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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

PRESIDENT'S REPORT TO THE TRUSTEES May 4, 1971 1. SEEK FUNDS TO EXPAND HEALTH SERVICES IN EAST KENTUCKY Gov. Louie B. Nunn has asked the Appalachian Regional Commis- sion for more than $1.5 million to expand health services in East Kentucky. In addition to building new health facilities and ex- panding and renovating old ones, a large part of the funds would support programs to train health professionals who would train in or return to the area. The programs would be carried out in co- operation with the University. The new projects include: --$108,400 for a health professions scholarship program at the University, to be offered to students from low-income families in the region who wish to return there to practice. --$142,588 for a clinical associate manpower program here to prepare health workers to assist practicing physicians. The state would contribute $1,200. --$17,213 to plan and implement a master's degree family nurse practitioner training program with Vanderbilt and UK. 2. DR. SMITH REPORTS ON ACHIEVERS, NON-ACHIEVERS Dr. Leland Smith, associate professor of education, has published "A 5-Year Follow-Up Study of High Ability Achieving and Non-achieving College Freshmen," in which he studied University students who had scored a percentile range of 95 to 99 on the College Qualification Tests, with pertinent psychosocial data collected by means of a questionnaire. He learned that after five years achievers were significantly more likely to have obtained a college degree than the non-achievers, that more achievers than non-achievers are still en- rolled in some capacity, in medical school or graduate school, that four (of 28 who responded to the questionnaire) achievers are candi- dates for the Ph.D, three are senior medical students, six have earned the MA degree, one has a law degree, 12 hold the BA or BS degree, and two are undergraduates. Of the 22 non-achievers responding one is a Ph.D candidate, four have earned the MA degree, one is pursuing the MA and four hold undergraduate degrees. Seven are still actively pursuing undergraduate degrees, and five no longer are enrolled in a degree program. Dr. Smith learned that the non-achievers were signi- ficantly more dissatisfied with their income in relation to their perceived ability and potential than were the achievers, even though 64 per cent of the achievers were still in the process of pursuing advanced degrees.

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