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Image 8 of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), January 26, 1909

Part of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

NEWSL I L +R ia v 1 HOME INFLUENCE 1 1ThE f i J SCOVELLflflMEH MARKETS CALL OH BEST FOR CHILD 4 r FEDERAL ROOSEVELT c f Vo rJ t 7 I 00 CHI CASESc DII I 1 1 DELAYED 1 BY SMALLPOX lit tops CASE t y GLASSIPIEB COLUMN FOR THIRD TIME 3 0 CATTLE MARKET ATCINCINNATI IS SLOW Food Commissioners of the ClassifiedPer Word Nation Stearns Riot Hearing is Held Up By Mrs Brashear Gets Verdict Fcr 8 Thanlc President For His Quarantine of Coving 750 jn Mentgomery Cir Onehalf cent per word per inser ¬ Charity Workers United onI Calves Also Slow While Hogs Are 1 Supporttion 5 cents per calender month ton Jail coif Court 10 Active Strong and 5 and Nothing counted less than 20 Cents Higher words No item charged on WASHINGTON Jan 2GA cpmi RICHMOND Kyy Jan spe- ¬ MT STERLING IivJan2GZbooks for less than 25 cents of the Association of State cial term of the Federal Court for theI Chesapeake d w Ohio Railroad CINCINNATI 0 Jan ood and Dairy Commissioners now Eastern District of Kentucky con- ¬ Company lost another big damage f ceip4auelshipmLDts of MEET AT WHITE HOUSED holding sessions here was received vened here yesterday afternoon sifit in this city yesterday when Mrs t the jicinnati Union Stockyards by the President in rile East Room Judge A M J Cochran presiding Blanche Brashear secured a verdict rate For 250 lines or more today were used within one year 4 cents a After the usual motion hour a petit of 8750 against the road iogg Sheep of the White House last night Cattle They presented him with a resolu jury was empaneled to try about linePresident Roosevelt Outlines Scope Receipts Three years ago this summer Mrs 282 tiori expressing 3781 1229 appreciation of the twentyfive civil cises The suit of Brashears husband Dr James of Conference arid Describes Nu Shipemnts BraI 1916 144 OUT SALE Having State Ifoodcfcihtrql officials for the J T Quisenberry against the Ameri ¬ shear was killed by a Chesapeake 8 CLOSING nerous Typesf Conditions Enrented my store room I am con ¬ Cattle Slow at last weeks clos- strong friendship and support he has can Tobacco Company was continued Ohio countered by jose Who Seek to fast train at the Levee pike pelled to close out at oncmy ways given the fight for a square while that of the Montgomery Blue- crossing just outside of the city Ameliorate the Condition of Orphan ing prices shippers stock of harness saddles stock = and the con- Grass Seed Company of Mt Ster- ¬ while driving in from the country Children Meeting In Historic East cher steers extra 5756 good to deal betvveen the work whips etc If you need to fair sumers in the sale offood and drug ling against the Chesapeake common choice Room Addressed by Men Interested Ohio Mrs Brashear brought suit against thingih this line it will pay you to I 350450 heifers extra 525 products 1 Railroad Company was set for today the road for 25000 damages and on Washington Jan 26The impor- 550 good to choice com- ¬ The committee consisted of J Q after which the jury was excused un- ¬ the first trial secured a verdict fo call J W REID N Main street P SParties owing me will tance of the preservation of the home mon to fair cows extra Emery of Wisconsin Dr Richard til today 9000 This verdict was set aside please call and settle f intact was the central theme around 4oO475 good to choice 385 Fischer of Madison Wis AC Bird Upon advice from District iAttor On the second trial she again wa l206t Lansing Mich n r tlE H Jenlans ney Tinsley for the Government and given a verdict the amountthis time which the discussion Devolved at the 450 f common to fair bulls steady bolognas New Haven Qonnf Biv William Al Golden for the defense it was de- ¬ being 10000 LOSTrrBetween the Auditorium and conference on the care of dependent n ers fat bulls Jen Raleigh N > 4 H E Barnard In cided not to empanel a grand jury Both these verdicts were set aside ° Miss Ella Habgfb ads millinery store children which was formally opened 310385 extra bj president Roosevelt at the White 425475 milch cows slow at last dianapoljspr4M Av Sepvell Lex- for a few days to investigate the by Judge Young In the third tria decline ington Ky and Robert M Allen as- Stearns riot on Christmas Day as just closed Mrs Brashear was also House The subject under consider- weeks Calves Slow extra 750 fair to sistant attorney of the Department Jeses and Harvev Simpson and Elisha a victor If g new trial is not grantpair of childs whitebglovesOwn ation was Should the Breaking of a good 550725 common and large of Justice in charge of the pure food and Oliver Slavin the four men who ed the railroad will appeal the case er please return to Cahal Bros Hbme Be Permitted for Reasons of prosecutions 450700 are confined in the Newport jail un- ¬ Dr Brashear was one of the leading barbershop Poverty or Only For TReasons of In Hogs Packers and butchers ac- = der charges jn connection with this veterinary surgeons in the State 1233t efficiency or Immorality tive strong and 5folflft higher ligh LAND FRAUDS riot are yet under a smallpox quar- ¬ Hon JohnT Shelby of Lexington STRAYED From Pine Grove Jan = Itwas the unanimous ppinion of an shippers and pigs unchanged and antine It was stated that these men assisted o Lewis Apperson uary 25th 1 red cow and 2 heifers shay of notable charity workers and slow good to choice packers and In probably would be able to be brought this city in behalf of the railroad S marked j fX S Iwith tar 10 reothers who took part in the discus- butchers 645650 mixed pack- ¬ here by the latter part of the week H Winn and C D Grubbs of thi r ward for their return to FRANK Sion that the child can best be reared ers 585050 stags Eighteen civil cases against the city represented Mrs Brashear STIVER Athens Ky under the influence of the home arid c o Jim 1r to choice heavy fat sows MUSKOQlglB OkJa Jan 2GGov United States are on the docket filed Two Aged Men Death of 126lOt that they should be removed from the j 450610 light shippers 525 eminent officials now in Muskogee by Iqnd owners residing along the family circle only when proper super 580 pigs 110 lbs and less W R Kirby about 75 years old FOUNDSagma Nu fraternity pjh that no fraud in town lots ever Kentucky River between Valley View i nvestigatedvill equal the stupendous mid College Hill who claim damages died at his home near Peeled Oak af 25 with owners initials T on o proportions of that now being made due to the overflow of water from th back Chapter Beta Sigma Own ¬ opinion that where poverty exists i er can have same by paying fortliis the home state aid should be given choice 425485 common to fair in the Government case here rvel1causedas they allege by locks advertisement and applying jajT Witnesses from a dozen States and dams built at and between these one ol the leading market men of While this subject formed the princi- 175415 Lambs Slow 1525c lower ex- arrived yesterday to testify before points by the GoveI11menti Baldwin Bros jewelry store city pal topic of discussion other ques tioDllofequally vital importance to tra 725 good to choice 675715 the Federal Grand Jury that meat s About two hundred witnesses are Mr Braney Carter 77 years old 123tf the welfare of the child were consid common to fair 450GG5 today Secret Service men have it on hand in addition to more than highly respected and popular man o CALENDARSCall at No ered is stated secured affidavits from wit- twenty attorneys composing some of the HOW lds Mill neighborhood dice Main street and receive a beauti ¬ v The historic east room of the nesses that they were used as dum the best legal talent in the State at his home after a long illness o CHICAGO MARKET ful calendar small for 1909 White House was the scene pf this ues in scheduling the lots and that Dan Mulliust son of Deputy Marshal drops notable conference President Roos R STUART l237fe Eleven Years in the Pen CHICAGO Jan 25GattleRe ¬ they knew nothing of the use of their Mullins who was killell on Christ- ¬ velt who presided in calling the con yentfon to order received the nearly ceipts estimated at 17000 head mar ¬ names until asked to sign quitclaim m s Day by miners at Stearns was50 barrels short J corn In circuit court yesfeid y Johr WANTED 360 delegates in the east room After ket 4Q15c higher Beeves A HOLTON Home lj hone 853 ppointed bailiff J Henry Dale colored was given elevei outlining the scope of tne work b6 Texans The discovery was made today that 3 rings Westerners 420490 2i2f years in the penitentiary for lallinj fore the conference the president 385550 stockers and feeders one of the men summoned to serve on Laura Whaley a colored woman h FOR RENT House of eight rooms Called Homer Folks president of the 3rfijo510 cows and heifers 185 the Grand Jury is the soniUrlaw vof FIND ONE TO BEAT Dale claimed the shootin this state probation commission of New corner Hickman and Main >Rent one man accused and brotherinlaw THIS SAYS C E SMIT 535 calves 550725 Hogs York to the chair The president t reasonable Apply to DR VAUGHT of another estimated receipts at 38000 head f ment showed the killing premeditated spoke in part as follows A jury made up of men ouide of Joined 16th l206t market lOc higher light 5655635 There can be no more Kansas Volunteer Canal Muskogee hasbeen chosen subject from the standpointimportantI mixed 5855655 heavy 590 LOST Pair of gold rimless eyeglass- ¬ HOME CURE FOR ECZEMA ry at Age of Ten Years anQ THE HAGUE COURT nation than that with good 600 rbugh 5905610 es on Lexington pike near Dave Months Four to Seal because when you tako care choice heayyii610660 pigs toI Pre wills farm Had gold chain with Oil Wintergreen Thymol Glycer you are taking care 5565 bulk of sales at of the children land Fisheries Question Will 615 X hairpin attached Reward Return of the nation of tomorrow and it is 645 Sheep Receipts estimated at ine Etc Used as a Simple Be Sent lklnehelaerJan 26 1909 to C H Bowens store incumbent upon every one of us to Wash 14000 head market ld15chigher i to the Editor of The News I203t r native 335575 Western 335 WASHINGTON Jan 26Al1 In an article in your yesterdays pa yearlings It FOR SALECoal at 21 North Main native agreement has been reached between per headed the Youngest 58057 whom cruel misfortune has handi- 5J80 Soldier in many people suffer year in and capped at the very outset of their lambs 55775 Western 525785 Secretary Root and the British and the Civil yeai street You will be pleased with War you say Mr OCon Jives I earnestly hope that the me both quality and price V Canadian and Newfoundland govern- nell of Mt Sterling Ky enlisted n out with eczema when it is now m of bers of this conference will take 1191mo t ments through their representatives the age of twelve years andeigh jsrpgressive stand so as to establish The leading futures range as fol on the Newfoundland fisheries ques ¬ months t Jt i bal toward which the whole coun ows to be submitted to The JEague VY6u can inform Mr OConnell that etc makes a wash that is bound ti FOfr RENT rjPour rooms with try can work lionh cure MRS MANN 290 Si Main for arbitration he will have to come againThere are of course several di Old obstinate eases it is Crue can ¬ street Home phone Np 335 V Brent types of conditions which yo I was born on the 14th of Novem- ¬ not be cured in a few days but there July NEW RAILROAD WORK tare trying to meet I believe that we l183t ber 1852 and joined the 16th Kas is absolutely no sufferer from eczema jdl of us have come to the conclusion s f sas Vol Cavalry in March 1863 and d that where possible the thing to be Low Close News has been received at Sharps was mustered out on the 26th day o iione for the child is to provide a jd 07 May 1 07 burl that the engineering corps for December 1865 So you see I have fully soothing calm cool sensatior tome for it and that wnere that paying for this advertisement 4 the Cincinnati Kentucky and Virgin ¬ Mr OConnell beaten fourteen that comes when the itch is pot possible we should make the co taker mouths away Instantly upon applying a few FOR RENT House on Buckner Ope q Hid When my Company was n CORN May 62 T4 This newroadwill street THORNTON L WIttLSlY home in at Leaveusworth City Kansas t Pass through soma 6 6238 of the richest cpunties of the Blue officer told me I was too young and In cases where the child has lost July 115tf Sept both parents the president consid 623s grass and will e tend on up into the made me stand aside and after the no need of experimentthe patien knows at once FOR SALE Grocery and ioeatshqpi ered the proper course to be th u> Lowvi Close mountains and open up large lumber rest of the Company was mustered iiplacing of the orphan in a good home instead of trying to compound tin paying business Terms re ison = aa4 May coal fields Itds backed by Chi I still insisted on going slid being of Jand For the child who has lost is fathe oilof wintergreeil thymol glycerine able Address W A B this office unusual size and vitality I final 4 ca la o capitalists and whose mother would like to r G23 s succeeded And after fighting t tain it but lacks earning capacity h f irf commend Sd that financial assist Price which is universally found the mos WANTED SUMMONED BY FEDERAL COURT Jameses Youngers Quantral To take orders for niak = mice vbe given the mother either by SIXTEEN HORSES ARE Marmaduke and Joe Shelby in Mis ¬ t effective It is known as the D D D ing cakes beaten biscuit rolls rim = the state Qr through private associa Jerry Keeyes J pas R Bush W souriand Arkansas we then went inBURNED WITH STABLE r tions C Todd W 0 Brock and Thomas to the territories of Wyoming an The speakers who made strong p Chicago and our long ex pleas for the preservation of the fam- Flannerys Livery Barn at Farmers Lisle have beeiiVisummoned as wite street phone 654 nesses in thftyclase of Charles Oliver ilY ties included Michael J Scanlan 112lmoi Destroyed With Loss of and others against the Gov ernme president New York Catholic home fighting all the time And in the bat About 4000 for damages caused by overflow bot- ¬ bureau Ernest P Bicknell president LOSTon Boone avenue between Phillips Drug Co S Main st conference charities and corrections Main and College streets a small tom lands by the building of the lock tie of Newtony Missouri every man James F Jackson superintendent as gold pin with cpral setting Finder OWINGSVILE Ky Jan 26 at Ford The case comes up in thfe in our DIRECTORS MEETING M Cleveland sociated charities return to News office and receive at Federal Court at Richmond Thurs- minutes myself with the others Judge William E DeLacoy of t I was a bugler of my Company I day Washington juvenile court and and afterwards prompted to Chi of the Edward T Devine of New York tended the meeting of the Jnter FOR SALECheap grapho hone Bugler BIG STOCK BARN BURNS Mr Scanlan declared that there isfire is unknown About 3000 bushSouthern Life Insurance Comapny at Find one to beat this a battle on between those who would els of corn and several tons of hay Louisville Thursday The old officers preserve the family and those who were destroyed and sixteen head of FARMERS Ky Jan 26 Sunday Yours truly f were reelected Mr Day being Vie B this office 19tfL ones tonw the large sloe For us Catholics horses perished in the flames before morning would destrt y it President FOR RENTHouse of eight rooms be said we stand by the teachings anyone was around to release them barn or Tpn Flattery was destro 3 e of our church in favor of the pres The loss was about 4000 practi ¬ by fire together w th thirteen head of Gas and stable Apply this office ervation of the family circle U Bally covered by insurance valuable cattleand 1500 bushels of corn Loss 500 nof insured The WANTED To buy furs scragTrohj CLOSES HIS BEARINGS IN RECEIVERS HANDS 1 Divinity Student Starts For Montreal Southern Fire Insurance Company of I FAR SOtD and Hits Chicago Washington v New Orleans is Placed Chicago Jan 26 Edward Curtis 119lmo R A Scobee sold Monday to John Enox said to be a divinity student at WANTED Three or four rooms ten FRANKFORT Ky Jan C Sump ter iti farmof 129 acres o tics Episcopal Theological seminary trally located for light housekeep = at Cambridge Mass is being detain surance Commissioner Bell received the Wades Mill pike near Sewell s Downstair rooms deSired ing a police station here until his notice yesterday that the Southern Shop at 8256 per acre Five weeks ed at Gray Iron Semi Apply at The News office > relatives can be communicated with Fire Insurance Company of NeV ago Mi Scobee had six farms and in Knox who appears to be about 28 Orleans lead been placed in the hands the meantime has sold five of Alluininum and Bronze them years old told the police be was un- of a receiver Mr Bell at once re FOUNDCoral pin on Main street of all able to account for his presence in yoked its license to do business in r A HUNG JURY Owner may have same by calling Chicago All he remembers he sal at this office and paying for adveiI 4 was that laSt Saturday he boarded a vv f tisement Grand Trunk railway train for Mon ized agents in the State to cease < In the case of Frank H Haggard Drawings Blue was probably suf writing bus ess for that company treal He said he 125 tf = against Will H Tucker for damages s faring from a nervous breakdown t on account of the sale and purchase HAMNfERSTEINSDEFL LOST A package containing a gaixv JBrem overstudy r WE ARE ALSO < of a horse the jury hunk and was AGENTS J of suspenders Please return to i4 discharged Suicides to Avoid Arrest this office < NEW YORK Jan 26 Arthur Celina 0 Jan26Rush Pratt 30 All Hammerstein who has figured in committed suicide at Mercer He was pitched wattles with newspaper m A in an interview yesterday said he J monogram IlL Tone oneSidf 1e chased across a cornfield rby 0 nd The Ky River JJoplar Co received Fo1JK7 on other side wwiiO nger and Hight of thJba cJ Finder JrJ no ± fifteen thousand Jpffs at Irvine on tie i > V wk a he drank poison 1iIF tkrn to Ifeifs office 2 them aH ovtj oM after IIoUter tide in thftfKjTiftttclqr River last week t l > Question r 26A 25ReF meI j he v ¬ 5075 butal anyc 4565 > 2504 1753 4255 2375can 3904 j + gJs9n3yard > ¬ i I tn fle StupendthusEer 4535 5bie + ° 425a KP pneumonia tlt ¬ s f 4107 af 19N JI > stateH ITU vidfor ¬ I ¬ reallyc ° tnRange futures wintert I ¬ 1077Apu 97970s 5Sept 97n vili x IlkBose Gs I j 621e 7e ¬ 62i ourselhe x ¬ ° jS DS anf takehe I j + nlhaye 118t 114fif c Y + Wintergreed LuqyCqLEY borsejback iof ¬ givere ivent ¬ fifteI I ¬ stablAhre SMITHd > a ao i r 1203tt sergeMorning eR r rin OFs ¬ Eagle CastingvCo y unknownb 121lt 1 S WINCHESTER KY 26In ¬ Steel Thermit Steel Brass Castings kinds anthod Specifications and ¬ >> 4- J + J j a 3 1 a W I t iat t iA t at i l 3 i1dsoftructural Steel Shapes i i > ici4 f io7 t t e Oenl Manager > I j 7 iA r I K II G f f SouthMain EIL JJ f < + > FORr J LOGSen chargeehJJlg r l23iL Prints s > t i 1 7f i i

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