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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

with adequate financial and mo1ral support this school i8 dies- tined to become the c-own of the University. The ail of the Graduate School is not to lead students along the beaten pathway of learning, but to encourage and direct pioneer work that shall constitute an original contribution to the world's knowledge. Last year the enrollment of graduate students, r~sident and non-resident, was 56, an Increase of more than thirty per cent as comoared with the previous year, and increase prepor- tionally greater thar. that of the University as a whole, and greater than that of any Graduate School in -Smerica. It is too early to smbmit the enrollment fro the current collegiate year, but it is safe to predict a substential increase over last year. For the first time in the history of the University, Pellblwships have been offered to a number of worthy graduate sutdents, who devote part of their ti*re to the teaching of unir.aZraiusteas. The plan in its entirety, I outlined last winter to the Committee of Deans, who gave it their cordial support. The introduction of Fellowships Is a gigantic stop upward, because it saves money without Impairing the efficiency of University teaching. It aids worthy young men and women in the pursuit of a Master's or Doctor's degree, and it links the Graduate School in an organic unity with the various under- graduates colleges. In my ne.Tt report I hope to have the pnrivilege of sulbmitt- ing further suggestions fro the betterment of the University in general, and the Graduate School in particular. Very respectfully yours. (signed) A. S. Mackensle. Executive Committeo of State University. Gentl em en: I beg leave to bUbmit thgs an my, September, 1915, report. as Dean of the kiollege of Law. Mr. R.B. aurcheraft, Jr., who has been employed as inetauct- or in law has assumed the duties of his position. We rLave not yet summed up the number of new students in this college. but we have fully as many as we had last year and the material Is much better. The fact that we are requiring one ybre% work in the academic department, before graduation, of all stndents who are under the age of twenty-one years when "hey matriculate, has no doubt had some effect upor. the number of immature atu- dents in this college. his rule we think ti a wholesome one, for the reason that the student is bette- nrenared for the law work by reason of its enforcement. his should be by far the best year in the history of our law school. Respnectfully submitted., (signed) W.T. Lafferty. Upon motion, the meeting then adjourned.

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