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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 21, 1905

Part of Bourbon News

rA w T t I71 T T r i THE BOURBON NEWS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR r VOLIIlCE XXV > PARIS KENTUCKY FRIDAY APRIL 21 1905 Easter Services at Difterent Churches CATHOLIC Wholesale Arrests r f E ears Sons hemp hack- ¬ ling house on South Main was the scene of exciting times for awhile CHURCH The usual Easter services will beheld at the Catholic church Sunday > Rev Father E A Burke officiating The choir will render the following program Farmer Kyrie St Claire Gloria St Claire Credo Hammel Regina Obeli St Claire Benedictus St Claire Sanctus Farmer Agnes Del I > fJ NUMBER 32 I FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Wednesday morning when Deputy Sheriffs Letton and Burke Constable Joe Williams and Jailer Judy appear ¬ ed to make several arrests among the numerous hacklers On Monday night in Claysville William Smith was assaulted and actually cut into doll rags from his appearance now by the following colored brothers Lawson Jenkins Nelson Mason Sam Williams Chas Johnson Jim Gra ¬ ham Geo Mason and Wm Crawford each taking a slash at William After the officers made one or two arrests at the hemp house the rest of the gang began to disappear under the hemp and it was difficult to find them Jailer Judy however secureda pitchfork and after making several lunges with it into the pile of hemp landing at the right spot every one of them crawled from under cover and taken to jail The whole crowd of them are Lexington negroes ex ¬ cept Smith the one so badly disfig- ¬ All Goods Marked in Plain Figures M I the World of Dress Easter marks the seal Q ° to cnurch Those Easter morning and thosewho do not are who united in desire for new clothes The man who has not provided himself with fresh and seasonable apparel b that date is decid edly out of it We have already furnished a great many men with and we are to talk clothes to a outfitsmany more Pleased customers will testify they have found here this Spring satisfac tion they ever had best values they able to find anywhere in town This is the time to buy your new suitall we ask is a chance to prove to you that this is the place to get it TN advent of We Show the Celebrated Parker James Handtailored Clothes in the finest tailor shops in the States These a style them that you will not in any other make Sizes are so finely graded that can be sure of a P J Glothes are worn by thousands of critical men in Paris and Bourbon They are favored business and menby all who have a sense ofprofessional what good work is and take pridewho in wearing the best mADE j Insure with W O Hinton He lias the right kind of insurance CHRISTIAN CHURCH S Elder IJurris Jenkins of Lexington Easter Sale of Good Things will preach at the Christian church The Christian Endeavor and Mission Sunday morning and evening Special musical program by the large and Board have arranged to hold their Easter sale of good things to eat jn most excellent choir nth anson building QIj roadwy iR SEGrONDIRE CUItCH vacated by Attorney C Arnsparger Bev Dr E H Rutherford will fill The sale will continue all day Satur ¬ His pulpit at the Second Presbyterian day April 22 and contributors of church Sunday morning and evening articles for the sale will please bring liinr >V I See P v < f r r rh 1 METHODIST 8 SAAA n Hlft 111 B J L Clark will hold a sunrise This will be a good opportunity to prayer meeting at the Methodist secure nice pies cakes dressed chick+ church Sunday morning at 6 0 clo k ens etc for Easter At the regular service during the day For Business Men appropriate Easter services will beThe enterprising firm of Newton held Current Co are now serving daily BAPTIST CHURCH t No services at the Baptist church an elegant lunch for the merchants at Give them a call 25 cents Sunday r GLOVES Kid Gloves Ladies FRESH VEEGETABLEsAll kinds of Neckwear Belts etc go to Rum fresh green vegetables rmans Tucker C P COOK Cos Co 182t 14tf I Will Change the Steps 09 l if7i1 i I SAVER i Public Sale i climb at present to reach the front I I f Co WM BORGMAN Fordham Hotel Paris Ky Stenographer Appointed Reporter T R McBeath of the Ap ipellate Court has named Miss Nancy Burkely of Mt Sterling ashis sten- ¬ I ographer The General Aesemby at its last regular session appropriated 500 annually for a stenographer for I y thIS office A X l W 6fr h rA j I G- 11 i JI most Important Sale of Womens Suits Every Woman Is Interested In This News This Morning r house and is all in grass acres just across the pike This This is a chance has no improvements to buy two good tracts ot land I have a life interest in the land ad ¬ joining this land and will go into a writ ten contract for a 5year lease with the buyer of the above land payable annu- ¬ the ally and make onehalf fence at any time The land being rented for this year I will make the notes for the deferred payments to begin bearing March I 1906 Will sell the land onethird cash bal ¬ ance on one and two years payment separately The property will be and then as A J E KERNA T FORSYTH Auctioneer HIGHEST cash prices paid for old or new feathers New roll mattresses made for 5 each Address l s Strasburg Seed Sweet Potatoes I being Court Oaf I ¬ NEWTON CURRENT fl8to I and will be sold in two separate tracts has Forty acres lying North of the a tworoom stone house and good meat Strawberries and cream Lettuce Salad Coffee Tea Milk Cocoa andButter > May Containing 100 Acres r- j = I will sell publicly on in front of the Court House at 10 a m I will sell my farm on Jackstown road NewRadishes it git Bourbon Land I Coney Island Clam Chowder Baked Red Snapper Drawn Butter Sauce f Sir Loin of Beef and sauce Y Dotted Beef with new peas Steamed Potatoes Asparagus Tips on toast Kale Greens t Floating Island Pudding V Sliced Tomatoes SlicedCucumbers r T I OF i i Soup I c t I door is something awful The suggestiOn of two entrances from Main street to the yard is a good one and we believe would make a beautiful ap- ¬ proach to the building Business Lunch Friday April 21 05 t I- Lettuce Young Onions Cucumbers Radishes Beets String Beans Kale New Tomatoes Also Strawberries Fresh Pineapples DownTown 6rocer I e SUCH AS > We understand that the Court House Building Committee has decided to change the front steps of the build-¬ ing We trust our information is correct for the ladder that you have to JAMES are Everything in Shoes up Has All Kinds of Fresh Vegetables The Up4oBate For WAIT PARKER Sead to Too Otitfittm WM I LISTEN aJar > AeK Il 1 Rev LOOLI H f the VV V I V > S 4 tonowall that fit the feet colors shapes J the Shoeolcgist before you buy V them in early Saturday morning CHURCH DL- EASTERSUNDAY jI Edwards Edwards wants eggs butter chick ¬ ens and calves Edwards sells Irish potatoes at 60 cents per bushel Best corn tomatoes peas string beans sweet potatoes all 3 cans for 25 cents Every can guaranteed by Edwards I x flu Your N6W Gloth6S You ShoUIO Rev J S Malone will pre ch an appopriate Easter sermon at the First The Presbyterian church Sunday following special musical program will be rendered i Christ the Lord Has Risen Henry Wilson Hosanna Grainer Magdalena Duet The choir will be composed of Mrs O L Davis Miss Georgia Fithian Judge H C Howard and Dr Frank Fithian Mrs M H Dailey organist ured The first two numbers are quartettes The defendants bond were fixed at sung by the choir the last a duet by 1000 each and their examining trial Mrs Davis and Judge Howardset for April 27th before Judge H C Smith ST PETERS EPISCOPAL CHURCH There will be divine service at St Peters Episcopal church Paris on Good Friday today at 1030 a m The offerings will be for the aid of church work among the Jews in larger cities On Easter day there will be morning service with sermon and holy communion at 10 30 oclock Appropriate music and singing with the usual Easter offerings for the Bishops salary and council expenses One Price To All c FOR SALE I Fifty New Stylish DowntotheMinute Read to Wear Suits made from the newest and most desirable fabrics The wanted colors tailormade and strictly highgrade in every particular If you intend to buy a suit this season you will do well to examine this splendid assortment Its unusual but we are going to close but all of our Cloth Suits right now at remarkable prices We We have decided that well make things lively in our Suit De- ¬ partment this week and will sell every Wool Suit at absolute Cost Reinembeo that all these are this seasons product I i A EVERY CLOTH SUIT AT COST THIS WEEK r Alterations Mame ae Customers Expense We Will Fill Orders to your satisfaction 0 MITCHBLL GfSSELL 6c BflKBRLEXINGTbN KENTUCKY TM S 1t Forty head of yearling cattle F Ilapr2w < M J MURPHY Paris Ky t e aJ I J i i

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