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Image 66 of The Quarterly Bulletin of The Frontier Nursing Service, Inc., Vol. 27, No. 4, Spring 1952

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

i 64 THE QUARTERLY BULLETIN the social service work of FNS to this most enthusiastic group. V The president of the Cincinnati Alumnae, Mrs. Gaylord Burke, entertained Mary Jo overnight in her home. i l? The American Committee on Maternal Welfare sponsored T, the Fifth American Congress on Obstetrics and Gynecology, L l which was held in Cincinnati during the first week in April. The . Frontier Nursing Service, an organization member of the Ameri- can Committee, was invited to give a demonstration of a home 5 delivery at the Congress. Betty Lester and Jane Furnas were in H charge of the exhibit which attracted much attention from the more than 3,000 registrants at the Congress, and was awarded _: an honorable mention by the Scientific Exhibits Committee. We _ have this citation framed and it hangs in the clinic at Hyden Hospital. Q? Following the Congress in Cincinnati we were delighted to have a visit from Anne Fox (Foxy) with Sister Theophane, Di- i rector of the Catholic Maternity Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Sister Clare who gave us a most enthusiastic report g on the Congress. Reva Rubin and Beatrice Miller, who are now V working at the New Haven Hospital, came back to see us, Z bringing with them Dr. Paul E. Molumply, assistant to Dr. Her- bert Thoms of New Haven, and a most enthusiastic group of *i nurse-midwives from New York and Pittsburgh. The Childrens Bureau sent us a delightful guest in Miss -= Astrid Anderson, a nurse-midwife from Sweden, who spent sev- . eral days observing the work of the Frontier Nursing Service. {; Through the World Health Organization we have had visits I from two most interesting physicians from India. In late March Q -" we had Dr. Aaron Devasagayam of Madras and in April we had Dr. Lach Das Khatri, Deputy InspectorGeneral, Medical and . Health Service, Hyderabad State. In March seven students, accompanied by two members of the faculty of Berea College, visited Wendover. Six of these Q'. students were from Okinawa and these were accompanied by __ their own interpreter. The seventh was a Fulbright scholar from T Austria. ` ll

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