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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 29, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

SHOP EARLY! SHOP WITH LOCAL MERCHANTS 6" Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, Volume No. 49 H0LBR00K AUNT MARY CRAFT, COUNTY'S ALVIN OLDEST CITIZEN DIES AFTER LONG SUIT IN SCHOOL BOARD RACE -- The Eagle is informed that a contest suit has been filed in Circuit Court Alvin Holbrook, defeated by a margin of 8 votes Corner Stone for member Letcher County Board of Education in District Seals Copy No. 3 has filed a suit, contesting the small lead held by Mr. Ceremonies for the laying of the Wallace Kincer. Information also states that corner stone of Maple Grove Bap- tist Church to be built at the head of Cumberland River were ILLNESS AT BOTTOMFORK HOME Q Laying of Eagle I , ' held Tuesday, Nov. 20th. The November 15, 1956 issue of The Mountain Eagle was sealed inside the corner stone. Lions Club Minstrel Tonight at 7:00 At WHS Grade School lAunt Mary E. Craft, 95 year old resident of the Bottom Fork section, passed away at her residence on Sunday, Nov. 25, at 5:30 P. 1L She was the daughter of the late Henry M. (Chunk) Webb and Frankie Adams Webb and was born July 11, 1861, being 95 years, 4 months and 14 days of age at the time of her passing. Aunt Mary had been in poor health for some time but had been ill for five weeks. She was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church for 77 years. Her husband, Dixon Craft and one daughter, Nannie C- - Webb, preceded her in death. She is survived by the follow- ing children: Nat H.-Cr-aft, May-king. Christmas Basket Program Begins The Annual program of provid ing baskets of food at Christmas for the needy families of Whitesburg and vicinity has been set up by the Whitesburg Ministerial Association. AsSstance to those families presenting their needs or to families whose names and information is supplied by an interested friend will be provided by the program. Each family assisted must present in writing before December 18, 1956 information as to the number of people in the immediate family, the circumstances or conditions that are causing the need of assistance and the approximate cash income of the family as a whole. This information in writing must be The Whitesburg Lions Club would like to take this means of advising anyone who is of a weak and cowardly disposition to please not attend the Annual Lions Ministrel Show which will be presented tonight at 7:00 o'clock at the Whitesburg Grade Mr. Troy School Auditorium. Stallard, Chairman for this year's ministrel states that the reason for this action is that the audience will be projected 100 mailed to: Christmas Baskets Committee years into the future by means Whitesburg, Ky- of a recently invented Time MaThe naming of persons to rechine. Therefore only the strong and brave will be permitted to ceive the baskets of food will be make the trip. done by a committee appointed by the Ministerial Association. Crew members on hand at They will determine the families blastoff time will be Captain to receive the baskets from the Jack Swisher, Astrogater Ren- - information submitted in writing ious Day and deck hands Bill as specified above. Blair, D. S. Setzer, Byrd Hogg, Contributions to carry on this Roy WaddelL Jack Cox and work are supplied largely by the Hughes (if he can get the clubs and organizations of WhitesFlu Bug off his chest) burg. But contributions for this On the trip you will meet that project may be sent to Whitescharming Monster from Mars burg Ministerial Association, Box and he, she, or it will perform 158, Whitesburg, Ky. for you. You will also have a Families assisted by the prochance to mee an inhabitant of gram will be largely confined to the planet Venus and will be de- Whitesburg and vicinity. Howevlighted to hear the great secret er any need may be reported to message of the Venusians to the the Association in the address given for it above. people of Earth. Ky.; Rachael Craft, Fleming; Vina Bates, Melvin, Ky.; Martha Or-vBlair, Mayking; Sabina Arlington, Mayking; Maggie Willis, Texas, Iina Kincer, Mayking; Sallie Page, Glendale, Ky.; two brothers: Tom Webb, Neon, Ky. and Joe Webb, of Virginia. Funeral services were held at the Chapel of the Craft Funeral 27, Homef, Tuesday, Novembdr 1956 at 1:00 P. M., (CST) with Rev. Clel Rodgers, J. H. Blair and John Isaac, officiating. Burial in the fgmily plot of the Webb Cem etery, Mayking, Ky. There will be a thrilling desCraft Funeral Home in charge cription of an exciting rocket trip told by Byrd and an even of funeral arrangements. Active Pall Bearers: Nat Craft, more thrilling expose by Cossie. Neon; Edwin Kincer, Fitzhugh Two eminent scientists of our Craft, Curtis Blair, Homer Spang town will put on an amazing performance in an experiment ler and David Kincer, Jr. Honorary Pall Bearers: Dixon never before successful. D. S. "Vnft Plnuo Tllair 'Rillv Ttlfiir Setzer will be the victim of their be sure Ercel Spangler, Van Spangler,Pntle ministrations so emerges I Jimmy Page, and Burnace Webb, to come to see if he wrong alive. If something goes The Eagle extends deepest sym al experiment and it always pathies to all the bereaved rela in this has heretofore, D. S. will be burlives in their great sorrow. ied with all the honors due a martyr to science and the Lions GIVE A TOY FOR Club plans to erect a monument NEEDY CHILDREN to his exalted memory. Two afternoon performances Most of us have around our homes a toy that has been dis- are planned for the Grade and carded as the children have grown High Schools. All mothers and up or that has been laid aside be- fathers are hereby advised that cause it has been broken or fails their children will be returned to work just right These toys safe and sound for it is a well could make some child in a needy known fact that Time Machines family in our area mighty happy are not dangerous to children, only to Adults. at this Chris tmsa season. The Whitesburg Ministerial AsMinstrel The Kindergarten sociation is sponsoring a "GIVE A will also partake of a Futuristic TOY" campaign this year to help theme. In case their imaginachildren of needy families to tions do not carry them clear have a bright and cheery Christ- out of this world, the following mas season. Toys that are use- children will appear: able or can be repaired with a Nika Rose Stallard, Gary Cor- little effort may be left at the nette. Joy Combs. Kathy Hall, church offices of the First Bap Karen Jenkins, Edith Ann Col tist Church on Railroad Street, lins. Scott Vermillion, Charlotte Whitesburg Methodist Church on Jean and Beverly Jane anuin, Main Street, or the Graham Me- David Wright, Fred L. Coffey, on morial Presbyterian Church Nancy Jane Joe Hunsucker, Broadway. These toys should be Meyers, Jane Ellen Cox, Danny left as soon as possible so that Mohn, James Holstein, Mildred whatever work needs to be done Cornett, jr. Hubert nail, may be finished before Christ; Linda Ison. Tommy Underwood, mas. Pal Rodney Pigman , Debbie We are sure that if you look Adams, Susan Judd, Annella good enough and far enough that Caudill, Ronnie Davidson, Mark you will find a toy. So "GIVE Adams, Kathy Pigman, Venessa A TOY' today. Campbell, Jean Price. LETTER TO HOMEMAKERS Dear Homemaker: Well, Christmas is almost here Seems there is so much to do and so little time to do it in. One idea I intend to take advantage of is "Make Your Christmas Gifts at Home." If one can Bake or make a good dish of candy, it will certainly take the kinks out of your pocket book, even though you'll still be giving the nicest of gifts. DATE CLUB PLACE TIME Dec. 4 Neon, Mrs. Juanita Bentley 7:30 ET. Dec. 6 Sandlick Mrs. Poppie Adams 10:00. Dec. 6 W .Whitesburg, Club House 6:30. Dec. 14 Neon (Christmas Party) Mrs. Winifred Meade 7:30 E.T. Dec. 17 Whitesburg Mrs. M.D Lewis 7:00 Dec. 18 E. Whitesburg, Mrs. John Jenkins 6:00. Dec. 20 W. Whitesburg, Will send cards. 6:30. Dec. 20 Little Cowan Myrel Browns' 6:00. Dec. 20 Colson Auda Caudill 10:00. Dec. 21 Millstone, Cray, 1:30. Circuit Judge C. C. Wells, has certified that a special Judge for the case be appointed. The spe cial judge will be named at Frankfort and is expected to arrive here next week. Attorneys for Holbrooks are Harry M. Caudill and Judge Bert T. Combs; for Mr. Kincer, Attorney Byrd Hogg. Rev. Adams Dies In New York OfHeartAttack Rev. Thomas Conley Adams, son Please check your schedule closely. As you will notice some of the Clubs will haye their Christmas Party along with their regular meetiing while some will not. May I wish you a Happy, Safe Christmas and the best for the coming year. Yours very truly, ELLIIS BISHOP, Assistant County Agent Letters Wanted JENKINS CITIZENS TO VOTE ON SCHOOL BOND ISSUE, SAT., DEC. 1ST. Mother of Local Lady Dies at Shelbyville Mrs. S. D. Weakley of Bagdad, Aspecial election will be held in Jenkins Saturday, December 1st, in each voting precinct within the Jenkins Independent School District for the purpose of taking the sense of the qualified voters on the following question: "Are you for or against levying in the Jenkins Independent School District each year a Tax not exceeding 50c on each $100 of property sbject to school tax ation in said school district, in addition to the Maximum Tax Rate of $1.50 provided for un der the Kentucky Revised Stat utes, Section 160.475, the proceeds therefrom to be used for general school purposes." of Mr. S. E- - Adams of Berea, Ky., mother of Mrs. Maurice Lewis died of a heart attack at Barne-veld-, passed away early Monday mornN. Y., last Wednesday night, ing in a Shelbyville Hospital'. Mrs. Nov. 22nd. He was a native of Weakley had been in declining Letcher County and has numerous health for some time but her death relatives here who will regret to was a shock to relatives and learn of his sudden death. friends. Funeral services were FORMER WHITESBURG Rev. Adams had held pastorates held on Wednesday. Mrand HIGH STUDENT RECEIVES in Methodist Churches in Ken- Mrs. Maurice Lewis and family RECOGNITION tucky, Douglas Polly and friend of ginia, Tennessee and West Vir attended the services. and Indianapolis, Indiana were visit- was pastorat the time of his death of a church in Utica, REV. E. K. MEYERS ors in town during the weekend New York and also in Baraeveld, ATTENDING MEETING Douglas, a former Whitesburg New High School Student is now a His York. He was 50 years old. IN INDIANA mother, Mrs. Maggie Webb High at Warren student, The Rev. Eugene K. Meyers Adams died about 8 years ago. School. The following article The deceased is survived by his pastor of the Whitesburg Methorecently appeared in there wife, Genevieve The polls will be open bedist Church is attending a naSchool Paper, and will be read eight children- Hart Adams and tional meeting November 29 to tween the hours of 6:00 A. M., They are: with interest by his many Thomas Conley Adams, Jr., of December 5 to discuss the Metho- and 5:00 P. M. friends. School leaders of Jenkins are dist Church's evangeltistic straOlympia, Wash., Last year, Junior Quarterback Morgantown, W. Jack Adams of tegy for the next 20 years. anxious for the bond issue to Doug Polly of Warren Central Richard, Beverly, Va., Wesley. The conference at Purdue pass. Increased revenue is a High School led the Warriors to tine and Benny Frances, Chris- University, is the first annual MUST for Kentucky school disAdams, oil of a winning season. meeting of The Methodist's tricts locally in order for them Barneveld. Polly was described as one of He is also survived by two sis- Church Council of Evangelism, to comply with the Minimum the most promising footballers ters: Mrs. Walter Hill, Jackson, which was organized last year. Foundation requirements for imin the county. About 400 Methodist leaders provements. Literally thousands Ky., and Mrs. Ruby Lee Collins of This year, the stocky of dollars are being lost each will try to develop a San Francisco, Calif., also an aunt, is wacthing the games lyMrs. GH. Picklesimer of Berea, plan for Methodism to follow in month in many Kentucky comfrom the sidelines and hating Ky. seeking new persons "for Christ munities due to lack of certain every bit of it. facilities that is a MUST if the Funeral and burial services and the Church." Polly was injured in an autoIn addition to evangelistic stra- maximum dollars is to be receivwere held at Barneveld. mobile accident last winter and tegy, the leaders will discuss re- ed as a result of the program. suffered a broken hip. The doc-- GOV. A. B. CHANDLER lated subjects and will hear sevTherefore we feel that the cittors said no more football for COMPLETES eral speakers, including six Meth izenship of Jenkins will be goAPPOINTMENT young Polly. odist bishops, a minister from ing a step forward by voting in OF SOCIAL Coach Vaughn Wood has en- ADVISORY SECURITY England, and one from Australia favor of the bond issue. Added COMMITTEES couraged Polly to attend pracThe meeting will be attended local taxes would be deductable tice sessions and help teach funFrankfort, Ky., Governor by Ministers, laymen, and youth from federal income tax, keepdamentals to the players. A. B. Chandler has completed Membership in the council is ing the money locally for an Polly recently was honored by the appointment of Social Ser- open to persons from every investment in our youth our his fellow teammates as they se- vice Advisory Committees ior sphere of the church's life. greatest resource. lected him captain for the home 50 more counties. coming game. He couldn't play The committees, working with but he sat with the team shout Vego Barnes, state Commissioner An "Old Timy" fish fry was en- Commission To ing encouragement and advice. of Economic Security, will assist joyed at Cornett's Restaurant, Doug takes an active part in in the administration of the There will be a meeting of the school activities. He is a mem- Public Assistance and Children's Isom, Ky., Friday, November 23rd. The following guests were pres- Letcher County Sanitation and of the Teachers of America Services programs. ber ent: Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Back Safety Commission at the Court Club Future Business Leaders The committee members will and son, Teddy, Mr. and Mrs. El- House at Whitesburg, Ky., next Club, Alpha Hi-of America serve four years. The county Club, the "W" Lettermen's Club committee is required to meet mer Caudill and children, Nelson Friday, Nov. 30, at 6:00 p. m., T., Brenda, Glenna, and Robert C. S. T. and the Student Council. at least once each month. You are invited and urged to Lee, also two of Mr. Corflett's Douglas is the son of Mr. and Additional committee mem- grandchildren, be present and help to improve Charles Mrs. Henry Polly formerly of bers appointed for Letcher Dwayne Collins and Earl Caudill the attractiveness and safety of Letcher County. county are: Coy, Holstein Otis and our Communities to make Letcher friends. Amburgey, Clell Rodgers, Miss Everyone expressed a delight- County a leader for Progress in Mrs. Nolan Mr. Danola Fields, Mrs. Lora Stamp-- 1 ful evening. Mr- - Cornett says he Eastern Kentucky-Tel- l Employees er all of Whitesburg, Kentucky enjoys serving his many friends, others and bring someone and neighbors and Cora"01d with you. W. P. Nolan enMr. and Mrs. B. B. E. BOGGS, fashioned home cooked" meals tertained employees of The Hazjust cant be beat Along with ard Herald and The Mountain by Co-op-s Tip's lively conversation you just Eagle at the Pine Mountain Hotel J. B. Kelly, for the past 37 can't keep from feeling welcome. on Wednesday evening. A lovely Home years a professor of agricult Why don't you drop in someturkey dinner was served followengineering at the Univer time and see for yourself. Thanksgiving" ed by after dinner speeches by ural present. Included sity of Kentucky, was presented UNION COLLEGE-Ber- t several of those Francis a bronze plaque at the annual JULIUS R. BARKER were: Mr. and Mrs. Elzy Wilson, Gene Bates, Christine Banks. banquet of the Kentucky Rural Mr. and Mrs. Grant Campbell, Mr. Julius R. Barker was born U. K. Jnet Lewis, Ann Daniels Cooperative Corpora and Mrs- Hiram P. Nolan, Ance Electrical February 25, 1878 in Fannin Phyllis Hall. tion in Louisville. Grigsby, Miss Laura Grigsby, County, Georgia and passed from MOREHEAD R. T. Holbrook. Engraved on the plaque is the Curtis Couch, Pryce Cornett, this life November 20, 1956, be L. M. U. Jack Hammock, statement: Logan Collins, all of Hazard and ing 78 years, eight months and; Jimmie Giles, Mickey Bowen "The rural electric of Mr. and Mrs. Parnell Johnson, James Douglas Polly, Larry Ti days old. Kentucky hereby cite Professor Mr. and Mrs. Gene Anderson, Mr. Craft, John Doyle He was married to Elizabeth Kelley for outstanding and J. B. and Mrs. Wilgus Bowen, Rev. and unselfish Enlow. Campbell on March 29, 1898 at GEORGETOWN-Walleeservice to the rural Mrs. John Stewart, Mr. and Mrs Barbara Gilley. Kyle, Georgia and to this union electric cooperative program in Cecil Webb, and Miss Iris Adams was born five children: three CASTLE HEIGHTS MILITARY Kentucky." Whitesburg. all of ACADEMY Cadets Jimmie e Mr. Kelly has taken an active boys and two girls. The boys: Fields and David Price. part in the development of rural Cecil, Howard, and George and electrification in the state since one girl: Bonnie have proceeded LEES COLLEGE Joan Yontz. 1935, when he made a survey him in death. Ruth Barker Ful- ST. AGATHA Cecilia Gentry. Ronald Bentley, of several counties to note the ton being the only living child. EASTERN Is Don Hughes, Charles Adams, He leaves behind one brother, use of electricity in agriculture percent of John B., Barker; one sister Ramona Sparks, Bert Back, At that time, 3 It is the unalienable right of the farmers in the state had Sarah Queen, and the widow, Warren Combs, John Edward Collins, Arlayne Collins. every, free American to give this service, compared to 92.4 and Ruth, his daughter. to whomever he pleases for percent at the present tune. COLLEGE 1924 he accepted Christ as CUMBERLAND In Janet Ison, Verna Lee Banks. campaigns, is eshis personal savior and joined Through educational work in sential to the educational pro- Extension, Mr. Kelly has as- the Delano Baptist Church. gram of the tuberculosis as- sisted farmers in organizing He was a good father and Official sociation. It gives every one of cooperatives, he has held several husband and devoted to the us an opportunity Town to invest special service schools for rural three grandsons that also sur- Visits voluntarily in strong commun- electric advisors, and has taught vive. Frank W. Parker of the Departity action against TB. To everyone who knew him he ment of Safety, Div. of Accident courses in rural electrification to Your Christmas Seal con- college students. endeared himself with his kind- Control was in Whitesburg calling tribution is an investment in ness and sympathy. Their loss is on officials and others in the inthe health of the community. DR. WRIGHT ILL IN " great. terest of accident prevention-Mr- . LOUISVILLE HOSPITAL A loved one from us is gone, Parker stated that after the AMONG THE ILL early part of 1937, that their Dr. B. F. Wright is now confin A voice we loved is stilled, A. C. Brown who has been ed in Saint Josephs Infirmary in A place is vacant in our home, Department would have speakers seriously ill for some time re- Louisville where he underwent Which never can be filled. available for various clubs, organ mains about the same. minor surgery on his eye. He is! Mr. Barker is the father of izations, etc. They also staled this J. S. Nicholson is somewhat expected to be confined to the) Mrs. Walter Fulton, lately of particular trip was for the pur improved and now at his apart- Hospital for1 jabout two weeks, i Atlanta, Ga. but formerly of Let- pose of getting acquainted, and ' cher County. ment in the Daniel Boone Hotel. Mrs. Wright is with him. a good will tour. - - r long-rang- e - 1 Fish Fry Sanitation and Safely Meet Y and and Entertain Prof. J. Honored Kelly Sec.-Trea- Students s. For - co-o- n Fol-lac- Christmas Seal Sale Voluntary 1-- Francis Mc Children wanting Santa Ciaus letters published please send to r seed crop is The Christmas time is coming so The Mountain Eagle at an early forecast at 4 percent less than shop and mail early and you date. The letters will be pub the '55 crop. lished in the Christmas edition, will enjoy the holidays more. red-clove- FILES CONTEST Number 29 November 29, 1956 2 fund-raisin- g Frankfort In

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