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Image 6 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, August 21, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

fluid only demand a re'u'al on v part , to become an inforrrer wa1 too repugnant from m charafler almost alway; judged with seventy it becomes odious, and ftampt nim with rfprobali.n who has beer j'tiilty of it, towar.'s thole to whor-grludtf is owing or with whom we may Inve former!) lived on term' of frier, jship: duty even may some times y'eld to the sentiments o! public opinion. This, g'neral, is whit I have lay before you concerning n,y rela with PiJiegru ; it will lurelv s convince ou that vry filfe havv been drawn from my steps and act ons, which, however imprudent, were far from being rri initial, ani I have no doubt that had you alked an explatu'.ion of me concerning the greate- - part of thalt facls wliich won! I hive h.iflrene i to give ou, it vou'd hare Lived you the regret of cauiing me to bo and Die the Iui mliation o' wearing setters a. d perhaps of being o'diged tT go beloie a tribunal to declire that I am not a c mfpira-tor- , and t brb.g ' in aid of of my juftinxation a v'liich a s never cai'ed in qut itioi , 2nd tnc-- le'vices I hive, renutrcd my coun'rv. I lliall not fpeal to ou of thete general ; I fl niytilf thoy are nut yet entirel effaced fiom your nicinor), but .per mit mi to ieuall to our lecolledion that it my amoition or the .grand aim of my services had. ever been to have llu red in tl.e government of France, the caietr was open to mc in a mutt advantageous manner but a very short time oeiore your 'return from Egypt, aun lurely you have not fo.go ten thedrlintefefted-nef- s which 1 dilpla)ed in leconding Eneyou on the 8th Brumaire. mies have estranged us lince thatpe-- . riod ; it is with great regret thjt I fecm)fclf forced to fptak. oi niyfelf and of what I have done j but when I see myfeif accul'ed of being the sccomplice of trofe who are looked on at acting according to the impul fion of England, I lliall perhaps have to defend myfeif against .the snares she lays for me. I have enough to think (lie ought to judge of the evil I may Hill do tier by that J have already done her. Is I can, general, obtain your undivided attention, I fliall no longer doubt of our justice. 1 expeclyour decision on roy sate with the calm of innocence, but ut an apprehension of seeing thole enemies triumph who are s jtrraitedb) icelebrity. am wiih refpetSl, i he General Moitr.Atr. CiRKl-SX5'- ) 1 ie LANl),iz. door in Eexino-tm- Cheap Gcods. Merchandize, ") s, j o- - ( ; 'd of Elk': 'ayit thanbe verily bclievet his claim de peitfsupon tht teitinioiiy of living vitne!les, horn, fitit there js 'excepted 2C0 and tb?t de dries not know of anV uerfon or df rtieTaiT ment.ored'tradl pp lons.wJio set up auv claim to the land lold hy Hayden Fdvyards to Geog, "he ii'l meiitiorled, except the above nKmed dclendanis, leave is grmted him,is totlule Madison.),- Alio one fourth ot 850 ho mav have a claim Or ckium to the "acres by survey, bearing uate jhe hnd, who re not made defendants to thfchilli to silvertife the timoand place of taking the; ,39th: slay of .September, I753.,ling depohtions ot vitnefies he ein, six times, in and being 'in what was thesn ,tlu tUe Kentucky Gazette, aRieeablj olaw. I county of Fayette, now Franklin, A copy. .Ittte, on the waters ol the South at . aucllon sorts and other c Hi ii.ialevoifcije lowett and will be luld titntrwlrlelafeor retail, on a tmallp-ofi- t t,-- r cafli n arui iiilonglt wlncuare the lollowm"' 'Si acr-v-so- in-- ..rtiilcs, Ibos. Boitiey, C.F..C. STATE OF KENTUCKY. Fayette Circuit Court, ." June Term. 1804.-- 7 complainant, against AbSjjhHunt, JelTe Hunt dtfendantsi THE . , Zc John W. Hiiht, IN CHANCERY. defendants Abijj'i Hunt aiid JefTe Hunt having filled to enter their appear ance herein agreeable to law and the rules' of this court, and it appearing to the fatisf'aiPion of the court tint ihey aie not inhabitants of this commonwealth ; On the motion of the complainant, by his counsel,it isordered that the said defendants do appear here nn the third day df ournext September courtand the complainant's bnl, and a copy of this orderbeinfrrted in the Kentucky Gazette 5 Telle! Th",. i u . r 11 y. r. ,f. r. Cj State of Kentucky. Kayete Circuit Court, jnne term, 1804. James Duncan,coroplainant, A rgainit Samuel ilill, Samuel Wilson and A- - ariah Higgins, defendants, IN CtiANCEKY. The drfendants Samuel Hill and 5amuel Wilson, having sailed to enter their appearance herein agieeable'to law and the iules of this court, and it appearing to the latisfaction of tne court that they aie not in Habitants of this commonwealth on the morion of the complainant by his countel, it is ordered, that the said defendants do appear here on the third day of our nextSeptembe court, and anfiver the complainant's bill, and tnat a copy of this order be mlerted in the Kentucky Gaiette according to law. s A copy. Bodley, C. F. Fayette Circuit y our, june term, i'o- I curd, - 1 "lives, 1 a: caiucos, 1i,ks ti mull. us, '- lad! 1 J.itiih,i'uui, - Steel, I'm m liases, I Copper for IliHj, I fmoernl. : IK j fu , Vouiv" ' , Q Hjlon, 01 V"- c'oug ,,r C"T-- I ' . " conet, I Cuiiii,, C. in lump and brown I ,ii'tyilo r Tn 'Cjrlet loalvi, urkri I Gi I J01.C0 Lapitt, book bi .t U, i ,jri, 0l 3 very fu. riot qiui ;y . j n, U wool cards, iiuliiv, p Cul I Nail iIoiteo. j Qiiwns Ware affnt- en in crates .", BiiA:suV& J 'v nvils ind Vice;, rtlNii, SrlRll ACID. t'.'lo a large qmntitv of IRON, mads at Uor.-- j anrt Bvimti's vi rk', in I'ennfyKa-ni.- i, ot a fu ienur qu I ; and a supply of vlann's lick 6 11. J, ana Cumberlmu COT-- 1 l,N. juiie, m ,804. B-- R 1 DO hereby forewarn any pciiVi or person. troji taking di ojiiO j,vv nticm n.c to tor one i.uiHhed pjuodi, '. ci i lTin . 1H..1111 . btjMngdti, t o $ tJrc til is u, I rtco leu, iiuuL t f t. minr, 6 Z. ami pjyanlc tut. uti. V.aicn, 18 ., ; ass aiitdcter-mui- u not to pav t.ei.iorti until corpelkd uy liu, ceiilcquenJKct .1 liuud practilcd 07 ftjic. tae lm William 111 'Vm. Boon. july a7tli,i334 J3t ' FoiTbTT! i Twelve im d .11 . res of L XVN D, On Doon'3 crcci, WooDjT-ck- lu '.ci in ki. , w n 'jy the name of rur t in.s to tl.e n wat the iuvcllers' rl "ilS . i, ' L:ir0too. Aurufl r. R. C. Floydi 6 tli, 1S04. 2"vu. i, I pofTed the fj HL1IE.A mv note to Adam i irfen.-iiiwiin- di t mi ,111 eleven fliiljings, or tlierc. m,s J net as he I one is sully pin! off t'nsi-- t icre ori. to so e- warn allperinns f--o ti trad n for, or rk.rg an am-;!neut on tie lame, as I jlvi detciuitnc not to pay it iinlefsVoinpJleG by law. V D'JLLAR" li,n nili. AN away from th" fnoictiher, - on th; TCth i.ifi. liMugin Ua- vidfon county, on Menlcout's creek, 1- Ja ncs VaUnaingham. Anguft 4tb, 184. ftateoTenneiTee.a Nt'G.W it named DICE ; ah nit 37 yeart. 1'aken up b Richard Clark, of age, a tanner and currier hy tra le, ng on Curry s n,n. Hon countv, about five feet 10 inches high, and A bark liy Ma.--, State of Kentucky. 111 II 11 C. C. ttiti.tioa J1H 0. Telle, s .n,t is, ' resi "" C01 1 accordingtolav. A Copy. ' ' r'-- vi 11. in .tun. ir. &coaredo Also one f jurtn of 150 JacreS'by survey, bearing dare t Ik '5rh 'day of June, 17S4, lying and jheing in what was then Fjjette, no. 'county, on main blkh.irn 'Also one fourthof 1520 acrts, by survey, bearing date the uth da) of IMay, ,1784. lying and being ii, what was then Fayette, now 'on the waters of Elkhorn. Alio one fourth part of the following en tries, to wm December the 6th, 1782. jjis M'Crakin & Charles Ueill, enrr 1000 acres on part or a rea funr "warrant, No. 5109, to join his settlement and prt'inption on the North side, and Skillern on the East hde, to run along both lines and cut for quantity. December the 6tH, 1781. Cyras. M'Crakin & Charts Beall, enter iQ30 acres of land, on part o the abovi warrant, on the dividing ridge, between the North lork of Clear citek and Greer's cieek, to begin about three miles fioai the mouth of Clear cteek, on one of its branches, and to run N rth".vardK for quantity, includn g the heads of the drams of both creeks and river. May the 12th, 17.-Charles Beall, enters 500 dcies upon a Trtafui win nt, ion h 1k- Elkhorn.- c ii, - i Dren-non'- ikjbnttrtr ' 1 the 24th da of one of us, will it tenj t'is co mni-f- Hirrjippmiued ny the coun ty court ef Htnrv county, under ah aft of As fein'Sly, eiritlcd, " An Aft to reduce into one the ftvera' '- - (oafte'tiin the bouidaiies of her pu'pods " totake the land, and i; ot fuudr) wit.elles, to sltablifli ti c beginmrj; and calls of an entrv, nude the ill in the nime oj Jefil say day of June, the Wcftfideof lorof 9000 Lick, ahoot fifteen mile'; f-- itr 'he Ohio to meet at D.ennon's The eoanntr-ntrlick, and pocecdfrom thence tot' e beginning Called for ft id entrv ; mi! to do Inch fur theraits is may he deemed iiecf..firy and igree-ablto the above recited icl, and to ad J vjrn from day to tiay, until th o afinels is coo jdcted, 17, i , One fourth pait of 1000 acres oland. JOHN JUitOAXJun. by survey bearing date the 17th day July 23d, 1804. of September, 1703, ')i'g and being in what vas then Fayette, now Waters of the North For-- of Elk- horn, et on th? North hdt of the lalne SAUL. & GLO TROT : res, by Alfb'' one fouctli 35 AVfe. jult lecewed from Pi'il,.c"-lp-' 'Ph. AUDRAIN , ,md survey, bearing da'e the firlt day of j i.c iiuw ujjci mg at cneu l'O'c (r ir iri Itiect, Lexington, an,extfcmivt uiiiji July' 1765, lying and beina in.vvhoA STATE OF KENTUCKY. cut of Fivette Ciictiit court, June term, 1804 was the county is Fayette, now O oigv 'vtr.ffettj'toiriplairrant, , S.'A' Franklin on thi "first .feottom helow . Hjainll u Eumpe, and Alfa, oi.e of tie liteft ii ipoititioiis 5' 'Little BenfoVs:GtV. John Fowled ilorei M'llvain, Tolih the i. ii diutVefi Indies Com.fli. g CritteiidoijlcpciiidcrDunlap,Hum fourthof iooo a3pg6,.bv' survey, .be- f JOiy boo, Hai d lVureTGi ocenes. phitv AlWhjll, lo'in Vance, Jtohn s ." rmg azxe tnts..otfi.'iaay ot jopteni' Lhiha, Glass, 11e1 j' cud Tin 'V 1. Vlyiori Goodloe, and jane j ,r. ,ffW.U B) vjeVtftTenJants. Wares, ,"' ' J 5 C hff"' tiBPEonpidinant naviiig.mjile Was',the'n,thKptiiryiiBkI'ayette, now .tit gieateft propdttlon of whieh wero FrahtffinVlui-iWta-'Fo,!- ; NOTICE. acc-"fUn- d 1: - sf, we, or n .1 ! -- W-iyn- A TflvT ) Heritv Nerct to raile ren ain furv ii V, c! which wa to be sound in th- And the tforefrtid county of furcfaid Wi'liam Pobertfon, hercb nth nntirf-- , that unlets he (hall appeal v h ms ll or atvoinry, and give special li! ti anfivet- the said luit, that judge- against him by de. nt 'vill be entet-eto1, md the profertv so attached will " il for th" fatisfiftioh of the afore- f id iLbt and damages, as may according to law be adjudged and awarded. By order of the court. self-lov- e TAE fTne. , n'r'".v I ""'. U ul, ,,d Ovid Vi'crackio's thenjih, a' ut t.irct tmellune ; silo 500 acres joirir )i lit v 1 iuipri-fone- al-w- ' liorn, otruT: cxetj- - dvv frm Hail' op on ilit Lri th, ai d 10 ancarrow, to tlu fulhwi.ig per-fdc ot And'f.v t"i in the s viz. Georgr 131 kf a a. d Ja '.ewis'i, and along Glenn's roadjur ' ob R ttse, Merd ants of the city o jUaiitity. Philadelphia, trading under tht firn June the 15th, 17 To. of Bickhair. and Kceiei, Cochran ai two thouland acres 2' .m Eve 'l'hurP"Y and Sanurl Meeke ofth miles horn the Fori 5 df Elkhorn. Umc place, and Vilham P. Ttlee and aoovc; the fan e. Jut ket", and Sa utl Dciiman, of the tlo two ,ts 1.1 .he r vn of Fra'1 fiiue.plice, tr.di"g in ler the name sort, known on the platt of the 1. id .an h Co. town bj their numbci &,U7 and ind fiinn ot iJ ec'c r l 22. and James Vclt, of Baltimote, I lhall The above traces o, land ard lots, cxpofe to sale at the court huuie to be sold for c.,fh, the sale to commence at 12 o'clock, Saturday tha door of Favette County, Tue following trails of nt ot Septemb. i next, at the cuuit-l.oa- i, J 1 not-wirj- a 'eec! hvl-hilh.-- rt of money n 1 conL-jnence- V me, (";)Ballron, an absent debtor. the forego'iifr terrr he ,ath sued out a forci'i attichmeit and Tubular the u ills and te' nights, poods and chttteK, Lrixiit5 ani1 17 cs of the fud delendiri' y virtur i.eiFcf the flierifF li ith attached all id the property ol t'ne laid f twent,-iiveear- .irtue of " al pr-bit- NOTICF. far'rara tcrntory cf tic 1 SA )"'A United Staus. h nyne count v. to. , In the co.mnon plEd3ct tit' trim jonf, in the yeat o' our Alexander Gi ant esq. vs. in catcuc, Dr. ' 1804. liviWalter Carr, complainant, agatnit RrcJTard Taylor, only acting execu-Vo- r when furpufed lias an impediment A Oar sorehead, foij ( itch ml, no J Anns Watson. and Truftec'of thedaiXAvill in his speech : he haj on and took bran , il.w vvl i e hairs m rf n 1, a old r attorney in fact By John Tayl-.and testament of Jno. Campbell, with him one pair of cnunfy linen bell w m abit our of die Tue ot it, f u t ji s Allx. Henderson. bxer dec. and Sarah Beard, Robert overallb, oiie pair of light col ureJ old, limit to'lorty v.n.15 tnr-- e inches h,j, ij Bv N. Cox, attorne v in f ift. n, F "".d oollais Campbell (James Milligan, Chas. corduroy small cloaths, one rtriped t I4'h ipn', 1804. I bH ALL proceed 011 the twentSimms, William Elliott and liornefpun jacket, one striped s i aken up by ieth dav of Novemhtr to take the de- IJ,A'd, on Philip Ross) and Gharles uoflons of Samuel M'Dowell, John Maxwell, jacket, one countrj linen (liirt. Little bepver creek, a iti.-AVm Steele am1 "Hubert Mi ffttt, to prove the and Elizabeth his wise, one sine ruffled Hurt, one blue (loth ijlucl iol , fceynmni; coiner, lines, and rptckil calls of the late Elizabeth Beard, Joseph coat, one brown cloth cnt, h th lonq; A - biv, with unci. ,r i,j, sorehead, orje'thouOna acras of bnJ hy fnrvev, which Beard, Join) Beard, Robert John tailed. Whoever will tjkf tip iV id with tome white on h.s tT ,n. ' f two w j (L,sfituate oi South Kilth.Hu, and Shjnnon s Beard and William Beard, heirs negro, and fecuie him i my jajl so o'd, ihout thirteen hands high ; ar.ifvd te run, in Fictte and vVoodfi rd counties, wliich nii.e pounds. I hold by virtue of the followirg furvty, (rn and legal reprefeniativcs 6f the as I may get birr, (li ill h .ve rise U'tn. Raymau. , rit) " Su,veyd for George .!n' hy vir said decedent, defendants. reward, and is bro ght home, tue of jive nor's warrant, ard lgreeable I aeti up by Klijjih Vo ITolk Ji-vIN CHANCERY. to the King; f G'eit all reasonable expences paid by procla.natior. i I.; two miles lrom Geoijetown, on of 1763, oi thuufind acres of land, in Fin THE defendants James Milligan, Zeceriab Bet-isUr iui, imins, William Elliott and Philip Sadie county, on the vvatei s of Klkliorn creek, 3r A Sorrel Maie, beginning at a tugar tree and buckeye, and liols (who areal'o, executors and tmilecs of Nashville, 31 Jnly, 1804. t lh" tfive orfi5 yean ol.t, fourteen and ie list will ami teflament of the f lid runuinR thence NO 23 EjO, 30 poks, crof t iroo tiouin. sing a t). ri.h, to 2 iugir tiecs, No. 70 West, having tailed to entei appearance hi uidshign, a Im.IliU-- i sear werri 'llAMiiN Up bv' S nuel Rich, livn 'hJ liti ii'.ltnl and 1e1e.11 r "rtf jblc to law and the rules of this 54J pol s, croihnjj 3 branches and a m. , ,hd befu , no v ol Co run, on on the ', Ha-- hf-- r . , Rbrt Mei-faille- ne-nt- Me-gowa- n brij-h- . .1 .o-- , -- t'-- e . . t dece-d.o- t) 1 1 , th-ri- to two backsyes, ao. 25 .V? t, two fui t cei, t'.isnce South poles to t'.u beginning. 33 poles to 70 F.aft, 34a Ino. Floyd, AOt. iSJf'j '775- - Jt-l-j Wm. qpjr to PrJbn, S.F.C." the I flial' met imnn ; corner of the fud (urvev at ock. and continue t .1. mir tin. ri,l ,lo teito'e'.i pofitvns unt.l they aie all taken. vIllial! also, on the twenty fixtbdiyofNo vernier i.ext, between the hours of ten in the morring -- .id fu e in the afternoon, at the house of Win V oil. t, tavern keeper in tanlord, JL.hcoln ci unfv, tike the deposit-oof Jno Ma'ui, 01 the tame pnrpoi. In m- -, at thefi Jy i6v, George Moffett. 18-- court, and it appearing to our fatisfaftion t .it they are not inhabitants of this common-weaOn the motior of the 'us cmafe! itisorderqd that the laid defendants do appear here on the third d?v of our and ifwer the com. icct t, einhcr Ki pUnaul's bil' ; and thatacupyof this order ne mferteduith- - Kenluckv Crazette accordingjj lii lavr, t copy. j euet Tbos. Bodtev, C. F. C. O ,0'HOoli indebted to Ceorcre Terrani'n dafi, aige lequefled to make piyment by ll of November, or give then notes. i Uofe who da not comply nny expeft compauoiy meal res n; t, ?1 Gio.e Ausjuil 7th, 1884. Tegardeti. ttrs - )o-- rs Sorrel Horse, sour years old, about fourteen bands high, with a fniM flir in Irs d foreheid, no p;rceiv.ible. y50 dollars. Tej, f) sWtlliam Gerrard jr. Ijfayt, 1S04 A v ,'le ; vpr.l'td lb ii!-- 'I e'le, SM copy K &f C. b. L. WAItFfKLD "P'EG leave to inform the public that the iLi will practice DICINF. &? SURGERY. lri partnership, in the tewn'of LeNinffton and the I'icinitv. Dr Brown to him to p,ay notes fifty dollats, Sheparl, j. p. i3. '. Davc.ipos t, Harnf in co intv, Xp'il 13th, . Dus. I3K0WN riv vand perce May 15 '1, kAp-praif- br-n- AC-ipy- 1.11 i ito,i un iii "vlerer coun- ii- - W Mcrrc , .in . . r lav Hors, Eluht years old, thirteen bi"ds thise inches 4 bjsii; appraed to tirry ioll.cs Also, two Cap Sorrrl i'n 1 "n't. venrso1.1, t h r fant wh , tH t .rwenty ' ' ' 's & v 3 th, 18 4. rcquells t'nofe who are indebted "1 . A capy. eir accounts toMjorDsimnnd 3 ("of- the' araoou, ft rb.o. Allen, c, a

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