed on "How to Treat Your. Wife." One good way wosld be to treat her as well as you did before you married her, but few mnrriod men do that Somervillc v Journal. "What Mistress (to applicant) wages will yon expect?" Applican- tWell, mum, I ginerally draws so much a week, mum; and if the nuw- ther, after pnyin1 the butcher an' grocery man on a Saturday night has any thin' loft, it's share an', share aloikc, Drake's Magazine. mum.' . The Lancet announces tha discov ery of a new atiicsthetic iu Australi. is given. to which tho name "ilrumine If some philanthropic genius will ju go ahead in this line and discover and "coruntine," public confidence in the practical value of science Giiveunor Knott gave a dinner to the will be immensely strengthened. Recurrence ol a Mysterious Disease. employes of his office a few nights ago at Life. Wheklino, W. Va., Aug. 24. Mauy peo- the executive mansion. occurrence took A remarkable TnnMAS F. Parker, a lunatic from Shelby ple are dying of a mysterious disease in County, ended his existence by hanging in place iu an adjoining county one day Southern West Virginia and Southwestern Virginia. It Is a recurrence of an the Anchorage Luuatlc Asylum the other lnt week. A horse was killed by lightHe waa confined jp the male ning, and a newspaper account of the epidemic that has visited that section morning. ward and had been under treatment for incident, instead of saying "avnlunblo several times before, some time. horse" belonging to Mr. Change ot Venue. Pat Mohan, of Covington, attempted stated that the animal was 'old and by jumping Into the Ohio. Oxarb, Mo., Aug. 24. Of the seveutocn ieaiy wortliless." This is the first e arraigned Jaweh MraoKHiDQE, a fireman Bold Knobbors who were horso killed by for the murder of Kdons and Green, nine Kentucky" Central, was thrown front his time on record that a position near Kellar Station and died soon lightning was not, .reported ;c; "tillaapplied for a change of venue. The re.Har being picked up. ble." A'orrisli)Ui Herald maining eight will aland trial in Christian sul-cltl- County. !

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