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Image 2 of The Breckenridge news, July 19, 1905

Part of The Breckenridge news

z ir c C t f CsQ1r3r e r r lr r r3 r t r r7aCt 11 r4 t Picnic and Becrbe- l J Y hs j i send AT 011 1 Preparation 19 1003 IRVINGTON Bate rkshin ton Richard W rather is very much Q8IBTORIdrZa- Bought improved Mid You Have Always 1rs uataro Rev J T Lewis of Cloverport nf ltG llclLti in town Monday HCQUADY Dr H W Vimp of Stephens in town port spent Sunday Mrs Sally Lyons was the guest MrsCalhoun has returned home of Mrs George Gray last Friday after a lengthy visit to Owens Mrs David Potts who has been bolO sick for soveial days is improv MISS Emily McAtoer of Louis ville is the guest of MM Nannie Wathen spent last Sunday with Mr and was nt Mrs Frank Lyons Clarence McGluthlan Mrs Lucy Wagner was the home bunday the guest of his guest of her sister Mrs Sally parentsBob Wilson last Sunday McGlothlan was in Louis Several from here attended the ville last week with three car funeral of Miss Clara Mattingly loads of stock at St Marys last Thursday Mr and Mrs W J Piggott were Chas Ball who has been in in Louisville last Friday to hear the West for sometime returned Creatore to this place last Wednesday Charlie Redman is in Mrs Prof Cliff Payne and Miss Louisville visiting her brother Katie McCabe will teach the school for some time at this place the present year McCoy has returned Miss Katie Dr and Mrs J A Sandbach to Bess ley ville after a visit to were the guests of Mr and Mrs Tom Beard Sunday afternoon Mrs Pomp McCoy Misses Louise Beelor and Sally Miss Pansy Paris loft Tuesday Withers of Kirk spent Friday for Louisville after a months afternoon with Mrs A Sand visit to Miss EVil Ilerndon Mrs Ed Adkisson and baby have bachMiss Jessie Bland left hero last gone to Sebree to visit her Saturday for Indianapolis Ind mother for an indefinite stay where she will spend the summer Mrs W E Brown and baby withrelatives have returned after a months Misses Lucy DeJarnette and visit to her mother at Paradise May Jolly and Mr Ben DeJar Mrs Sice Ilardaway of West nette are the guests of friends Point has gone home after a near Hawes ville this week few days visit to Mr and Mrs Mrs Askins and daughter miss Oscar Dowell Katie McCabo and Dr and Mrs Miss Lelia Turner and brother Sandbachof this place attended Harold of Louisville came last the dedication at Long Lick last w601 to visit Mr and sirs W Wednesday Cornwall for a few days r sirs Sue Tydings and daughter CURE airs CliffNock of Louisville PI CURES WHERE ALL ELSE FAILS 181 came Saturday to visit relatives pest Couth Syrup Tastes Good and friends for same time Use la time Sold by druggists NMl Mr and Mrs W D Major Mr and Aura NEA Round Trip Rate Jt Harry r aj01aud son Will CONSUMPTION Rock Haven- f + 4 100 Stephensport R Jr 75 90 It 111 Mr and Mrs L C Taul visited her sister Mrs J B Bates at i Mr find Mrs Joe Mullen of Cloverport were guests other father John Taul last week Prof John Burnette closed his music school at L C Tauls and is teaching at Pates Nobo Stho can not be praised toe i L J Bryan you do not derive prpmpt and satlfr in rqyT Earn factory results from the use pf Peruna Ih hiwrte atonceto JJr l1anmani1relllqen n TnrvV e yt MUper I ROOFJNG PU CLASS TILE f> It1 fl 3 tn hI f AL 450 PE ries tv 1 4 y r tf Bars TQi19t Sgnp x table 1r10c a25c akes Ji v 4 Cans Corn pkgs CreamWhoat 0 i t 2 t1t a + i- k ti uw L- ti oJ a y r i t + 1 if aI 1 L 7 > t I a 10eClove 2 z f 4 Guarnnteeaa use per1b ROOF 1 I Sugarx57 J9 If or I 410 t TILE COMPA I f I fjc Calicoes best FROM NOW 1ST THE t- Il must be closed MIe n < oof r f a f reduceourstock 1U LASTSH idly and MURRAY M a t- Li hi LE NewsI youEnclosed bottles I r Breckenridge w n sisterjinlaw J It of his ianaale advice gratis confld tI of respondence aTru t60c daughter Quite a number of young people enjoyed the ice cream supper giv- en at the home of Mr and Mrs P II Keenan two weeks ago Miss Mary Tabeling went to catarrhl I have used Pernna for irr they Portfriends try It andremedyallpronouncen best catarrh overputonherd NUILEAKS G W Snyder of Hardinsburg was here Saturday and bought from J E Keith Son a fine Scotch granite family monument Mrs Jno Hookhis sister bought a monument for the grave of her f a- nlrt writesI Estes Thanks People Here Cloverport Ky July 14 1905 Editor le held == Buy Monuments Mrs Simon Beavin of Kirk spent several days with her par ents Mr and Mrs Joe Dunn Miss Maud Ryan is rapidly re covering from typhoid fever and contemplates teaching the school at this place Arr surpt1sedred JLOI11C left Satur day morning with Estes for Fort n p ODe ffftij a Half MiBJOJi I jCKfej Thomas near Newport KyS the a > CuretNo P Y j t ekKoot Uv rHh 1tJ nearest army post Jt is said that Estes enlisted in the army during the SpanishAmerican war and later deserted but surrended him self at Ft Thomas He deserted again it is understood before he enlisted in the navy in 1903 100 0- lurlol g U S Marshal Southern Hon L J Bryan U S Marshal the Southern District of Alabfl ts effects wore dls noving the annoy was particularly t e nIflng the J ehbrfc 1 m end tl nother snake Mf rshal DeHaven picnic given by the Catholics at Whitesville Mrs Thos H Bates has re turned from Davies county whore she was called to the bed side of her father W W Carts who suffereda paralytic stroke on his left side He i in his eigh tieth year and has thus far recov ered that ho is able to sit up a wonder to the medical fraternity TARFORK Jolly C Continued from page 2 85 Addison Brandenburg 105 75 Holt Ekron 110 Guston 65I Cloverport 100 50 Hawesville Irvington 110 65 Fordsville 80 Webster One fare for the round trip from all sta tions on the Branch The fast train on main line going east in the morning will stop at Irvington to discharge passengers A special train will leave Irvington at 945 a m on the arrival of the down train and arrive at Har dinsburg at 1030 The regular train will leave Irvington at 1055 a m arriving at Hardinsburg at 1159 Returning leave Har dinsburg at 431 p m connecting with all main line trains I Mr- r Round Trip Rate Howard ingI Hon Dan generally in pg of Pornna as it a fair trial Was DOUBLE D ES Estar 100 Lodiburg 100 Sample West Point I Northern DIstr S Marshal Marshal S U Ansoundsglln t Barkerint rtude Dill > ColambnsARREST REDUCED RATES 4was and 1 dart sta red b Da Cooperwhich Distrog j I theThe toI 5havobeonasufferer New and NovelI a oa scpdfOSDlur Inn A The havo Improved rapidly from the incipient stato so day I was really much came depressed and such a quick and effective cure 1 July tinto Peruurplete Mobile Ala says Allbwmo to testimonial as qualities of it for the the Northern writes States Land Office Your remedy forcatarrl1Jaapl taor Register United la grippe Pernna has done mefeonmold kwrites from 1liontgoodthatlhaveuseditcannotfor n rmljnII 1 Mrs I Fit an Brewer in cornused iscph J Johnston jmonths h WEDNESDAY i h IIL PerunaTWENTY GROUNDS iam Mr and Mrs Perry Weaver and Ben Helm allof Louisville and Mr and Mrs Ab Newman of Cairo Ill arrived last week to be the guests of Mr and Mrs ironed TP lent tonlo and It Is BEAUTIFUL The Breckenridge News i other nl The fi BARBECUElheta Edison Kinetoscope Pictures i m ontiei who < 1 i Ji Franct skrk ever seat ovurg It 6Creaai d MASONS FROM THIS COUNTIES AT 10 OCLOCK A Mt1obythosowhohavo M to the i i and Special Trains on all RailroadsThe largest crowd ever assembled in Hardins 1111Rates your R R Agent and time table b e I will be there August i Under vs w r GRAND PARADE OF ALL 1111 Praises t f liYOUNG PEOPLE 1 Were i when w li LI I b- an for i nce They r f MERRYGOROUND fum barg Officials ti vY K I rJea r tr f Thl- k J IN PRIZES 200 Y BAC UEti GIVENo refagFor Saturday m I b um Feru 11t1 State a tY cHARDINSBUR I I Iji A1 l I I I 0 I ot l l JL ts y i-

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