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Page 3 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.19 n.2

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

THE 1948 CONVENTION PROGRAM The date of the next annual convention of our association is rapidly approaching. Provision has been made for inspirational speakers for the public gatherings, and for helpful specialists in the departmental groups. In planning this year's program, account has been taken of a number of helpful suggestions made by district presidents in their meetings with the Board of Directors. An encouraging element in connection with the organization of the convention program has been the enthusiasm and interest many depart- ments have shown. From some sections of the state have come indica- tions that many teachers, heretofore inactive in conventions, wish to participate in this year's activities. Departmental programs are being planned to the end that through them, every teacher of the state may have ample opportunity for profitable experiences. THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Some persons think of the K. N. E. A. only in terms of the April meeting. Others know that the work of the organization is a year round task, guided by the directors. This group has met as frequently each year as circumstances warranted-sometimes during the vacation period, even during the Christmas holiday season when advisable. From time to time they have included in their councils the presi- dents of district associations in order that the problems of the several areas of the state might be known and provided for. At times the presi- dents of the state schools have met with the directors, to plan how the interests of the schools might be advanced through the efforts of the association.. The conferences have always led to appropriate action. Sometimes the actions, to be effective, could not be publicized. Fore- most on the agenda of the officers has always been accomplishment, to the greatest degree possible, of the recommendations of the legislative committee. This is in itself a major task. The directors merit the gratitude of the membership for their earnest, consistent efforts to direct wisely the affairs of the association. DEPARTMENTAL MEETINGS STRESSED No pains have been spared to arrange strong programs for the public and departmental meetings of the Association. Each speaker on a public program has been carefully selected to meet the tastes of those who wish careful thought masterfully presented. Attention should be called to the fact that, while the public sessions are planned to be in- spirational, valuable experiences should be gained through the depart- mental meetings. Their programs have been planned by the respective departmental chairmen. A limited amount of money has been made available by the directors for a speaker for each department; perhaps the amount should be increased for those having a year-round program. The officers of the Association wish to encourage every teacher to take an active part in the department of her interest. Meetings have been scheduled at four main times during the convention, thus making it possible for members to visit groups other than their own. 3

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