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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 1, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

I 0000000000000 THE CITIZENPeople to the Interests of the Mountain g BEREA PUBLISHINOiCO I INcoIt1oRATDIo oclew I oooooooooooooc 01sluerrda4SM lofof 11Vol I11 BtfflJliroUfCOftd mauinaM r Devoted BEREA MADISON COUNTY Fifo conts a copy IX NEWS OF THE KENTUCKY AUGUST Trial States morning July 28th Wil ¬ liam D Haywood walked forth from tho trial at Boise a free man After REV IIKNKY M IKNNIMAN twentyone hours deliberation the charge of Jury acquitted him of the Prof Henry M Ponnlmnn whoso portrait wo present this week in one complicity In tho murder ot Oov of tho most popular mon in Kentucky and 1ms n large acquaintance out Tho verdict dido tho State Just now ho Is upending his vacation time In work for Tho Steunenberg ot Idaho was rendered In spite of tho strongest Citizen and tho benefit of tho people in g nurnl by onmrBingourllHtof evidence against tho aroused liven serilors Wherovor Prof Penniman goes ho Oneill Tho Cltlzun well apprjlol Haywoods counsel was completely ntotl and lens boon securing from n dozen to forty now subscribers In a day surprised at tho decision Tho prose ¬ Prof Ponnlmnn was tho son of n fnnnur in MnRsaohuHottB and once Ho cuting attorneys feel that there Is worked on the farm of time famous t mp rnnoo orator John II Gough IIttlo possibility of Justice being ren- ¬ was ix student nt Brown University the oldest Baptist Institution in dered In Boise It was at first ru ¬ AmorloA and received from that venerable Institution n scholastic dogroq mored that the state would give up nt the lust Commencement He also completed the tlieologionl course nt the cases of Moyor and Pottlbone at Andover Seminary Ho ling had miaooflsful tMiHturngeH In Now Ilampnliiro reverse but Gov Goofing Is Iowa Chlongo and for ton years linn been identified with the work of tc ithls statement declaring that the Karen and Collego prosecution will not elve up Dot the Kverywiiere ho goes people nt once raoaf nze him ns n bghenrt l better citizens are discouraged The earnest eonipflntoiinlile man Federation ot Misers are matters ot the situation and when they please MISSION GARDEN PACIFIC NORTH THE to kill a sofbrnor and then force the DR COOKS TRIP TO THE By Rev A E Thomson D D court to aoqvtt him whose business I Dr and Mrs Cook with Use baby Is It What with the BerkhamHar fjerkard leave August lilt tort three On Van bran street Chicago a gUXuody oofiiblu In Kentucky and couple of blocks eat of the great La PUlbon Haywood gang the Moy tail street fly station used to be a to Idaho the country has a poor Algonquin Illinois where he was pea saloon called The Pacific Garden rhauce to keep Us records clean tor In 1100 and 1ML On August lltk About the yearllTC CoL George Clark states rights bo preachee In Ue Pint Cowl About the year 181 CoL George Clark The ok question of the generally supposed to have been church of Chicago Thin to OM of UM city spitted by Uw civil war la being re otdat and largest drarehet In South Recently the It waa organised before the civil war manity of that great city gave up vived In state of North Carolina paeeed a law by members of another church who money making hired the ground bIaI fliitin puMBpr and freight rates on were opposed to slavery and could not of UaJa building and established a the mllrued doing business In the feel contented In a church which coon cue mlMion there keeping the old e The Pad mate The railroads refused to com ¬ teeianesd that great eel This church name sad calling the every ply with the law and carried the kM been for halt a century a leader tie Garden Mlaeloa night la tin week and on Sunday for iaw Into the federal ooort The judge and mother to many other church ddild that the law Is not just and there being over seventy Congl day meetings and there baa not been a grunted an Injunction But the guy ¬ chn boa In Chicago now that have sight since the mission was opened ernor of the state refuse to reoognli been horn and grown rep since the that lost men haw not been seeking tb courts decision ned prominent dear old First was founded Dr Mlvatton there It U a rescue mission North Carolina people say that tits Cooks sermon there In the morning for men Few women are seen there tin ID to be carried to the Supreme win to on AnimalReligion and God except workers and visitors It lies Court and that Hun Will law J Dry ¬ n Hgton and In the erenlag on For outside the host business section of Chicago iteer the slums of South an is to be chief counsel for the atate- glrlnt One Another On August 18th Dr Cook preaches Clark street I plan whenever poe agalnat the federal court The real question Is only a technical one of Iin the Learnt 8t Congregational th4e to spend an evening there CoL jurisdiction and It Is probable that ohureh one of the strong children ot Clark went to his reward some years There will be only the ago and the work Is now carried on the First the state has the right ot It morning service there and Ute terwon by Harry Monroe one of the convert by The attorneys fur Caleb Powers I will be on What must I believe or ot Col Clerks labors assisted Mr Clark who Is always present who in on trial for his life at George what can I believer Mr Luther Shadoln will have oliarga The room Is dingy with none of the tuxvo Ky any they will carry the rose to the United Statue Supreme of the Cltlsen office In Dr Cooks ab ordinary attractions of a place of worshiP except the scripture texts on the Court It Powers is not acquitted The wall the pulpit and cabinet organ and will be made on a writ of error ai Mlxed HI Quaker a lifeelse picture ot Col Clark Itpardon grant ¬ with the hope that the Former ItopreeenlaUve Charles T s In one of the noisiest parts of tho ed by William S Taylor will bo rue Cherry was tolling same Ben at city and the oampany that gathers is ognized AS legal Bnrlngflald the other day of n bag- very llkoly to contain some so drunk gage man In nn UHaoIs town to whleb that they have to bo put out I talked a number of tnQueallal Quakers were with one man so drunk that I could Decadence of Notes When I was a girl tho arlitaoratlo coming The baggage man oavoetved nose was high beautifully moWed tho Idea that It the visitors thought with difficulty keep him quiet during rising In a delicately waving ridge and he too was a Quaker business might prayer or when instructions wore be ¬ at the tip standing well out frem tho bo helped thoroby Consequently up lug given to tho enquirers taro and not turned up But now the on tho arrival of the delegation at tho On tho night ot Friday July 12 fashion has completely changed The station tho loader was greeted by the having loft Berca in the morning I pretty women one sees portrayed In II baggage man who nollollouaiy asked reached tho mission otter the service lustrated papers and magazines very Has thou the cheeks for thou bag had opened and took a seat In tho And yet ho wondered why the seldom have much to speak ot in the gage rear Tho room was hardly halt full > way of noses The Throne Quakers smiled Lost souls do not flock to the place of salvation there any more than elsesp u + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o where A man not connected with + tho Mission tins preaching After ho had finished Harry Monroe called One for testimonies from Christians + man well dressed with intelligent i face told ot his slavery to drink At the time of his conversion ho had not been sober for three years Ho was + in Grand Rapids Mich and went on a bridge determined to end his life in tho river The face of his baby o that ho had not seen for those three years came up before him Ho went are two thiiiRH upon which tho safety of every bank away but came back bent on suicide nemlfl nnd upon which It la always safe to base a judgment regard + o This time a policeman was standing on the bridge Again ho went away for a time but when ho returned the policeman was still there Then he o turned Into a mission conducted by a T business ability of tho olllcorn of tho hnnk + Mr Trotter of whoso noble work I O + have often heard and was led to the 0 Lord and saved Now his home re ¬ established his business prosperous 0 ho loves to toll other lost men of his ot our tookholdors under thu lawn of Kentucky is 60000 more a + Savior Another man who I think totnl of 110000 You know our officers nnd directorshero they are was rescued in tho Pacific Garden his salva ¬ Mission told his story T Fists Moore Pres W Herndon i relaUY1ba ChleaaollaM I te u rtup ¬ ct TheI Safety of a Bank I 1Q aroII to I 11lwro t f I I BEREA BANK t L J JE Johnson J W Diimore Porter Cashier Chat Burdette A W Stewart P Cornelius WH t def TRUST CO orTHE0 00 0 + 0 SAFE BANK o + o + e + o+o+ o +e + o+ o + o +o + o +o +oPo 0 + o +o 0 + Nor love thy life what thou llvest j nor hate but live well John Milton Circumstances are beyond the con ¬ trol of man but his conduct Is In his own power Beaumont To learn obeying Is the fundament ¬ al art of governing Thomas Car lylea There are spirits There are true j i braveI loyal hearts there are Then give to tho world the best you have And the best will come back to you Madeline S Bridges He that does good for goods sake seeks neither praise nor reward tho sure of both at last William Penn Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt Shakespeare Talk happiness The world Is sad enough Without your woo No path Is whol- ¬ ly rough Look for the places that are smooth and clear And speak of thorn to rest the weary Upain Vlleoxr 8tdvaUiJlII railwayIlOfMUiUt I Ii It Chief Contents of This Number all hold out but that Protests Against Special Judge Rob everywhere But bins Hargls May Be Tried Again any One Grinstead Nominated for Mayor the power of the Ooaitol and the reality of the grace of Louisville of Qodlet him go to that mission It The lawyers for Caleb Powers in the to not a place of noise save as the coming trial at Georgetown will proto against special Judge Rabbins on the t It to a plane of Iowadlt1t ground that Robbing shawod prejudice earnestness In seeking lost men and In favor of the prosecution in the for ones ruined by drink and mer trials hundred all the view which go with It look It is yet possible that Jim Hargis buck gratefully to the Pacific Garden may be tried again for the murde Mission and Its faithful workers count y of Dr Cox S S Taulbee A B Thomson judge of Breathltt county announce an effort will be made to secure TWENTYONE DOLLARS AND FIVE that another trial on tho ground that who CENTS the prosecution withdraws a ease can is the amount you should have not bo dismissed but must bo held This to start with Clt tho opening of the fall l over till the prosecution is In attend term Sept 1L It covers dollar de- lance Lawyers have found a similar posit Incidental fee roomrent and ease In the judicial records ot th all school expenses for tho fall term state of Massachusetts Judge Taulbee says that the people ot fourteen weeks except the deferred payment on board due at the middle of Breathltt are disgusted with the of tho term which amounts to 046 outcome of the trial at Sandy Hook At end of term when you leave you For more than a year after the murder got back your dollar deposit so that ot Dr Cox no new houses were built the fourteen weeks of schooling cost In tho town ot Jackson because the only 2050 If you pay in full the people were afraid ot the lawless element that reigned at that time first day It is only 8000 you are paid for what Besides this Tho Republican convention nominatwork you do for the Institution Suppose this was only five cents an hour ed J F Grinstcad for mayor of Louis G W Smith for seven hours a week It would ville by acclamation amount to 490 leaving the cash out who was the strongest competitor ol lay for the fourteen weeks only 2410 Grinstead before the convention met Surely this is cheaper than staying a urges every member ot the party to support the ticket The whole ticket homeNobody need stay at home or attend is practically the same as It was in any school except the best when the the last election best Is in reach ot all Save up that STARS ON COINS AND FLAG UL0511 I 0o Of CALEB POWERS TRIAL l ear earth so hurt by one continuous strain Of Ella Wheeler knees In front of the pulpit each witha worker by his Bide and eaeh man seemed to take the promise of Christ 1 PAGE ONI News of The Wee- kIrotluenimnn 14l1hrlnlThJlnMftOt of Youth The Inolflo Clnnlrn ilalendlr Cooks Trip to the North Kentucky News 1AOIl TWO The louse of n Thmmnml Cnmllef The Sunday School LritAun Serial nirnioml Garden 1AOK Til KRKllerpA and Vicinity Tlike Notice College Items r Letter from Jnmmtnwn Ltttur from OHIII 1 Lonln itobinsnr < HflMI OF and Striking Words of the Worlds Greatest Thinkers Speak ors and Writers I I ial 1 Wise youngthe I j No7 THINGS TO THINK great crops When the children get older the ground is harder and more barren Young people if you want the best harvest in the worldspend your early years in getting a Christian Col ¬ lege Education i JJ One Dollar a year education is sure to bring a big harvest in all the lat ¬ er years Now is the time to sow it when the children want to go to College When they get a little older they wjll not care to go and if they did go it would not < o 0 m Sso oooaloslooleoroeolotson q weatherThe < Good for hot weather they can do more A good education gives a person new eyes and ears He can see what the people around him cannot see He can hear and understand what does not mean anything to others He is trained so that he can do a great many things that other people cannot do His larger richer more useful to others and more en ¬ joyable for himself Isnt it worth some extra work for the father and mother to be helping their children to a grand noble life by sending them off to College The seed sown on the farm among the hills may bring a large harvest or a SaturdayOn I oo o livein The final speech of the prosecution the Haywood case was made by Senator Dorah on July 20 Ho used only the evidence of the witnesses for the defense and made a masterly ef ¬ fort to show that Harry Orchard was merely used as a tool by the officers of tho Federation ot Miners The de ¬ fense seems to be beaten on every hand The case went to the Jury last In lr 1007 on page six o THE HARVEST OF YOUTH A wise man sows that which will bring him the lar- ¬ gest and best harvest Manhood and womanhood are the harvest of the years of youth What the boys and girls from fifteen to twenty years old shall do will settle very largely the whole life afterwards If most of the people were blind or deaf then we could readily see how much richer would be the lives of WEEK The Hay woo Rights Question Again 1 I opotiopoiosupuoteoYOpollopopoJeo I I I ¬ Little GREAT NAMES IN DIRECTORY Many Namesakes ot Famous Lights of Literature the new London Direc tory which this year scales 13 pounds A study of Is extremely Interesting la tho case of literature we are accustomed to regard the names of great authors as ending with them yet tho greatest ot English writers has several name sakes scattered over London William Shakespeare professor of singing al most alone carries on tho artistic tra dltlont the name but there Is some thing quite Elizabethan in tho address Green Lanes appertaining to Henry Shakespeare a grocer John Bunyan Is anothor grocer In what Londoners will describe as tho Edgware road William Blake is a beer retailer a craft that Is far removed from songs of Innocence Chaucer Is a name that seems to have absolutely dropped out Milton ot course Is fairly com mono although tho only John Mlltona are a ship chandler and a chiropodist neither of them poetic avocations Keats occurs a few times but there if no John Keats Curiously enough tionOthers gave brief testimonies The there Is not a single Keblo but there Harry Monroe called on those who Is one Defoe The name of Bronco Is wanted salvation to come forward owned very appropriately by a woman but That gave a chance to those of us els she makes clothes Instead ot nov who sat in the rear or scattered thru the room and who knew Christ to Good Advice help Soon a number of men seven Be slow In believing an Intessmanas nearly its I could see were on their fa his material cause ¬ Heraldry Lore Shown Five and Six Points 1MOK FOiriJ Cominento Suiircinary of the IAW UMntl Liberty fly VlceVrenliltint Fnlrlmuki DeniiKirnUiln the CliuroU TlieToiiRuon Weapon of Power lly I r > UIt Ililll Temperance Newell Notes New from Mvorywrlicre VAOli FIVE Story IlntnMUlitiiRii Itoct Youths Department PAGK SIX Tlie Homo Cooking without Tire The School 1robleliin of the District School by lrot Dlnniiiore The Fiirni Curn of Chicken Latest Market lleporti rAGE SEVEN States Illghtti Question Up Again Recent Stole New PAGE EIGHT Eastern Kentucky Correspondence DAYI t I NOTE THE The Fall Term of Berea College Begins Sept II The time to start is in the Fall W In the The stars on the great seat and tho seal of the president of tho United States are fivepointed while on tho seal of the house of representatives they are sixpointed The 13 stars on tho obverse of tho present half and quarter dollar are fivepointed The reverse of tho present half and quar ter dollar is a copy Or the great seal except that the clouds aro omitted It is evident that heraldry has not taken a very strong hold in these matters In tho United States therefore it is not In the power of anyone to say without a doubt why the difference In tho stars on the flag and the coins So far as is known with tho exception of the reverse of the present half and quarter dollar tho stars on American coins are copied from the colonial coins which were no doubt made after the manner of English heraldry while the flag was made up after the design of Washingtons coat of arms containing three fivepointed stars ¬ The Voice of the Small Boy the blackberry Jaml Me for Importance ToDay Do you rightly estimate the Import ance of today That there are duties to be dono today which cannot bo done tomorrow This It is that throws so solemn significance Into your work The time for working Is short there ¬ fore begin today for the night is com mg in which no man can workF W i Robertson Laughter the Best Tonic is a good healthy muscle making lungdeveloping exercise and It Is as good for girls as boys And humor can be cultivated In a girls mind Without any abatement of the dignity and modesty and charm of her womanhood Not tho unpleasant and constant frivolity evidenced in smart speech or quickness of artee but tho humor that looks at the world with a twinkle In the eye and sees Its absurdities Its smallness and its fun says a writer It should be part of every womans mental What Ailed Him The village philosopher looked un equipment for women are called uphappy asked on to bear so many ot lifes small Whats the trouble Indigestion said worries as well as its greater ones the village cutup I suppose Its the The bringing up of children the care the philosopher ot servants and the many social mince pie I indulged In last night I knowwhats ties that become a but den are Mince pie nothing the matter with you and Im not sorry made easy and ponlble to put up Youre too full of with by the woman with an unfailing It hurts either old saws you are and Its no wonder sense of humor and of the bright side et life they have turned nn you at last Laughter i repi tl duoI l

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