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Image 11 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 25, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

0 THE, MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WH1TESBURG, THUESDAY, AUG. 25, 1955 wwvww - SECTION in Job Printing NEW A SPECIALTY PKONE I watch-word- D d - TRY US ON YOUR NEXT PRINTING ORDER Prompt Service Good Printing BOOK d ll .. out-of-sta- te Complete Line of Office and School Supplies ' ing September 20 application of j cal arrangements are headed by at 6 p.m. Friday, September 2 General Telephone Corporation (Mrs. Rolf Hovey, Regent of the and ends at midnight on the Ridge Chapter, of Kentucky to increase fares Berea-Laurfollowing Monday. It is the naholiday Activiteis will be concluded tion's third three-da- y The Legis on pay station calls from five to Frankfort, Ky. ten cents a call. The company with a State Board meeting on this year and there is every lative Research Commission has opera-th- e following day. reason to believe that with the awarded a contract for printing claimed higher costs of tions justified the increase. Ihe help of motorists, it can also be 2,500 copies of the Kentucky operates at Lexington, 410 PERSONS ESTIMATED the safest. Courtesy, caution Revised Statutes to Dunn Press, company Flemingsburg, Poplar Plains, TO DIE DURING COMING and cooperation should be the Louisville, for $48,787. The WEEK-ENs Hazard, Nicholasville, Wilmore, HOLIDAY for safe Labor Day loose-lea- f work will be done in Hills-- . week-endriving." to permit easier handling Versailles, Ashland and form, The New Work, Aug. 24 The Commission also petition boro lowest nationwide traffic fa- ed the Property and Buildings HEALTH DEPT. estimate for the Labor Order Appealed, week-enCommission to allocate sufficisince 190 was NEWS Frankfort, Ky. The State ent funds to provide an auto- t,v announced here today by the i, device in the Kenmatic roll-caAssociation of Casualty and' "Children need one quart of tucky House of Representatives der of Franklin Circuit Court J , , .V d uv' , . i?1 Vomp.d"ei- in time for convening of the '56 which held four wfticft at- - orinK some during scnooi nou barge lines, which ply the Ohio' ine association, legislative session. River, are not subiect to nav-- mmuea ine reaucuon 10 me uieyre uuumjr tu get u.e iuu D. Col- ment of franchise taxes to Ken-- 1 u a' " I , " "uw" a."u v . Bogardus Appointed irainc saieiy campaign, esu- - ims oi ine .ueicner County Governor tucky. Approximately $150,000 mated that 410 persons will die Health Department. "That's why Frankfort, Ky. m annual tax liability is involv A. BogardWetherby named 0. on the highways during the the Special School Milk us, Warsaw, as a member of the ed. 78 hour holiday period. 'gram is so important." Fish and Wildlife Resources DAR Specifically, the Association! TO HOLD DISTRICT This program, which was deCommission to succeed the late forecast ascribed the 410 exMEETING IN BEREA veloped by the U. S. Department Dr. A. W. Boltz, Fort Thomas, pected deaths to these causes: ON AUGUST 23RD Agriculture for the school Fifth District member. Bogarddue to excessive of 34 135 fatalities us is a Republican. The law re,r Berea, Ky., August 16 speed; 65 deahs from driving on The quires that not more than five Daughters of the American Rev- the wrong side of the road; 42 vides $50,000,000 to be used an members of the commission be olution will hold a district from reckless driving; 39 from nually to increase milk consumption in schools throughout members of the same poltical meting in Berea on August 23, failure to yield the grade party. in conjunction with the Berea and 29 from falling asleep the nation. Any or high school can qualify, if no Centennial drama, WILDER at the wheel made li?is or Paroles Granted NESS ROAD. The date has also The remaining 100 deaths will ptrfit food service. To partici The State been designated as Paris, Ky., include 35 pedestrians who at- Frankfort, Ky. pate, the school must apply to Department of Welfare paroled night, in recognition of the resi- - tempted to cross the street local Board of Education, 37 prisoners from penal insti of that city who will intersections, 10 who the tutions last month, including 26 tend the drama in a group, stepped into the street from be- - which will sponsor its application to the Division of School from LaGrange Reformatory Paris houses the state head- - hind parked cars and 55 Lunch, State Department of and 11 from Eddyville penitent and museum of the ties from miscellaneous actions Education. Last year 19 schools iary. D.A.R. and the Duncan Tavern, of drivers and pedestrians. which is a state shrine. It is also In addition to these traffic in Letcher County took part in LeCompte Named the home of many distinguished deaths, over 22,000 drivers and the program. Frankfort, Ky. Commission members, including Mrs. Fred- - passengers, plus some 3,200 pe- Schools are reimbursed for er of Welfare Glenn A. Lovern enck Wallis, honorary member, destnans, are feared likely to milk which they purchase in exnamed Louis LeCompte, Frank and Mrs. Cassius Clay, a grand suffer personal injuries. At cess of their normal quantity." fort, former sheriff and coron niece by marriage of the famous least one out of every four driv The lowered price makes it poser of Franklin County as a mem- General Cassius Clay, ers or pedestrians involved in sible for children to drink more ber of the State Board of WelThe meeting will be attended a fatal accident will have been milk, and attracts those who fare to succeed C.'E. Vinson, by delegations from D. A. R. drinking alcohol immediately had not bought any previously. Louisvjlle, resigned. districts 3, 4, and 6 of Kentuc- before the accident, the Associ The program is meant to supky. Following the' day's pro- ation said. plement the school lunch proIncrease Sought gram, a picnic and informal reConcrening the holiday fore- gram, not interfere with it. In The Public ception will be held at 5:00 cast, Thomas N. Boate, manag- most schools the milk is sold at Frankfortf Ky. Service Commission set for hear- - p.m. at the Indian Fort Theater. er of the Association's Accident recess, but it can also be served at' study A high point in the day's acti- Prevention Department, said: periods.. In schools vities will occur just before the "The expected reduction direct- without refrigerators, it can be drama begins, when the D.A.R. ly reflects the reduced traffic sold whenever the milk truck will receive the Berea College toll experienced during this comes. nationwide 'Slow Here are the points to remem Centennial Award for Disting- summer's and Live' campaign. ber: uished Service, National Presi Down 1. Children can drink more dent General Gertrude Garra- - While slight, the decrease is sig way will accept the award in nificant. It gives motorists add milk because of the lowered behalf of her organization. Mrs. ed hope that their cooperation price. James Patton, Honorary Presi-Jwit-h mass, coordinated safety 2. Those who have not been aent general, will also be pres-- programs can lower tne tratlic drinking milk are encouraged ent, coming from her Washing-- j toll. to do so when it becomes a reg ton office for the occasion. Lo- - "Labor Day begins officially ular part of the school program. 'Nothing- to read around down for an evening, "but CAPITAL ROUNDUP this place," stormed the man some old next month's maga Contract Awarded of the house who had settled zines !" Use CLASSIFIED life-- KENTUCKY . . Pro-comi- 0t;t5? right-of-wa- It tells you where to find y; non-prof- it what you need, when you need it fast. Save time and trouble add convenience to your be-den- ts en daily livinp. Remington Typewriters and fatali-quarte- rs j Adding Machines I SOLD ON EASY TERMS I ! The Mountain Eagle Kentucky Whitesburg DRIVE IN THEATRE LYCINDA Ti Sunday & R. R. 7 Monday, August 28 - 29 PHONE 1849 7 MILES FROM JEFF, KENTUCKY F2-- 1 HAZARD EXCHANGE A Remarkable sssssssssssssssssssssssssssal 1 srcgp SiAXlWn wfor to. oU Ocf 1 'Ssjj ,, bINVal jBg8BBBBBBpB offers the world's largest f truck engines to give every truck operator power exactly suited to his job. 'And every one of them gasoline, LPG or diesel built built as truck engines, to do a are job. No compromise is made with automotive tuck xpgnq Each is built to develop usable horsepower at economical rpm, yet with reserve power for top irmance, long life, low maintenance cost. throughout. j Every International is fs one reason why International has been heavy-sale- s leader 23 straight years. Whether it's a ton pickup or 90,000 lb. giant the International fb need will cut your truck costs to the bone. .Come in and get the facts on the right International built to save you the for your job felG money! Convenient terms arranged. fNTMNATIONAL (Ul-tru- ck all-tru- ck -- You tavo tho IIS moaoy wife 6tIimI tanks fcr INTERNATIONAL heavy-dut- y or off-H- fscjgpe all-tru- INTERNATIONAL' ' TRUCKS r WARNERCOLOR ClNEMASCOPE"ES? CAMERON MITCHEUi T)TS SMITH ..WALTER HAMPDEN I XNCSawEW plat by nwocmmix I 00NZAT.F7. fiONZAT.FZ Hr the vole ef FRANKIE. LAINgtlnpfng PROOUCEO AND DIRCCTED BY MERVYN LeROY StnuSaA Ul 111 Mghwf 92 gaiolin-- , LPG-- . mad d models, 30,000 to 90.000 lbs. GWV in conventional1 designs. f ax cobs. Axis) eaei . movs Cenifo-VisiIraasalssion rstsSB sjrfl j hauling. to save you x m tbeBIGmonayl KYVA MOTOR COMPANY. Inc. - Madison St Railroad Streets WHITESBURG KENTUCKY

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