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Image 1 of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), April 12, 1909

Part of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

s j- I T wI k s J- 1LtU THE WINCHESTER NEWS Ni a Lk WINCHESTER M NEST KY MONDAY APRIL 1909S 12 BASE BALL TEAM R i r ARRtlDofROM NASHVilLE SUNDAY Duriii Keek at Local Perform r n > d JT HEm ftIt r w CtWor IN Grounds Session of Body 11 CEKTS A WEEE A COPY treet DaysWill ail Meet l Earl D Peck Fred Toney J V Campbell Toney Oataganauir r Oscar Schmidt Henry Schmidt > 7 to V Charles Ellis Charles McAllister iU WILL YOUNG SAN CROWD 4Nearly all the base ball fans turn ¬ night to meet the base Brought a Lot of Kentuckians To ¬ ball club when they came on the 9 25 gether to Hear Him Speak in C 0 train from their training Criminal Case The grounds at Nashville sTenn demonstration accorded them goes to that base ball is at fever heat In speaking of tbe defense made by this team is not uf pennant Will A Young for young Ernest winner it will not bethe fault of the Gardner in San Francisco a San j fans Francisco newspaper says It was known by the management William A Young eloquent Ken ¬ that the team would arrive Sunday tucky advocate and jury charmer night but the matter was to have brought about a Kentucky reunion in been a secret The news leakedout the United States Court yesterday Sunday morning It seemed that when he appeared to make the clog some oVerjoyedmembcr of the club ing appeal for Joseph E Gardner who was on thftinside had whispered the young Kentuckian Who is charged ittooneof iisbcst friends who was with the killing of negro Joe Cardosa not oh the inside and he told it to aboard the whaler Bowhead while in one of his best friends with the result the Arctic last August tliatbeforct tliree of1pck in the after- ¬ Kentucky men and women filled noon every Wolf woman and child nearly all the chairs in the courtroom wai5nex which resulted in a large and when Young arose to address the attendancp jury the defendant craned his neck witu the crowd to listen to the argudonates His Carriages Mr CHydpjrGaiqes the local livery ment of tile spellbinder from the 7I a base a fan donated homeland man w Young who has magnetic man to the niaiISJtnWtifree of charge three of his finest carriages to take ners disclaimed that lIe was either tut teettu ° >ththe depot to their distinguished or an orator in Ken ¬ hoarding bout Henry Phillips tucky telling the jury that he was ould not let the team be takendi- only a country practitioner with a t from the depot to their boarding clientele that was almost confined to use He wanted to show them his the county in which he lived The jury appeared to be captivat- ¬ store and accordingly the men were unloaded at hits store and a general ed by the confidence of Young as slinking went on until the play readily as the Kentuckians in the rrvorndut from their long trip courtroom chairs Keeping his voice low and plaintive Young sketched an had to ask tb be taken home impressive picture of the difficulty of Almost All New to Kentuckian Tlc learn is almost entirely a new a young in the face of 20 restrain himself of insult offered one and not many of the fans are by As he elaborated his a negro acquainted with them They arc a argument Young laid emphasis on sprightly looking bunch and if looks the racial prejudices of the South go very far they surely will be the This young onesto capture the pennant They struck that negro son of Kentucky to save his own liil sunburned and show that they arc life declared Young It was an ele have been at practise One had his mentary act of selfdefense After up which he got hurt in being thumb lied beaten into insensibility once by this black assailant it was per ¬ y fectly natural that Gardner seeing year the team is rather a smallone him with an Cardosa coming in stature but each seems to be active uplifted hammer after protect him ¬ would ariaon the alert all the time self even if he had to slay There With these twelve men already here is not a contemptible snake that Lout to arrive Monday the list of ar ¬ crawls that is not provided with a rivals is about completed but will weapon This was not be until the latter part of the nothing of selfdefense but selfdefense and we shall week when one from Detroit Mich on that plea und one from Richmond Va anives stand Manager Horn will take his men out SPECIAL EDITION cacliiday this week and give them a working out The first exhibition The commercial and industrial edi ¬ game will be played Friday with the tion of The Winchester News will ap ¬ K W C crack team The team visited Garner Park in a pear Tuesday afternoon April 13 body Monday morning and inspected It will contain the most complete data the grounds but did not indulge in concerning and Clark Winchester any stunts In the afternoon light county of any publication ever made practice WltS indulged in Serious 1prove t execptionP work will begin Monday Baseball Notes I Henry Phillips was all smiles Mon ¬ day and Sunday night He was staking hands with the players andinniJeting the players his conversa tiou ran like this Why Im so glad rtoee you YOU are the fellow that s ftt me so many telegrams you are the one that I had to write so many letters toa you arc the one that wrote me such a ng letter etc Henry nevertheless went to church before I X the trainaraved Stewart was there to He did J ntridc on the carriage because Wpodsoh Moss got there first Mr W R Thomas was fussing be ¬ cause some one called him at his res idenofc t Gore down and zee the tear 4 though ha was down five tor i was called minuted Mt E vJ4tj8tt never takes mucJ interest utb aeb qn but he was there Q > jl The edition will h rofUSelYiiiuStrat ¬ practically every important building in the city Nearly every extra paper printed to supply the anticipate demand has been already ordered outside the ed and will show have Commercial Club individuals ones tens fifties hundreds iati v If you want extra copies telephone or send your order in at once Both r phones 91 GOES TO LOUISVILLE Mr C H Bowen will leave Tues- ¬ day morning to attend the semi an- ¬ nual convention pi the State Associa ¬ lion of Opticans at Louisville Dr Quinn prescription clerk at the B Geszge Drug store left Monday evening for Louisville on a twodays business trip hasfinully tnrlitcomes ACTIVE IN FRAMING SENATE TARIFF BILL While the lower house of congress has been debating the schedules for the Payne tariff bill the senate finance CONVENTION Tlfe festival of Easter was cote ¬ brated Emmanuel Protestant Epis ¬ copal church Sunday morning at 11 oclock Archdeacon Wentworth read the services and preached the Easter sermon The impressive and beau ¬ tiful ritual appointed for the day was admirably rendered by the minis ¬ ter and the choir The sermon set forth the historic and divine revela- ¬ tion of Gods promises and assuran ¬ More than a hundred delegates have been named to attend the commer ¬ cial convention to be held in Louis- ¬ The meeting will be ville April 23 held at the Seelbach Hotel under tine auspices of the Louisvilja Comma vial Ciub Owing to the rapidity with iwhioh the plan grew it > wvsts found advisable to have two sessions in ¬ stead of one The first will begin at 1030 n m and the second at 230 p The commencement program for Kentucky Wesleyan College has been prepared and is as follows Examinations May 17th to 21st Friday May 21st at 8 pmCom ¬ mencement Exercises of Preparatory ra Thomas wonderfulIistory Hotel TwentYThird < 4 Willson has accepted an in ¬ vitation to be present and speak by the choir assisted by Miss Hazol Others who will make addrcsses arc Jumos Breathitt Cornell violinist Mrs F B Went AttorneyGeneral an dSenator Thomas A Combs of worth organist Voluntary Christ our Passover Lexington who will speak on revenue Chapple j Te Deum and taxation J W Porter of Lex- ¬ ington who will talk of the State Stephens Jubilate Qranmcr hymn Hark Ten Thou ¬ Development Association Prof W J McConathy of Louisville on county sand Harps and Voices of Kyrie Elvcy muim clubs forestry Atkinson N Earlington on and Dr J Glori Tibi Allelulia Recessional St Georges Winsor McCormack of Bowling Green on the State health Fiveminute talks will hymn The altar and choir were exquisite ¬ be made by delegates present Ill the evening there will be a ban ¬ ly decorated with potted plants and <5Ut flowers quet at which informal talks will be made by the representatives of St Jose p hs Catholic Church the various counties Invitations sent out to this have advised delegates not to bring their dresssuits us it is the 10 oclock service by the rendition to be gathering of tile plain people of a solemn festival mass Father which have Among the counties Ryan officially as celebrant The mus ¬ named representatives thus are ical portion of the service was ren- ¬ Anderson Balhtrd Barren fir Boone dered by the choir in a dignified and Breckenridge Carroll Casey Critten artistic manner den Daviess Edinonsoni Elliott Es till Franklin Green tfjlaitj Hopkins Other Churches Easter services were also heldat Lyon Marion Monroe Montgomery Pulaski Spencer the Methodist church The Rev Nelson Oldham Washington and Trimble Chandler preached ancxcclleufcEasler Trigg County Judges and Com ¬ Woodford sermon stud the choir under the three liou of Miss Susan Buckner rCldcredl mercial Clubs appoint rcjjrcsgntotives N eele1hrated anddelightful sieal were held service at the BJiptistcaifd Chris i 8p m Annual Sermon C A andopening of the to Y M Preachers and Laymens Institute 1 ft tt r ¬ Clock Made of Straw A shoemaker named Wegrier living In Strasburg has a clock of the grand father shape nearly six feet high made entirely of straw The wheels pointers case and every detail are exclusively Qf stray 4Jwega6r has takes 15 years to t this strange piece of mechadistt It keeps perfect time JY J t 11 b lj t r t r r I FYr + i gI t I 7r 1nconceivable ¬ n ft- cenI bcforetthe 1 A ¬ I t Sf i < flXr- j DEATHS AND FUMERALS I j tiEkner aJ The remains of Elmer CooK who committed suicide at his homo near Wades Mill last Friday iere buried in the Winchester cemetery Sunday nornirtg The funeral services were preached at the tre =iqfetQe and tie Lo 0 F took iat tie fve J1e lodge charge of tire = ftijdm School f4- tar j w ¬ TO a qLk Fort de France 12Prior CLASSES 1t < i I Bitterly Denounces action of French GovernmentSays Life is Imperiled STUDY 1 k SHOULDER Monday May 24th at 4 p m Military Drill and Review Monday at 8 p inAnnual Ad ¬ dress to Alumni by Hon E C QRear followed by Alumni and Senior Ban ¬ quot Scott Taiesday at 10 30 GraduatingEx Election of Officers crciscs with the Addresses to the Report of Committees Class by Dr Gross Alexander Intermission AND The work of theinstitute will begin 230 p m Consecration Service Sunday night and will close Thursday Miss Sue B Scott night Business Clark County Sunday School AssoCollection Solo Miss Bessie Watts ciation Holding ConventionBRING IT TO PASSIFIForeign MissionsRev Campbell in City IS NEITHER AN ABSURD T L MacKay NOR AN IMPOSSIBLE THING Minutes Doxology and Adjourn ¬ The Clark County Sunday School BY THE HELP OF A WANT ment Association held a convention at the ADHOW Methodist chruch this city Monday MUCH WHAT Needed a Bonnet Mr Vaughn of Louisville field work¬ When Harrys little sister camethe PROPORTIONSYOUR STORE nurse brought him in from play to see erof the association addressed the SHALL GROW THIS YEAR IS her He looked at her with a frown convention in the morning on Bible A QUESTION CHIEFLY ES ¬ Mr Vaughn She got awful sun Studand Clashes and then said burnt coming down from heaven she also addressed thin convention in the SENTIALLY OF ADVERTiSis so redDelineator afternoon ING J J 3 45 p m Sunday at 5 7 at > Thesenuoii by Rev Mr Gamming tian churches the nuQik Jill musk and n e eat the Presbyterian church were characteristic qf thpday The were devoted to the East season pastors Rev Mr Po eafbislted at f I the Baptist churcKand Jfev HaciTeiil CGD y2tor VMle fnt regular Easter services at the thnthan church largos May 22nd Truck Athletic Moot Saturday May 22nd at 8 i m Class Day Exercises Sunday May 23rd at 11 a m Annual Sermon by Rev Prank P Gov JP an appropriate DepartmentSaturday for IuforinationIrsJ Tr q Tr rV t> JN Kentucky Wesleyan Has Prepared Its Program For theMayi Exercisos To Be Held at The Seelbach in Louisville on April- FROM Enrollment of Delegates Address of Welcome Mrs J N Bush he was at liberty wheii lie afrJla If Response Mrs Irvin ISt Nazairo he would immediately Report of Corresponding Secretary proceed to Spain in order to take pas ¬ sage for Santa Cruz Tetlerife Gen Miss Phoebe Bayliff Mrs J I eral Castro said he waS leaving his Report of Treasurer brother Carmelo here for the purpose Blackburn Report of Secretary of Literature of receiving mail which he expects to¬ be forwarded from Trinidad to Ven Mrs R B Kendal Report of Young Peoples Work ezuela Versailles will stop at Basso The Miss Jane CurranTerre and PointaPItre Guadeloupe Appointment of Committees Hardly had the steamer left port Election of Officers when a party qf < Jastfos friends arrived on the steamer Goelette from Afternoon They were very much 230 p mDevotional Mrs J I Saint Lucia surprised that the former president Blackburn had been expelled from the island Reports of Delegates and had a long consultation witu Cas¬ Collection tros brother Solo Miss Bessie Watts Danes Dont Want Castro Our NeedsMiss Sue B Scott Copenhagen April 12The govern Business ment has instructed the governor of Minutes Doxology and Adjourn ¬ the Danish West Indies under no cir¬ ment cumstances to permit ex President Castro to land in that territory Theso Thursday April 15th response 9 30 a m Devotional Miss Alice instructions were issued In to a cablegram from the colonial offi ¬ RamseyMinutes cials inquiring as to what measures for InformationMrs J they should take in the event of Cas T Dwclly tros attempting to take up his real Letters from Boards Miss Flor ¬ dence at any of these ports ence Biglow Report of Corresponding Secretary Mrs J Foster Barbour Report of TreasurerMrs John W BIBLE I Many of the Churches of Winchester Hold Services in Honor Of Day s 1r Dwellyj HI THE COLLEGE I 4 ¬ IrvinMinutes COMMENCEMENT COMMERfiMI CELEBRATED 5 Y OF FINANCE COMMITTEE EASTER IS IKES ItCCI Forsythep THREE MEMBERS SI Martinique April to being taken aboard the steamer Versailles for deportation to France exPresident Castro prepared a written protest against the action of the French government which has been submitted to the authorities here It reads as followsI hereby protest against the action of the French authorities of Marti- ¬ nique Sterling a Returned Missionary From board in having me put by force on¬ an outgoing vessel First be Siam cause I was ill at the time arid be ¬ Thursday April 15th ¬ 9 a mDevotion led by Rev J H ¬ fense against the government of 930 a m Presbyterial Business France and the authorities of Marti 11 a mPreaching by Rev J I nique during the time that I was per¬ mitted to remain on that island and Blackburn of Covington finally because the decree of expul ¬ 12 a mRecess sion which orders my deportation out p mCall to Order 230 of French territory compels me to The afternoon will be spent in com ¬ take passage aboard a vessel which pleting the general Presbyterialwork will again land me on French terri ¬ Missionary Society toryMoreover Below is the program for the ladies these considerations Missionary Presbyterial Society aside the case constitutes a breach which also convenes at the same of international law and a denial of the rights of individuals that such time a thing should have come tb pass In Wednesday April 14thMorningthe land which saw the birth of JosMrs C E Crafton Organist ephine and from which came the in ¬ 9 a mSocial Half hour splration and presage of liberty and 930 a m Devotional Mrs J N Iat the hands of a people who shed CHARMS FRANCISCO 1 Sowill CASTRO much excited George Kohlhass had a special in- ¬ vitation to be present at the recep ¬ tion but for some reason was de ¬ layed Herndon Wills To Arrive Monday Tony Wyatt Jas Dickerson CF Wolf Allen Ingalls To Arrive Last of Week Michael Barney Detroit Mich Guss Powers Richmond Royal Reception I The Ebenezer Presbytery of the Presbyterian church U convene with the Washington Street Presbyterian church on Tuesday Ap ¬ ril 13th at 730 m The opening sermonVill be preach- ¬ ed by the retiring moderator Rev T C Kerr of Falmouth after which the Presbytery will be constituted and a moderator elected Following is the program Wednesday April 14th 9a m Devotion led by the Rev Robt L Brown of Greenup 930 a mGeneral Business 11 a m Preaching by Rev G A Joplin of Ludlow Ky 12 a m Recess 230 p mCall to Order f The afternoon will be spent in hear ¬ ing reports and transacting such oth ¬ er business as may come up Wednesday evening at 7 30 p m An Illustrated Lecture oil Missions given by Rev Hugh G Moody of Mt ofwas s it WflhIiMS- j Presbyterian Ctiurqli j- to and met each playcr as he came in Jim Phillips was out calling when he got the news and came rushing in itha picture taken of the men while in practice showing it to them as if this was something new to them Charles Strother was one of the first guests to arrive at Phillips news IIQ W i NT CITY ON TUESDAY Lasts Two First Game on Friday Arrived Sunday Newton Morn manager Chapman Ed Goos tree 1 EBENEZER PRESBYTERy CONVENES f Husky Bunch of Sup Burned Players Will k <

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