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Image 8 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 1, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

East Kentucky Correspondence I News You Get Nowhere Else I o e Tile Bo eorrttpondioc publlihed ultti ilintd U till by tan wrtUt Write It not for publication but AI an evidence ot rood faith BOONS namne July Revival meetings are still being held at Falrvlew church Rev Charles Wilson of Plttsburg Pennsyl ¬ vania is conducting the service and doing much goodMr and Mrs Joe Leavett were the guests of Mrs Mattie Coyle SundayMr and Mrs W M Brewer visited relatives here Sunday Lewis Lamb will soon go to Wolfe county where ho will engage in timber business Eden Pren Is reported no better Rev Charles Wilson and wife were guests of Mrs Dave Martin Friday Miss Dora Coyle vis ¬ ited friends near Rockford Sunday Mr and Mrs Hosklns visited relatives here Saturday Joe Leavltt visited friends near Dreyfus Thursday The new railroad switch near Slate Lick is almost completed Marlon Poynter a railroad employe was severely hurt while engaged in loading cars near Slate Lick some days ago- plainlyo ooeoeoeaeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoNOTE eoeoeoeoeoeoiosofloeoeoeoeoeJACKSON OLIN July 25A singing school was or guilied at Blooming Grove church The Fall Term of Berea College Begins Sept II The time to start is in the fall New Arrangement with College Treasurer The Treasurer announces a slight but Important change in his arrange ments Instead of settling for board and pay for labor done by students by the month he will hereafter settle by the half termThls makes ono less day of settlement saving his time and the time of the student And thl means that on the opening day stu ¬ dents must pay for halt a terms board 7 weeks In the fall Instead of five weeks board See College ad ¬ vertisement In another column Who is W A Cope Mr Cope one of the candidates for the Republican nomination for state representative was born April 13th 1879 In a log cabin In Jackson county His home has been a log cabin nil his Ute He was left an orphan at the age of eleven but was determined to get a good education When eighteen years of age he walked flue miles to school every day to save board and at tend In the winter At twentytwo he obtained a second grade certificate and taught two years then obtaining a first grade certificate which he now holds both In Madison and Jackson counties He and his sister whom he assisted In getting her education have both been students of Berea College lIe Is a personal friend and fellow stu dent In Borea of Mr Dean the other candidate and does not expect that friendship to be lessened whichever wins the nomination I realise that the Mr Cope says legislature will be one of great 1m next portanee and If nominated and elected I shall do all I can for the mountain¬ people and especially for tile man between the plow handles JID Lucy Head of Dabney is visiting hero I join him them some time during the Many will attend the county Sunday month Mr and Mrs Estill Warford school convention at Flat Lick Aug 9th and 10th loft Saturday for Hamilton Ohio Ho ROCKCASTLE COUNTY expects to bo gone about thirty days etioeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeaeoeoeoeoCoRoeoioeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo 2 George house Saturday With Mr Miller as teacherMr N A Cope passed Candidate for Representative through here this week We think Mr Cope is a deserving young man and if elected will do all he can for the mountain people Miss Etta Med lock visited her friend Miss Mary Shepherd Saturday night Mrs Mount Stewart has been on the sick list for quite a while but is Improving some Cara King was the welcome guest¬ of her cousin Jennie Hurley Sun day night Mr and Mrs Willie Med lock of this place visited Mrs Med locks parents Mr and Mrs Sid Bowling Saturday night Miss Ida King was the guest of her grand- ¬ father and grandmother Mr and Mrs Dan King Monday evening Mr J F Dean expected to set a good vote as In Perry and Brcathltt counties he Is really a good mountain man 29 CONWAY July 29Mr and Mrs J C Bullen and Mr and Mrs Leonard Hamilton visited relatives here Sunday Mrs Is Ida Parker of Villa Grove 111 visiting her parents Mr and Mrs J R McCollom this weekJ W Todd and family visited H E Bullen Sunday evening Mr James Johnson of Berea called on H E Gadd Sunday The meeting at Falrvlew is protracted progressing nicely Misses Minnie Nancy and Hannah Sexton of Wlldle visited friends here Saturday and Sun dayMr and Mrs James Linville who have been visiting friends hero returned to their home at Berea Sun- ¬ day ORATMAWK LOCUST 1IRANCII 1 EASTERN KENTUCKY DIRECTORYI- f you have any Interests the Mountains these are the people you will find fair and friendlyI In LETCHER COUNTY LESLIE COUNTY IThe July farmers are cutting hay nowMrs Mack Powell died loot Friday and was burled Saturday Citizens Bank at the J M Kindred graveyard She Incorporate leaves a husband and six small chil ¬ dren to mourn her lossMrs J A CAPITAL J 5000JBlcknoll is qulto sick with fever HYllAZIKIt FrctlilvnUAnne Blckncll was burned severely KENTUCKY Friday Mrs John Kindred is sick WHITESBURG Wo are sorry to say Mr and Mrs Thomas Cooks little baby is not Im- ¬ proving much Little Charlie Cox is quite sick with phthyalc Mr and Mrs It W Harris and children havo been visiting Mrs Harris parents J M Kindred and wlfoMrs Nellie Whitesburg HYDEN CITIZEN BANK HYDEN KY Prompt Service Security for Savings Slyer and Baker Attorneys Evans is visiting at her grandfathers J L LEWIS LAND SURVEYOR HYDEN KY Notary Public U S Comr Miss Alice Revls has gone to Winchester to spend the sum ¬ WHITESBURQ KENTUCKY Sure Boundaries Mike Good Neighbors mer with relatives There was quite a large attendance at the Sunday Mr Elbrldgo school Sunday last Oglesby is teaching our school Da ¬ vid Kindred was at his old stand at J DISHMAN FITZPATRICK Mr O T Carts yesterday evening GENERAL MERCHANT rhytlclnn nml Surgeon and Mrs Claude Oliver visited Mrs Olivers parents Sunday Miss Lizzie Phono 21 Whltoaburg Ky Oliver has gone to stay with Elbrldgo All dothlnfr FAmily Supplies eta Wagers family at Bobtown BESTand CHEAPEST Strictly for Caib LEE COUNTY J M Kindred JANE SCHULL iiANroun Not a Man of frivolity GARRARD COUNSon are Dr Douf l of Keith who was made an honorary member of the Aberdeen progressing their business society In 1795 had a reputation for rain Thursday did considerable ¬ bluntness A talkative woman went also to damage to the tram road to him one day and said to him the crops hereAn ice cream supper Doctor whAt Is tho matter with my was given by W T Cecil Those who longuoHJUIt needln a rest ho were present report a good time replied shortly On another day n Miss Edcssa White of Clay City is patient went to him and complained visiting her sister Mrs Oda Young at I have a deal to suffer with my eyes Work Promptly Returned whereupon bo answered doctor Banfordr Mr James Reece of Ban GARRARD COUNTY letter utter with thorn than with ¬ ford and Miss Mary Alico Madden Lancaster Ky out wore married Thursday at the home CONN BROS CARTCRSV1LU2 of the bride In Jackson county Ken ¬ July 26 Wheat threshing has com ¬ menced in this community Corn tucky looks late but we hope it will mature MAPS HELP A MAN SLEEP before frost Mrs Jem Nave who has been on the sick list la up again Mental Geography the Best Sapo rIfle According to a Drug Clerk Mrs BUns Smith is dekMrs J B TO SHW 1IHICNDH Carter Miss Mamie Carson Mrs Jam 1ItI CtUcaIe w A haggaitltooklag for a ub lbr It yua hed bps ruB strolled n a w mon h p Allen and children WOre the guests Ie lie wlthoet K we a laM K into a liNg store UM other day tttng It Mel w will 1Sits K WIt m w1pq eethtM41 emus hv Wlhlx rllll of Mrs J O Clark last Wednesday you s fsi het help and asked the druggist for Mrs Lowls Navo and little son HI Ue said be bad trouble la lot 01 X wood of Flat Woods are visiting Mrs Uag to sleep when ho setlred No f Jem Nave this week Last Saturday matter how sleepy he might b > during >4 u> r boot will mu row wig ort ie Mr Dud Stanee was tried at Lancaster the day or bow taweh sloop ho might TII CtUsee i Deli yes CIUN Iun Taw poster rle or 1101 buok rouMM sm court for misbehavior at prayer meet- have lost the moment his heed touch TO OID rillllMW Ing and was fined 40 Mr John ed the pillow he was wide awake and W Ones UADISOn COUNTY Daniel Carter had an exawlalBg trial lay thus for several hfmrs mas do eapnelyNMtiapMWtnTIPUIpbe ujouIsartimwellt1rn ann ofor nil trobry URBTFDS aM pnmtrms DC to aw at the same place for mallckJw csttlag asleep he WM uphard to waken tilt newtrteeMIube1bm who pyfurarabrdaa unit to Ir i her Mm a u m at a certain hour temhfxrrihirwbrlptlpn l Bange will placed Un- ¬ he had to bo run out xr 1x1 sxre II of Mr Stanee Carter WM July liMI88 Dora An Ir uth aft baled MN arpy ul h u and In eonsoqueoee of Ms peculiar af Uwle eyard eloryett iy wets der 600 bond to appear at Circuit fliction be WM losing more sleep titan Saturday for Dayton Ohlo leave rotII r II court He made an attempt to out bo oould stand The drug clerk reMr and Mrs Dave Qarrett of Mote Duds throat and out him in life garded him qulsalcally a few moments right luuglJrand Mrs J B Car- and then replied My dear man and faintly Mies VIokle HOW TO fVY IOU Till CITIZItN court on you dont need medicine What you ter attended Lancaster visiting her cousin Mm Sherroai TIle M TIM sins Ie 1111 a ye z In sdvanwm Kuek Green is want Is something to change the Thursday Mr Arthur rot Mr ii x aeetbr end N n o Hurley this week MIsa Guwle hw INn motla Mat eclter a m a bak r a Mar at br t0A here mIt not TIle CKlma ana Ky twed the In home again Ho has been in Illinois trend of your thoughts Do as a friend Irltor Hit Mart lit 0h t er of Moto visited Miss Mina Jone it my be IOM over a yearProtracted meeting will of mine did He was troubled tile Sunday Miss Bula Rubles spent Sat tVIIIBt VOI7II TI3IK BUNS OfT same way and found that the old folks commence at this place on Tuesday plan urday night and Sunday of last week 11 will lenkt of Imagining sheep passing a barSunday In Au ¬ and Mrs night before the third with Miss Dora Benge Mr rier and counting them was out of I JVLY OT gust at the Methodist church Mr date So be began trying to name all Link Lamb spent Sunday with Mr ThaOMn 1IMyour yrpr Kpyd fur up to JaI t fan whstrvr Ihr tr Joe Wylle Is improving He has been the states in the union lie soon got W1tetl tam Curtis Lake and family of Duluth run ors a pie Coti4 s weewl Went to aMnhril r n rrnut h1 Mat hl tPom outad set hm IIIII medlar lie hM woM 1 for the in ill health for some time them so be could classify them alpha nos Little Mile Maud Hlrt of Hugh re w rdb betically Then when they no longer turned home Sunday after a few days ESTILL COUNTY aarHd y Ie eaeea dd prue rile interested him he started on the a nor Ir FOVTOWN visit with Miss Sunshine JonesMr Mreewabowitt ndeelwMsttIf u 1VAOEfSYILLE counties of this state He now has Is moving this Jack Qillur of Mote July 26Most of the tarmacs are July his 27Wo are having plenty of thorn atfourthtongues end classified up week to the home he purchased from thru with their crops in this neigh ¬ to the letter Now he Is start Mrs 1ervlse of borhoodPeople are very anxious rain now and farmers are glad to see Ing on state capitals and their loon HARD S Lamb Mr and TASK FOR TRANSLATORS Wagers came home with to see some good sheep buyer come it comeMr Jeff White Station spent Tuesday tions then bo will take up county Jas in the neighborhood We think sheep Tuesday after a few days visit with seats A moments glance at an atlas Much Ingenuity Called For In Compll Mr and Mrs Chas JonesRev tier various diseases Interested her Pierson filled his regular appointment will bring a good prlceC M Bake his son James Wagers at DarooI during the day shows him when ho Is log Bible Into Zulu and she talked of nothing Ilse Ono Saturday and visited friends and relatives at Pan Miss Anne Crosby of Richmond is wrong and the beauty of the plan is at the Baptist church day a visitor found her eating heartily visiting the Misses Wagers Miss Lll ¬ that ho rarely has to think along In the words of tho Hoverond C W and inquired as to her heath Sunday Mrs Frank Ames of Kings ola last weekMr and Mrs Thomas Tho I feel ton spent Sunday with Mrs Nellie Lakes attended church at Sand Spring lle Park of Frankfort Is the guest theso lines longer than ton minutes Kllbon the true missionary alms tc invalid sighed and answered of Misses Ella and Maude Park this before he is sound asleep To make repeat the saying of his Master Tbi very well maam but I always fool OggMr and Mrs L C Powell were last Sunday Messrs Charley Bakeit short the study of geography is a words which thou gayest mo I have bad when I feel well because I know the guests of Mr and Mrs F M and Thomas Lakes left Friday for given unto them lie may preset I am going to feel worse afterward Fannie Wagers were the guests of good narcotic Jones SundayMrs Walter Williams Station Camp on business Wo were and explain but tho people mutt be will arrive Sunday to sorry to hear of the death of Mrs Mesdames A W Arvlne and W F of Kerby Knob POINT HAD BEEN PROVED UlU able to search for themselves spend a few days with her parents William Wells of near Blanton Flat Parsons Tuesday Miss Alice Hender ¬ mately he must loavo the Bible Ir son is visiting friends and relatives in No Need for Young Man to Carry Ex the language of tho people to whoa Mr and Mrs JIm Jones The bereaved family have the sympa Middletown Ohio Harvey Congleton periment Further ho has been sent as the foundatlot thy of alL Ilia lULL was among friends here Sunday upon which his work must rest July 29 Charlie Green of Corbin A young man who had inherited a Strongly convinced of this tho bible flU ASK I COUNTY Hume C Wagers came homo Friday OFFICE AT fU SIDENCE Ky is visiting home folks this week large fortune from a rich but very Society working In Natal South Afrl after a few days visit in Richmond PLATO The Misses Ready and little brother PHONE 50 CENTER ST and Fannie Scrivner economical relative decided to live on ca began the translation of tho Now of Corbin Ky are visitIng Mr and I July 29Corn is laid by harvest Misses Nettle P a scale commensurate with his great Testament into Zulu It was almos guests of Misses Rosa and Mrs Whit Lewis Mr and Mrs Tur is done and farmers are trying to were the ly increased Income and was making a task of despair Tho mental capacl ¬ pin of Richmond are spending a few keep out of old Sols reach Walter Molllc Arvlne Saturday night and Sun arrangements to build a flno mansion ty of the Zulus was of tho lowest or days at Mallory Springs Mrs Ellen Debord who has been sick for some day MIsa Alice Peters who has been buy an automobile and Invest in other der and they had practically no terms fathers time with typhoid is up again and re ¬ very low for some time la still very expensive luxuries when an elderly to express spiritual truths There wai Todd of Berea was > and oil turned to Somerset to work Robert sick Frank Kelly left Friday for an friend who had always been ono of no proper word for God last week canning blackberries LICENSED EMBALMER extended visit in Richmond and his advisers undertook to remonstrate course none for such abstract tormi Mr Charles Hlrt who has been In Splplet of Somerset visited home folks with holiness worship Whats this I hear about as faith has this weekJ C Lewis Jr of the Georgetown Park Warford left Wed ¬ your him Wolfe county for several days AND UNDERTAKER squandering tho money your honesty A splr conscience returned Messrs Whit Lewis Jas I Sue Bonnet school of London was nesday for Bloomington Ill where he uncle left you Harry said tho elder- Itual vocabulary had to eta created bo Successor to B H Koblnson Morgan and J F Adams took In the working in the interest of the school will work in the canning factory Owing to the heavy rain the crowd ly friend 1 am not going to squander- and existing words applied to matorla excursion to Cincinnati Sunday in this part this week andvisited It he answered but Im going to get things had gradtt Ur to bo twlstcc All calls promptly attended to night nmTday Vrs T J McICcehan and daughter H C McQuary and brother Mrs J I was very small at the party given some good out of It Its enough to around with an Ingenuity truly amazby Miss Grace Wagers Wbdnesday make him turn over in his grave Ing But at last tho Zulus possesset Telephone No 4 Ilerra Kjf Manerva spent Sunday of last week N Brown has returned from a visit with Mr and Mrs Klah McKeehan in India Territory rind Oklahoma and night Didnt your uncle prove In his own a complete Zulu Bible In one volume case that a man could live on a per- which was available for tho mllllont STATION CAMP of MoteFlora Green was In Berea visited at Mrs J F McQuarya Sun ¬ Thursday of last weekMrs James dayD E McQuary opened school July 29 Misses Kathryne Moores sonal expenditure of less than 1000 of African savages who ranged iron Yell Well Well ho tho borders of Cape Colony on the Morgan and children visited Mr and at Plato the 22nd inst with good at¬ and Anna Scrivner were guests of a year proved It so thoroughly that I accept south to tho shores of Lake Nyassa or Mrs H C McQuary began at Miss Anna Gumm Saturday night Pete Carpenter Sunday Mrs tendance it as demonstrated What is the use the north and from tho Indian occai Jessie Nealy and Mr and Mrs Armon Pleasant View the same datePulaski Miss Sophia Wilson left last Wednes ¬ of my continuing the experiment on the east to the western borders Nealy of Kerby Knob visited Mr and county is to vote on the turnpike prop- day for a ten days trip to Niagara Youths Companion of tho Transvaal and into Rhode osition this fall We hope the bond Falls and Canada She joined a par ¬ Mrs Charles Hlrt Saturday night on tho west William George FitzTo Encourage Thrift Gerald In tho Circle Magazine Protracted meeting will begin at Pilot issue will carry All good citizens ty at Richmond and left there Thurs ¬ CITY PHONE 103 A New York man has just patented Knob the second Saturday and Sun- want good roadsMrs Linn Baker day morning Dr and Mrs J F a device for the encouragement 01 Wise Uncle Ebenday of August Everybody Is invited nee Miss Rutha Debord of St Louis Scrivner spent Saturday night with OFFICE OVER POST OFFICE thrift It consists of a toy savings I aint got no patience said Uncle to attend the meeting Mr and Mrs Mo is visiting her brother William his brother Mr W A Bcrlvner bank with a clock attachment Tha Eben wlf do kind o patience dat con Hubbard of Richmond are expecting to DebordEpson Broyles bought a 16 The Station Camp and Wagersvllle clock Is set In the face of the bank in jes slttln down comfable an spend a few days at Mallory Springs hand horse 5 years old from Jack Sunday schools are planning to go on and cannot bo wound unless a dim slits fob good luck to strike you walUn this weekT J McKeehan Is visiting Owens for 175Clay Brown bought a picnic to Lock No 11 some time Is dropped In tho slot As winding his sister Mrs Fettle and family of a tract of land from Dr Lesterman during next week They will charter causes the dime to fall Into the vault Women and Their Fads Missouri Mr Reuben Gabbard and for 1300 The land is near the Gilmore a gasoline boat and both schools will and the clock will run but 24 hours A Loadoa physician has discovered family visited Mrs Julia C Green schoolhouse and contains over fine go together There will be from 160 without rewinding the contrivance as Sunday Miss Reece of Kerby Knob hundred acres Miss Ora Brown and to 200 pupils and teachersMr L urea an accumulation of 70 cents a theory is that the neces Necklaces he says cause a pressure OrncBi week BEREA KY k visiting Miss Llllle Hlrt this Lenel Green visited Miss Lura Baker A Amyx has accepted a position at city of The Over Printing Office depositing a dime every day ea the Important nerves that converge weekMr and Mrs Mack Maupin Saturday night Sunday school WM Paris Ky assistant yard clerk will lead to slipping In other coins at at the base of the skulL This is balm OWce hour from A ted spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs J organized at the McQuary place oa tk He expects to go to work about the odd moments and thus establish a CUT Ftion 1S3 Indeed to the woman who owns M Teeth eitracted wltkmt pln Sotnnofwwe H Wltaoa 27th last and la well attended Mtea first of September Mrs Amyx will habit of saving Jewels JanesII Farmers are very busy hay making George Tincher returned home from East Bernstadt yesterday with goods for W R Engle and Judd DrosMrs Louisa Tincher Is quite slckMr John Johnson and family have returned to their old home after three years stay in OhloW F Tlncher our singing master succeed ed in getting a singing school at the Judd schoolhouse with thirtyone mem bars Wm Parrett and Brathor Har- ¬ ris are fishing today on the Laurel ForkMr McIntosh the timber man made a business call on Mrs C A Uncle Peter Maden Judd yesterday was found dead hung to a joist It Is supposed be hanged himself lIe was an old man and a good citizen W R Bollard made a business trip to R P Welchs last ThursdayRev Wm Anderson bought a new mowing machine MIDDLE PORK July 2GMr Mahlon Summers and family who have been visiting friends and relatives at this place returned to their home at Livingston Monday Rev Henry Lewis of Laurel county preached at this place Saturday and SundayMr Ben Tussey and Joseph Fllnchum attended church at Lettei Box Sunday MIsa Della Angel en tertalned a large crowd of young folks Sunday Little Joe Dowey Angel is very slckCap Wilson Wee and Lige Angel and several others attend ed church at Letter Box Sunday even IngMr and Mrs Dan Angel are the proud parents of a fine boy boru July 22nd He has been named Robert Joe Johnson Miss Dora McWhorter began her school at Old Bend Monday morning with a good attendance July 27 ¬ July R Spotswood 29Enlcelywlth The TYENGINES BOIL ERS SAW MILLS REPAIRED THE CITIZEN IhJIIII rapby lwul Itala r wy amwwe lbWye rr uiTh uwtppd xyou r bl1 Thn I I ttufp p ¬ t MI wMitoute ¬ ¬ Ky Berea I haitd i ce w u i nUlIi 1 ComingThl andr LADAVISMD ¬ C l ther I F HANSON DrWGBEST DENTIST aeckiacelII u SeR BA DENTIST i ERtI I

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