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Page 3 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.9 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Editorial Comment THE DOUGLASS HIGH SCHOOL The Douglass High School, of Henderson, Ky., pictured on the outside cover of this Journal, was erected in 1932 and is one of the most modern and outstanding schools in the state. The building is located on a high terrace on the corner of Alvasia and Clay streets. It has a commanding appearance and serves as a beacon light to the community. The building contains ten classrooms, a gymnasium, study hall, library, and administrative office. The rooms have up-to-date furnishings and the equipment of the school is up-to-date. The library contains approximately 1,600 volumes. The school offers four different types of curricula and the stu- dent Is permitted to choose the curriculum which seems best adapt- ed to his ability and which Is in line with his vocational desire. The present administration, under the general guidance of Prof. Ken- neth Meade, the efficient principal of the school, has so handled af- fairs that the school has been raised from a class C school to that of class A, the school being given this rating both by the State De- partment of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Douglass High School Is the home of the founding of the Inter- State Athletic Conference, which conference Includes schools of Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky. The Douglass High School has had the champion basketball team in the conference and has also had outstanding football teams in the conference. The Douglass High School of Henderson has taken a place among the leading Negro High Schools of Kentucky. THE K. N. E. A. AND TE MERGER As the Journal goes to press, it would appear that there will be a merger of W. K. I. C. of Paducah and K. S. I. C. of Frankfort. In this issue there are arguments for and against the merger. The K. N. E. A. Board of Directors, who represent the associa- tion took a neutral stand at its December meeting as shown by the minutes which are published herein. At the suggestion of the di- rectors, the K. N. E. A. Legislative Committee expressed its attitude. The directors have not met again to officially express their attitudes. Various members of the K. N. E. A. have expressed their views on this important question. The questionnaires sent out by the K. N. E. A. office show votes both pro and con. These returns have not yet come back in a sufficient quantity to be representative of the 3

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