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Image 4 of The Adair County news., August 4, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

Ol i Y t u y i co X T- 1 > NEWSor 10 1CZl I 1 THE ADAIR COUNTY d O orO t t OJ I to i t t8f 7 IId l ff g iii V i1t4dt- T I < O Jj r IJ f I fI 0 i r I INCORPORATED 0 t < MAJESTIC AND < TBLCO MAJESTICi 0The BuchananLvon woman wants to do her cooking as speedily and as easily as pos < Co INCORPORATED CAMPBELLSVLLET- 1 It is sold by I I r < j YO tJ1e f OJ H i g If l I JJ j 0I wI B Ift BUGGIES WAGONS HARNESS j I H 0 tpl guaranteedr L c I I ryi r OJ F > v v HARNESS SADDLERY 0 iJ 1 i r t i- made and our buggies are Rock me Light and Easy Come in and go through our large establishment and be convinced that we can as you Our buggies and wagons are made of the toughest hicko y plIcesiEI CIS 101 wn4 vwrr Mb up to the present has a record breaker in the way IrhiSseason Vehicles and Harness beenfurnish the best wagon that is We a 1 i J KY Jt j C S lOCO 0N I > Tne best is the cheapest write for prices Another Range TBiLyOOir is manufactured especially for thisfirm It is a beauty and gives per feet satisfaction Whnin Cville dont fail te call and examine these superior ranges You will be surprised at the very low b 001 wtijw yo > l everybody to be the best and finest made 0 r OJ C CAMPBELLS VILLE KY 1r1j ne f 1t to J o N r j A O 4 f J t 1 0 0Ever 0 1 The most attractive sets of harness made are sold bv us and you Jonly y have to see the line to be con ¬ ced Our D x hl 0 OJ r 10J 10J O have become interested and the w IiwKnifley tie Franklin were married last www j I 7f 71 vv K Wvwvi f IXi 1 IiwIiw 7l1 v promoters are expecting a vyery Sunday Rev J W Bagby of ¬ J large crowd in the city August The health of this community ficiated viI Published Every Wednesday HUBBUGH BROS very good at present is 31st and September 1st Dudley Chastain will soon BY TIE Our farmers are taking advant- have their saw mill ready for i Cov Wilson has offered a re ¬ Adair County NewsCompany 7i Successors to Hubbuch Bros vage of the pretty weather to work at this place w QiiC m ward of 500 for Dr Nuttaltfs INCORPORATEDw An Old Firm in a New Garb cultivate P rsJlIatti Watson is very a series of meetings at Pleasant a aH of Jeffries a candidate for WRITE rij < Adair county subject to theactioh of In last weeks issue attention sick at this writing y Ridge II > the Democratic MLKINBS OF INSUBAJKEH was called to the importance of A protracted meeting will com v Mr George Keltn rwl101has GOOD tWe authorized to Announce A A for ling a farmer sclub andenterp 1 r E gYp t the second Sat¬ been sick for some time is able D p1ence fat Miller Thebe of everything in Insurance Strongest andmostt liberal Companies 1 W county subject to the action of the ing a contest for the production urda night in August conduct ¬ j at reasonable rates U toy b a out again Democratic party f of wheat A proposition was ed by Rev M R Gabbert and fjfjriah KENTUCKY COLUMBIA Keltner of Roachville FOR MAGISTRATE outlined which seems to have Eld Williams Also one was 0E38E30E3H1E3808 33e3E38000aE3 here last Monday at Roleythe third Saturday night I ama candidate for magistrate i JThe Picketts Chapel and Fry the sixth Distrlc of Adair county sub the membership not is increasing in August conducted by Eld Z 3E3HE3a did make the hills 33E3 ject t6 > the action of the Democratic as rapidly as it should Uf to T Williams and Rev W G base ball teams will cross bats party JMWillis We hear that 2 or 3 stills will go at this place next Saturday date between thirty and forty Montgomery t Harry Thaw will be acquited- have joined while at least one Prof Acree will sing at Pick ItO work very soon Girls now is gVETERIARY SURGEOtTJSTI There was more grass seed ¬ in a fewdays or remanded to the hundred should have been enroll- ¬ etts Chapel the 3rd Sunday af- ¬ the time to follow Rose Ellis ex sown in this section this season ample and drive these accursed asylum ternoon in August ed Farmers of Adair ought not than was ever known before holes from the face of the earth Caleb Powers is now a candi- ¬ to be so slow in entering such a Mr S H Knifley while sink Dunnville Oscar Austin stole the cash date for Congress to succeed D movement The contest is mere ¬ inga stockwell on his farm and of the store of Har w w J We are having fine weather in box cut C Edwards from the Eleventh ly to stimulate to develop better after descending to a depth of 20 mon and Combest last week The Special attention given to Dentistry and district His candidacy was an ¬ methods of wheat growing to feet came in contract with a this part of the world box had between 12 and 20 dolj all diseases which the dumb brute is heir nounced from Elkhart Ind by aid in making sufficient wheat large stump on top of which lay Green Luttrel was in this com- ¬ lars in it Austin was sent to for home consumption Ifsuc ¬ a base ball and a Methodist minister bat also about a munity last week looking for jail Another boy implicated was Phone Residence 96 B cess crowns our efforts the or number 2 COLUMBIA g KY I fiat The owner can sheep released on 200 bond Dr W H Nuttall a former ganization will doubtless become C W Dickinson is on the sick 3CaIE 3f30 JH Superintendent of the Feeble permanent and other crops can have same by calling on the We had the pleasure of stay ¬ above named gentleman Bill list at this writing Minded Institute has skipped then be considered ing over night with Hon W G There is no Wilson thisis n drummer lie ¬ and Mrs Nathan Weir of Ellis recently We also were 1Mr the country and his whereabouts need for the average farmer to I are unknown He IS charged halt andconsume time to make It is reported that J J Hum Webbs X Roads were visiting over some of the road that was J T Brake was at Dirigo < on phrey has a remedy that is death Mrs S H Dickinson last week with detaining a woman built under his supervision and business Friday up his mind on such a move The and destruction to rats and mice Mr and Mrs Rube Jones of must say it will come UP with I fee for membership is only 100 R G Wilson and son Virgil The Williamsburg Times a We had the pleasure of seeing Pellyton visited their son J D Casey count s best pikes The visited relatives in Barren coun ¬ strong Republican piper is en ¬ payable on or before May 1st Monday Bros Manure spreader Jones Luttrels creek last week road goes to prove that Welby is ty several daYs of last week 1910 and to be gaged in showing up the rotten ¬ the premiums to used in making¬ a few days ago which did its Mrs Henry Harmon and Kate a public spirited man and it will be offered Al Mrs Wm Firquin and daugh ¬ ness of the officials of Whitley work to the full staisfaction Pierce visited Mrs Carrie COIn stand a monument to his energy ter Miss Jesse Cumberland county all of whom are RePubli- ready outside aid to this move ¬ the owners end of best =of Russell Springs last Fri- sand faithfulness to the Belly county are visiting the family of is being received and if the time The Democrats of All manner of corruption ment Ii cans Mr G 6 Hancock killed a day and Saturday Jno Grider this week farmers who are interested in rattlesnake last week 66 ton will make a grave mistake if charged inches Wi Scott made a business G Greaser Ellis and Glaudie they do not nominate him for wheat will only join in success long and had 18 rattles Come to Columbia Thursday The speech delivered by Mr is certain The organization again Zach Darnell Dickinson will start for Indianr i t magistrateJo accompanied his WA Sommefs editor of the must be perfected by September The Buchanan Lyon Co s sign i aI a few days on a short visit r Elizab thtown News before the the 1st or sooner if possible painters have been at work in I Rev Jo Pierc andwife visit aunt Miss Florance Rubarts to week where night v this section for 2 weeks Association at Paris 6dMrs Kate Pierce Tuesday and RussellSprings last t she will stay till after the fair Mr Clau die Stotts Dirigo Ky July 17th has been received AC Wheeler sold oneYt earl= Wednesday thispMce and will be publish horse to MontvHovious for i65 v at pro Rubarts is clerking for U edtin full in a short time can double the eldof wheat Jn BrPB 1 Cundiff P Ketti The sick folks pf this c6minuh 1W S B witaid family visited this county inside of throeyears ofii tmiIytQf T JRosson Ru g Road working is the latest fad nity areamprpving < A The rcomingbig i Democratic wrth ati active membership by Mr fharfe StuM IY t 1s ri vtrt fJ I barbecue at Louisville isrgro ring pne huiidred and the real proi ti oiiise d mot all its c ontents m fegettinff 4 Scott didbusmess al X the workaun to sooJ Mr andJlri Jy wH in interesttI Prominent Bemo tp the Jprpwers mould be thrib by fire a few nights ago ited II nJA Pelleys tobacco crop I crats from al1 over the state < t Jooiuiff all rights if the >craw fish Siver ltfiJm this lace hd Yrl r hf 4 v i V J < > iSr ti v Irr lI li > 0 YiT 1 u t f ef ir V 4 t t U jjv J j t Am I Ii w 1 WELLENDORFF I J- Irn < 1 ¬ g 9 = 1 1 r i r i t 1J 0 II rt 41- ti ff I r j I I + j J iiin I F MILLER L4rry partyt airt butn it I 1 TV T f It ZT ¬ l1li 111 i x7THATS H trI N I 333 I I stockPersons DrugCo i t ForkSuIday I I wS i js > 1 J I tf guestlof addressI E h > lt I 1 5 f- s 5ll r tih F s ii i i t4 1i t J y i i areer I fatl nr1l 2f 1 1Y p ii 1 r V J 1 Rubyt 1 iiley M l a Hare J F t bledIk if IX I 1 1 f c theTamlr Sundayy wednsdaeyas y i t J 4 l t 1 Y r < i t ai + 4r- F f tq t a- t f- r y 1 YIl 4 >

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