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Image 1 of The Adair County news., October 16, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

Fit- J JJ t I f r r l e j 4 c t jI VOLUME y t f aif4ouflt COLUMBIA 10 ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY OCTOBER yy NUMBER 16 1907 I y i XiELltW r K AZBILL 1 Y 49 s atlbattle I Read John B Wathens ad intodays News He is going to put up some ex-¬ cellent stock for sale CASKEYMORRIS LAST NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS IJelow will be found a list of appoint ¬ The Danville Advocate of October A greatmanYIcattl are being bought ments to meet the Tax payers of Adair 9th reports the following marriage Dr J N Page has purchased Mr L County for the last time for the year a and shipped to market Mrs Mary Reynolds Morris and Mr G Dohoneys onehalf interest in the 1907 and give to every one a fair Born to the wife of Charley Moore John Wesley Caskey both of Junction drug store and the inventory is now chance to save this penalty and extra October 10 1907 a son costwhich will certainly be added and City drove over to Danville yesterday being taken collected on all taxes that are unpaid Marketable hogs are said to be afternoon and were quietly married in ExCongressman iW J Stone is now on Oct 31st 1907 V scarce though a feW are being shipped the parlors of the Gilcher Hotel Rev II 19th speaking to a large audience at the McGaha J Q Montgomery pastor of the courthouse in the interest of the DemoGlensfork The tobacco crop ofthis county is reChristian church of the above place 22nd Fair cratic State ticket Ported much better in quality than was II 23rd Sparksville the officiating minister The bride usual 24th The Columbia Singletree Company is Elroy is quite wellknown in Danville where 25th Mr L C Winfrey will make a cre- she has a host of warm friends who again receiving hickory spokes paying 29th ditable representative and heshould be will wish her well and will congratulafe thesam3old prices The company i sMilltown the fortunate groom The groom is a also on the market for good hickory logs his evening discourse was on Civil elected W B PATTESON S AC 493t Both sermonswere full Government Circuit court at Jamestown next well known businessman of Junction SATURDAYS SPEAKING of information clearly and forcibly Monday Adair County News Rep- City and is highly spoken of by all who Alton Packard the celebrated let turer have the pleasure of his acquaintance and humorist willentertain in Columbia told Mr Azbill is a constant reader resentatives will be in attendance The happy couple left last night for Saturday evening Nov 2nd We will Senator J W Newman Democratic and a deep thinker a teacher who Rev J C Cook preached two enter ¬ Mississippi where they will make their Candidate for Commissioner of Agri ¬ never fails to enlighten his hearers In have more to say about this entertain ¬ culture spoke at the Courthouse last his evening discourse he touched upon taining sermons at the Baptist church future home much to the regret of ment as the timeapproaches last Sunday Good congregations were their many friends in this vicinity The Saturday afternoon It was a busy national and State politics clearly giv Advocate extends congratulations Mrs Nannie Flowers has given the time with the farmers and only a small inghisreason for the faith that is in out him The point he made in his first EldYjK Azbill spoke at Burkes Mr Caskey is a native of Adair coun- ¬ contract for the building of her resi ¬ crowd heard him Mr Newman di¬ discourse was if we understood cor- ville last Monday his theme being civic ty and many years ago he was Deputy dence on Greensburg street to McLean rected the greater part of his speech to A large audience heard Sheriff under his father Mr Robt Bros It is to be a twostory seven the farming element and those who r rectly that all power came from God righteousness r Caskey The bride is also wellknown room structure The work was com were not present failed to hear one of that thegood that came from Kings him the best speeches delivered here since here She is a niece of Mr Elzy Dam menced last Monday and from other men in high authority Mr L C Winfrey ihdidatej to re- ¬ the campaign opened He did not for ¬ ron of this place and Mrs 5Tancy was brought about by influence of the present Adair and Cumberland was Mr C S Harris who is the editor get State issues showing that the ad- ¬ Duvall and Mrs A H Judd Cane ValHoly Spirit and men who set forth un- ¬ enthuiastically received at Burkesviife of this paper and who has been in Vir ¬ ley Many years ago she attended C ministration of the States affairs soon holy measures were not men of God last Monday ginia for the past five weeks will re-¬ to close had been economically man C College and boarded with Mrs Nan but were working for their own selfish turn before the election We make this aged and that the Republicans could We necessarily had to cut some pf cy Field who is now dead 4 ends statement in answer to friends who give no just reason why a change should our letters this week We do not like 4k In his second discourse he tookup have been making inquiry as to the THE ENTERWINMENT be made the main question ttfat is dividing the to do this and the only reason is for d time he would reach home two dominant parties the tariff and lack of space TEACHERS ASSOCIATION The entertainment given at the Lind In East Cblumbia School taught by plainly showed that the tariff was a tax George Gi ssom who killed his sey Wilson last Saturdayevening by Miss Fanny Smythe the following pu ¬ The following is the program for Talevied upon the poor people to keep up brother was given ten years Jr Jn the Miss Shannon assisted by Miss Pen pils made the highest graded in last bor October 19 trusts and combines Mr Azbill is penitentiary in the Meftsalfe e circuit land was largely f attended and very months report and each received a Song and Invocation 4C neither a Democrat no a Republican court last week much enjoyed Miss Shannon beautiful postcard given byMr E A Address of Welcome lI sees some good in both parties and He daWi Prof Tobias Huffaker has received trained reader and her perfect articu- Cox the photographer Mary Myers his advice to bjs hearers was to votelams t forvhe men who advocated good and an offer of 85jX per month to teach in lation makes her renditions all the Grace Conover Milldred Walker Nellie Response Olie Taylor cv wholesome laws and to scratch those Natchitoches La but being engaged more enjoyable As a teacher she isITarter lone Rounds Albina Eubank What the District School should do meeting the admiration of her pupils for the child F A Strange Thetis who favored measures that would be had to decline the offer Mr Wood Judd is now putting up a > and giving perfect satisfaction to the Williams J V Tennie detrimental to this country I have 20 good mules for salein faculty Miss Penlandis so wellknown residence for Prof C Rir Payne r will sell the bunch It fro nts the street leading id the ¬ pairs single or There are some peeple in every comhere that comment from us is not nec What should the Personal Appearance coming 3s WT DoxorrEx This iSitObefa small Grounds Fair r munity who delight in doing what they They are cessarY She is thoroughly skilled in and Personality of the teacher be building 492t Next Spring Prof Payne Columbia Ky comsider spite work If they only knew her chosen prof ession sings and plays Bessie Young Etta Vaughan that the persons whom thYthink they Frank Jackman is having anew sev¬ gracefully hut few ladies having a- will erect a large two story residence T L Harrison Stuart Rexroat i are spiting are really glan to see them en room cpttags erected ton his farm more melodious voice She is popular on the same lot which he says will be Coopperation of Home and School thus act they would perhaps adopt near Cane Valley and when completed not only with her pupils but is a favor- ¬ handsome in design Fannie Smythe Cortez Sanders A some other means to let their hatred will be a very desirable country home ite with all her acquaintances With Last Monday was the regular day for 0 YoungG W Turner be known As a general thing persons NOON these two ladies in the Lindsey Wilson the beginning of the last quarterly Mr Champ Butler has left at this who attend to their own affairs in a How to make U Si History interest the elocutionary and music departments court in the year button account of the ing Mrs Harvey Laura Rosen legitimate way care nothing for the office three stalks of corn grown in one will not be neglected r illness of Judge Junius Hspcock these any individual hill containing eight solid Sirs of baum Nancy Flowers Tobias Huf likes nor the dislikes of wfis no court and all the caps were ilf > J All good citizen have long sence adopted grain The corn crop EhrdiigKout this OR SALE f 4 continued until the January term In Stories and Story Telling EfcVA David Crocketts motto Be sure you One pair of heavy work mules and a J c ass of vacancy the Governor hasto Strange Flora Powell Mrs Thorn are right then go ahead appoint The farmers throughout this section- good wagon bed and sheeting as J N SOL McLARLAKD The marrage of Miss Effie Do of the State have had most favorable Mr Elzy Dammon and Mr A Hunn A Mans Influence in SchoolT P 49l2t Cane Valley Ky weather for saving crops Fodder has honey have returned from Indian Territory Harrison Stuart Rexroat OlieTayr Purdy of Bradfordsville was solemnized been fsaved nfine condition and toCOMMISSIONERS SALEMr J H Young is expected in a few lor a at tho home of the brides mother Mrs bacco will be ready to strip as soon as a r Co have days Messrs Young Hunn Nona Dohoney promptly at 9 oclock season comes COMHISSIONERSSALL been in the Stave business in the Terlast Wednesday morning The wedding The new seats for the Presbyterian ADAIR CIRCUIT COURT > OF KENTUCKY ritory but it is our understanding they march was played by Mrs W R Lyon church and the Christian church have sold their machinery staves etc ADAIR CIRCUIT COURT William H Pollard PIa intiffl OF KENTUCKY Canpbsllsvilleand the ceremony arrived When placed they will be of before turninghome We are also v BenT Evans Etc Plaintiff Victoria Butler c Defendant f v beautifully said by Rev J C Cook much more comfortable and will add told that they did a good business t j Wm H Evans Etc Defendant Mr and Mrs Purdy left immediately greatly to the appearance of the inter By virtue of a Judgment and Order By virtue of a judgment and Order v of Sale of Adair Circuit Court render ¬ forBardfor sville agcbnpanied by Mr rior of the buildings Miss Ella Todd daughter of Mr and ed at the September Term thereof of Sale of the Adair Circuit Court yen ¬ C Yates and wife and MrW R 1907 in the above cause for the sum of Mrs A G Todd met with an accident dared at the September term thereof i We venture the assertion that there one hundred and sixtyfour and 55 cents last Thursday afternoon She was out 1907 in the above cause I shall offer Jjyon and wife and perhaps others are more entertainments of various 16455 with the interest at therate horseback riding in company with Miss for sale at the Court House door in James Ship> who killed Jo Smith kinds good bad and indifferent that of 6 per cent per annum from the 23 highest bidder at Mary Miller The young ladies w reIColumbia Ky to the publicaufftion op in Campbellsville December 1905 was visit Columbia than any other town in day of September1907 until paid and Long View and were riding about 45 costs herein I shall proceed near the given his second trial at Lebanon last the State of the sane population Nov 1907 < to offer for sale at the Courthouse at a rapid gait when Miss Todd was week He was convicted and the jury 1 by the breaking TheStandard Lumber Company has aj door in Columbia Ky to the highest thrown from her horse gave him two years in the penitentiary bidder at Public Auction on ankle wasI County Court upon a credit of six Of the stirrup laather Her was af compromise verdict three of great many logs on their yard Theyfollowing described proper Nov 1907 dislocated and she received other months the the jury being in favor of an acquittal have recently employed a man named ty towit f1t1 Miller and Grissom reTwo tracts of land on Green River Jones whose home is in Taylor county at 1 oclock p m or thereabout being bruises Drs duced the fracture and at this writing located in Adair county near Neatsburg At Camphellsyille before an Adair and who is said to b j an expert sawyer County Court upon a credit of six months the following described proper- ¬ U11g ldy is getting along nicelyi First tracf contain 90J acres all of coUnty furyiand the verdict was for which is m timber white oak black The great eplurUHis unum Burke ty towit A tract of land located in life imprisonment oak chestnut oak and hickory arein Company has been here and Adair county on the waters of Russell comedy PtEACWING Moo SUNDAY III abundance Nothing but the walnut creek containing about 50 acres For The singing at Egypt last Sunday those who were entertained will tell description reference is made wook conducted by Prof Wolford nd you all about the show We know but tract contains 9 acres about 40 acres little about it besides wears not talk wader mltivataon Good house on this WV Hx C Sa didge Union > i Or sufficient therepf to produce tract These tracts witt beabld TOf in this jh6nth fCfcapfl J 3T Roach Gately made sans of money so ordered 4 songswere sung At noon a excellent Jji J Bargerr Pleasant Hillfy r the Msi Ifthebaod boys think For the purchase price the purchaser pureBM sr For the purchase t V inumptuqu dinner was spread Tool wfth afproys lsur ty MrsecaiftaeSaius good one the people of the community with approved surefcr or secwitlfs tou tbr muchh priliM cannotlglven the gooH to t xeeote Bond beariay legal itt eres legal tD would like ta iMMir tb m play ooeasJon must execute Bond < yt X Coon C lw tibia at oetnrn from th day of sale until paid sad dmop Isrest horn ctajr of sals until paid t 1i1Y aliy Tkey nuke nr tcku mina butTH Ksey CoiamW 51 havinf iforce aadeQectofa Tlnctlie force a ud elFset of a Jrrl out jc1HJ isyiag itaome 1r 1 iinot a play hoes t vIA HIMPCHM Ti BAfcut T B AX < JL V d JI 7 < Iv Whe Inuwst boys r i tfa house CIHI1Ut f << J JJ yr f i i j t 1j tJ Pttt 4 i I lJfi v ty 1 Y Perhaps it is not generally known t4toneof the strongest the most learned theologians in the State of Kentucky resides here in Columbia We refer to the gentleman whose name heads this article He has not taken regular work since his return from the missionary field but he occasionally filly a pulpit for a brother min ¬ ister Last Sunday forenoon and even ingxhe preached at the Presbyterian church His subject in the forenoon and was the Kingdom of Heaven I 1021st Playit GradyvilleII > KeltnerIIII28th r J < d I j isa 1 ¬ r 4 i tYoung IS 1 Gcounty kfJI J Henrya f i + S 3 c V I r> r J r > 4th Monday It firsto singersV omeL a < thy n inorderBootNo te tobe t cthe 9ft saw < J VF > fj f Jf 1 o L U Ll obi emu ad k Fr1 + S- y f beinkat 4th Monday Secondaigd Pies tf l wPY ZTWi1ia1Mt ar t < a 0- I r r2 1 jj j > r E U LH > jJ i 4C 1 S f c 0 iJ rr i Jul + f o i < t t g i a J11I t41lirY ±111c aex < piJ J 1 >> i

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