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Image 3 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 1, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

M0 o e s r h t N 0000000000000f College Items I 0- It Makes You Warm o o x r + i tIt Dont 1 Believe in Itt The Porter Drug Co lrcoaroluTLD- I o Berea and Vicinity i 11 o J Brooklyn N Y Tuesday evening Ho will be in the city for a few days Wllllam burg Times Trcos Osborne has some very pleas ¬ ant houses to rent for the fall term The College chapel is to be opened once this summer on Sunday Aug 18 for morning and night sermons by Rev Dr Hergct the eloquent and ear¬ nest pastor of the great Ninth street Baptist church of Cincinnati Everybody should plan ahead so as to hear these two sermons President Frost preached to a large congregation at Mallory Springs last i FROM A VARIETY OF SOURCES IiO0000O0O008000 A mass meeting of all Republicans In Iterea 1s sailed for 7 oclock Sat urdny night August 3rd in tho pub lie MtwolltouiKj The purpose is to form the party organization for the village and all Republicans are urged to be present A travelling test how boa this week carried oct some of the mmty of our village aid left some foolish notlaes in heads that wore net overwise be- ¬ fore 1I Miss Nina ling who has been 111 aWe to be out again Young Thomas Coyle was riding on IMIItwe street last week and allowed Fee Moron to climb up behind The mule acted up and both boys hAve badly sprained arms The colored stool begins Its see ¬ don nut Monday Prof Creoshaw and his wife PaUlo Turner Crenshaw have made this school so attractive that many pupil from ouUtdo the dls trIll are planning to attend We hope every ooh red ohlW within three miles of Uorea will be there the first dayI Do1rea ulBg factory which started lost year Is doing an Mrsasleg bwriaws and now a large roller will and a spoke factory are going Into operation Thaw industrial will undoubtedly add much to the Growth and prosperity of the town and should receive the OH couragenmt and patronage of the cU i 100O0O00000 000 and Mrs George return- It has been decided to hold the UcnsMlM Sunday School picnic of tho Union Martha Spurloelc was the guest of her sister Mrs S Je Hunt of church at Slate Lick Springs on Saturday Aug 10th Wallaeetan Saturday anti Sunday Prof Ralno preaches in tho Union MhM Oruee OarnoJlus who has been church for tho noxt three Sundays visiting Mrs G1 Spencer at Cum returned Sat ¬ Mrs Joo Kvnns spent a few days borland Gap Tenn last week with relatives urdayJ Herndon was In town Sat ¬ urday on buslnMs Mrs J W Stephens no Ice Miss White of Cincinnati is making an extended visit with Mr and AJrs1 Stephens t Treasurer Oabornos books show that during the past year the College has I ¬ It Is con ¬ and a porch on each side tho rooms are furnished In the old frontier style calleo ¬ number of rustic seats sitting In and around the building Besides being surrounded by a stockade of plno slabs driven Into tho ground there is a pine grove on tho roar and two sides but In front you can sit and view the Am ¬ erican as well as several visiting squadrons of war ships from other countries besides a great deal of shipping that passes up and down the riverI been looking to see someone from Boron that I knew but so far only ono has como along and that was Ver non Wheeldon who is employed by tho Electric company and Is stationed near the exposition grounds He ex poets to remain with tho company permanently if everything goes well The Jamestown Exposition has been kicked at and knocked at by a great many people from the different corners of our country till It has such a black eyo that I doubt whether It will pull through successfully or not It Is true enough that they wero not ready to open It when they did but they wero under contract from tho government and so had to open when they did but any one wanting to com here now will find all they care tosco for one time and a great deal more than they will remember They have the exposition in very good shape with the exception of a couple of buildings that are not quite finished yetI have been on guard nearly three months now and have had some won ¬ throughlono not worth mentioning but I am getting sick of my job of having to walk around In tbo hot sun with the ther ¬ mometer registering 90 and 100 in the shade and all buttoned up to the chin In heavy winter clothes with a heavy belt and sabre on but another month and a half lets me out then I will take tho nearest way for Ken- ¬ tucky Horace Caldwell Co A Powhatan Guard Jamestown Exposition Va- t Letter from Oiiiii J Creech Ky LewU- July 27 1007 Dear FriendsIt may bo that somo of tho Berea people would ba glad to know what some of tho rest of tho Boron boys and girls are doing this summer I can speak for myself and two or three I moreI ed was very buccessful and very helpful to us teachers I have permission to hold a Sunday school convention and a picnic at my schoolhouse on Satur ¬ day July 27th I am expecting a large crowd and a good time A person cannot tell what good he may bo able to do for Gods cause till he gets out Into the world and comes up against tho real things that life is made ofSimon Kelly and Arthur Dalloy are coming to visit my home and take part in the convention They are doIng good work here this year I am sorry that I cannot be at Be ¬ rea in the fall term but I must be content where I am May all we teachers always do our duty and bo worthy of our work Very truly yours Cam J Lewis EVOrybodYSIvatronage A Letter from Alba Hoblrmon Hanover N July II 2507 My Dear Professor Cook- SUMMER IS THE StoI ¬ ¬ I hope that you and all tho dear a friends who read the Citizen DULL BEREA Logs dons j + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o9hallo + o + o + o +o + o +okO + o + o + o + o + ft jo ° ° + NATIONt I pleasure which 1 wish camo to many times tho 0000 who now enjoy it will want to hear a llttlo about Dart ¬ mouth College In whose summer school I am now a student The charter of Dartmouth College was granted Dec 18 1769 in the gov ¬ over ernorship of John Wentworth the province of New Hampshire and In the reign of George the Third of England Tho real beginning of the College was fifteen years before when Eleazer Wheelock of Lebanon at his own expense on his own plantation set on foot an Indian Charity School with for the children of tho Indians a view to their carrying the Gospel in their own Language and spreading the knowledge of the great Redeemer + I Depends on the Thrift of Its People f > + J and the I- I o NATIONAL BANK I double j resentative of tho state of a very wide circle of friends Prof Wm A Cook who comes to teach tho Greek which has been taught for so many years by Prof Dodgo Is to arrive with his wife this week We shall have to say Prof Cook and Dr pretty carefully to keep the professor of Greek and the pro feuor of German and Political Science from getting mixed Prof William Cook is a Master of Arts from Prince ¬ ton University a Presbyterian minis ¬ ter graduate of the Seminary at Rich ¬ mond Virginia and he has done pas toral work in Mississippi and Mlssour rl and taught for seven years In Park College Mlw Katherine Bowersox who has been tho guest of Prof and Mrs Ru mold the past week Is to como to Bo ¬ rea at opening of tho term as Dean of Women and Instructor In tho Normal Department Mlsa Bowersox is a lady of unusual charm to young peopl and one of the most distinguished Her last educators of Pennsylvania principal as position has been of the great government school for Indians at Carlisle General Pratt in ¬ troduced her to President Frost by Of all the women I know saying she is the first I should think of for such a position as you wish to fill at Boron Prof Mannlx so long the popular hood of the public schools of Lanoas tor Ky comes to Boron as Profonwr of Altthematles in the Normal Depart ¬ ment He starts this week on a little tour to visit Beroa teachers In their schools In Jackson and Owsley ooun UM accompanied by Mr Carl Kirk The new catalog will bo out next week showing the names than 1SIO students Including thecol ored porsons who ore assisted In at ¬ tending other schools There has been an Increase In every department and an Increase of students from near ly every county In Eastern Kentucky and adjoining parts of other states The reason appears very clearly as one reads tbo catalog and notes tho unrl rated advantages which Berea now of ¬ tore to all who attend Miss Cameron returned to Berea last Saturday night after her vacation In Nova Scotia Supt and Miss Burgess returned from their vacation trip to the East last week bringing with them Mr Frank Voso who will superintend the brick and mason work for the Col paid out to citizens for labor In Brick Yard Saw Mill Farm Construe lion of Buildings and general improve ¬ This Is wholly out ¬ month 91813S64 side tho money paid to students and tho money paid out to store keepers W D Logsdona delivery wagon and farmers for fuel and various sup ¬ makes its rounds at 1000 In tho plies On tho whole Berea College Is lego this year Two new four wheel dump carts morning and 300 In tho afternoon a pretty good neighbor to live with I have arrived for tho Woodwork De ¬ Please get your orders in before tho partment Soldiers Plenty Secretary Gambia returned front On Wednesday tho usual summer Alexis Ill where he has boon spend ¬ pIcnic of the soldiers of tho vicinity ing his vacation last week Mrs and Gardens for Rent took place among tho trees In Prof¬ Gamble and the baby are still in Al ¬ Houses Dodges yard Capt James West Re Call on G D Holliday at tho Corps and A J Hanson camp exisProf George Pheonlx of Hampton Boron Bank and Trust Company lief Sons of Veterans cooperated Most Va made Boron a very pleasant visit of tho people camo between 900 and Saturday and Sunday He says bo 1000 The hours passed in visiting is pleased with the Berea boys and and renewal of old associations ex- ¬ girls who have been in school there cept a sport business meeting of tho and wishes for more 1230 tho SEASON IN separate organizations Atspread and President Frost was a business call ¬ tables were bountifully er In Winchester Ky Tuesday over 100 partook of tho repast which Mrs Rumold was called to Kansas Store is ended with 10togallonsp of Ice cream a to tho bedside of her father who is but m there was 400 From 200 very sick always hustling presented most enjoyable program About twentyflvo young people leading address was by Past De ¬ Here are some of the The enjoyed an outing on East Pinnacle partment Commander A J Tharp of last Saturday night Dr and Mrs Winston followed by tho present De ¬ Cowloy reasonsFlour conducted tho party 50 partment Commander LeVant Dodge¬ Mrs E F Dlzney and daughter have were given by Com addresses 534C- Shorter Sugar rades H C Masters Horace Yates just returned from a six weeks visit Meal 75 James M Gabbard and the past Com ¬ to relatives In Nebraska and Kansas Dodge Prof T A Edwards returned Satur¬ Sandlin Want all the blackberries mander Lewis and Miss by Mrs Etta Moore of day from his trip In the North He Mrs Manson I the W It C and by Win R Gab spent six weeks in Ohio aud reports getW that a large number of new college bard of the Sons of Veterans LOGSDON All agreed that It not so large as students will come to Berea this fall some this was one of the most enjoy ¬ He goes back today for another stay Cor Main and Prospect of three weeks able of our annual gatherings cities excellent Kentuckybuilding hImI i ¬ Kentuckys SundayProf IMr ¬ Dick ed yesterday from their visit with Mr Disks relatives In Hamilton Ohio Mrs Pat Kearns nod children of Part have been visiting her mother Mrs L C Duncan Ohlldrens Day exercises were hold at Silver Creek church heuio lost Sunday with a large attendance Miss Sarah Dowden who has been having a months vacation resumed her duUes In The Berea flank and Trust Co Monday Mrs Sallie Adams and daughter Mary spent lost week with Mrs nil Cornellson Tho series of meetings at the Disciples church which have been eondueted by Rev Combs of Moore head Ky dosed lost Sunday night with several additions to the church S McGuire and Blbert Wlnkler of Beroa have just oloied a weeks meet Ing In Batlll county with sixtynine additions to the church Ilea Bottle Lewis who has been at Richmond for some time Is homo for a few weeks A series of meetings conducted by Rev J Ball will commence Aug ISth at the aiado Disciples ohuroh Tho Union Church Sunday school Intends having a picnic some day next week to be decided on soon Next Sunday the day sad piece will be anMwne d The parents of the children and members of the eongragatkm are all cordially invited to jeln In making It a very delightful occasion ¬ its from the different states DInsmore lectured on Ten Kinds of Training at Wallaceton last Saturday night Mrs M E Matheny wife of Tut ¬ or Matheny well and lovingly re- ¬ membered In Borea and throughout Eastern Kentucky died on July 3rd at Casper Wyoming and her body was brought to Wilmot Ohio for burial on July 9th Prof Matheny Is head of tho public schools at tho growing city of Caspar Ho went 0 there partly for his wifes health soy ¬ i- oral years ago and for some tlmo sho o IGATHERED 1 J HERB AND THERE AA5lh 000000000000000000000000000 +e + I Ihave opportunity 0 ¬ The one thing that we do not have is the thing JUST AS GOOD W oo + longingtor THE WEALTH OF A I I clerk insist on your taking something JUST AS GOOD as what youasked for dont blame you Thats why we carry such a tremendous we are always glad to get it for you A letter from Jnmmtown To all my friends back In KentuckyI will drop a line to show that I am well as Berea yet summer hero 0000000000000 0 self very much this have enjoyed myat I John J Lynch returned from To go into a drug store and have the r I o + o 2 + 0 INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS = o + o t 9 o THE 0 + S E WELCH President J L GAY Cashier o +o +o o +o +o + o +o +o +o +o +o+ o+ o + o+ o oo J o 4ih o oo J> o f + o + o +o + o + o +o + o + o + o + e +o + o + eo + o + o + o + o + 0 + 0 + 0 + o + 0 + 0 + 0 +o + o 0 If You Are Looking For + + Bargains i + 0 I + 0- You must Not Pass This Store + o + 0 0 0 Pricest A nice line of Dry Goods Ladies Collars Gloves o etc at Bargain of Dress and Work 9 best In Mens Shirts Orerballs Gloves Suspenders Underwear Halfhose Hats 9 o o u Collars Ties etc z 1 Also some + 0 + 2- We sell Groceries Tinware and Queensware and ° o pay top prices for Produce Yours for Busin- essMoyes t o o Cash Store f oBerea I o+o+ o + o o+ o+ o + + + + + + +o+o o+olodo + +oolo o ooooooo SIki17s7aSai1 itk5t1171k1t + 1k A 1 1 Suits o t o Extra values in iavt o 0 o itkQlekk7ns7eyy7raotatreritsyytnatrasw- A NEW STORE IN BEREAII Jfbe bea V A Aro you looking for high grade food materials Tho best are V tnooo too good Why buy cheap and often impure groceries We j are opening up a new Grocery Store with a great variety of goods K andwill keep us complete a line as possible of fancy groceries the v best goods obtainable for the price We are distributors for the t a Steel Cut Coffee K t t your patronage when you want family proceries tinware or hard ware but you will get a square deal when you como to R R HARRIS Phone 10 Brannaman Bldg Agontfor Navon Laundry MAIN GKsWKKKKKKkKKKKRKKKKKKrKattskSrkSsSallrtkislsisSt tkk > > t I J ST a 1skkistgG j among their Savage Tribes So the I meet some old friends and pupils school was for Indians and for Mis ¬ here and have formed some pleasant sionaries and Schoolmasters In tba new acquaintances The time goes so pleasantly that I remind myself of VllUvrnefs The village of Hanover where tho the lady who said that every afterCollege II located line en the Connec noon when the clock struck five she ticut River The su Bounding country hoped It was four is beautiful Iud from the town many With best wishes Josephine A mountain excursions are easily wade Tho river affords much sport for the I students In the winters which are somewhat severe there are such sports as skating skeelng eta And In summer beside tho canoeing on the river all the ordinary athletic sports Last years attendance was about 1100 and these are all men as women students are not received except as graduate students and In tho summer I RobInsonI For I that- i Dandruff sessionOf tho advantages which this offers I want to tell you just a little about tho Library where I spend some hours every day It Is a fine brick building which cost 70000 and could not be rebuilt for great College nowI 113000 volumes and Its equipped reference magnificently rooms are used in term time by 150 men a day Last year 13170 books were loaned the average circulation was 47 books per day Of the 1100 students 796 drew books This is a better showing than some great unl- ¬ versities make Yale for Instance I am told but I have an Impression that our own Derea College Library statistics would compare well with these I r + r + ax rrrter There is one thing that will cure itAyers Hair Vigor It is a regular scclpmedlcine It quickly destroys the germs which cause this disease The unhealthy scalp becomes healthy The dandruff disap ¬ pears had to disappear A healthy scalp means a great deal to you healthy hair no dan ¬ druff no pimples no The best kind of a Sold for over brad by J o Ayer Co o eruptionst Also manu6oIu hers j LoIIKI SARSAPAEIUX PILLS CHEfifiV rCCTOKAL 1 l l

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