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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF EXECUJTIVE BOARD UNIVERSITY OF KITENTUCKY NOV. 1, '1916 2 The executive Board of University of -entuck-y met with (hairman Nichols in the chair aid the following present: Chairman Nichols, R. C. Stoll, . . errell, Frank McKee, Ge G& Brock, John E. Brown and P. P. Johnston, Jr. 1he oard suspended the regular order of business in Vorder to give opportunity to a committee from the Agricultural ollege, composed of rof. kA. Bryant-, George berts and L.f. Good, to address the Board. T.R. Bryant announced that on the first of January arrnagements were being made to hold the mid-winter Breeders and Farmers Exhibition at the 8xperimemt Station and askea that the board make an a-ppropriation of $360.00 to pay for prizes. r. Stoll asked if Doctor lastle had not, years ago, extablished the custom of giving bronze medals as premiums and desired to know why this custom should not be continued. Mr. Bryant said that bronze medals had been Drovided for seeep stake awards and thnt that custom would be continued as to sweepstakes but these medals, on account of the fact that so many were -;iven out, were of little value. Mr. Stoll asked if prizes had not been gotten mostly by popular subscription and Mr. Bryant replied that they had; that mauhants and manufacturers had from time to time donated prizes but in many instances they were su-ch prizes as churns and farm implements and articles of l1ttle ivalue which the merchats were glad to get rid of and wtlch in many cases the Agricultural Departm ent did not recommend. r. Stoll then asked if the Extension fund of the college could not be so used. Mr. Bryant said that the draft on the -5xtension fund already for expenses was very heavy, for speakers andftr general arrangements for the event. tr. -ryanir said further that it was humilitating for members of the faculty of the tiollege of Agriculture to be compelled to take their hats In their hands and go begging among merchants who have already been overworked for prizes to Dromote this exhibition. e pointed out the value of this exhibition to the University 9nd to the farmers of the State. Dean pro tem %oberts and r. Good voiced the same view a s dr. Bryant concerning the matter of begging for pries. Mr. McKee said that the exhibition was undoubtedly a great benefit to the University and to the farmers and that he was in favor of tne appropriation in case it was found that the money was forthcoming to meet the expense of these premiuams. Mr. Mcere further said that he favored medals instead of money as prizes. bean Itoberts stated that the university of "llinois had adopted the custom of having a trophy that stays always in the institution and that the names of successful contestants were simply added as a mark of hone;- Lo this trophy from year to year and that he believed that some such step as this would be wise a f pfrt of the University of 'entucky. After submitting

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