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Image 2 of The Adair County news., August 4, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

s IFfL V VT > jtl 1 er t i i I III r r THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS r1if I iiTiiy H V THE El t C 2 1 J 4- f- i J a1y lK f i 4 t ww qeke tI Have Soon > Will c r S S ij i ir 1 i< i E 4 rr 6- r- 1 > l I Incorporated its Catalogue Out I Will be attractive and the people will have an opportunity to witness keen competition with some of the best stock in the State Watch out for it t i List j f j t 20 09 f ThUG 17 IS 19 I i tr5S2 The PREMIUM I iji J m > > tJ r II 4 < Fixup for a good Premium and r S a Pour Days of Pleasure e 0 fJLE x WALKERFres Si < HARRIS Sdery y wherewith to make himself ad ¬ EXTRACTS mired and that the same woman who would scarcely be prepared Froman Brilliant Educational Ser for appearance would not leave v iron Delivered by Rev her hut without painting t W A Grant Nay There are still more ex ¬ I treme illustrations Witness the fact narrated by Capt Speake of his African attendants who strutted about in their goatskin 1 I I yourselfla waslfine frl sermonft T Gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost 1rJno6 y 5 The humankind ist e bright est display of the po ver and skill the infinite mindj with which J j iof educated for a higher state of ex istence here its faculties begin t to unfoid and those mighty gies which are to bear it forward to unending ages begin to dis ¬ cover themselves The object in training this mind show be to enable the soul to fulfil its duties Well here and to look back with pleasure when it shall have left i this cradle of its being for an f t eternal existence beyond the 1 grswe Kti enI i i i < r l pQfPlr t i0 i l will etlabor Tor a fort to purcha ti l pigment N L j I I Brain Leaks r It has been a long time since gentleman who True love misses little but we met an old l cabbage leaf in his wore a makes allowances for much to ward off sunstroke Reforms easily accomplished Honesty now isnt it a fact amount to but little that the two best features of a The man who has never suf ¬ vacation consists of looking for- ¬ fered knows little about sympa¬ hr f ward to and back to it H thyWe The city man who spent the can stand to have our opin ¬ May boasting about ions abused but we resent ridi ¬ first weeks of t his garden is strangely silent on cules subjectnow Fret Fume is one firm that than n never needs to advertise for cus ¬ Program tomers held The worst thing that can hap ¬ Of the Centennial Meeting to be Ky at the Christian Church Columbia pen to some men is an early suc ¬ on Sunday the 8th day of August 1909 I 55 a I I cess 1030 N A by the congregation 1 faithlooks up to Thee 2 Invocation J S Stanley My Song The man who never does any thing is never criticised for what 3 Foundationy SongHow Firm a prayer by the pastor SongOb- thou fount of every 4 Reading and doesLack of pluck is apt to be the 5 I > Myerst a mans complaint lessing Purpose of the day 6 reason for WR about his luck 7 Address Religious In order to work for your best hundred years ago MR conditions One interstyou must be interested 8 Song Alas and did my Savor 5 bleed in your work9 Origin and Plea of the Restoration Troubleseepls to have wire ¬ Movement ZT Williams less connection with the fellow 10 Barton W Stone by Horace Jet ries who is looking for it AFRER NOON SESSION 2oCLOpKj A man never adds to his bank 1 Address Alexander and Thomas Campbell JS Stanley TS account from the proceeds ofa 2 Address J S Sweeney < tn L Taylor harvest of wild oats v L Tt 3 is a fellow going to do llama Walter Scott Mrs Z TOT What 4 about it when a court fairly in Racoon John Smith Tunius r > 12 Hancock i vices contempt by its actions 6 JphnT Johnson rger ii JJ3 Some men have no idea that EVENING SESSION S OeLOdklC Gabberts YPeoplearealways acquiring that he held the redoubtable knowledge or discipline which educatioIlimaginationtrainedhabits Wren off and in a flash Ross saw they never have an opportunity disciplined patience lare just as an opening and swung right to to use hence many people say valuable in Heaven as theYcan jaw and Wren went down but why sacrifice time and labor to possibly be on earth Honesty came back fighting hard when enlarge your scope of wisdom will still be honesty fidelity will the hell rang Ross round when you may not get returns still pass as current coin patience Round 3 Ross rushed to finis j in dollars and cents will still wait upon God with His the fight but received The interrogation point that approval and faith hope and right swing that lifted hinlQffstaixds like a ghost in the path love will still abide victoriously in lhisfeetbut was up and beat consists in 1 Address One hundred ie rsof of many a boy or girl is will it any world where God may take Wren until he was Covered with good fellowship > history J S Stanleyoro spending their money for booze payH Very often a farmer or His loving and trusting children blood Round even Jf mechanic says if my Boy were Round 4At this stage of the when a man begins boasting There will be some good Let us then go and gather alT ongi enter going to be a preacher or a doc- ¬ ii fi ht Wren was getting wJeafeand thathe ftcan drink or let it albne sper Qclt1iOihthe program and Mne qr my girl a musi ¬ the knowledge we can from ever tor or lawyer the crowd only wondering how Jt is time for him to let if alone cian or teacher thenit w qt11d pay swo d be for it being t jieiroujfeaB to send tHem to school 3 but if The ffiend oX the county cmirc il i arf iiryif ep n that Wren vtas ltb lt Q they only iritenijifto bef mers or Istrings of fish to feed the multi l tobe ptrwwnt i I i V r t < > UanJ trytY ft i I education order of time decoration pre ¬ cedes dress among people who submit to great physical suffer¬ ing that they may appear to be dressed Humbblt i handsomely < ¬ 6 to hogs around the 8 mark we are slow to insult the porker by comparing him to some menu we know f tw The father of five children is i usually willing to admit that he P 4r knows very little about how to v raise children Some men think they are mi = selfish because they are willing to let some other fellow have something they do not want in torrents Ross round Round 5The finish came af¬ ter a minute and ten seconds of fighting Wren went down re ¬ peatedly with rights and lefts on the jaw and at last he threw up both hands from a kneeling po ¬ sition and said 1 quit Ross is a former student of the LWTS Hugh Ross w creatIJ 1 i bea v aid I I toughing upoh the prevailing topiC o f education In part he- I wellWith I lookingI At the Methodist church Sun- ¬ day night Rev W A Grant I I Ross beat him all you tell them you not feeling a beaten man flowIipg I arouse and give wings to a great soul so instead seeing in man that struggle which takes place in all or us see with a vision stence in this world off folded them up and l from Godthat all is interesting f OswegoNY v went about naked shivering in that pertains to his welfare and t the rain Indeed the facts of that mankind is one great broth ¬ Editor News aboriginal life seems developed I Bob Wren sVs Kid Ross of the erhoodA out of decoration and when we philosopher Once Blue Grass State of Kentucky heathen remember that even among our ¬ gave utterance to this sentiment- 1The fight was to have been a and a heathen temple rang with long one which was agreed onby applause lam a man and every j both contestants to be to a finish about the cut than convenience thing pertainiug to man is both i Both trained hard for the bout when we see that the function interesting important tome j andwere very confident of win l is still in a great measure subor ¬ j The tendency of our times is ning The fight was good while dinated to the appearancewe largely in the direction of special have good reasons for inferring ity The Lawyer Banker such an origin Preacher or Doctor or whatever the favorite 6 to 5 and a con- ¬ many instances we prefer profession trade or calling may siderable amount of money was In that knowledge which brings ap ¬ be ours lost the purse being 250 plause to the more helpful know ¬ something more than that We l FIGHT BY ROUNDS ledge If we inquire why give need allround men today as nev¬ Round 1Both men rushed to the boy an education the answer erbefore in the history of our the center of the ring but were comes to keep him from being g r eat civilization Whatever very cautious Ross had left for disgracedthat he may hold a your calling may be rmember jaw but received hard right in certain social position There is you need first of all to be a cul- ¬ the lower regions that made him not a thought often that he is not tured Christian lady or gentle ¬ wrench and he took cover Wren a man caJableof doing the most man No honest work we do followed up what he thought good until he is educated for the enlargement of our scope was his advantage and Ross Oh for this matter of educa ¬ of knowledge and usefulness can caught him with right and left tion to take its proper place in ever be wasted or lost The un ¬ on the jaw Ross round our own dear State and especially used diploma is not wasted I Round 2 Wren rushed but in our count- i am sure in heaven intelligence Ross left jags were so effective aboutI rr I f > t x I i 1 I it will not pay to tude was careful to have every fragment gathered and saved af send them l The question is not whether a ter the feast and will see to it wider or deeper education will nothing in our toiling lives that make the boy or girl a better is pure noble and true shall Knowledge money getter but the greater eves po to waste Strive that question is will it make a larger Is power Seek it nobler man or woman will it you may gain it in order that housekeepers a f j I I I thatrH f f s a > r ft s- t 4 <> r1 1 1 1 h 1 w i i i r rf k y p 4 t- r Ir 1tt i v t M i ti a YNrY 1 u f n J Y t µ r e i J t 1 J 4 2 a t I i rYof Everybody whenF 7Tr it i t lJ ud iw i < f tJr i 1 Y 1 r r r a mot A l rk t is

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