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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), March 23, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

r FAIRMOUNT. EDUCATION BOARD Meets at Courthouse Last Saturday and Transacts Usual Amount ef Business. A The Jefferson County Board of Ed- Suggestion ucation met at the courthouse last Saturday and after the transaction of the regular routine of business quite a number of the citizens of the county were heard upon many subjects concerning the schools in many parts of the county. Some were oplevy already asked posing the for by the Board and others were complaining of poor school buildings in their respective districts and wanting new schools and others desiring to get their school district boundary lines legally established. Quite a large number ef bills for coal, repairs, etc., were reported and The subject that ordered paid. created the most interest was probably the one brought up ly the citizens of Middletown and Rocky Hill school districts over the boundary line between the two districts. It was stated that the present boundary as recorded is very unsatisfactory and is conflicting. A committee was named by the Board to investigate the matter and report at the next meeting. A committee from the Rural School Committee of Jefferson county was heard and reported that it was the desire ot the committee that the Board defer any action in regard to the building of new schools at Midaf3 dletown and .leffersontown until meeting March 29, ter the state-wid- e at which time the bonding proposition will be taken up and proposed to the next General Assembly if approved by the delegates. 20-ce- nt Plant An Asparagus Bed this Spring. As easy to plant as corn and a bed will last a century. Three Year Old Transplanted Roots, S3 per 100 Strong Two Year Old Roots, $1.00 per 100 With instructions for planting. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE FREE of all kinds of trees, plants and seed. F. Walker & Co. Avenue 634 Fourth Louisville, Ky. Opposite St. Joseph's Infirmary. BOTH PHONES. AUCTION SALES BY E. R. SPROWL PUBLIC SALE HOME FISHER VILLE. March 1.1. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert March 18. Mr. and Mrs. George Long, of Bashf ord Manor, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. George J. Long at Glenmary. Mrs. Alpha Thixton and Mrs. Geo. Johnson, of Louisville, were recent guests of Mrs. Henry Carwardine. Miss Bessie Long has returned from a weeks' visit to relatives and friends in Louisville. Mrs. Lizzie Dean visited her brother, C. Lee Hawkins, in Louisville this week. Messrs. R. W., James P. and Clay Hawkins, of Louisville, visited relatives here this week. Miss Blanche Thomas is in Louisville for the week-enMr. and Mrs. Clarence Hawes were guests of their mother, Mrs. Hall, of Deer Park, the first of the week. Mrs. Roscoe Stout entertained at dinner on Sunday Misses Ruth Crockett and Ethel Pusey, Messrs. Zack Basler, Robert Cole and Mrs. Sue Cole. Miss Mayme Bridwell, of Malott. was a recent guest of her sister, Mrs. Roy Farmer. Miss Ethel Hopkins visited Miss Ida Farmer on Sunday last. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ziegler and little Miss Carrie Ziegler dined with Mrs. Marvin Hart on Sunday. Mrs. William Farmer entertained at midday dinner the first of the week. The color scheme was white and gold, which was carried out in flowers, confections and ices. Those who partook of the bountiful repast were Messrs. and Mesdames John Long, Leo Ziegler, Henry Carwardine, Alex Ziegler, Marvin Hart and Charles Ziegler, Drs. Charles Farmer and Robert Fallis, Miss Lizzie Dean, Misses Nettie Hawkins, Lillian Long, Edythe Carwardine and Ruth Farmer, Masters Trevor Lee Hawkins and David Farmer, Dr. and Mrs. Pittinger and son spent Sunday with William Farmer. relatives at Elk Creek. Auctioneer, i, PublicSale! 60 Acres of Good Land lf JR. Combined Drill Seedsr, and Hill Double Wheel Hoe, Cultivator and Plow. Equipment: ONE PAIR HOES, TWO PAIRS CULTIVATOR TEETH, TWO PLOWS, TWO LEAF GUARDS. The Planet Jr. is in a Class by Itself. It is the best possible implement of the kind: perfect mechanism and automatic device for stopping the feed, and has also the new seed index. It is thoroughly substantial and accurate in planting all kinds of garden seeds in either hills or drills. CATALOGUE FREE ON REQUEST. See us when in need of anything in the farming implement line. We have what you want at the right price. WOOD, STUBBS & CO., Seedsmen Incorporated E. Jefferson St. 219-22- 1 LOUISVILLE, KY. t H Green ng Tn ml Given on all Stami cash sales at The Leading Merchants of Jeffersontown. f ry J DEALERS IN Groceries, Dry Goods, Feed and Hardware 3 CONNECTION, k Bread in Every Respect at 6 Loaves for 25c. Tickets given. v FIRST-GLAS- BAKERY IN S First-Clas- s 7j 7L Free delivery on all jjfoods. Honesty is Our Motto. Cumb. Phone l 4-11- I 20-3- V . 44 4 A remedy for Chicken Cholera, Gapes, Roup and Limberneck. Makes the hens lay and keeps them in a healthy condition. t V CURENO PAY. NO 4 k one-ha- MANY STYLES WE CARRY VfX WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1911, My-'.- OF PLANET d. Rev. B. F. Adkins preached his Mr. and Mrs. .fas. Smith visited Mr. and Mrs. Omer Jones near Middletown farewell sermon at Cedar Creek on Sunday last church. recently. Conn, of New Port, is Mrs John The new telephone exchange was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Mary opened for business on Monday. i AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M. Miller. William Shafer's residence burned to the highWeller Parlitt, of Jacksonville, to the ground on Wednesday. MRS. M. K. FOX has ordered me to sell her country home The est and best bidder on above date. It is located on good country road, near Fla., spent part of this week with fire originated from a defective flue. R. R., about two miles East Tucker Station, which is on Louisville Southern his grandmother, Mrs. Ellen Nichol Some men plowing in a field nearby of .K'fl'ersontown. Tnere are .'!'.! acres of land, about 15 acres in cultivation, son. a woodland of fine old forest trees. It is well watered and in good discovered the fire and gave the balance Mrs. Lidge Hedge and daughter, alarm to the neighbors who by great neighborhood. THE IMPROVEMENTS consist of a solid brick house in good condition Kster May, and Mrs. John Davenport efforts saved the outbuilding. Friends and good outbuildings. Fine cellar. INVESTIGATE THIS. spent several days this week with are soliciting lunds to assist Air. TERMS i rash, balance in one and two years with interest at 0 per will be required to make a cash deposit on day of their aunt, Mrs. Liza Ritchie. Shafer in rebuilding. cent and lien. Purchaser Misses Cleo and Carrie Nicholson sale as a guarantee of good faith and assume taxes for 1911. and Mr. John Letterley and Mr. J. Madame X at Masonic. E. R. SPROWL, B. Wilson spent Sunday afternoon .leffersontown, Ky. Cumb. Phone with Mrs. Mary Miller. In addition to being thrilling be Miss Mary Price, of Crescent Hill, yond any other play in the memory spent part of last week with her of this generation, "Madame X" is cousin, Miss Alice Gilliland. likewise regarded by the metropoli Mis. Hampton Gilliland spent last tan critics as one of the most enter taining dramas of recent years. In week in Louisville with her mother. Mrs. Mary Carpender is visiting writing this brilliant masterpiece, Monsieur Alexandre Bisson, the faher son at Normandy. Messrs. Cleveland Harris and Fred mous Parisian dramatist, hasevinced Hoke, of Jeffersontown, visited Miss the characteristic skill of the French playwrights. He has realized that Isabel Downs recentlv. Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Gilliland it would be impossible for any audiand Miss Corinne Ritchie spent Sun ence to endure the strain upon the IN TRACTS OF 10 ACRES EACH sympathies and emotions that this day in ijouisvine. Miss Bettie Logan, who has been wonder-worcalls lor, unless there -K soending the winter with her sister, were adequate humorous relief. He MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1911, AT 2:30 O'CLOCK P. M. Mrs. Robert Sturgeon, has returned also understands human nature well enough to comprehend that there is MRS. FLORENCE E. MAGRUDER has ordered me to sell on above date to her home at Pewee Valley. to the highest and best bidder, her farm of GO acres, in Jefferson county, humor in even the most tragic moand A Real Surprise Party. about !H miles from city limits, 2J miles from Jeffersontownline. Entrance ments of any one's life. mile from Taylorsville pike and Jeffersontown electric car Thus "Madame X" posses a great St. Patrick's day came and Miss power house on car line. to same being at Anyone desiring a small farm for a country home, or as an investment Katherine Marshall and Mr. Reuben deal of the lighter and more amusing in the garden section, cannot afford to miss this sale of land, where values Smith were very busy getting ready characteristics; features that make are steadily advancing. cash, balance in one and two years, with interest at to surprise Miss Ruth Brandon with for laughter as well as those things Terms i per cent and lien. Purchaser to pay taxes for 1911. A deposit of ten per a St. Patrick's party. At 8 p. m. a made for tears. In the fitrures of crowd of young people had gathered the three rascally fellows who try so cent will be required on day of sale as a guarantee of good faith. at Mrs. Lillie Brid well's parlor, from desperately to make capital out of E. R. which place they proceeded to Miss the misfortunes of the woman, there Cumb. Phone 36-- Jeffersontown. Ky. Brandon's home. They had planned is much to entertain and amuse: there a surprise and for once the plan was is a very charming and life-lik- e love By E. R. carried out. Those present were romance involving the son of the Misses Katherine Marshall, Ethel luckless Madame X, while even the Hummel, Margaret Harris, Ethel pathetic little porter, Victor, has year Sprowl, Bernice Robins, Isabel Jack-ma- moments in which he arouses shouts Both The Jeppersonian and 1.f0 Lula Smith, Mary Smith, Allie of laughter. Weekly Henry. W. Savage will offer this 6.40 Lee Smith, Ruth Brandon: Messrs Daily OF ' 3. Reuben Smith, Edmond Davis, Levi dram-- , staged exactly as in New York Herald S.fiO Hoke, Earl Robins, Frank Robins, and played by a company of the highPost Household Kitchen Furniture Masonic 4.50 Ludwick Bryaa, Carl Hummel, Aleck est merit at the Shubert Times 1.50 Wisehart, Irvin Smith, W. C. Carlin, Theatre, Louisville, March 23, 2, 25. Weekly Ky. State Journal Beckham. Editor) Chas. Sibley. A NICE COUNTRY ONE Guaranteed under the Pure Food and Drugs Act, June 30, 1906. Serial 6782. W. A. WHELEER, JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. One-thir- d SPROWL, Auctioneer, 3, Sprowl. Clubbing Offers PUBLIG SALE! n, 1 Courier-Journ- Courier-Journ- (Ex-Go- SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1911, 1. Weekly Cincinnati Enquirer 1.50 Bryan'sCommoner I. Farmers Home Journal (new) At 1 O'clock p. m. 1.50 Agriculturist...: near Jefferson- Southern Home At County Farm 1.25 Farm and 1.25 town, Ky., I will on above date sell to Reliable Poultry Journal 2.00 highest bidder all my household Delineator the 1.50 Magazine and kitchen furniture, consisting in Uncle Remus The Jeffersonian Jeffersontown. Ky folding bed, follows: Piano, part as wardrobe, dressers, chairs, fine 5 piece parlor suit, fine cook range and utensils, kitchen cabinet, couches, dishes, beds, bedding, 1 dining table, 4 stand tables, 1 safe, 2 wash stands, 1 refrigerator, 2 large rugs, 6 small rugs, linoleum and oil cloth, 1 clock, 1 swing, also one good brood mare and yearling colt by Diamond Dare; and nums conerous other articles in FOR SALE Indian Runner Duck Eggs First-Cla- Stock; ss Eggs, $ I per sitting. first-clas- Registered Duroc Jersey Hogs dition. Terms $10 and under, cash: over that amount a credit of six months A. H. HITE, Lyndon, Ky. without interest, purchaser to execute note with approved security, ne- Cum. Phone 30-St. Matthews Ex. gotiable and payable at the Jefferson 4, 40-- 4 County Bank. Llewellyn Jones. E. R. SPROWL, Auct. Jeffersontown, Ky. Do vou take the city papers? Read our clubbing offers. We can save you money. $100 CLARK. Reward, $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, Hall's Catarrh and that is Catarrh. Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treat ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys tem, thereby destroying the founda tion of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that thev offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by all druggists, 75c. Take Hall's Family Pills for Mrs. W. T. Lynch spent last Saturday in Shelbyville. Mr. Walter Conn, of Monte Vista, Col., spent several days here visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Walters. Mrs. Wm. Armstrong has returned home after a visit with relatives in Louisville. Mr. W. P. Johnson spent Friday in 1 THF QIIMMFR5- - IflUNSnN a ilk wumiiikiiv tiiuiinwuii X Incorporated T IIMRFR uumutii f 11 VVI f X BUECHEL, KY, i t Lumber, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moulding, Etc. X We are prepared t furnish anything the Building Line. . BE SURE TO GIVE US A CALL. Phone Highland $ Paints, Hardware, Lime, Cement, Brick, Sand, Fertilizer, WHY NOT PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRIES when it saves you money? f X in J 69-T- imilllOCWWi0WfrW0WttMHttlM 5 Fred Myers, Jeffersontown, 70 2. N. R. Ky. Cumb. Phone -li .. ... Blankenbaker, Fisherville, Cumb. Phone .... waian' .jrg-- .."in. j. - .. .mj. -- i 494. Ky it. Louisville. Mr. E. A. Taylor and daughter, Miss Harriet, spent Monday in Louis- ville. Mr. W. T. Lynch and son spent Saturday in Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Thompson were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Thompson and family Sunday. Miss Frances Tribble, who has been the fcuest of her cousin, Miss Ethel Stone, of Simpsonville, has returned - home. The Sunday at Fanelli Courier-Journ- Bros. al on sale MYERS & BLANKENBAKER Funeral Directors and Embalmers Stock Always Complete. Calls Answered Day and light.

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