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Image 8 of The Adair County news., August 4, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

4- ly a IL k f Ii n THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS t < 2t f t v I 4 Master PauTHughes of Colum- ¬ bia spent a few days of lastweek wiiin Ed Diddle Master Ed Hill spent a clay or so at Edmonton this week Miss Clara Wilmore returned from Red Boiling Springs Tenn a 4 W without doubt the most efficient house paint on the market and is cheapest in the end in that it will go further andwear longer than other of tWe or more than the onesmentioned Qnite a number of our farmers y made anywhere from one hun ¬ d red and fifty to two hundred and fifty bushels If other com munities makethe same anjpunt j in proposion to this it does look Iike4tliat pldA Mrs Ed Coomer is very sickat this writing with flux We un- ¬ dll Tina Addie Willis house also It would cost a little money but such an improveDora Young Nancy Willis Allie ment would be weUwortht e 7 and Mattie Garnett Loise Holla Farr impar ial andprofitable management is guaranteed by its large ass tsiwits cor- ¬ porate property its magnificent fireproof office building and its great i > v ytcR1114Ic I tJJccMTh11 daughter ir Ji I t I w beforeC I 33 70 > < I I baarge andfXd xf i f I placei Misse i sap Jgl 4ft < A arY ardlast dEdd tii enc 0 I I lowI tobaccoI x countyl tI j > > > 4 1 µ l 1f o v t ft hey j 1 rfF 4 meeklyf l awe J > f < zti l r i rdof rffather rainr tispla wi tManon IO atonct t rf tx ± 1 hOne JaIsohave t tCW JE c n iIkti ValleY herd 0 A t > art I v J > i A f ci I I Colix I I a i J s 33 HP f ° i iJ financial strength rice If seme enterprising man roeatio Osten Paul cas D rug stone y would start the work his exam ¬ r 3 E 3E E 0 h n Jeffries Lewis Ypung sr 3E3E3EIEif3 per- ¬ pIe would be followed by others Willis A Brocknan MarkHolla J Russell Springs Less move out of the old rut about hardtimes another year day and Olen Rosenbuam r i 1 corn is looking good and wheat L Mrs Barger and little The Russell Springs Fair will St Hon eGIensforR town mill be alive with hu- enough in this neighborhood to Our Mr William Harvey the inde Open tomorrow and many resi ¬ If r TTaf U fh TS Tj r manity this week The Fair bread Russell county twelve rr r pendant candidate for magisShelbys show hi our one day last week with Mrs d itsof Jamestown will be dn opens VJ o riitnthe morning and ale months trate in our district was in our f attendance during the week they K rr owrivlast Tiiesday and lef tjus Mattie Willen v j ready thehbtels are iilHngand midst one day last week and in p E Grille Iias Secretary Mr R GJ Woodsy has a front minus of a few nickels but amp MasGeo OitV Powell P ent been > a busy man for several b y Wedhesdayfthe will be full to his store no formed us that his prospects for r housed which adds ly repidiD sights weharsa- several days > at Mrs BellefWil > election was goodand that he weeks sending out advertising but there are private boarding greatly to the building len s last week < kyH v i KM 2 t houses and ali who will come Was on the track to stay until 1I vmatterr andit is rconfidentlyj be Mont R Hale and wjf e attend W L Taylor an old citizen this There was preaching at Zion l lieved that this will be the best w1L after the election inNbvember tlie singing at Freedom iSSnday place who now resides at last Sunday in the morning by fair since tfre Association was Bartless Mr John Q Alexander the l Mr and Mrs Jaffies A sher ¬ ville Oklaj paid us a Bro Phelps in the afternoon byI organized J There will be more popular dry goods man of Camp and Mr and Mrs L M McKin ant visit last week He will be Bro SammieStapp Association and the people gen ¬ fine horses Oil exhibition and the bellsvillef accompanied by his accompaniedon ley visited the platter parents his return by Miss Bessie Young was theo shows will be very at ¬ erallyQthe Springs guarantee a Mr and Mrs s on James made our town last Rlch rd1Stearman f his sisterinlaw Miss Ethel Tay pleasant guest of Miss MattY e good time for all who put in an tractive week and as usual had a nice log t near Owensby Sunday and Dora Young the fourth SunThe Show rings t business with ofir merchants Miss Mary Snow Patterson appearance C E Grider and W JY Hale The singing at this place last day will be interesting and the music who has been quite sick for RevL T Reeves of Columbia Sunday conducted by Messrs have been taking up ha the Mrs Wvv W Brockman is able several weeks is improving uptodateMr filled his regular appointment at Darnell lower neighborhood fortjiM P ast and Turner way largely Yaughan one f- week this place last Sunday with a very attended and well enjoyed by al 1o bis up at this time Mrs > Corinne Hart who visit ¬ t jhteresting discourse Our peo present One noteworthy inci ¬1Several of Zion singers attend-¬ ed relatives in Columbia f return our oldest residents has been Everybody seems to b eihust quite feeble for some time but ling for the fair ed the singing at Shiloh last Sun ¬ edliomeafew days ago pie are highly pleased with Bro thisw Rwe dent of the occasion was that we day he is able to be about expect big time t Reeves We think he is the right 14 had with us Messrs W Jj and Obituary Mr Nathan Montgomery has Cullen Hale Barger and Mary Cv span GB Taylor who were at one- Miss Elna the refreshment privileges at of five year old mares hi will Not withstanding the large time considered to be two of th On July 161909 the death an ¬ the Fair He has received a trade for a team of mules t Ula Morris amount of rain fall we have ha d best vocalist in this section gel visited the home of EL W large supply of every thing good Frank Ashbrook is veij low Mrs Geo Coe and children this season our farmers sh owl ¬r claimed his daugh¬ to eat and all kinds of soft Bennett and Taylor who has been con l drinks with typhoid fever at yiisfwrit- ¬ spent a week with her mother be well pleased with the pros ter Miss Cynthia She was born The Selby boys will have charge Ing fined to his room for some time f e July 9 1890 making pects they have for acorn and her age 18 of the 3inningr6om with typhoid fever remains ver Smith Wpolridge soldone cow g see rs tobacco crop We take it that fmprovfng years 9 months and 7 days She and calf to Luther SelbY j rice The Springs still continues to sfef Miss Lucta Barger spent the was the oldest daughter of her unknown e N T improve It is nowUby far thet parents living Her mother two Most all the wheat sowers are i e largest town in Ruses 11 county now last season at this time especially Sunday turning theC sod for hen t n sisters and one brother had pre ¬ The population growing club being organized in is four hundred next crop J the crops that have been culti J this county for the purpose of in- ¬ The people of this community ceded her to the grave She and in a few years it will reach Mated ¬ Bro CoffeY preached a very in ¬ creasing the yeIdand also the are looking far the wheat thresh- leaves fathervesistirsandone six or eight hundred The buss Mr and Mrs W M Russeller this week brotherto mourn their loss She ness men of the town are enter ¬ 4 Indianapolis Indf spent several had been in declining health sinceprising slid favor any move to Several Jamestown J days with the family of Mr J from this place attend ¬ last January and one that our farmers shawl make the place grow The more ed the show at Rowes X R FPendleton of our Community not fail to encourage ids bore the affliction Just before The Republican candiqateffor people the more business Offer Thursday Mf iMrs Russell is a sister of Mrs Jf inducements to settlers and the4 The lensfork section is one of county offices have commenced Mrs Hale is keying iPendletpn t Mr and Mrs Rus the best wheatgowing regions stirring but the canvass has not said y to see my mother in yvilcoIXeFix prices on your vsel were both reared in Greens lots that people c in v buildin burg but for several years hay- in this part of the state and w- e as yet fairly dpgneiiTh e heev neThe funeral services reach is suggestion Tlyltlt visit to several different are posing thousands of dollars Democrats have not eifnejbv and wet conducted by Rev G It been residing in Indianapolis will pay in the long rujiv 3ski Almon Rich because of our neg ¬ nominated a ticket but I under Abfell I I iMrsGeQ H Nell received coupt3 < D Gridcrs Store considerable shock a few days lect to iisn this important indus stand thatt4eccommittee will ral For Sale x days of last week ago from a fall while horse back try early day lor t conyene at an ffd yoke of wellbroke Battle Will Wear purpose of fixfng the time an griding ThEr horse that Mrs oJ J Nell was riding became al armellThere is much inore money hungup manner of making nominations t i 115n1 attJ svtitipg thorcjugh Bred and one icemle1 JIeetf t from the hoisting of a Parasol j rc4r Oh uplands in Russell county hog rvill weigh J16g Columbia Fair for cattle and about 450 pounds of and threw her We trust t threshin g fs over tlal s corii looks reasonably well b Farr r shock is not serious p artandeverY dyW11pl fall- short in the river bo McFrlarid Mon it will t t L br k IJtloWl record pn this line y hat s the use t r tllinb l e SaturdaY oms y he Wheat crop was verjr r Su If wetr only Have atfew days I ian end 1 C l s Sl i1 1 f 1 M 7 V Only the best materials are used with panied by Mrs 1COMossspent last Monday in Columbia t t is Sarah Flowers accom ¬ el a- OPEI1TO dkALTH SEEKERS tI elf PAINT donei >t ssellpr rttsft WHITE LEAD AS THE PREDOMINANT PIGMENT tempered with just enoughzinc IMrs I i II HANNAS GREEN SEAL paints o I 1 7 J waterIlast i j f YOU NEVER REGRET THE COST OF AN ARTICLE IF IT PROVES SATISFACTORY 1last Wednesday 1 5 > Grady ille Wif d t H I t f S i aed ig3 f2t J i s L i iJ Ih r t1 js nat a I t I L t < f 111 > i 5 ± i < i

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