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Image 10 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 25, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN was being conducted at Blackey, three years. Boney, had been sick for more 'than a year. The best medical by aid was sought, (but in vain. He was patient to the end, gently Elder and Mrs. W. C. Camp- went to sleep as one goes to bell, and Delora Strong of Viper, rest from a tired day's work. Ky., and R. B. Caudill attended He had good care and atten by hlS fnends and tamuy Mr. and Mrs Robert Blair at!Un greater friend than all and Grayson, Ky. Some of those feelame to him and hel d' present were Mr. and Mrs suffering saved gar Blair, Mr. and Mrs Steve. and carried to man. Hensley, of Fairhorn, 0.; Mr. ions above ana airs, run uiair or zjo nign-lan- d Boney, was truthful, his word Ave., Dayton, Ohio, Mr. 'was his bond, worked in the and Mrs. Leonard Evans, Ash- light, did not seek to advance ........ 0 . v,:TOonlf r u: n tu luc were conducted by Elder J. W.'"" iatli man' wjmt?d for himsetf Sagaves, of Hitchens, Ky., and BLACKEY Old-Tim- Ky., his senior m jfe. WHITESBURG. KENTUCKY. THURSDAY, AUG. 25, 1955 and girls were Monday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch A Sergent and Nannie Lou. er Ed-hi- EAGLE, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clay and grils visited Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Step in bergent and Nannie Lou, Sun . and command the most modern truck power on any job! Task'FoiCe Chevrolet day evening. Misses Brenda and Deborah Clay spent Saturday with Nannie". Sergent. Mrs. J. M. Clay visited Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Breeding Sat- urday afternoon. . BLAIR BRANCH ; MINATE ADAMS right, good principles dominaetd formerly of Whitesburg. his life loved his people and friends, and they loved him. He Mr. and Mrs. Greenie Blair Mrs Mary Sturgill Raney, m be sadl d b aU h of Louisville visited Mr. and K ,knew o7Sfr ?me n never took fel-- Mrs. Obie Stewart, Mrs. Betty cancer, after many lowshj July b t Blair and others here th church months of week-enii ni 1, t . i last d. Cemetery on Masons Creek. WJ1Jeople- - Funeral and burial was Mrs. John P. Adams was a C. Campbell, officiated. on Line Fork at home cemetery, patient in Fleming Hospital, on Sunday, July 24. last week. Mrs. Jim Caudill, from Grundy, Va., was here, this week. of Mrs. William Adams was vprv V William Rogers aw., again last weeK but is some Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Hall, Mr. Uncle Billie, as he was known Deuer at this time. and Mrs. Fred Stamper and El- - oorn, uecember 23, 1873 in der OreU Flannery attended the Wolf Count where he to Mrs. Dewey Blair, Mrs. Ben Seven new "high-voltagmemorial services of the HaU!manhood , married Julia Charles, me r. uiair, Airs. Steve R. Ad family on Wix Branson's old to them were born two so valve-in-heaams are on the sick list. d engines r farm, of Masons Creek. Uncle Joe deceased Verl of Haz. Steve and Aunt Maitta Hall ard fiye daugnt Zanie Gay Frazier is home were formerly from this YouVe got it good under the hood result is less piston travel per mile and Lela Robinsoa o nine days confinement in after Hazwith a new Chevrolet Task-Forty, a citizen of Blackey for sev- - nrianfi r. . . longer engine life. pi ard Hospital, following a truck- truck! With two new V8's and five eral years. After services were New 0;leans' L Golda Ha car accident. lt Modern new sixes to choose from, you can electrical system! It the congregaUon was K Jessie deceased delivers twice the punch for quicker pick the power that does your kind vited to the home of McKinleyage 12 years of hauling best. starting. It also promi.c nome afAdams, where a good old time. Mter the death of mo. ter a weekoiewan is vides a hotter, fatter spark for better in Louisville. Shortest-strok- e oinner was servea, m me neiP-,t- n V8's in any leading he mSlied Jesie Caudm ignition. was yourself style, preaching truck! They're of modern oversquare in 1919. To them were born Linville Adams was confined by Orell Flannery, Jerry Wells, James, of Hazard, Ky., Mrs. Myrdesign, which means that the piston Come in and command the most to the hospital last week with W. C. Campbell, and Monroe stroke is smaller than the bore. The modern truck power for your job! - poison tle Brown and Dexter of Coluinkidneys. bus, 0., Mrs. Mildred Brown, of Morehead, Ky., and Ed Vernon g Year after year . . . America's Johnny Adams of Perkins truck! John Barton and wife are of Blackey. Branch, visited Mr. and Mrs. seriously ill at their home in He is survived by his comWoodrock, their neighbors are panion, and ten sons and daugh- William Adams and family Sunadministering to their needs as ters and 18 grandchildren, and day. neither one can help six great grandchildren, a sisMr. and Mrs. Shade Blair anrf ter, Sudie Spangler, of family of Cecil, Ohio, visited Mr. Ky., two brothers, Strow-de- r ana Mrs. Kussell Blair, Mr. and On Sunday at the regular . and Morgan of Owensboro, Mrs. Watson Blair and others meeting time of the Old Indian Ky. He came to Blackey in Bottom Regular Baptist church 1912. An employee of the L&N here last week-enof this month, was well attend- Railroad Co.r which position he "Safe as America!" what Mr. and Mrs. Watson Blair Notice of Sale ed. The Spirit of love and free- held eight years. He resigned could be more reassuring? manifested by the from this work and engaged in Unia, Reathie Bell and Truman That's the comfort you can en dom were Pursuant to provisions of SecFor All Your congregation. After the services, the merchandise business for Blair accompanied Mr. and Mrc joy when you buy United Slates tions Kenand Shade Blair back to Cecil where the congregation retired, to the nineteen years then he was tucky Revised Statutes, the unSavings Bonds regularly. water, at the mouth of Rock- - employed in the U. S. Mail ser- iney will be emploved hv stnt. dersigned will offer for sale at house, where Elder John Dixon jvice for seyeral years He was ley's Tomato Cannery at Pauld KYVA Motor Co., Whitesburg, ing, unio for a while. A friend Ky., on August 26, 1955: uapuu a raiiveii muie uiau tne type of a man tfaat made and wife also camp rinxim ,,rui,, one hundred years : ago. There, ta UV.IAA 11950 Buick Super ConQf tne business i Lil t Elder W. C. Campbell aided by citizenship of these mountains Mr. and Mrs. Shade Blair. vertible, Motor No. 57751575. Howard Caudill, baptized broth- - nf ,IT.C ;f Chevrolet 11947 Estill er Charley Madden, who is near Sedan, Motor No. FAM mgagd. it was honest, it was I. m-- and ms- Dee Blair have visiting Mr. and Mrs. Prin his three score and ten years RI,hstflntiai 2205 PI10XE 105877 for storage, labor and nniv cmaii Peen of We- audlU parts. portion of it at this day. Jfs Caudm of Premium lately. has been very ill, This Aug. 1, 1955. Sure To Be Tender His last sickness was of about - "VA Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Back and 18 m0nths. He knew hardships, but has improved some at KYVA MOTOR CO. e . "Another Mountain industry of Scuddy, Ky., were vis- labor and sorrow. but was al-- ! ent s iting folks here over the cheerful. He took fellow-end- ship with the Presbyterian 0 church about forty years ago, Dr. and Sirs. H. Speer, Dickie. and lived a consecrated life Caudill and Bruce Ratliff, of thereafter. He was a retired viiuiuv, va., wcic wEBKtuu vii-- isiaer at nis aeath, July 5. 1955. Lors among their folks here at the age of 81 years, six a.:d at Leatherwood. "Buck" months and 12 days. was awarded a $3500 College These relatives and friends scnoiarship from the Buchannon can hardly overcome the shock Ccux.ty High School, and is of realizing the stillness of this planning to enter college in body that has been among them September at Richmond, Va. He so long. He has pased over into is a grandson of the late.Mar-i- n a world of which we know so Cornett, Daisy, Ky. little about but heard so much 0 spoken about. Uncle Loranzie Boggs, of We believe the resting place Eolia, Kyu was week-envisitor '0f this soul, will be found upon with the Kelley Roarks and L. the right hnad of God in judg-D- . Ritchie families and on hisjment, when the books of the to visit folks in Indiana he cordine Ane'els are onened. celebrated his 88th birthday on Its not death to die, to leave August 6. He lived many years this weary road, on Line Fork Creek where he And midst the brotherhood on KIMBRELL Will Sell With No FINANCE reared a family of sons and High, be at home with God." daughters. Burial was in the family ceme You Cent 6 To THE BANK OF NEON tery near" his home, Home-Goin- g e" high-compressi- on coun-!Lemast- er ce V8 12-vo- cold-weath- or6 er Be one Moitor Co., Inc. Whitesburg, Ky. h, ifor vnur jinh! ffiihfrei best-sellin- Zach-aria- you get the right power Boone Motor Sales, Inc. Jenkins, Ky. d. 376-27- 0 Insurance Needs, Contact f 376-28- 0 Whitesburg Insurance Agency - t - I WEINEBS rn pres-Susi- FHA Blair, Mgr. WHITESIJUnG and Conventional Loans jugc week-'way- i d re-wa- Home-Comin- g of Boney Caudill Boney, a son of Hiram W. and Easter Banks Caudill, born March 17, 1893, into a family of twelve sons and daughters, Sunday ' School attendance all of whom have preceeded him for August 14 was 26. in death, except a sister, Mrs Hattie Hodge, and a brother, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Clay had .taaer (i. m. Caudill, of Jere-'a- s Sunday afternoon guest Mr. miah, Ky. and Mrs. C. B. Clay, Mr. and His entire life was here in Mrs. Andrew Clay. this county, in young manhood he met and married Betty Jane Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clay, Pratt, of Leatherwood, Perry Brenda and Deborah had as County. To them was born, Va- - guests, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. das, Earl, and Gladys at home, Enoch Sergent and Nannie Lou. Mrs. Christine Brown, Danville, Ky., Mrs. Hattie May Moody of Mrs. Frank Taylor, Corenne , Hazard, Ky. and Roma were Sunday night This mother died about twenty-- guests of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch five years ago. A. Sergent and Nannie Lou. He then married Lona Slaven-dewith no family. Mrs. Glenn Clay is on the He passed jway at his home sick list. We wish her a speedy at itea &tar, on nday, July 22 recovery. at noon, at this same time, his cousin, Jim Caudil's funeral Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor Camp Branch r, y Wliy Pay Mare? A Car Pay Per Interest AFTER YOU MAKE A TRADE WITH "RED" No Finance At KIMBRELL'S USED CAR LOT KIMBRELL S toMy USED CAR LOT Across irom Gulf Gas Station In Lower Neon, Phone 3181 Hours: 7:00 A. M. 'til 10:00,P. M. .p f I u

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