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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, August 21, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

JLk. Wax. j j jRl JL JL AND GENERAL ADVERTISER. &.ianas3WJ.yvw":ji'V "Qpmq VOL. XVIL rraaansra assajEsTT-'ra- N' szjTraraiiiwiTjn7.ii,ri MrmTTii; .rs? KassKAaiJaja TE.i:,iS OF THE GAZETTE. Tb.s prjpcr L pubhfhed 'weekly, V ( 1 TAL- - Mrs. White, iij proaching fe..f jii, he will CASH, TO BACCO,HEMP, GINSENG, W1KAT, tT... LOW.vHOG's LARD, PORK, COUNTRY LINEN, AND '1H HEAD. wiainj ,...- rom leave to return her finccre thanks to ICT'EbjOfe" indebted to sl pen. 0,1s for r!u e conrairemcnt. she . ,. , has aierenced since her conin.-cenM- -ii ,jot JOHN TjRDAN JON. Jt-G- S ii urn them, the late firn Co, aie or at kali ,,,,. h' VOR SALE, n or ap pit-ten- ' THE MILLINERY STORE. . FABLE for the w 'OR HASH poffeliion given NEGROES; looo Acres of firit rateLnd, lying 2i5afcrei of land, Ring on the 'viuerjsui v. une iunTnu liiiu.euiaie-l- 0:1 the Kentucky rivefc, and near on ilve road leadii.g from Lexrtig-to- where fJapt, Darfh Weiiiger now to"Georp;ettiwn ThcYe isfoln- - lives, and about 4'iniles below Frank- able good"iiijprovenients,wuii About sort, with 4 iniall Farms thereon 5o acres of ihfi above land cleared, (one on the tiver, with 45 jcresof "ind v?eU, en'c'loffl Vii.hti good 'fence, 'cleared ground, and peach orchard r.he tiue'iifdifputabre ; the terms ofl and underwood fence the other 3, sale will be matte known by aplica-- , about 20 acre's cleared on each, and tion to the1 fubl'cfiber,'Iivir.g on the under good fence all with good log premises. jhoules, and as good water as any in I will-selI wiil affo 'Ml all my flock, at the state. a part, or all of reduced prices for cadi or short ere- - the above mentioned land uaui'ually, .it Among my' horlrs I have two low for Cafli. For further narcicil-- , or ufj;h bred Mares, brought froi.i lars inquire of the fubferiber, James ta ',.'.jteciJail iiprmg, one was got by Knberis 111 !, rankfort tfr Meflis. rar-tl.- e lic-j Qiiicknlver out of ker & Gra-- Lexinpton. . , -, , ii , r, l. r,.,T-J ; 1 o. 1 nus. KUiSii-i- i riigriin niaie, tniu e.irs 01a w in 'foal by Ai'ocit, Lcxin?rton, IVIav ifi, lo4. i'prin? :nis j che other was r 'titztrneM s n AM authoi ifedj b) power ot attor ci mnnti. liorle Uld ncv, from Simon Gi?tz, of the city ut of a full blooded marei ai.d' how of Philadtliliia, to sell one moiety of a in foal by Medley. Tbos. I.Garrett Fayette, July 9th, 1804. Containing two thouland acres, iituate oil the hears waters of Fox run, a branch of TO BE SOLD, BY apowr of attorney from the ex- - Bra Ihears's" "creek ; which land was con veyed by William Muiray, of Philadeldeceased. a 'Ciitorsof Patrick'Ht-rirphia, to Jofepfi Siftiohs, of Lancaster, OF Pennfylvunia, and by him to the afore-sai- d bimon Gratz. Any perl'on incliOrCT3ill treek, near Drennon's, a,bout 48'milts from the mouth of Ken- - ning to purchase said lands, may know 'ucky, and 40 miles from tlie Falls of the terms (which will be moderate) by Ohio, containing 1500 acres, oy lurvey applying to me in Lexington. WILL. MORTON. made m 1784, and is a moiety of 3000 Attorney in fast for S Gratz. 'icres, patented to. mr. May and mr. Tune 4, 1804. tf H. my, and accordingly divided. T WIH TO Ski I. MY Also 500 acres on the Rolling fork of Salt river, by survey in 1784, patent ed to mr. Henry. I understand tlv le lands are valuable, I N this placr the price will he moderate, but a purch il'-- i would elude to jndge i and the pavmenmnadeeai) to the purcha ser, on bein? faiisfaftoialy secured, and the for hinift-lfThe may be knuv. t me re punctually paid, in )y applying to the ffbu-ribei- , living WILL. MORTON v' Fayette cofrhty. y RCHANDIZE, Those who write to the Editor, niuft pay the poitabe ot then 'y-- ofl t l .i AUGUST 21, 1S04. " fSrlli JiND las,,a Larue and General AfTortment at ft ''4? JnflaKi7 FOR SALE. John Jordan Jim. B'UlAUS per aiiiium, u(rf ni TWO TUESDAY, BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. 936. Land Office at Cinciratti, June ill, if"04v IN purfuancc of an a6l of Con- refs, palfed the 26th V.auh, i.v 04, .entitled ' An aclt inaki.ig provilii ror the difofal of the Public Laiid, in tlie; Itrdiana Ter;itoi, and for other purpoies,".a!l the land of the ynittd states within this diitnct except the rerervtd lections, will be ofTered at public sale in quarter sac tions, i he'fales will commence on Monday the .3d day of September next, and be continued from day to day until the whole is offered for 11 4u-e- ,, V 1) - trom mr ;qUeftcJ pay The fecSions nuniber eight, ele r.rM honfeoooo re n mr Bradford's.1,, . ly'. TJnn"' when-- , iti; c i.'t iiiie, to have and twenty-nine- , ven, twenty-siLcx,iucun, K. Nov. Uth 1C3 of the tf an i.eifn- - anil cd.gaii a'far ing noithof the Itind iiatented to VI,,lini. ) Goods, viz : iZinn S mines, a d south (f John CI. ' Lime-- liannets, S ".. and , uv Vi..k.i., OK file, the place whereon I now live and v, ell Ludlow's line, running aJ V' lict llili. V.-- el Spencers, Sar gntjtining 45'3 acre well improved, upd Feat no.b "loik-,- , L ce ilGuz- VcV relies Jl given u;i tf t as ha d.rme a pi .c,. through the fourth ti'.-- of iecions, tn riu Fayette t it. its the!,rn "nik and slu'l'ii ' V'- Oft. lib, Fe fui .15, 111 the eighth ri'ii-- , between the , rn;h fnrCra rick, twi-lt- .i t'ner., ic Art...u 'e ri h, V feet Ion: l.v 22 Miami rivers (which have been here-' pern!.-hes, Ijiack and Ked .Morocco wide, finished off 41 a ear pia.n, and vts, ia tofore considered r. served) will also. h,f IViiklte'i othei neceliirv out Ionics; there ltliseAii; til IJ lLts i:ia"lc, and Um- - veiyfinegritt mill wih two pai' ot ltones.iMit be offered on the same terms. 6111 file (ho.teit;. fcrell of ivhitfc are bun tae said mill, dam,., nd ill The land lyinj, between the -were bpilt ane al.nt twelve months a?o 5 livers, will be sirfl: offered, be thf dan,. flnrflti lindi wnrL 5 lr . Inr i.rt .vu ,.,, b-which Will'ftand :.t .e.ift fifty ytm v,tnout bc- J ginning with the fourth range. ... W ' . j,p.i my iiju.iiH-uib.- ai.icboic.ear Hav;- '.irpo CHARES K1LLGORE, co tana, iprines ana .iocK.wurer tnar was never c opcn...0- tor lale, o'. ; lpowntoJlll ,.l! ,ell the vvhole Register of tl e Land-Officr tofether. ter i'S, in tne Tiouie lattiy (KC.'picQOy orri-- null with - or 100 acres with it, und JAMES flNLLAY, ' credit lor half, the nthei MefTrc John Jordan ji.11. 5k co. a, xt j;lv'e J confider-abiReceiver of Public Mouus halfbeinf; paid down. Forfurthar particulars door to Mr. Sei'z's, byappjvingto the lublcnder, any, person may STATE OF KENTUCKY. British ami Spanidi.fu-- j saddlery and hamefs be iniurmed and ihen. Fayette Circuit Court, , iiirnitui-e,mi common periine y ,,., lime Term, 1804. Shoe nakeis and car- road clotbs, Davy's, Fork of ? Fayette county, Afarv Owan Uufleil, late A'oy Owen Tor1 J, Conftitutionandfaucy tonls, Elkhorn, April i6th, 1004. 5 heirels at law of John Todd, dec. complt. AH Uindsof hard ware M Coti's. c a t.c .".uo c". 11 t . vyo againli allorte,!, auruys, Jane Breckinridge, l3te Jare Flovd, lohn Gotten caids, Ko. 8, j ONE hold's 127" gallons, the other 60 Velve ' Stewart and Alouining his ite, latt Moor-- , ' &: n. Vel rc. ctsx. V 'gallo ns. I will sell them-- , low for all ,yd, and John ning Floyd, Geoige C. timbo.-ed2C!nna,g!afs& queens q Jacon.t, For sale, also, Floyd, heirs and dtvifces cf John Floydj hook muiiins, iwc, Tie Noted Thorough Bred Harse, dec. defendants. Huml.uinj, Imperial, IN CIINCE iY. LAMPLIGHTER, winch is equal in IH):- i Bafias, HE defendants JjhnSrcn.irt and Mourblood and btauty to any horfc'in the India 'hawk, silk wd '"'Young hyfon, F ning his wise, having t died to enter &l cotton, llate, and his colu the same is not iupe. appearance heitin, atrteiblc to law ard India, iilk and cotton Ccnie, will take one thousand doliars rior, I bandClCluefs, (Sugars, t exinf.ton, 4th June, 1804. the rules ofthis court, and it appeal irg to the x years old. J. K. or him he W. WAR FIELD. satisfaction of the com t that o'ey are not Wines, ChinUe, and ns Kentuchv. - B andy, : On the motiof of the newest patApril 17, 1801. tf Circuit Court, june term, 1804 on ofthe complainant, by her counsel, it is Fayette Nutmegs, terns, ALEx. PARKER & Co. Hi r the said do appeal sere Iritli linens, whole and Allpice, Walter Carr, complainant, Sjgs., . Pepper, hah' bleached, nn ti.e thud day of 01 - 'xt giptember term-VE iull received from Philao.el acainfl , Gmger, ,jhia, in aduition to their former Henry Garrett, Daniel Calliha.i, and answer the comr'nin irt's bill; and tjjt m 'cited in tlfc Kentuc.Mace, a copy of this ordti I Calima'itoes, aflbrtment, Mil chard Johnlon and Henry A. ky Gazce accrrdnij; lo la . Cinnamon, Wildb res, &c &c. , and women's Book n,iiilin, plain and figured cam- IVluliard, &c. Men'-copy. Johnson, and others, defendants. Tcik, co; ton hole i: locks, Coperas, madder, jn as I IN CHANCERY. Tics Ilcdltv, C. F. C. C brick do. digo and allum. TJanUeens, Chintzes and calicoe9. afforttd, , THE above named defendants Tur'.-eAn allortment of im. ai.i, VALUABLE PROPERTY Blue hair plufli, Sc brown Hollands bavin" tVilcd to enter their appearance herein WHEREAS by an a1 AX. CongrJ, t of ported iliot of the Ticiings &c agreeaole to law and the rules of this court. valTed on different numbers. FOR SALE. A complete alfurtmeflt the 3d of March lafl, em. tit ', Conltitution .T.d fuicv tords, ajid it appearing that they are not inhabitant' I of Extra lont; 111 k glomes, afforted, ofthisft?rt : therefore, on motion ot the cum 'An act further to ainei d an aft, tin 700 acres Military Land, lying 01 Morocco slippers, afforted. TIk" kpp' a conllant supply of bar plainantby his oounfel, it is ordered that the led, '' An att to lay and collect a di.tct ( said defendants do appear here on the third day tax, wuliin the United "cates," the is ron, !u 1, cartings and sheet iron of the Brufti creek, N. W. T. where the road Loaf ceffee and frtfli teas, of our next September court, i.nd answer the beil-- 0'iahtito, aliorted, and Dry Mann s croffej fromLimeftone to Chillicoihe ; of said tax are diuAed to traiii-n& fti'.l patterns. Copper in ihcets complainant's b!l, and that a con v of this or , this tract contains about three bundrec to the corrtft trar.lcnp's Which they will lcll on the moit mo der be inlerted in the Kentucky Gazette ac can be lupplied with boulting acres of rich bottom, the remainder i' M.'Jeis of lilts of all lands or Iris which tl.iy cording to law. derate terms, for Cafli. well tim'iered ; has on it a good mil have sold for the unn-- i a ment of ia J. clevis of the ditFeient number',. A copy. Telle, Lexington, Julv 14, 1804. tf seat, and is an excellent stand for a pubLexington. April 7th, 1804. Tbos. Bodley, C. F. C. Q. tax And it is sin ther' provided, that JE, RED, GREEN, YLl.t.uvV lic house. ii;;v f'fion making payun-iito the Su-p- c WILLIAM CALLAND polled and lest in imaKtm Sc DROWN DYING. 'for ;of the tx'colt; ard inteuft acres ditto ditto, lying on 500 thjfctTefi ion of tofeph Doniphan, one of the any ti tct of laud or lit to sold, fhouid creek, a branch oi the East fork o! ' iTmlcesri (liencd to keep thr peace, in and for twelve tlie Little Miami, N. W. T. in a god CLR an ahfence of nearly I V1LL color cotton nni linoh tvof M3fon theiol'owtng llrayhorfe, he pc n 1. ted toredtti.i the fan.e, pro-vi- d J. & mrv.hs from his old stand in rrank-10- 1 neighborhood, about three miles iron' with a hot d e, v.liich I will v. .irrSh" dluih payment or tc nder of p , his colour, a chel'nut (orrrl, appears to .... r. ,,rl... linrtrl. onI mtt h.lf l,,nJ 1, 1. ar the Ferry and Ware-housseven from William?' toitanil, or etui v the , and cut Dunhams-Tow- n, b' made wiilnn th- - 'riodprthi higHibour six jearsold, his hind feet white, now infnns hib friends and the public burg, and eleven to twelve from the O- - as' reai'onable te,-m- s which in tin state wll i's any dyer tp maiked with in the lelt ear, a td by law that ne has re fumed Ins old place of hi onver. wool a deep fmatl white ling appear roum' the lame ear, no pire gtnerally in 'Janna. and f.O in r Lexington. 1 wm f 1000 acres ditto ditto, lving on Brush blue a; is. M. per ' nn,!. her aitificial brand appears, hasoa imall liar next In purfmnce of t1 e provlioo u ilic nntic creek, sa sew miles from New Market, in his sorehead, his near hip is Dipt. The ow- the above recited att, HUGH Wl.eie thofc that may pleai'e to call on N. W. T. ner will apply o the fub'enber lor fj'd hore. hertby ivei--- that I an, 1, polVtli'-',t At the sign of the Gn'kV. Appraifc iicnt lorty dollars. him, m.'y rcl on meeting with every all the collectors, tK t lands and lot, 5000 acres, lying on Bank Lick creek t lioufe, Shoe, in the oil Joicpb Doniphan. M .0 winch have Lee ioV i' r non-pr- v attention, both as to themselves and Kentucky, part of two traces, containgth May, iSo. corner of iMain Ik Cils-i'.reets- , Iiorfes, that this country will afford. Ls Itate. ot the i'iid tax, within ing 6000 acies, surveyed and patented r. Lexington. v Private parties may have rooms uluu ucuuiy, i'.i. for William Jones. two v.'i.ijh are eyrtCt. J C uly) v d th. pnfpmlir l5tll. Tfim. AKKN up by Rob'i. Tliomfon, anv Jttioii Willi ii'r to Lcleem land t with the buttle of a Tavern ; and 4000 acres, Clarke county, Kentucky, , branded If,r, ,,,i,,ri, ,., An i 1.. ?av Horse, ii,;ht bind soot wli-.'f.,1,1 N. B ,Is you want to ijenv'enicn disposed to have private part of a tracTt of eight thousand acres., K.x,, W 11. r., .11 ie , K.. ,,.iT ., Ifirll w, uu.'u, . 1 ' .1. ' 1,1' uufc. ,'", i.. lllll. Ull, can be accommodated to their surveyed and patented for Richard cotton coloured iree irom ipots. anplvin0' to tie uibuubr in Lesintoi. jppiai.Ld to 20 ds. band s high, loin yeaisold v willie. MORRISON, your tuts loole. H , AcoK. reite, Frankfprt, Feb. 22, 1804. S"pt 3332 3 acre;,Mason county, Ken Barnes W. D. C. J---Lexington, Julv 16th, 18C4, THE ' Grand tucky, part of 5000 acres, surveyed and ANDERSON, w GEORGE fiV - ftt-Eo- - x V t m-i- 1 J 1 11 'I'r. 1 - i WTract of Land, l3ai;Ms wings iv - ytlACT - c 5- ( i;u lun . . I p i e LAND, s v Tanyard f 11 11 uxiht mlia-hitan- ts Sfc V , Din-ants- DuvEcl fuar, col-leto- ut Sup,-rvitor- . j ( Thomas Love, t rp-01- i 0toit e, de ENTERTAINMENT, ' U.aUTOHD, ijotS: cut ; , 11 n't-i.- (i.e , undif-,turhe- u , !,.,, haveyorj .,-- Chin-nevort- J.-udL- Hakin. - 2-- -- 1JOH. WAhir-RDlvULL- , for Lodge of Ken A GREEABLE to .. 'ictice of tic h INTENDING to start for Phila- patented acres,George Underwood. - 'RESPECTFULLY interns the pub- - JT. igh court 01 Co u'lyoi the i'a '. Maion county, JVentucky, 200 tucky, will confirst of September, delphia, about the at HIS mop in of surveyed and patented tor Moody anc ltl tliml ne lias on Vene Yninia, btaiing d .u- 26lh F, loa-arcarneiliv requeHs ill thol'e indebted M'Mill'in. Lo gc Room at " vuinity of Par , near tl e George- ."99, wiil be uld, on Wednelc to hi in to make payment before that own road, an a!fi tntnt is MEDI 1 ,.v!nrrtr,ii 1000 acres Military land, on the wa r, he 5th September, to the hight ft biduci, -l for the l' afon- anu KiF.e. ters of RuiLll's creek, Green river. foi Cafli, on the u:t m.Vs, the third Tues- - CiNES, calculated Lexington, July 24, io4- di'eafcs of this c an n . He will prac- rlon county, Kentuc325 acres,-J-fJay of September nev t at tui o'clock TWO TRACTS OF LAND, ,m their ,c, Pl.v lie and Sui ""l"V'ILL pui chase Bonds, Notes, ky, aho-u- sour miles irom I.uuifv.l'.c, 40 A. M. The offioers, mcmbeis, and ous bi arches, at the Ihorteit notice,vaii- - Adjoining each other, 111 the county rf ano tract, is cleared. ns t. res of this ;ndr'.nents and accounts on iohn C. oe'W'ten fi cr ' u acres,Fr.i nklin county, Ken-!!;:- . representatives from the rcfpcdiive natter:, '.limfelf, that Irom his knowledgi L.klktoii, contain-in;116 't- Co. of the Bourbon Iron Works or ' ui, iorif.l'.cYion, art Set a, atenr for the ittoveiv of an, 1,101,1.' the diseases ofthis countrv, and th' live tlu land acrt s, belonging to T'i -v, on the North fork of Elkhorn. Lodges under our mod speedy m n ir. about six mills oftnm rianl.foit ; on thr requested to be j unci ual iirlhcir at- - tiii.tiin.thjt he io deterr.'ined to pay t iijj Uudtrwood, to fati y a debt t1, e due fiom laid firm, in V ikin.s, Voi teims apply to Shi? (ublciiber near Leiai. ',,. Lv.ii ii fs, tint h" will meet kith th. . John Curd, Jol'eph tendance, at that time'ani P' ". aie conlHK 1,1'nl" inmioemelHt. i'' ten. gl L'ndcrwcod and Frai u Underwood. J I ot ii By order ol the 01 fhijjf jl G . IKl ur.nti life and well ii ,;.! of 'he public. A Hi. T George 2ia:.sell. "J B'Hirbo 1. Au'i-u- '.', 170: THE COMMISSIONERS. '.m. town of IVris, on M n street, ant1 Mailer, 1S04. 13; Augud lSih, 1804. Grand Sec Mr. Hughes's tavern. adjo'ning D.vil- Bradford, th.-- W.v irom ILL Itait wit TAKE NOTICE. An Inn and Out Lot in said town. Lexington, Aug. f. 5S04. door eiy ivionday an- Notice is hire y grvcu this It Also a House and well improved Lot THAT I . am a 1: ,1 to L.., l ... ,!, . . uil-'- v accou ,i' all w ho have ii'orn n;atil.ii IkIu, j nd r"' ... l..c SALE. place., and that l nave ici'aniii'm,iiuc, ,, FDR sate, in this f Janice !"- to the OLYMPIAN SPRINGS dmi-r. lafcdsofmr. E- liaktrti little 101 me. Those the !i psopeitv vvlureon I novf thtop rtv V. ill'btl Tlu ab so lOrwjfd vv '.i as are indebted to ne)rtiific 'ire lent season win ut ian - llUe, in LeJc'iiiftten, t'n s property his le,.n nc- I;.', fen. dec. to c sold low for (i.vsu, IU it. "lul Tot To Snrcad-Easllor theiei'on 10 i, are re e.3 1.1 y enaee p! icion taeh precedof years at tavern, it be licir jcto .ti; itjaccrdu iu od forv.ri- - rciipiedlora - co, or on uivia- - b mJ 'u-fKto come forward and settle their acline in J cood part of the town for that bufi- - ing evening at latelt. be no law, whick fliall be immediately dif-- c ,, .. credit ra,iv be had con.,1 w't'iout delav, as there . ness. I vv take a fi.iu f irm in part, and the Geo- - SjVJerbray. 2' a conimerablet'cnl-ir; and thole that have For further pai enouire ot An balance in CaflaorKegro-- s ; foi sin paiti barged, by tar the. 180-!are July 20th, Jan d t,. ;ne their notes foi this Charles Kite; V r. ui.vv F. Pr'Cf, attorney 111 faci. for (01 culirs apply to thi sable.--. oer, living en the ..,-.r- - , ,u, wai ', 'I to je'.feWindord count v, A u . n, ifco. . 'o il.e lublei .be . Mowbon Con ty fft my advertiRjmeiit. iti'i u ti ""' Juoll JTIies. .KEN u,i h" srmrel Iti'b, li;nr no the JOHN JORDAN Jin. V,.i. L.exinn"ton, n.l 17. l3c4. dnyv :s run, one OHllr"L Hf 'it E, L' ) write '"" ton K' otuckIltiCiS" ,'"l"'t' c" :' ""'''! ' w,'' ." Call at the ih een T? C: .' "W, ' ,, . : nja..uai), 1. II Thveeljcents ;.er poiin- ci? iji". vvMFlli'. the fr.hfi riher continue, to lf er a a I11...H tl ir in hit sorehead, no brand pcrceMe; aHprii.e.l to 50 dullais. house oi KntcTlainment foi ihofe c,t per hundred wtight, Rlvcn foe'e n i ' . t, 'to call on b. m, ami ft. ill 'i.ei .11 v A c p.,, Tef'.e. itiviijf at thutl1 . ii ri. (..'i ,ti...:.-,.r (.. L. C. jln-- orottui ,.,v jl j .r;: t': j,cCj.', I eiui.vr. ' - y, a, 1 . t' v t ')-. - 11 1 tl-- G.-iv- ie : ; Vg6, 1 w . ffii',; s 11 '"O P.-H- - C .' . r ' d t s in,luln-ce(;u;n- . ' s. aut-able- T'2nt:. - laliernal Coaierencc, rar 1 ,,.. 'i . iu ' '' -- . - rt.s, ... 5

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