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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 18, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

7 t < I i 77 i 1 f cc < Ilf 1ht11909c Nt7 COLUMBIA J the Monthof July Owing to the continued wet weather iI armfc interest of the State have been greatly damaged and should it contin j to rain as it has during the first part bf the season crops of all kinds will e damaged very much Wheat Conditions are very bad at the present time there being so much irain it has caused a great portion to sprout in the stack or shock causing Jhe quality to be very poor The averlageyie1 will be about ten bushels per fce There seems to have been one rn crops planted hat we have had in many years with conditions fairly good owing to so much rain retarding the cultivation to some extent Some fields not being plough ¬ ed more thnoncebut with rain at the right tithe this will make a fair yield but a poor quality being light and ctjaffy Corn is now selling higher than was ever known before prices ranging from 8Octo100perblShelOats Oats have suffered greatly from the continued wet weather caus ¬ lug them to fall down and agreat many not being harvested on that account The average yield of the oats cut being about twenty bushels to the acre liciiTanging from 40c t075c per Corn acrege AUGUST 18 ¬ < J f ft f 1 I It For SalCMy household and kitchen furniture Mrs A D Coy Sep- tember f The Burkesville Fair was well attend ed and the Association made some money ¬ The catalogues it Rice 4f NUMBER Jt f l PERSONAL BF MissSallie Stewart will open chool at her home the first Monday in Death of MrsMary r L The subject of this notice died at her e Jt late home in the Holmes neighborhood p on Tuesday July 27th in the 33d year Mr Ewing Stults has returned home of her age She was a lady highly re-¬ A son of Mr Buck Chapman is very spected for her womanly dhafacter and sick with fever Christian virtues She was a member Dr Taylor of East Fork Was of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church y here last Thursday sand had been for a number of years The funeral services vere donducted at Mrs Walter Willis has returned f the grove by Rev Win Dudgeon many from McKinney Ky t t relatives and friends being present Mrs J C Strange has been quitesick Besides the sorrowing husband the de- ¬ for several days 6 ceased leaves an infant son only a few weeks old She will not onlybe missed by those who were hear and dear to Dr J H Grady was in Columbia her but by the entire neighborhood several hours last Thursday A Good Home For Sale Mr Melvin Carson wss 3resh bread and cakes at Rasners duringthe Fair I HodgensVi1feis for the Jonesville VaVFairliave just been finished at this office c I Mr Charles Herrif ord has about completed a cottage on the pike opposite the home of Mr Will Shipp ¬ here last weekenroute to Jamestown I My residence on Greensburg street in Miss Julia Damron of Lincoln coun ¬ Columbia is for sale The dwelling ty is visiting Mrs Fred Myers rP Sullivan was nominated by contains ten rooms between 2 and 3 Republicans in the White Oak and acres of ground good water and good Miss Nola Minton Junction City via ¬ ittle Cake district for magistrate outbuildings some fruit Will sell at ited her fa ther here last week Mr Bert Thomas of Milltown visita bargain L R Johnson Quite a number of horses are now at 40 3t ed relatives here last Thursday Columbia Ky the Fair Grounds and many others will Mr B B Bean of Mt Sterling is arrive for the exhibition opens A 2500 Suit Free Jspending a few days in Columbia r j4r Be at iho Lindsey Wilson Park next Mr and Mrs W F Hancock Frarik WITH EVERY ORDER TAKEN fort are here attending the Fair Saturday afternoon and see a great ti BETWEEN NOW AND JAN 1ST gameItGreerisburg against Columbia Miss Bess Walker Bradfordsville M 1909 FOR A SUIT OVERCOAT OR FANCY VEST I spending this week with relatives i fli Thegrand stand at the Lindsey Wil ¬ TROUSERS son Park wilt be rebuilt and will be WILL GIVE AWAY A NUMBER Columbia Mrs Lou Miller whohas been visit THE ONE HOLDING THE LUCKY ready or the game next Saturday NUMBER WILL BE ENTITLED TO ing Middlesboro returned home ilaat I FoitSEoaBENTMy residence On A 2500 SUIT FREE ISERMAN Bomar1Heights Columbia Ky THE TAILOR FOR THE MAN WHOI At Garnejt left Monday Imorning on an extended visit to Okla 402fe Tom Waggener r homa and Kansas The Blue JmrCoal Thereiirbe an interesting game of MrGrover Akin Burkesville spent b aseli lIabitbe LindseyWilson Park a few days of last week withhis friend nextSSturday afternoon Greensburg I keep a large quantity of the Blue Rev E 0 Stevenson against Cojumbia Jim Coalas good as ever used in a V Mr Millard Collins who lives three q MrtttQavjn Maupin a wellrknown grate I also keep other grades and miles from Columbia is reported quite miltman had the rnisfrtunetoetthe make the price as low as possible sick with typhoid fever a- Giveme you order for wiriter use and Miss Pearl Nell of Frankfortisvisi- ¬ remove it at your leisure ting her sisters Mrs G W Staples C F Mantz Mtf and Mrs J G Eubank ¬ J Thefdurthand Gampbellsville Ky Mrs Ada Allen and Miss Vallie ence for tnis ear will beLheldat Tabor Strange Burkesville are with Mrandi September 4 and 5 It is hoped that Secure afr Education Mrs Sam Beck this week attendance cilI be large The State NornVfti School at Bowling Miss Verne Dohoney who has been Mr T J Miller who died at Camp Green Ky offers an excellei t oppor- ¬ conducting a millinery store in Miss- ¬ bellsville last week had been advanced tunity to young p ople desirfnr an edu- ¬ issippi returned home last week to the 32 deg ee in Masonry as we are cation The Fall Session opens Sep- ¬ Mr WE Bradshaw went over to informed Jittman Lodge Campbellff tember 1 1909 Write 1 o jI1fQrmation mpbellsville Thursday andreturned f ville officiated at the funeral 412t S with his sister Mrs W F Hancock Greensburg and Columbia have play- ¬ Bakery For Sale Miss Bess Holladay who lives out of ed six games this season Three were town has been quite sick for several won by Greensburg and two by COlbt- y We desire to sell our bakery It isa days threatened with typhoid fever miandone tieitTb two 61ubs will enterprise but we have decided Miss Minnie Triplett will spend the here next Saturday to engage in other business and have next two months at Petoskey Mich not the time to devote to it rv She left for that point last Thursday t3rd 412tJ trS > i i i J 1 oft a WEDNESDAY See the gaeat balj game next Satur day I t iUshel KENTUCKY KENTlfcKYf 3ertificate largef v COUNTY towitI oftbelrgestc r ADAIR HenrySandersm perhUsh f< < in Mr Thomas Gorbin and family Commissioners Sale Mr Oscar Corbin and family Mr Mont Corbin and family Mr Ed Bryant and ADAIR CIRCUIT COURT family Mr Henry Ferguson and life Mr A B Corbin Mrs Florence Haz- Martha T Bumgarner cP an tiff ard and little daughter Mr I B Wat- ¬ Claud Bumgarner c Defendant j I son and wife Miss Josie Sinclair Mr By virtue of a Judgment and Order Mr James of Sale of the Adair Circuit Court renL B Russell and family Parnell and family Mrs G H Slaugh- dered at the May Term thereof 1939 ter and wife Mr G R Feese and fain in the above cause 1 shall proceed to ily Mrs J R Slaughter and children offer for sale at the Courthouse door in Mrs W H Hancock Mrs C M Bault Columbia Ky to the highest bidder and family Mrs A C Wheeler and at Public Auction on Monday the 6th daughters Mr David Hardin and fam- day of September 1909 at 1 oclock p ily Mr or thereaboutbeing County Court upon a credit of six months the folloW- ¬ Secure a Certificate ing described property Three tracts of land located in Adair Under thelaw ihe Wesiern Normal county neartlane Valley Ky These has the to issue the Element tracts lie adjacent toea h other and C constitute the homestead which was oc J which entitle the holders to teach any where in Kentucky for two years four cupied by Thomas J Biimgarner at the years and for life respectivelywith¬ time of his death Information 1st tract contains 35 acres out further examination as to the amount of work required for each certificate will be furnished when There is reserved from the above 3 desired Address H H Cherry Presi ¬ boundaries two small tracts which said dent Western Normal Bowling Green umgarner sold to J W Vaughan and Kentucky R Smith which leaves about 85 acres to be sold by this judgment The Grand Stand Swept by Wind 3 tracts of land will be sold together For complete discription of this A heavy wind storm followed PYa land reference ismade to the judgment terrific rahrstruck Columbia last Fri- r corded in order book No 11 page 505 day afternoon but no serious damage in tha Adair county Circuit Clerks of was done The grand stand at the flee For the puVchase price the purbase ball grounds which was not sub- chaSer with approved surety or se uri stantially built was razed and a top ies must execute Bond bearing legal a flue at the home of Prof P D Neil interest from the day of sale until paid son was knocked off The above is and having the force and effect of a aboutthe extent of the damage so far Judgment Bidders will be prepared to as we Have mpJy promptly j r 1 r VOLUME XII p >< i o> > i I l s fT < i I r P > ip I I > J WednesdayC liirge portion has been destroyed by J1eaVT rains and storms in many counties of the Dark District and show ¬ with these terms ing at the present time not more than Herschel T Baker Chester Antle Dead seventyfive percent crop with Master Commissioner the prospelcts badfor this on account of the quality being bad the yield will be Mr Chester Antle who waS twenty Valuable Farm For Sale cut in six years bld andason of Mr Marion Antle this place diedon the Newbold By agreement of trie heifs I will on farm five miles from Columbia last the 9th day of September sell to the in this district before Reports of this Sunday morning He was an industri month show that the crop will be cut ous farmer and was very much liked in r far below an average on accont of so his late neighborhood one was avic and lying on the waters of Casey Creek much rincausing many acres to be tim of typhoid fever A great many miles from Cl mentsviile and 3 12 sabai doned entirely and others not to friends attended the funeral He leaves frdmBoIe r The land arid improvements snake more than half crop or less and a small family ijt what is saved jvill be light and not yield more thin seven or eight hundred Take Notice vyit brings the mostmoney will be ac t founds per acre ice ned Sixty acres are under cultiva Potatoes There is one of the largest Mr W A Garnett has sold biiiwterji tiqp while the remainder isin timber A creages of potatoes ever planted in est in the mercantile business of Blair good 6 room dwelling and all necessary the State and the yield is and will be Garnett Glenville to Mr Blair who out buildings plenty of good water will continue the business All accounts due the firm of Blair Garnett rewill Fruits The reports on apples varies no W due and parties who are indebted required for it the land or the land very much some show a very large crop will please respond at once arid timber if sold together willbe 3 While others show d very small one cash Blair 414t Garnett Peaches are not doing what > they hould being full of worms have fallen Mr William Cave who has beenan 3t Casey Creek Ky J off cutting the crpp shorter than it the Asylum for several months was re would have been had they been sound turued home a few days ago He is Mr S A McKay and children who Horses seem to be holding their own about 80 years old partially paralized When generous Kentucky establish seems to be enjoying themselves PrT spent a few days in Columbia left but the price seems to be lower in some and can live out a short time He was I for Eiizabethtown the first of the week sections of the State than in many a soldier in the Mexican war and is ed the Western Kentucky State Nor ¬ sons who are here and not subscribers r Lost mal School an edifciatiori was put with to the News are requested to caJlatine years selling in some counties from oriejof four who are yet living in this jj Eld VT < lf Montgomery is assisting pffice and leave their names 4000 to 16000 a head county The other three are Mr John in the reach of the boys and girls Eld Z Tio Williams in a meeting at young women andmen of Multi There iSa smaller number of Eubank M William Sexton and Dr hRoley which commenced Sunday night Farm For Sale Kentucky Write concerning WesternH tiajgijjfa at this time last year and- C Mr J A Mitchell of Green county and other items Address good Selling at from 60 the price is = arrived in Columbia last Friday ac Cherry President Bowling Green Kyl Lhave agood farm for sate wink on Mr Mont Baugh who lives in the 00 to 22200 a piece Pickett companied by Mrs Joel Mitchell arid Bryants Creek of Green River con- ¬ 412t jGattle Selling at very t good prices Holmes section met with a serious ac ¬ idaughtea who reside iij Missouri taining about 100 acres Well watered rantIng from SJc to 5c per pound cident orie day last week He was en The 1fealth of this section is Mr Luther Bell of Red Lick is the and plenty of timber Good house rsCassiuBreeding who lives onSiMep Are doing well selling at deavoring to kill a snake and was stand ¬ owner of valuable ewe In January barn and crib Lies J mile from ohurch verygoodat present Green river and who has been quite fairly good prices ranging from 4c to ing on a plank that was protruding she brought two good lambs and raised arid school house For further particu- ¬ sick with typhoid fever is improving Gc rJp und from his corn crib the snake being on Rev Roach filled his reg ¬ them and last Tuesday she mothered lars see W F Neat or Frank Hard ffiQgs are selling at very good prices the wall plate The plank broke throwbut slowly 5S B T Neat ular appointment at Fry Satur ¬ ranging from 7 to 8c per pound With ing Baugh to the ground breaking his another that promises well This is wick rather out of the ordinary but our in ¬ IMiss Dimple Conover who has been the x ception of cholera in some sec leftarm above the wrist The Cemetery Improvement Associa ¬ day and Sunday friends in several Kentucky formation was obtained from Mr Bell tiojMkmong hogs and scabbies amptowns returned home last Saturday who is an upright gentleman and it goes tion has accepted theproposition made A singular incident happened at the Bro J A Johnson closeda nsheehe i ndtlOnf all live stock by the Board of Trustees of the Town afternoon home of Mr Howard Murrell the day as a fact Mr Bell ought to favor the good Respectfully submitted dog law and we so understand that he of Columbia and will lay off and sell the series of meeting at Summer Murrtll Dr UL Taylor arid wife were call lots in the Cemetery and willv use the shade one day last week tames W Rankin Ass t Corn last week Mrs seated on and several does other ladies were ed to Shelbyville the first of the week the proch money to buy a house for a Superin- ¬ They noticed a partridge sailing direct- ¬ The Pea Ridge Fair Mr tJharlie Stults will soon to see a daughter of Mrs Taylor whit Lilburn Bryant a boy about fifteen tendent to live injso that they can have ly toward them They kept quiet and years old was before Judge Hancock a trusted man in charge of the grave have his new house ready to oc ¬ is quite sick Notwithstanding it rained a good por the bird kept coming striking a win last Wednesdays charged with an att- yard at all times A committee has Mr Strange and wife of Wil dow breaking the glass killing the liamsburg are visiting relatives in Cor empt to assaul Mary Montgomery a beenappqinted to stake off the lots and cupy instantly quail r Strange is at girl about thirteen years old The ac ¬ will meet at an early date 3V r Tom Chastain Awhile atlIlumbiaMr Republican connected with MseyWilson Parks There were th l The Whitley cused was held over and he gave bond The School of Music work on a mill shed one day last Farm For Sale in the sum of three hundred dollars for v maifntries of smaller animals and Eld Z T Williams assisted by sts were spirited Altogether the Persons desiring a full couse in Vocal his appearance at the September term w was hurt very badly by M R Gabbert closed a meeting at and the and Instrumental or Public School mu ¬ of court it fl desire to sell my farm containing some timber falling on him x Egypt Church last Saturday night with maaflgpJQattendedwere highly delight- sic will enjoy unexcelled opportunities 175 acres lying in Russell county one twenty additions to the church ed in the Western Normal W C Rodgers has cut some Stray Hogs Write for mile South West of Montpelier in a Mrs Belle Patterson Misses Mary zzivied the exhibition and a number special information Address H H A 7j h good neighborhood Good dwelling tobacco His crop is very good Snow Patterson and Agness Popple were here from adjoining Cherry Bowling Green Ky dfpppM 412t There are five unmarked hogs on my eight rooms all new and all necessary the dog shows Russe 11 The premises Hr Miller an insurance man well and Masters Wallace Sharp andOSIi well water Three black shoats will outbuildings Dunbar all of Jamestown attended the off several premiums Wilson who lives near weigh about 100 pounds each A black ed and is in a line state of cultivation of Columbia was through here Pea Ridge Fair Ridge Fair is managed by a Gradyville has purchased a very fine The sow will weigh about 130 pounds and a Will give some man a bargain A ffboys of Columbia who will parrot for his sister who was desirous spotted numb shoat will weigh about 75 great deal of valuable timber on the one Jay last we entertain annually The of owning one It arrived in Columbia < farm GM Stevenson The wheat in this section has show ppt closed paid all premiums an d- last Wednesday afternoon and Thurs ¬ Montpelier Ky 40lm I everl6ol1ars left in the treasury day Miss Wilson drove up and got not been threshed yet but there Mournipg and family left Adair county Mr GroverAkin a student of the v Itisypurig and is just beginning to It all Depends are three in hearing for the Wetmany years ago ii CARESf heardc 6fa I J halfif cr9pjas iI I 10 i JIfewday fhkson I V seperr laguErlyonfer ii2 j I Ifr bi n1l VThe 1 seIlingfrom tlJe I ping t l Jonesf manYlvisitorsare 1 It c i oj Dtoorei t f I I largJ yI wt wv a i l I MrJM it fnnis Kyi kr KentuckyWeslynSchOolWinchester very good sermon at the Methodist talk x i > y mhines Mr ttMJ 7th was the fiftysecond keept J fe GScfcQwif hwasa jiir ief B MrI S tor6Jni n tdIfeat aytnrough h1Will journeyI Rx ttictturn r I b t l li bA i1 i h + i c i ll iI J 44 ii L r j I BI J 4 j f i 7 Il > C jr j 4 J T t4J AW I > I i te i i 1 < ji it t > Palla D Paull of Clinton Mor YJGf Mrs W B Patte i1 will baa son during the airSheis here tomeet P ttesons sister Mrs M H SandKn they being great friends Dr R G McGhprd of Lebanon Drl G M Ruslland Dr TL L Taylor this place attended a meeting ol be Miws < Ruaiell Springs Medical Society whltcli was held at the Springs last Thursday q lt t j r > 1 UrI 1 V P and Mir R H Durham manager of the W Richards who is noW in church last Sunday night His dis ¬ ikllenJPudley and Columbia Base Ball Team wat called daughter Mr Oi Mr It A Jrbirth young from Lebanon last Thursday morning l orbinHfs the West with his wife writes the course indicated that sister A Wl Coward andf amily family relatives gave him a News that Mrs Richards stood the trip minister of promise and the statement made that Leb non very nicely She was a little nervous jand It Howard and jyif Yiisitrv orva match when she reached their destihatibni Lt Several tm cups were received in this bacfraised 1 hundred dollars f 1 game between Columbia and JGamR fed the Mammoth Gaiyedast w eekixhour 1the bell called them to din otherwise she stood the bellsville to be played at Lebanon pei if S5f M Blakeman Co afe ner tlsbin and friends found the wasa5ked if Columbia would raiiief1 YoungvJi6 had strong comp ft si pin a nice shady groveand tition atrRussell table In less than two KelSri laving theirdark tobiccoxput x > n same amount Springs and Burkes groa its weight of the best the one hundred dbllara was up mrf natkeB this weelc fountains m Adair Thanks j the COpIOdUCe belleville is asked to raise a hundrJBd > i f J wM almost overcome with I ll Springs arid twenty dOllars at- j MrrtGeo C Kimbler 70 years old 5 Mr EJ4 Whitlock of Bliss at joy y ofnisrelativea and Burkesvilie J who was sent to the asyliun stvierai jndedchurch at Fry Sunday Everyone friend month ag9ai jff4ut week hii < re I winning club and 15 per CJHir to the got pl SKwKfe and had all the en Come to Columbia nxt Saturday apd main being 8ent to this county If Howard jxf Gireenisburg for in- loses will r Compb Jty lls accepts th C v Oyne were expectingbe a reat drawirigica jfpr J witness an exciting game of baseball iaint ternaaot i i > > LeBanori Thos t were 1C r- Polly Cor¬ l < washer e Tuesday on Business Y 1 0 > i 1j EldI el I cont4to JptKise Birthday Dinner EE ¬ eoIn couirried r hi Hn iI c I 1 r ya9ubldana i i Kitchen urniturt J uJ is n offered for sale All as good new If you need anything in thk line call 4nti exarpine S jj r tf Kj xv NHancockr I ¼ zfi fj K hro i t l iIIf i i jE r S

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