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Image 2 of The Adair County news., January 12, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

fI x I t tr- THE ADA1R COUNTY NEWS 2 I r follows i But why should I bother about misrepresentations Is that not the way in Kentucky now especially when a man holds or is a prospective candidate for office Is not your own mostdis tinguished citizens position on this very question almost daily misrepresented and purely for political purpose Did not one of the Hart county papers a bit ago say that Ben Johnson own ¬ ed and operated one of the larg¬ est distillery plants in Nelson county when I and all of you know that he never at any time had any interest directly or in ¬ directly in the manufacture or sale of whisky You and I know and every man willing to know the truth knows that the rec ¬ ords of your County Clerks of- ¬ fice kept within a hundred feet of where I now stand bear mute I testimony to the fact that the first vote he ever cast in his life was for local option in Bards town He has voted that way for nearly a quarter of a century At the first election held in this county upon the question which Iwas three years ago he then voted for local option and I know and every body knows that he will again vote for local option next Saturday He is a plain man of few words and yet a man who is not afraid to express his convictions In my recent can ¬ vass for reelection as Circuit Judge of the Eleventh Judicial District when I was being fought by the whisky interests of that District as perhaps no man was ever fought before Ben Johnson was the only man holding public office in Kentucky outside of my District who came to my assist- ¬ ance In a speech made in the very camp of the enemy with distilleries standing a II about him he boldly and plainly stated that upon the question of local option he stood exactly where he had always stood that he had always voted for it and always intended to do so He has never trimmedhe has never dodged Though he beats no drum blows no horn and never marches with a brass band you need never doubt his position upon any public question More than that he is a dry man ofthe right kindhe practices what t hepreaches He is one of the few men of my acquaintance of whom it can be truthfully said that neither spirituous vinous nor malt liquor ever passed his r lipsglorious example to the youth of this country But I i II matkey tern v iVty4know people of Nelson coun these things betterthan ir do r c J ft Report of Dr a UL Taylor r 1To the fiscal Court County Gentlemen > f i j x r In January 1909 I of Adair commenced devoting my whole time to the t scarlet fever during the year and the other just over the line All rather mild I fumigated the rooms where they occurred and there was no further spread The law further says the health officer shall make a san ¬ itary survey of the territory un ¬ der his jurisdiction for the pur ¬ pose of ascertaining the exist ¬ ence of conditions detrimental to the public health including in said survey swamp lands stag¬ nant ponds imperfect drainage sewerage cess pools and Water closets the construction venti ¬ lation and drainage of public buildings school houses prisons hospitals eleemosynary institu- ¬ tions and such nuisances as might prove detrimental to the health Under this rule I have visited and examined 84 schoolhouses talked to the teachers and children on public health suspended several schools on ac ¬ count of sickness in their neigh ¬ borhoods examined the water supply and analyzed water having suspended several schools on account of too much ventila ¬ tion improper and imperfect heating arrangements and bad roofs I undertook to lay the foundation of improved public health by teaching the children its first principles I would have had greater suc¬ cess if a greater numer of child¬ ren had been in attendance In the 84 schools visited there ought to have been in attend ¬ ance 5004 pupils while I found only 1762 or just 35 per cent That is 35 in every hundred were in attendance and 65 in every hundred were absent And this after the munificent appro- ¬ priation by the last Legislature for common school purposes And this after the several whirl ¬ wind campaigns of the great men of the state to try to get up an matterThe health officer is also re quired to look after cases of Ty¬ phoid fever In obedience to this I visited where twenty pa ¬ tients had been sick of this dis ¬ ease Seven of the cases died and I fumigated the houses of the living and the dead In do ¬ ing this I traveled 150 miles and used 10 fumigating lamps I visited and fumigated the house where one man had died of Pneu ¬ During the Fall and monia Winter the county has been scourged with diptheria I made three trips to the Russell Springs Sano and other points watching for the advent of this scourge Quite a number of deaths occurr in different parts of the county some unattended by any medical help I ordered from the State Board of Health a free supply of the diphtheritic antitoxin and gave it out liber ¬ ally to physicians in different parts of the county since which there has been no more deaths from this heretofore unmanage- ¬ able disease The antitoxin has been so universally successful that the doctors no more dread to be called to see a it 1 i I I The colored schools made a worse showing than did the whites Out of 449 that ought to have been present I found only 118 there or 25 per cent Now it is clear to my mind that some ¬ thing ought to be done and that speedily The Legislature will meet in a few days and there ought to be some radical changes in the common school law I am decidedly in favor of a pulsory law one that will com- ¬ pel The law compels men to pay their taxes work the road fight when it becomes necessary and why should it allow them to neglect their child ¬ ren and permit them to grow u Pin ignorance when the state has made such lavish provision for their education I talked to quite a number of the teachers on the subject of a compulsory law and they without exception favored itsThe state pays into our county for common school purposes more than 20 000 and only a few of the children get any benefitfroth it case Fiscal Court t this is my years > cr r 2nd 1516 AdjournmentSUNDAY 9A M Burksville x Marrowbone Jan ¬ uary 1819 1st Discuss the relation that Bear Creek Parrish Chapel the Sunday School sustains to January 2223church workSoD Foley B F Peytonsburg Pleasant Hill Vails and E Bryant January 2526 2nd Discuss the necessary Renox Breeding January 29 qualifications o f a minister in 30 Greensburg Greensburg Feb ¬ this apeB H Blair S B Col ¬ ruary 56lins and J W Thurlow Honks Chapel Feb ¬ 3rd Convention sermonC M ruary1213CampbellsvilleCircuit M Pierce Alternate Asbury Deener J Subject Missions February 1516Spurlington and Early Taylors Dirigo Chapel February 1920 Campbellsville Station Febru ¬ The old year is past and gone ary 2627 Mannsville Wesley Chapel and we are one step nearer eter¬ February 2728nity To some the memory of Columbia and Tabor Columbia the year that has pessed will March 56 bring gay and gladness while to Cane Valley Cane Valley others perhaps it will only call March 67forth blighted hopes and bitter Gradyville March 1213 West Tompkinsville March 19 disappointment To some the year will be remembered as the 20Tompkinsville March 2223 happiest period of their lives Temple Hill March 2627 while to others its memory will T L Hulse P E bring only tears Perhaps to 4 most of us it has not been a Dulworth period of sunshine and gladness nor has it been ail rain But it The health of this community has gone It is now a part of is very good at present eternity It cannot be recalled Christmas passed off very So let us bid farewell to our quietly in our section plighted hopes and greet the The young people of our com ¬ New Year with a smile and with munity took advantage of the a determination to profit by our recent snow and had a jolly experiences in the past Let us time sleigh riding remember that time wasted is Mrs N F Harden who has lost that our lives are cut shorts been quite sick is reported bet ¬ just so much But anon anon The past is past So with a sigh terMr and Mrs B F Bault spent for the might have been and a Friday of last week with the prayer for future help and guid ¬ latters grandmother Mrs M ance let us shoulder our burden and start out in life anew and so E Pike called before A protracted meeting will com live should we be year is past mence at our church January the His throne ere the may hear him say in a 5th conducted by Brothers Tally that we loving tone well done So now and Rood wishing you all a happy New Your correspondent spent part Year I shall proceed to give you of Christmas week with Misses what news I can gather withinLou Ella and Alice Bault and around our thriving little The school conducted at this city place by W R Squires closed Mose Wooten bought a cow December 24th with a good rec ¬ from a Mr Pendleton for 35 ord of work by both teacher and Matthew Wooten sold a cow to pupils There are several boys and girls who have almost com- Henry F Gaston for 2650 J M Campbell bought a cow pleted the common school course The first prize for good spelling from Granville Estes for 30 was won by Miss Ollie Pike in a Rev J TJessee will begin a written contest of seventyfour meeting at Independence school out of seventyfiye of the most house the third Sunday in Jan difficult words in The Modern uaryHadis Pronouncing Speller the prize Harvey and his sister being a Websters Dictionary Annie visited relatives in Cum ¬ Eugene Pike came in second with berland county recently sixty of the seventyfive words Evan Strange has removed to Cordie the Murphy farm near Chance Good grades were Allison Owen Care Welby Har and it is reported that Mrs din and others This should Strange has been real sick for i speak well for Mr Squires as the past few days the pupils of our school were far J B Wilcut made a short visit to friends in MetcalfeGo last week school I GriderI I me llingIwh to pay their taxes Mrs Jane Campbell was on the sick list a few days last weekMr John E Grissom of Ne braska is uisiting his old friends at this place Mr Grissom been away 35 years but he does not seem to have forgotten any ¬ thing and it is very interesting to hear him rehearse the events of his school days spent at Ebeneezer and Independence schoolhouses hasr f Mr J R Royse who has been very sick for the past three or four weeks is thoughttobe slow ¬ ly improving and it is hoped he will soon be able to be about again But Mrs Royse who had her leg broken does not seem to iHI be doing so well An infant of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Harvery is very sick at this writing J E Clay well Breeding did business here last Monday Miss Mayme Bean has been sick for a day or so On the 28th of December Mr Claudy Stotts and Miss Mattie Campbell were united in mar- ¬ riage at the home of Rev T J Campbell only a few of the rela ¬ tives of the contracting parties being present The groom is a son of Mr Geo W Stotts of this place and the bride a daughter of Mr and Mrs Josiah Campbell of near Sparksville They will reside at this place and may peace happiness and prosperity be theirs through life is the wish of your reporter Becks Store occasionI I l I I left for GIIsoWKy couple + > i t < I JI I < i j1 Ice is plentiful at this writing Xmas is passedand every one seemed to have a good time Misses Elizabeth and Annie Alexander Messrs J C Alexan ¬ der and J E Winfrey spent last Tuesday night and Wednesday with Elizabeth Lloyd Mr and Mrs J C Winfrey and Elizabeth Lloyd spent Satur ¬ day with Mr and Mr S T Irvin of BakertonMiss Cooper spent Sat ¬ urday night and Sunday with Mrs D T Tarter Last Thursday morning Dec 30th at 930 at the home of the brides father Mr J E Winfrey and Miss Annie Alexander was married Rev D T Tarter offici ating The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs A M Alexander and is a beautiful and accom- ¬ plished young lady Is a natural teacher and has taught since eighteen years ofage in our pub ¬ She seemedvery lic school much compossed and her beauty was intensified by the never did a bride like an angel than did she as she stood and pledged her faith to her lover Her dress was of white silk and lace She was a most faithful member of the Methodist Church She will be missed at her home at her church and by her many friends we regret very much to give her up The groom is a son of Rev I C Winfrey and is a man into whose face one has only to look to be convinced that he is a gentle ¬ man He is a teacher in the pub- ¬ Immediately After lic school the ceremony the nefdy married 5S >< t tor I i- + 1st Devotional exercisespas- ¬ I corn AndnQwgeIitlemen of the SATURDAY 10 A M I interest in the common schools I i W McClister stuck a nail in her foot a few days ago The Fifth Sunday Meeting of It made a very painful sore the South Cumberland River As ¬ Deputy Sheriff Winfrey was sociation will be held with Provi ¬ here one day last week looking dence Church Adair county on after the boys who lad forgotten 29th and 30th of January 1910 U L Taylor Health Officer Adair County Two of them were in town J Mrs Introductory sermonJS Smith AE Cooper Alter ¬ nate Columbia District Second Round 3rd Organization 4th MiscellaneousNOON The following make up Presid- ¬ ing Elder Hulse appointments for ¬ the Columbia District going over 1st Distinguish between Christhe territory for the second time tian and church fellowshipJ R It is requested that the member ¬ Grider and W CI Barrett ¬ ship keep these appointments be ¬ 2nd What is the most effect fore it and attend the meetings ive means in the hands of God in Clinton Lands Chapel Janu- ¬ bringing the world to ChristA ary 1112 E Cooper and W A Breeding Albany Oak Grove January able compensation for his serv ¬ er ordered out the foolkiller and ices and further says that the left him to his reflections We County Board of Health shall have had only three cases of indicate to the Fiscal Court what would be a reasonable salary for this officer The County Board of Health fixed the salary at five hundred dollars But the Fiscal Court thought that two hundred dollars was salary enough which amounts to the magnificent sum of fiftyfour cents per day On appeal to the Circuit court the salary was raised to three hun ¬ dred and fifty dollars and it stands at that today This sum I have never agreed to take The law prescribes what the du¬ ties of the health officer shall be and without regard to the action of the Fiscal court I undertook to comply with those require- ¬ ments He is required to visit all houses where persons have fumigate died of consumption trem and disinfect and make them fit for future habitation In obedience to this I have vis ¬ ited thirty houses fumigated disinfected them and put them in order In doing thisI travel ¬ ed six hundred miles burned thirty formaldehyd lamps that cost me thirtyfive cents each The health officer is also required to guard the county against smallpox Early in the Spring an epidemic broke out in the neighborhood of Milltown and Gradyville Had 24 cases Some very bad others very mild Had one death an old woman seventy years of age And one still born child Made twenty five visits at an average of twenty miles making 500 miles used seven disinfecting lamps and the county was clear of the disease There was no spread outside the first infection The hardest days work I had during the year was the burying of old lady Coomer who died of small¬ pox Although many denied the disease being smallpox they did not wish to run any risks in the d Program salaried District Mr Johnson had been misrepresented in reference to his attitude on the temperance question by a wellknown State politician Of this misrepresen ¬ tation Judge Thurman spoke as j I 1conveyance public health I proposed to de ¬ I have administered the remedy vote my whole time to this very to 12 cases with uniform success Judge 1 H Thurman one of important work for the sum of I have fumigated the houses horse furnished for the children the leading local option advocates five hundred dollars The Fis ¬ where ten children had the dis ¬ of the county more than 100 of Kentucky delivered a speech cal Court which has the fixing ease some of whorvdied and worth of Antitexin furnished some recovered one man 30 worth of disenfectants travel ¬ in Bardstown on Monday Decem- ¬ the salaries of all ber 13 in favor of abolishing the officers of the county in their whose child hats just died of the ed more than 3000 miles and it to have his is now up to you to see that I am saloons in Nelson county Bards wisdom thought the amount too disease refused town is the home of Congress- large The law says they must house fumigated because nobody paid for all this workRespectfully Yours > man Ben Johnson of the Fourth pay the health officer a reason-¬ ever died until his time had com- Judge Thurman on Ben Johnson w i y I f L- + R 1LLLi 1 J q ij e > t Q t lv 1r 0 < H IY n fie G J

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