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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 2, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

I z 1 VOLUME POST OFFICE DIRECTORY M RUSSELL 1f1P PETE CONOVER DEPUTY Office hours week days 730 am to 830 p m ADAIR N COURT DIRECTORS Cmcurr CoURTThree sessions a yearThird Monday in January third Monday in May and third Monday in September Circuit JudgeH C Baker A A Huddlerton Commonwealths Attorney Sheriff F W Miller Circuit ClerkJ F Neat First Monday In each month A Murrell COUNTY COURT JudgeT County Attorney Jas Garnett Clcrk7T R Stulta KP Conover Assessor J F Pelly Surveyor R T McCaffree School SuptW D CoronerC M RusselL Jailer3 +t ADJOINING AND + + BREeDING Bob Simpson is very sick at this writing hereFinis COUNTIES + + 14 + the 14th of the present Rev R C Parsons who been afflicted with a compli- ¬ has cation of diseases for some tine was called away from the scene of his earthly labors During the two or three years he had been living in Kentucky having moved here from North Carolina he had made many friends and gained the respect and confidence of the people in the neighborhood gen ¬ Baker and family visited JonesJ G B Breeding last week Noah Loy and wife attended CITY CoURTRegular court second Monday in each month the Teachers Institute at Ed ¬ erally JudgeJas G Eubank monton last week The people in this neighbor¬ I AttorneyGordon Montgomery MarshalW A MyeG B Breeding sold a nice lot hood have a just right to be of hogs to Mr N T Mercer at proud of the public road leading from Neatsville to Dunnville 4ic rsCHURCH DIRECTORY good work so efficiently be ¬ Henry Hudson Columbia was The PRESBYTERIAN by the former overseer Mr gun was here last week looking for BURKESVILLE STREETRev W C Clemens J H Pelly has been continued pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in by his successor Mr W G Ellis SundaySchool at 9 a m every Sab- mulesBurr each month bath Prayermeeting every Wednesday night Gilpin called on our mer¬ and they deserve the thanks of chants last week the people of this vicinity for the METHODIST BURKESVILLE STREETReV F E Lewis pastor Eld T A Hagan of Cofer excellent work they have done Services first and third Sundays in each month on this joint of road Let the SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer was with us last week good work continue Thursday night meeting W P Nunley representing the We hear of considerable trouble Robinson Drug Company Louis- ¬ BAPTIST ville called on our merchants in many localities in procuring GREENSBURG STREETRev J P Scruggs pastor the newly adopted text books in First and third Sundays in each month Sunday last week School every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayermeeting Tuesday night Luther Smythe began his the common schools It seems that the people of Kentucky have school at Calahan last week CHRISTIAN been put to a great deal of ex ¬ CAMPBELLSVILLE PIKEEld A L Oder pastor Noah Loy and wife visited his pense and trouble for several and Fourth Sundays in Services s CC o n d each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 parents on Pettis Fork last week years in buying textbooks that Qm Prayenneeting Wednesday night Mr Hayden Coomer is slowly was wholly unnecessary and that some book companies have profit ¬ LODGES improvingMr immensely at the peoples ex ¬ Rupe is very sick ed pense It is gratifying to see MASONIC that there is a disposition on the COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A MRegnlar SPARIKSSLILLEmeeting in their hall over bank on Friday night Cassius Rowe of Texas is vis ¬ part of our Legislators after on or before the full moon in each month many years of Gordon Montgomery W M E G Atkins Secretary the people of this State to reme ¬ Mrs James Gastpn is very dy this matter and get it down COLMBIA meets 2nd Friday COUNCIL U D sick at this writing night after full moon in each month to a business basis When the JAS GARNETT TIM Grant Cundiff of Russell coun- ¬ present adopted books are fully T R STULTS RECORDER supplied in the schools it would t is visiting relatives here COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7 meets Friday T R Stults H P night after full moon Mr Robt English Columbia undoubtedly be best to use this series for at least ten years and Horace Jeffries Secretary was here on business Tuesday thus save the trouble and expense Golden Bardin is on the sick that comes from a complete toa hereb T V 15- E IiESTER W DENTIST Iam WATER STREET WADE H EUBANKS JAMES TRIPLET DENTIST COLUMBIA 16rOFFICE KENTUCKY IN JEFFRIES BLOCK FOR SALE Farm of 278 acres GMr miles south of Columbia on Columbia and Creelsboro road 150 acres in grass in good state pf cultivation good house and out buildings good fencing plenty of water 3 1 timber one store house d lot a good and ifcX Selected stock of goods This Is a good point to do business One steam sawuill direct attact inent in good running order will cut 15000 M feet per day 150 white oak trees stave trees 8milessouth of Columbia one steam boiler and engin porteable 6 horse power in good order one steam bucker as goodas new Eightyeight 88 acres of land on Burnes creek 9 miles south of Columbia Ky most all in timber The stave timber has been cut off of the above but there is poplar ash black oak chestnut hickory and chestnutoak still on the 88 acres All the above for sale by 3Cy r 4 KyM CHAPMAN h i i Ie WALKUP Notice up three sows one large and two small ones The small ones are marked by a crop off of each ear and an upper bit in the right w Myers City Marshal I have taken NNN I 8500 N NN ADVANCE Pays Tuition Board and Incidentals t LINDS7tVWILS0N h For One School Year Beginning Sept 5tli 1905 I IAll I Lighted Rooms 1Wit LITERARY Electricity h SPECIAL IN MUSIC TEACHERS PRIMAUY COUNTY CERTIFICATE INTERMEDIATE STATE CERTIFICATE ACADEMIC STATE DIPLOMA VOICE ELOCUTION PIANO AND ORGAN n e Competent instructors ART STRINGED INSTRUMENTS i COMMERCIAL Latest and best Methods will Boarding facilities greatly improved by past experience used in every Department of our work For Catalogue or further information address Chas R Payne Mgr TUTORFiISI7TiI Taylor County IR Life certificates for teachers in the public schools of the country are favored by Prof A S Mackenzie of State College at Lexington He conducted the Institute of the Jefferson county public school teachers and in an ad ¬ dress on the general theme of Educa ¬ tion he advocated two important changes in the present plan of conduct ¬ ing public schools The first is to raise the standard of examinations and make them uniform with a certificate for life for all those who stand the exam ¬ ination successfully The second idea is that the teachers should hold their positions until they choose to give them up and not have to use politics in or¬ der to retain their schools each year all over the broad land eloquent ¬ ly pleading the cause of Bryan and the rights of the com ¬ mon people To turn down such a man in his old age by the employment of petty slanders and mean flings seems base ingratitude to a broadminded Statesman who has stood heroically on the fighting line in all his partys battles for forty years More Anon EDITOR NEWS 4 Our farmers are over the rush of work for this season and are generally well satisfied with the result of their labors and prepar ¬ ing to take a little rest and recu ¬ perate their energies at Morri ¬ sons Well or Morrisiana as it will be called in the future The wheat crop was very good though rust injured a few fields Oats are above the average in yield and meadows except clo ¬ ver have done well this year Corn promises a magnificent Harry Percy ADDITIONAL LOCAL thea COMMISSIONERS II J beI Columbia Ky it t I TRAINING SCHOOLS I SALE No Nee recordbreaking From this time on I will not pay any farmers have certainly earned a ADAIR CIRCUIT COURT debts contracted by my wife Mary I rest during the hot months of Turpen W T Turpen Sr George R Bennett c Plff July 24 1905 August July and We count ourselves fortunate Nancy E Bennett c Deft f THE in having within easy reach the By virtue of a Judgment and Order of to be Sale of Adair Circuit Court rendered at fine health giving water had here at Morrisiana I have the May Term thereof 1905 in the above cause shall proceed but a very slight acquaintance for sale at the I courthouse doorto inoffer THAT RESTORES THE OLD TO Co with Mr Morrison the propri¬ lumbia Ky to the highest bidder at THEIR YOUTH AGAIN etor and have no pecuniary in ¬ Public Auction onMonday the 7th day This excellent Summer Resort situ ¬ terest whatever to subserve in of August 1905 at 1 oclock P M or ated five miles from Campbellsville Ky calling attention to the water of therabout being County Coort upon a on the Greensburg road is now ready this Summer Resort but having credit of six months the following de¬ for business and amply able to take scribed property towit used the water occasionally for A tract of land lying in Adair county care of all comers more than a year and finding it Ky on the waters of Russell Creek The Excellent Medical Properties of this Water is gaining for it a wide rep ¬ beneficial and greatly enjoying containing 35 110 acres wonderful It is making For the purchase price the purchaser utation Chronic Casesmany have been taking copious draughts of the cures of that water cold and sparkling from with approved surety or securities must pronounced by many eminent physicians execute Bond bearing legalinterest the well I hope our neighbors from the day of sale until paid and incurableIT Sick Headache Insomnia from Adair farmers doctors having the force and effect of a Judg ¬ Dyspepsia Catarrh of Stomach and ¬ of medicine theology and law merchants mechanics and their families will pay a visit to this removes the cause of the disease near by resort and believe they affected with Lung Trouble can i Stotts ¬ will be quite as much benefitted costly visit to In this city March 27 1905 at the and makes one feel young again Trans ¬ thereby as from a family home Mrs Elizabeth Stotts much advertised watering places nee Dohoney aged seventy three portation can be easily secured at Campbellsville from liverymen who in other States I failed to The meet all trains day yearsThe For furth ¬ mention editors in the above in ¬ deceased was one of the pioneer terms are very reasonable er information write vitation but Im sure they and women of this valley as she came to the 1864 She was the Ronde J C MORRISON Prop < their devils will be heartily Grande john in Morrisianna Water ¬ I I I I aunI purifies comIply IIt < Stotts whom she married Wheat has been threshed in welcomed at Morrisiana even if wife of December 28 1848 In 185o they mov- ¬ H C Sandidge will this community and turned out they cant get the printers ink ed from Kentucky to Missouri and in preach here the first Sunday in very well out of the collar and cuffs of the Spring of 1864 they started for August Oregon She leaves five children who the their solitary biled shirt Jonas Hammonds of Royalton dead in this are Mrs NM Berkley James Stotts Politics seem Mr J F Gilpin was transact ¬ Amelia Young Mrs Fannie Bal was here last week county at least the political pot Mrs Fred Stotts ing business at Gradyville Friday and of Russell is not boiling just now but it The funeral will take place tomor Mr Jack Gowen and wife of M E Tarter may be only the hushed an om- row morning at ten oclock from the Basil visited Mr C C Rowe and Springs was here yesterday on inous calm that precedes the family residence at the foot of North legal business family Saturday and SundayCompton the Rev storm and Senator B ackburn Depot street officiating JW sorrowing The of Wingville Several from this neighborhood and his assailants may yet lash PBLLYTON have the heart ¬ attended the Benjamin Holt trial the pot into fury and rouse De ¬ husband and children entire community felt sympathy of the The quarterly meeting of the Monday and Tues ¬ mocracy to white heat I regret at this time of their bereavement M E Church South was held at 4amestown day that some newspapers in the The above was taken from an Oregon Pellyton on Tuesday and Wed ¬ The deceased was a sister of ¬ paper nesday of this week with Rev School at Salem is progressing State have been engaged in mak the late W R Dohoney and was a nag Jesse Murrell as Presiding Elder nicely under the management ing unjust and uncalled for at¬ rive of Adair tacks upon Senator blackburn Owen Ellis vhohasbeen D C Hopper our next Repre ¬ who has served his State and IYour neighbor is pleased with that threatened with fever is im ¬ ombstones or monument we sold party well all these years In J sentativeLant roving and wife left for the midst of corruption he has them Give us your order and we will Quite a number of people from Somerset Monday to visit his remained incorruptible No un- ¬ please you too Our prices are lowest this neighborhood attended the touched his You get firstclass work and material McKinney clean dollar ever funeral of Mr Shepherd at mother Mrs James palm and he is as poor today as Write us a card and we will call and J H Smith of Fonthill has when he entered public life The public school on Bennetts his dwelling nearly completed Nor do we forget that when the CoAKLEY SIMMS BROS maligned and lamented Goebel Creek is progressi ngmcely under Dont forget the Russejl was nominated for Governor at Campbellsville Ky the management of S L Coffey 11 Springs Medical meeting to be Music Hall Joe Blackburns was with an attendance at the Pres-¬ Columbia vs Lebanon ent time of from fortyfive to held next Thursday and Friday the first voice raised in behalf of Park Thursday AugustatL WTS J 10th fifty pupIls the nominees Then too he went August 3 and 4 i countyJ samples SalemI i v iJ- t t i I R r l r 1 J r Campbellsville Ky goodland for Sale This property is known as the W well and there are upon it a good dwelling good barn and all other necessary outbuild ¬ ings There is also much valuable tim ¬ ber For further information address G A Atkins Columhia Kbia J Atkins farm It produces New Machine Equipped with the best modern Uptodate I J t tf << J r r r 4 ITawY IIf 7r Pi l t > j 1 wy c > Jt t t r 1 Y < O 1S A SS v y 11rf M1a r 3 iY Y ffr jl 5v Jv fi HEMW t tr t II yt- w f j a ti- x I Macliine Tools I am prepared to do any kind of work on your engine that it may require and do it in a first class workmanlike manner Satisfaction guaran ¬ teed and prices will be rightthe lowest consistent with first class work Try me and be convinced I use the very best soft Gray Iron Castings for Cylinder Rings and Valve work and Piston Heads Which is the best for the purpose known I carry a line of Shafting and Pipeinsr and a com¬ plete line of brass trimmings viz Injectors Lubricators Valves Oil Cups Etc Bring on your Engine work Machinery work a specialty I am located 3 miles west of Jamestown im Russell Co on the Columbia road L 4 yShop1 AT ESTO KY y y H- a SLt i I MondayRev I i I I t listBorn to the wife of Albert changeOn evening July 27 Brummett on the 14th a daugh ¬ your correspondent had the pleas ¬ ter ure of listening to an eloquent Mr Eugene Nell of Gradyville and logical sermon preached by KENTUCKY KENDALL was here Saturday Rev Robt Johnson of the Roll ¬ Mr Grant Collins was at Breed ¬ ing Fork on the subject of sin prepared to fix Pumps taking the Prodical Son as a typi ¬ WednesdayMr cal sinner Bro Johnson took Tinwork Woodwork and all of Texas his text from the gospel by St kinds of repairing a specialty is visiting relatives here Luke as recorded in Chapter 15 Horse = shoeing and Blacksmithing Clayton Bell GradyvilIe was verses one to twentyfour I am prepared to do your buggy here on business Thursday repairing on short notice IRMINS STORE Mr E Rowe was in Columbia LOCATION tmj WEDNESDAY1y I I U 1On I Wesley Lee is very qyIvith typhoid fever George Breeding of Spring ¬ field IlL is visiting his parents NNi l oaulu CORRESPONDENCE POSTMASTER i g I NN 4 t I COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY 8 y n t I t baIt 1w4 V J 1I M it 5l f < rF i v t > 1 s Y i r r f a- e t-

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