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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 4, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

1 II f I 1 v Iiicifl VOLUME XII = jAiis TO bitb 7fjJ K Wfe j t 4 c I COLUMBIA of Louisville Ky Instructor 1f t i c r7 ADAIR COtJNTjr i < E 11 frI IiJ 7j j KENTUCKY ANATTEMPTED tiJ1 srf WEDNESDAY AUG Ff J y r 1< < r i j 1 f ST4I909 NUMBER Cord wood wanted brick kiln BETTIE LEWIS IMISS 39 1 p 1 41 I 7 at the Columbia 382t said Association is called and all mem ¬ the above list of names and to her ou Born to the wife of John Brockman Columbia and Entertains August 2 a son thanks are due bers are requested to be present at my JiiJVood of Danville Accident office at the Courthouse at 4 p m > Na Large Audience at the I ally Killed at Little Rock U S Forest Survey Born to the wifeof Wesley Willis a Major Nelson of Color Visits the Saturday Aug 7 1909 I CourtHouse r daughter August 1st Mrs Georgia R Shelton a Ark y Room of Mrs Rufus Price i A field party ofthe U S Forest Ser ¬ President J Born to the wife of J E Stapletpnh He is Now in Jail vice consisting of Mr W H Von Bay ¬ tr Last Tuesday evening a large aU- ¬ a daughter July 29 T Special to Louisville Times er and Mr 0 D Ingall has begun a For Sale dience greeted Miss Bettie Lewis of Little Rock Ark July 30Jameff study of forest conditions in this coun ¬ Louisville in the large court auditori ¬ Garnett Wood southwestern maD er ty This party is engaged in making a Last Sunday morning this community A complete saw mill and threshing um Notwithstanding her appearing for a Des Moines Ia life inSurance forest map and in obtaining estimates was thrown into a state of excitment outfit consisting of one 15 H B Case here had been advertised but a few company aged thirtytwo years fell of the standing timber and the annual by the report ofan attempted outrage a distance of 100 feet from a window output of forest products The work is on the person of Mrs Rufus Price traction engine and 28x50 inch Case hours her many friends gatheredand of his office on the eight floor of the being carried on for the thid season by whose home is three miles Southwest separator and one No 1J Delpach saw were highly entertained for one hour rig all in good running order Will go As a reader she takes rank with the during the Fair of Columbia and Southern Trust building this morning- the Forest Service in Tr oaration with¬ news been received no sooner had the at a bargain if taken at once Call on best and as an impersonator she can s king the cement pavement in the the State Board of than many were on Agriculture For not be excelled Her grace and manner alley in the rear of the building crushi estry and Immigration The the road to join the searching party in or address E S Rice HolmesKy results on the platform is natural and easy and 392t ing his head breaking his neck and of the first years work have been pub ¬ the capture of the guilty party Vari ¬ the premiums her articulation distinct She recited a many bones in his chest ous reports were heard at different in lished by the State in the Kentucky tervals and accordingly public feeling The management of the Columbia number of selections humorous and Wood had just gone into the office Handbook 19061907 and had been waited upon by the port ¬ The object of this study is to show changed from one degree to another Fair Association has arranged with the pathetic and when in negro and child 383t er and it is supposed that he had seat ¬ the people of each county just what So far as we are able to learn the facts James Shelby Show to give two public dialect she brought clown the house ber Co Columbia Ky acts inside the Fair Grounds each During Miss Lewis stay in Columbia ed himself in the window to cool off and their timber resources are how fast are substantially as follows This is a she was entertained at the homes of Remember that the James Shelby On Saturday Mr Price was at Bliss day during the exhibition lost his balance He spent last night they are going and how they may be great attraction quite a number of first MrsRoIlin Hurt and Mrs Georgia Shel show will give two free acts in front of in the office evidently preparing for a used to best advantage The men en ¬ a small town near his home and indulg- ¬ actors the the show Al ¬ ton tip today to Mississippi as his desk gaged in this work will endeavor to see ed in drinking some senog and cider classseveral being withincluding a very many and had of bypleasure of meeting the grand stand each day of the Fair so animals gone days friends was open with many letters spread Getting too much he was taken to his The James Shelby show will be on large lion will be on exhibitidn home about night fall by Major Nelson out with notations upon them for the the Fair grounds during the four days Birthday Dinner a negro tenant on the Price farm the stenographer of the fair Several new features will Pea Ridge Fair Wood came here five years ago from ditions than can be obtained through darky remaining there until near 9 be added A surprise dinner given at the home Danville Ky and formed a partner ¬ observation alone Any assistance and oclockAbout ship with A C Johnson which was information that is given them will two in the morning Mrs Price exhibitors must have a tag for of Mr J H Barger in honor of Mrs Notice fa heard some one enter her room and lay every head of stock shown which may Barger and Mr R T Stearmans 56th dissolved The body will be sent cilitate this important investigation down on her bed She asked if it was be procured from the Secretary at the and 67 birthday to Danville for interment Wood T B Lasley has seven twoyearold 1 On Sunday July 25 1909 at a very steers for sale was unmarried p Mr Price and received an affirmative price of 5cgood for all day Married in Quanah Texas early hour In the morning to the very Pea Ridge Fair Assn The deceased was a son of Mr W T answer but placing her hand on his z great surprise of the atiove named Mrs Geo Henry Nell was consider- ¬ GeoHancock See y head readily discovered that it was a Danville and was a first¬ Wood of The residents of Columbia were very negro parties neighbors and friends began to ably bruised about the body one day 39 1m She screamed and caught him Columbia Ky cousin of Mr James Garnett of this arrive with well filled baskets and it last week by being thrown from a place He was a young man of ex ¬ much surprised one day last week when but he jerked loose escaping through it was announced that Mr Garnett a room in which Mrs Jorihson was There will be an all day singing at was sood learned what was to follow horse cellent character possessing fine busi Montgomery who is successfully prac sleeping and passing out through Hovious School house Hovious Ky After the arrival and greeting of ness qualifications He had built up a ticing law in Quanah Texas was mar- ¬ New Haven and Campbellsville met the room or hail which Mr Price occu the third Sunday in August 1909 We of guests which followed by an old large busidess in life insurance He ried in the afternoon of Sunday the pied blowing was educated in Danville and was a lamp as he passed are expecting good time All teachers fashion handshake social converse on the diamond at the former place out the 25th of July to Miss Frances Alverson Sunday The score stood 6 to 5 in fa A graduate pf Center College His death highly The next morning the negro was on are invited to come and briqg their was indulged in a accomplished young lady who vor of the former About the noon hour it was announced was a serious blow to the surviving hand to milk as usual when Mr Price class All good si1gerscome All good has been teaching for several years fired on him but he escaped and was listeners come Bring your dinner and that lunch would be served and not one of his fathers family and rel The bride is a 4members little son of Mr Hudson Conover native of Ft Worth but not captured but all were ready After spending in the afternoon by stay all day atives the misfortune to get his left ami has been living with an uncle in Quanah Messrs J R until and James Mercer 4 some time jn the dinning room and par Tutt t for some time where her womanly de broken Monday He was riding a mule Mr Aquilla Darnell who runs a taking of the luscious sweets the gUests Result of Games portment won for h rmany ad ¬ at Milltown They telephoned Sheriff blacksmith shop at Gadberry was con- ¬ repaired to the parlor where they heard and the animal threw him Patteson who was searching for the miring friends r negro he claiming to be some other siderably hurt a few days ago He was sweet music and talked of the happy The trustees of the Graded The groom is known here to be a tal-¬ The following is the result of two party On the arrival of the Sheriff he shoeing a mule the animal becoming days of youth and days past and gone > district have decided to open School ented young man and a layyerat abil- ¬ the firat games played here last week CChe first acknowledge that he was the man want unruly kicked striking Mr Darnell Among those present were term early in September A com ¬ Ozark vs Columbia Second Cane Val ity His Columbia friends send con ¬ ed Major Nelson and was placed in the on the left arm brusing and almost Mr and Irs J Q Phelps Mr and petent corps of teacherswill be emI gratulations believing that he come to < Y vs Columbia jail in this town where he now remains breaking it He has been unable to- Mrs A E vyolfbrd Mr and Mrs Lam ployed 1L Innings 123456789 RHE a wise conclusion and they trust that As we understand the darkey claims use his arm since McKinley M 0 Stevenson and family Columbia 40054000 x 13 16 5 much happiness is in store for him and he entered the house for something to C S Walkup and family J C Wol The third nine of Columbia was de ¬ the lady of his choice Ozark The following Specials have been ford wife and little son Carl SE 123000010 drink and was under the influence of it feated by the third nine of Bliss at the for Columbia Judd Young at the time Doubtless he will be given handed in since the program for Pea Wolford Mr and Mrs James Absher latter place last Saturday It is re- ¬ Desirable Property For Sale Special by Mrs Lucretia Brock R T Stearman Ozark Morris Holla a speedy trial and legal justice meeted Ridge Fair was published ported that the Bliss club gave our day and Epperson fiV out in a short tima Mrs Price isa Mrs Junius Hancock Best six tea wife and daughter Miss Josie Mrs boys too much cheese 0 Innings 123456789 RHE- J desire to sell any residence and lady highly esteemed in this section cake made by a girl under twelvje years Cytha Darnel Miss Mollie Rexroat I ughes Mrs Coliimbia0007l2O2x 12147 farm attached The dwelling located and her many friends sympathize with 50c Special by Boston Coakleyj IdaM P h e 1 p s The game of baseball between Co CaneVall on the Campbellsville pike just beyond her in this unfortunate affair It is Quanah Texas onehalf mife race Noma J Phelps Valeria F Grider lumbia and Ozark played 010313100 at the Lind Batteries r Columbia Young Hind the bridge and in the corporate limits strange remarkably so that such acts 100 j Idell Sims and Selby r sey Wilson campus last Thursday ire man Holladay Judd and Rosenfield of Columbia it is comparatively new are attempted by negroes wjjo are About four oclock in the etening Mr Randolph Payne met svitha very after a hearty handshake and good bye suited in avictory for Columbia the and contains 10 good rppms and there bound to know that they can notes ¬ for Cane Valley Moore and Callison score standing 18 to 9 serious accident last Wednesday He the guests repaired to their homes with are all necessary outbuildings Tjhere cape punishment Ie 6 are forty acres of ground in fine stateS LATER Monday there was a rumor is engaged in erecting a cottage and a feeling of gladness that will long ex Misses Mary Tupman Bell Butlerv T AdairCounty Institute y of cultivation It is one of the best that a mob might be organized for the stepped on a plank in which their was a ist in hosethat were present Nonie Conover Jessie Taylor Sallie 1 nail with his left foot and it went 1 homes in Columbia S D Barbee Conover and Mollie Caldwell were en purpose jof lynching the negro though The institute for this county closed Columbia Ky there were no suspicious movement des almos tthrough Mr Payne is hobbling 39lm 1 tertained by Miss Effie Conover at Press Day J last Fridayat noon after a very sucj about but it will be a week or two be ¬ T home Thursday however cernible Judge Hancock cessful session conducted by Prof J his foot is well Secure a Certificate thought it best to remove the prisoner fore C Willis of Louisville who is one of The edftors of all papers in Kentucky l Gov Willson has been hotified from Urder the law the Western Normal an accordingly an order was made known educators He and their wives have been invited by Washington that in a short time the is thoroughly up on the common school- has tile power to issue the Elementary transferring him to Louisville jail the management to be guests at the sheep of Kentucky will be quarintined The big Blue Grass Fair v at Lexington on to prevent the disease work a man who speaks with force and Certificate the Intermediate Certificate Sheriff WB Patteson and Deputy A of scabies which been trained in the Western Normal Friday August 13th The Fair opens clearness and he imparted mush valu ¬ and the Life Certificate which entitle D Patteson conveyed him is prevalent in the States 0 ¬ is greater than the supply The Fall on the ninth of August and continues ableinformation to the teachers in att- the holders to teach anywhere in Ken FOR SALEGood set of single harn- Session opens September 7th Write throughout the week The editors are endance We heard expressions from tucky for two years four years and Master Tom 0 Patteson the very Cherry Bowling given to understand that they will be polite son S N Hancock President H H quite a number of teachers all speak ¬ for life respectively without further ess of Mr and Mrs WB Pat Green Ky for information relative welcome any day that they may choose teson is now a salesman ing in highest fcfms of Prof Willis and examination Information as to the at Russell 392t tofree tuition to attend but especial attention will be Cos store He would be pleased tor1 the methodslftil advanced There were amount of work required for each cer An Enjoyable Occasionattendance and tificate will be furnised when desired 106 teachers in devoted to them on Friday the 13th wait upn all his young friends Address H H Cherry President West The Russell Springy Fair isnow in which will be known as Kentucky Press their names are as follows On last Friday evening Miss Alice t My Household and Kitchen Furniture Hattie Williams Ennis Sanders R ern Normal Bowling Green Ky 392t Walkei in her charming manner enter- ¬ full blast and the manangement is do ¬ DayBesides ing every thing in its power to give the B White Minnie Knifley Nolon White the usual courtesies in the is now offered for sale All as good as 1 Last Sunday August 1st Mr J N tained a number of Columbia young large attendance a firstclass show way of tickets of admittance and op new If you need anything in this line Nancy Willis Mamie Smith Mont ladies and gentlemen in honor of Mr C S N Hancock Biggs Annie Royse Joe Knifley G V Coffey was 51 years old Mr J F Pat ¬ Fredric Ohlenmacherof Scottsvillewho There are many outside attractions and portunity to see the excellent shows calland examine the music is very inspiring Adair that willbe provided the editors and Hovious Robert Williams W S Sin teson his soninlaw was 33 years old is visiting Mr Reed Shelton Columbia Ky tf The > v clair Jasper Beard Froni Christie and his granddaughter Margaret Pat¬ spacious porch where the guests were oountywill send many representatives their ladies will be guests of Secretary teson was four years old The occa ¬ k Mr N H w Aaron a wellknown t Tobias Huff aker Marvin Perryman Jouett Shouse for luncheon sion was duly celebrated at the home of mostly seated was artistically arranged attorney has formed a partnership with Travis Morton Robert Willis Alvin with ferns potted plants and seats and 136 tWo to H A Walker for 85 I Among those who attended the party Mr J Bryan Stone in the practice of Rosson Frank Taylor Luther Young the former a bountiful dinner being illumined with Japenese lanterns Miss for spread Those present outside of the three heifers to L W Bennett for at Mr Jack Stotts Thursday evening thex profession and will remove hisV T Nance Ina Dohoney J B Mor¬ Mattie Walker was assisted m entertainingby 5400 to from the Columbia Hotel were as fol ¬ family from Liberty to Monticello gan WG Aaron R C Marshall immediate home folks were Mr S F Misses Myers and McFarland c Lost 8494 five to L J Willis for 12 sheep White wife and son Kenneth and J H Smith three cattle and Miss Nora Bradshaw and Trr J Robert Bailey Muncy Coomer Jessie Miss Heir and Fortytwo were indulged in for 92 to J D Walker two heifers lows Kittie Smith Miss Essie Triplett has exhibited at Cravens Miss Ethel Moore and Wal- ¬ Taylor C T Harness Ethel Moore I During the evening delightful refresh for3200 one to Tel Coomer f r15 lace Beard Miss Clarice Stotts and this office one of the largest apples we Zella Fields G D Firquin Mamie Mo ments were served by Misses Mae Philetus Dunbar Miss Bertha Breed- ¬ ever saw It was The Twenty Ounce ran Carrie Bradshaw Olie Taylor Pea Ridge Fair Saturday Aug 14 Stults Vie Hughes Ella Walker and ing and Cortez Sanders Miss Pearl Pippin finely shaped atKl weighed 22 Margaret YatesrG W Turner of Music TheSchool Mrs Elizabeth Coy The invited were Breeding and W E Holladay Miss ounces Itf grew at the iome of her Kelsey Eliza Vaughn Ben Jef The following premium arrived too Mamie Baker 4ICittie Mr Ohlenmacher Ruby Jeffries and Berry Morris Misses father Mr C T Triplett k fries Eliza Strange F E Webb J late to be printed in the catalog but Laura Herriford Tim Cravens Nancy KxFlbwers DeJL Mitchell and V Dudley Flora Powell VUe Murrah same will be placed in the proper class Bess Holladay Alec Chewning muaic will enjoy unexcelled opportuni- ¬ Leslie Staples and MissTMabel Atkins Every body is getting ready for the pli Special by Boston Bessie Young Edgar Royse Laura Hughes Myrtle Myers John L Walker ties in the Western Normal Write for and Ray Montgomery Fair and people from all the adjoining t Smith AlbertBryant Nora Bradshaw Quanah Texas Halfmile race for Hl1ieRogers Dr Garlan Grissom special information Address H H counties are expected here on the pL7th H JH Conover Rubie Jeffries Pearl boys 16 years and under Loo Ewing Stults Francis Jones Cherry Bowling Green Ky 392t Own ¬ Mr David Willin of near Joppa was to spend a week in enjoyment Breeding J 0 White Cortez Sanders 392t Reed Shelton Bess Rowe in town Friday and informed us that ers of fine stock who expect to con ¬ Oscar Sinclair Bertha Breeding Wal Romie Judd The announcement of the meeting of his wife and daughter who have been tend for premiums should be res5y Edna Lewis AMiss a lce Beard All ertie Bardin Virginia from nearKelsey andmet Miss Strange¬ Lilhie Judd R bt Todd v contending with typhoid fever for when the bell taps Glenville with an acci- Jennie McFarland Leon Pedigo Hunn Lena Todd Ossi Dillinghanij V several weeks have both fully recover W R Squires dent in Columbia last Friday They Martha Hancock Ray Flowers Annie Montgomery Fred McLean and J A Young are ed The little girl is yet weak though Dohoney W W Kerr Lizzie were in a buggy and at the top of the Betsey Han onk George Lowe Ella able to get r undMr 1til1inJ getting along nicely painting the out- > sheis Bleyins Fonzo Hancock Fannie Smith hill on roadS leading to Jan estownv Mabel Atkins Audry Frazief stated that he was truly thankful andIside of thecourthouse The cupalo is Wi lard Iluffaker Bettie Cundiff Ce their horse became frightened and ran Sara Thomas being painted in bright and attractive John Flowers indeed he could not otherwise feel fite Shirley Annie Bradshaw Clarice down the hill Both ladies were thrown Lura Smith Tom Judd colors and there is a decided mproye totts G w Young Pearl Huidman from the vehicle and were considerably Mary Carlwright Jim Gar ett Russells creek Dryfork QJensfork ment in the apjpearance of the whole V free Tuition ra Moss Agnes Conover Eldridge hurt Fred Hill building Katie Murrell S Kate Walker Hallie Jlodgers rger IThe Board of Trustees of the town Farm forSale w cob Reece Evjiri Thurman Estelle were MrJW Richards who has been ftltts Nannie Roe Margrette Walker in the Anchorage hospital for seine has passed a resolution authorizing the away arid avgreat deal of corn washed t I have a good farm for sale lyin on Cemetery Improvement Association to down but it will not be seriously dam sibn begins September 7 199 Write I i A Strange R L Campbell Walter ylor Mary Hancock Tflford Petty Bryants Creek of Green River con layoff and fix a price on all the lots in aged H II Cherry Boiling ula Royse Grace Dudley Mrs Ida tlinipg about 100 acres Well watered the cemetery and the Trustees will Greetilcy4or information 392t lien husband Tuesday on an eXt The ice eriwim stlPjerrtnqet the Absher Laura Hosenbaum Essie Trip and plenty of timber Good house then ca lsethfseIOts to be conveyed tg Western trip hey will probably 1 Mrs Trabue Shearer is the first per in the West for several weeks and thiy arelayed off management of the ladies of the Pri Iett Lutie Barger Annie Smith Lula barri and crib Lies f mile from Church the persons to Mary Garnett Allie Gibson and school house For further particu ¬ when the priceso fixed has been paid ytfrian Aid Society given Tutftdaj sob to send the News Office a cantalppe return to their honie in Columbia fter pjriffey eek waz wetlpatrnjZ It was very lehcious and the donor will TisitingitfiMissburi Kansas Nebraska jnnie Morrison Rena Cundiff Mrs to our AswwiationJ lItis important that night of thferecipts going beyond expectations please aocept the thanks oftthe office J ndiOklilioma > rthe Association Jake some action at o lie BlIard Prof John C Willis > T 51 I L ff i l C X 1 i- once aS several people are desirous of securing a deed to the lots wherein their dead are buried A meeting of efficientIOUTRAGEr J DEATH t JjlIlt 1 c I v < Thyrbr grandstandJby I I youhave ¬ hichorylumber i timberI ¬ 4later t i 1 IA v i 1 < I Ii3tteries 764 1 I e 974 Wt J- 1 JI I I JKentuckybest qp t nightS j I lers f f ITeachers 1 I f- 1 I 3t 1i VoI If J i l c I ¬ > I to I I 7 ledical11A5 topressI 4 I > PettlsforkBigCreekIW I r c 111 Hard1WlC It i tifi i41 q < F + i < bei Ii g Ir4- vvvJ t 1 I 1 rnp rhermental d 1 I fc toI i Ptdnt t j I tI rr r S > f

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