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Image 15 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 25, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Thursday, aug. ECO THE MOUNTVUN EAGLE, WH1TESBURG, 25, 1955 KENTUCKY It 5 l(0 SENSATIONAL CO 'co fco Pco L ico ONLY J O ico So $19915 CO 8 o 0 RANGE VALUES CO (0 CO CO CO LESS $00 TRADE-I- N! SCO io Co 1(0 Ico Kco it" CO CO 2 CO e CO (0 CO CO CO CO CO rhnnfiP Anv MnrfelCFrfirfldaire Or Range And deceive This $25.00 Set of Hallite f Allunv s CO CO (0 CO s CO CO CO CO Genuine Frigidaire CO I Quality with 8 CO ico Ico Low Price, i l(o 1(0 I ttol i inumware Free SEE TJiSS FULLY AUTOMATIC Ico FiiiDAIRE Electric Range 8 co 8 Full-wid- full-wid- th Back Panel fluorescent th Cooking-To- Waist-Hig- p Pan Automatic Oven Large Storage Drawer glides ewt m Nylon rollers All Porcelain Finished inside and at Broiler-Roast- Lamp Broiler with comHnatfaa h The Biggest Trade-I- n Allowance You've Ever Heard Of. 1953 KOOft. Compare These Latest Features! New, high co 2 Oi Si OS OL Ol O; Of e5 oa o Oj 01 m o! 0 ol ol Ol Oi ol Ol o Oi o o o o ol o O ca I. OJ c) er Plus Pre-He- at Oven Clock Control Thermizer Deep-We- ll Cooker. Ws small oven Big Oven aft Cook-Mast- er Even-He- m o o o Oi TwoYeajF at CO CO I CO CO 8 CO CO CO C3 (0 8 CO CO 8 8 (0 CO CO 8 (0 8 (0 CO CO 8 CO CO CO 8 8 co On FRIGIDAIRE Food Freezer OJ 01 en ol s O o o $ 50.Freezer Any o o o o o o o ol o o o Food 3 Chest Type or Upright Below Regular Factory -- I .ft CO Bra 1 I 1 01 Price CRAWL o WALK RUN RIDE OR FLY! 1 o BAKER MAYTAG CO. Any Time Noon or 12 Mid-Nite- ! Open 24 TWO STORES Neon - Whitesburg Hours Every Day Until clock Mid'Nite Saturday, August 27, 1955 ol o o o 3 o ol 1! ol

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