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Image 1 of The News Enterprise March 22, 2012

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www . lh ene ws e nl erpri s e. c om EWSJohn Hardin boys, North Hardin girls debut in state championships SPOAlS , Bl I HUHS OAI lUR CH 22, 2D1 2 • Review: 'My Week With Marilyn' onj)VD PULSE, SERY IMG HUD I N COU NTY SINCE 1914 a EAC H SU BSC RI BER SER VI CES AT (21D) 5D 5- 1T7D ed'puppy mill' busted E'town hires events coordinator Vine Grove couple each charged with 89 counts of cruelty July4 cel ebration on her agenda By BEN SHERO AN b . . .. fOIUl@th . n. .... n t«pri. .. r om Described by Elizabethtown Mayor Tim Walker as ~very enthusi· astic, very energetic, ft a 28-year-old Central Hardin High School graduate begins work next week as the city's first evenl:i coordinator. T he n ew position, which pays $311,000 an nually, was offered t o Sa rah Vaughn, w ho stagL>ti the street-painting festival Via Colori the past tWO years as part of her j ob w ith the M vocacy and Support Center. " I'm very excited,ft she said. ~Really, really, really excited." Vaughn was selected from a group o f 47 a p· p licants, Wal ker said Wednesday. She said her involvement with Via Colori taught her many lessons she wiU usc in the city position, including networking, fund raising and volunteer recruitment. While she describes it as her ~stand ­ out experie n ce,~ she said school, family and church functions also preparLod her for this o p portunity. ~ I' ve b een doing some kind o f e vent· planning thing my entire life, ~ she said. ~Crc­ ating things from the groWld up .~ Her first task is a firsttime event. Elizabethtown wants to st age a Fourth o f J uly celebra· tion to mark national in· By AMB ER C O ULTER " "",,1"r@lh including one in a cage with i b nursing moth- ". The dogs were witilout water and in a room that was a bout 80 degrees, RiS/,'lI said. Officers received a request for assistance from Hardin C ounty Animal Control a nd were told by Brian McCart hy they could s earch the mobile Hald ln County An imal Co ntrOl offleer M ike Pette l$O n on Wedne$day earrles $evellil ChihuahuH Into t h e An imal Con t rol bu ilding t o be . orted , vaccinated and fed afta r a IUSpaeted "puppy mlll ~ In Vine Grove wa s raided. More than 1 00 Chihuahu as were found In a mobile home. h ome at 103 Gaylene Drive, acccording to an arrest citation. Officers counted more than 40 dogs in the two rooms they searched and estimated when they received permission to search the rest o f the house there were about 100 dogs Public invited to screening of i\merican Teacher' film By KE.LLY C ANTRALL 1tc. .. t nI]@. ...n....... n t·'v rioo .roon Local educational oq,'ani7.a tions hope a new documentary sparks a dis<:ussion about teaching as a career. Several organizations arc teaming up to host a viewing o f the film MAme tican Teacher" by Vaness..... Roth from ti to 8 p .m . Tuesday at the Perfonning Arts Center ,,' T .K Stone Middle SchooL Free seating is available by registering at www.anlerican T he documen tary is being Tum Lo DOGS. A I2 Tum t.:> FIlM. A ll Tum t.:> l IAll.l.IL 11.7 WEATHER STO HANCE d ependence and the city's establishment on that date in 1797. Th, third all- , -...,.- , nuaI C r ubin' in the H ea r t land car show is three w eeks later and the fourth weekend in August is reserved at Freeman Lake Park for the Heartland Festival. ~ I t's very important thal the events coordinator hits the g round running, ~ Walker said. With that heavy Sl,UlI' mer schedule, Vaughn e~ts to be on the go. ~ I probably won't be sitting in m:r. chair much," she sai . In addition to staging evenl:i, Walker said tile new position will serve as a resource fo r the Historic State Theater, Heritage Council, Elizabethtown Sports Park a nd Kentucky High School Basketball Hall o f Fame. The j ob was created to fill a void in coordinat ing c ommunity e venb after the Hardin C ounty C hambe r o f C ommerce chose to redirect its e nergies toward business and industrial development. Vaughn, who begins work March 28, recog· nizes the importance o f Tum Lo VAUG HN, 11.7 Upton neighbors rally around ailing infant and her family Harlie Br ook Currie Wi\:i expected to be stillborn. After her birth, doctors expected she only would live for hours. When she exceeded that, they gave her days, then weeks. H er mother, T i ffany Currie o f U pton, thinks doctors gave Harlie a prediction o f a 6 · month lifespan because the tiny infant kept outliving all the bleak outlooks. ~She is o ne heck o f a fighter," C urrie said. "She kept beating all the se odds {hat they were MOVIES ......... 8 10 NEIGHBORS .. .. A8 0 8I TUAR IES ..... A4 OPINION .......... A6 PULSE ........... A 10 PUZZLES ....... 8 10 SPORTS .......... B1 TELEVISION ... 8 10 in u nsanitary conditions and wi thout water. A prelimi nary count put the number o f dogs there at shown around the state t o start a dialogue about careers in educa· tion and the profession's impact on students and SOCiety. T he film follows the careers o f four public school teachers. Snt Silberman, executive d irector o f Ihe P1ichard Committee for Academic Excellence, said the committee encouraged viewings because it wanted to see the public begin talking about the loss of good teachers. People need to talk about what should be done to hold o n to INSIDE ABBY . .............A . CALENDAR .......A4 ClASSIAEOS ...8 S COMICS ........ B 11 HELOISE ........ B l0 LOnERIES ...... 8 2 MONEY ............A 9 5 0 t in t s By A MBER C OULTER OWUh . .@II>omc.....,n terpri ... ,coo' • TODAY'S OBITUARIES Dorothy Newton C omer .!:Ioone l'ilialrCau, ':J7 Janet M uriel K ing, 71 Denver OUer, 72 Mary N. Olszewski, 5 9 Martita Harris Reed Charles Alle n "Chuck~ Sparks, 61 Ada L Wilkins, 84 • C OMPI.(T[ 06l1VARtES . . 80/61 Follow • OOMPLEfE REPORI . A2 us: Coi.o1ooI'' ' ' ( ;ijmo , _ Tiffany Currifl ki no he r daughter. Harlle. SINCE YOU ASKED Results of Wednesday'S 1 M NtwJEnttrpristonline poll, as o f 7 p.m.: QUESTION: Have you eVL'T contributed to a food program for ~hil­ dren ovCTSCas ? Y 50 percent No: 50 percent es: TODAY' S QUESTION: A re you satisfied with the punishments levied on the New Orleans Saints by the NFL? f ni the poll QI,lCStion ~the 'opiIion' meru at ..-.~ tIfPI\& INSIDE

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