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Image 2 of 2001 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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2. A. Academic Affairs Mr. Lovett B. Athletic Mrs. Ford C. Audit Mrs. McCoy D. Buildings and Grounds Mr. Miller l E. Development/Investments Mr. Lovett ‘ F. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Mrs. Burr G. F aculty/Staff Affairs Mrs. Buchanon H. Finance Mr. Easley I. Governmental Relations Mr. Miller J. International Relations Mr. Sparks K. Student Life Mr. Thome 8. Resolution of Authorization to Council on Postsecondag; Education (CPE) Dr. Alexander \ Minutes of the Board of Regents Meeting held on December 8, 2000, approved Mrs. Buchanon moved, seconded by Mrs. Burr, that the Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting held on December 8, 2000, be approved as presented. Motion carried. Report of the President A President Kem Alexander’s Retirement Message at the February 13, 2001, Press Conference is attached. (See attachment #1) Student Recognition -— Dr. Alexander recognized the students’ presentation of Campus Lights. This is the 64"‘ year for production of Campus Lights, which is the oldest student run, student produced, on-campus' musical in the United States. This year’s production was "The Wizard of Oz," directed by Christopher Thomton, senior music education major from Herein, Illinois. Jennifer Specials, a senior music education major from Rolling Meadows, Illinois, was the pit orchestra director. Campus Lights is sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity and Sigma Alpha Iota music sorority. . Mr. Michael Thorne presented the following resolution to Mr. Thomton and Ms. Specials. Board of Regents Resolution WHEREAS Campus Lights has been a tradition at the University every Spring since 1938; WHEREAS Campus Lights provides quality entertainment to the student body of Murray State University and the campus community; WHEREAS the commitment to a tradition of excellence has been carried on by the students who produce, direct, promote, and perform the production; WHEREAS the continuation of the tradition of Campus Lights is a vital part of the performing arts of Murray State University and the region of Western Kentucky; THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that on this sixteenth day of February in the year two thousand and one that the Board of Regents of Murray State University recognizes the positive impact of the individuals involved in the production of Campus Lights. ¤|<>I==l<

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