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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., November 12, 1915

Part of The Big Sandy news.

HOLDS FIRST PRIZE OF KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION AS BEST 1 EmuUion or Cod nr A- - LivrOit, Specify Scott' i EmuUion thai Orlalnal and thai Ovnulnoi Volume XXXI. siWeak Women BIG SANDY NEWS. tuhforan jT WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY. E Delicate Girts DON'T limply I EIOHT-PAG- (in strength for bodjr, blood nerves from nature ' nourishing uj oil-fo- Scott's Emulsion Aut inveniam viam,laut faciam. Numb.r LOUISA, 11. LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, NOVEMBER 12, M. F. CONLEY, Publl.hwv 1915. NICE WORDS FOR WERE MARRIED County. OF OFFICIAL VOTE OF LOUISA VOCALIST. IN CATLETT8BURG. NARROW ESCAPE fiillnw The olllclal count nhnVs the I,8.'i0; Mhitii Stanley 2,245; Inn: The following Is taken from the Forest SammoiiH, of Louisu, a ur- 2,080; Walker 1,794; llumlett 2. AN ENTIRE FAMILY tin LAWRENCE COUNTY veyor, Hon or Mr. ami .Mrs. 11. u, aintnvllle corresiinndence of the Ash 064, lwiH 1,794, Greene 2.067; Weber land Independent :. and Misu Clara HoriinerKer. GOVERNOR OF KY. 1,782; GondpiiHter 2,077; Hunter 1.7KB; Tim Mayo Memorial church guve a (lmiKhter.tif Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ilurnl,ogun ir.or.7 McGregor 1.783; bamjuet Friday night in the church berKer, or Ironton, were ipiietly mar RESIDENCE OF JOE MERCHANT, parlors, to. Wilili. Delh., 2,0112; SerKeniU, REPUBLICANS THREE ried ut Cutlet tHburi; GAIN welcome the new pastor afiernoon 1.793 Rep und wife. This was Indeed a very grand OVER IN WEST VA BURNby Itev. i:. F.. Catlill. Those reHelil VOTES FROM THE QUESj affair, and the ladies of the church, at the inaiTianc were the Mih.scs .May, Official Returns Give Him Plurality HAM LETT'S LEAD 18 VERY SMALL. ED AT MIDNIGHT. TIONED BALLOTS. who were tile promoters of this ex-- 1 (irace and Nora Salomons, of Frankfort, Ky.', Nov. 1" Haiks'l.-ilcellent entertainmelit. are to 1ia eon. sihti-iMinn of the Frieda Above All Disputed .;nl mI 2.4M7. iii returns Krattilati-dIl.iinl. tt has Three courses were served. lloi nl.i i kit. a sisu r ol the bride, uml received up to t.noo .mlay over I. P. .: 'The olllcllli count of laft week'H On Wednesday nijillt of last week the .Miss Frees", of Louisa, furnished it Mr. Itoberts,. of Uouisa.--A.sLewis In Ihe rare Or Sei rctary ."' residence of Jonc ph Merchant and treat to the guests, with three vocal ialid niicjieniicnl. made "oii Friday by (.allcil. Laurel. lion was .Ian. y lickey anil Albert family, on Twelve Fol, Wayne counsolos "Somewhere a Voice Is CallDEMOCRATIC Ihe niain fcaturi-TICKET' Slate, Willi. a The ENTIRE Lincoln. Mitiackcn. Muhlenberg ami Cuiley anil of a n.s. ef. liille weililinx which was ty, about 10 miles from Ft. (lay and ing," "Mother MueCree" and "Carry It, A.. Stone. WINS. PLURALITIES OVER rliihnt.-- .Me Hack to Old Virginia," Wayne counties missingmile below the old Sam Fervery luijch of a sin prise to, many of as only iH lhe Ha nie a Klven The Mii-i.ii itin missing counties reit'ice hiH mureese can render them. The 6000 IN SOME RACES. tjnNI'.WS IliHt week, exci i.l the HliMht the frienilM of the contractim; parties. Kusoti home place, .was, with its enanil It j, in IV In I) ' Lewis Is li u trip or tyvu to tire contents, totally destroyed by fire. Paintsville band also furnished splencliaiict-made by iiieMtioniil ballotH. Mr.. Saiiimi.ins made unilersii ill both parties have employ and several interesting .III this Way, at unusual limes luot week, anil The lire occured near midnight, and did music, . ft n, ' tlilercsl M.'.rroW UUlnell three Voles vide, in all thene i.iused eiKillKh Cliriositv to make no rapid was its progress that it was speeches were delivered. This was u attorneys ital The folli'W'IIIK IH Hi' l.nulH- pi'li.tlll where conl Hi ninririn that the. most enjoyable occasion. ., i to be. in tell what was ku- - by the' narrowest tho ki races Stanley'! Majority 396. If I'.IMI. . Fir. iiiK to .happen, and when and where. buriiimr alive of the whole family was Hen. wan a sub.unREMARKABLE BIRTH RECORD. averted. The residence Ifi(i9 Morrow 177" IfiS This was all that could be learned With Laurel county' volo today Stanley LARGE FUND FOR ITiSl Asessor James L. Demaree was in I Hack Walkir 1744 1S3 til the day of thla lnterestinK event. stantial Iok structure of one story and officially certified in the Governor's COUNTY AGENTS. Jlamlclt Mr. Sainmons hud already rented and a half. One of the, down stairs, rooms town the other day and told us a reI7.r.2 ; i r,7 race as 1,124 for Morrow, Stanley1! wan occupied aa a sleeping room for markable thing. F.lghteen months agu U,fi 1731 tilted ui a pretty suite of looms on ir,7 Webber (ireene CatletlHburK, and it was In Mr. and Mrs. Merchant and their four the wife of his nephew, Gaither Drew-ermajority in the 8tate ia 396. This WaHhiiiKtoti. Nov. 7.. More than hair ( inolljiaHte ir.fi2 Hunter 1740 17S 1'.4 the newly made home that the two children whu were at home, the. tlfth who lives in the edge of Spencer 1574 la subject to reduction of of the funilH nvailalile in Kentucky liKau M'tlreifor 172 further ilutiiiK the lineal year of I'.'lu l't for cio Keenon lf,fi7 lltHinan 1743 IMi were niaile one, about 3 p. tn. Shortly child being with its grandparents here, county, gave birth to five children, 127 in McCracken and thirty in Daare to (lilbcrt ceremony had been per- where he goes to school. In one of the three boys and two girls. The girls ISO after Hie riiiK 1730 l.',r,6 (ireeii nierative llKTlcultiiral evti lilnn viess, where, theae votes are being county audit 1S2 formed Hie Misses Summons took Ihe upper rooms slept the aged mother of died in two weeks, but the boys are 174n he iiHeil to fultln-If.fiH Hanna Cohen Air. Merchant, Mrs. Susannah Merchant still living and ure robust youngsters. liccol'dliiK to liwurea of the Scott 160 train for home, and Mr; and Mrs. Forcontested by the Republicans, and 1773 ir.33 Thp'Hon HnnibcrKer a widow aged 68 years, liefore going A few. weeks ago Mrs. Drewery beI7!IU 234 rest SairimoiiH mid Miss eiiii'tmint of Agricul- Itmlw Ine ir,.'.B ''ntted Suite CiHco to the addition of 180 votes in Mc- r.otl Cain lf.S 34'J and Mr Huberts went to HuiitiiiKtuti to bed Mr. Merchant had placed one came the mother of four boys, and all Wan Kb V Creary where the Democrat! have ture. Mi end of a railroad cross tie in the lire are strong and healthy and are grow(if available in Kentucky Hewlett Ii;4:i ItobertH Jti2 43 for supper. taken legal stops to prevent the padlocal frntii Feibliil. State and The bride is a very pretty and in- - which Nmouldered on the open hearth, ing nicely. The couple went from Mer-- , the work DEATH OF MRS. DERESA formerly a and covered it with anhes, so as to cer to Hardin county. Kaiser William woman, fi9.ri27 In to be ukimI ding of the Marrow vote. youim telliKem It easy to start a tire in the wouldn't have any trouble replenishing jiubllc hkchIb. of the county ileiminHtriitlon THOMPSON, AT AGE 74. tejwher in the Ironton summer hcIiouIs. make as the morning. It is thought that a piece of his army as fast as his soldiers are Item on Kentucky H She viMied iouisa last The next larKi-f- t K'2.717 for illmrn Clark. the wood waa thrown out upon the killed off if he hud subjects like these. ol Mr. and Mrs. The majority nf Owsley calendar of distribution ih Mih. liereaa Thompson, mother of Kiiest ileinoiiira-tloby snajiping of the tie, and Hut as they are loyal natives of tha Hllllllcy. the Giivcrnnr-clect- , liver Kll- - home econnmiiM or home While club .Indue T. S Thompson, of tlu city, It wa.j then that she met the worthy lloor this the beginning came the destrucnow her hu.sband. work for farui Kliia. bin Republican npputi- wln P. Morro-wTuesday, Nov. 9, ut her home on younK man whoIn is Iyiuisn knows the from of the home. It must have burn- United States Fresident Wilson ought died tion Everybody work receives a lame ahare, .11 Ih hiiIi- to see that Mrs. Drewery Is granted a nl, now NtantlH at 3!o;. ltbh creek, IhiH county. The funeral rUH. and none known any ill or mm. ed rapidly, for when the family was Ijiorcl county uhotllciully report . idivlileil Into Heveral ib ial t nu In . occurred at. the Milt Thompson place Krooin,sober. intelliKcnt and industrious. awakened by the roar of the llnmes re- liberal mother's pension. Harrodsburg" He Is Keiitnckv taken bTKh rank '; Herald. ed 1,14 majority fur Morrow uml tliin The hitviccn, agricultural evleneion thla year, on the following day. attended, were and of line character. F.y the aid of treat was nearly cut off. The father figure in usisl tu arrive at Stanley ma- which were numerouHly leail all otha iinou and mother took the children in their W. E. QUEEN APPOINTED and the Soufhern SlalcH Copley. these ciuuliticH he has secured otllce ut Jurily of 3m; In the whole state. Tor conducted by the Itev. William arms made a safe exit from the house, ponitioii in the F. S. KiiKinccr A STATE ROAD INSPECTOR. la laurel county a conten- - er hi'iIioiih In fuinlH ai'roiiiiHicl There Mrn. ThomjiHon had suffered Iiuik from Catlettsburu, with a chance for pro- but one of the little children. David, a 2 disputed hulliitn anil iff thin iilli"He tlon over inllrmily of nt:e nd died at the motion. His Louisa friends extend to child of 3 years, ran back into the (if the amnuntH cunt rilnileil from the of 74 yeara... Mrn, 1 hi iniwon wan a W. K. Queen, of this lllcae tun enuliteii against hurt; .Stanhas been in ace burning building, followed rujiidly by designated to act as a place, inspector attractive bride ley majority nf 396 la sublcct In u n- - Hi.lllccH Witlllll the StaleK. JfiliO.lllill road woman uml neighbor, highly re- - him and his fumlH. made i: and Knod wishes for much his father who with great dllticulty where State aid is being used. The dozen, Voles, which Will from Stat" Smith-Ieve- r dtlctlnu nf a who knew her. She was again took the boy in his urms and car- law provides thut an inspector can not mainly by dietrictH a'iro'riatioiiH Hiiected by all of ThompHiiii llerry uml hapjiiiieHs. lawtvt. It ul 1X4 the ttiiiil, iiiilll it dill ko wl In addition to Ihe daughter ,. ried him to a place of safety. In doing be used in the county where he lives. ..,' 1..., win, 111 1,, of the Stale U'Klelatlin of l.saac ThoiniHon. She Is Sinlth-Leve- r act the widow this Mr, Merchant was badly burned Therefore he will be sent to other COUNTY AGENT'S WORK. Davlcaa, claimed ti the Republicans; fiiiidM iihciI under the anrvlved by the following children who by Ihe Stale on the head and face and right hand anil now Involved In court proceedings! Ji;i.'9.(i0 Ih aiiirniriatei1 While in the upper Hlaine county Mr. und arm. The boys face and front counties to do Inspection work. mourn the Iohh of a ileviiied mother: exteiiHlini work., Mr. is a practical road man, KeK'ley found tw Hocks of sheep badly Count el I HKHlnnt Slmiley, the llemoiTat- - !. Mature for Mih Win. Shannon. .Mrn. I'nx CarThe having Queen considerable experience in colli'k-efrom funilH under 'their one part of his head were burned. hud lo nominee a majority .mould' Mill be by county ter. Mih. I.Ih lTlnce. T. S. Thompson, infenied with stomach worms. In grandmother had a very narrow escape David Thomp.son, community a hundred sheeji und lambs work of building and repairing the 'Xi'i'k of 8" IniineillaHi contrnl. IH2I.0IKI lf.4. wlili'li Inrludcn Miidney Thompsiin. miHcella-neoii.from cremation, being badly burned the Morrow vntea In McCreary county, fur authorities and f:!2,0oo from Milt ThiunpHoh, John ThompHon. have died. He ha treated this ui'sease on the face and hands in making her roads. He Is thoroughly reliable and hourcca. which the Deniocraln are making a very successfully in this county, and escajie from the fire; The occupants of w ill, do his duty at all times. fight In the courtH. If tht McCreary hopes every farmer owiiiiiK sheep will the building w'ere clad only ABROAD STAMPS FOUND HIDDEN county contetitlnn. Ih ileclileil In favor PROCTOR WINS HONORS UNDER FLOOR. report any unthnftlness . ut once, fori night clothes, and everything MVjMir ocnuo ucmvbnni, , else Not every city the atze of HiihllnKlon I ennnrutH, mhlch they have tif the the animals w ill die If in possessed and had in their legislative The Some which they rvery rinimin to expei-- l It mill he, Stan- - can luiHHl of a man wluiNe eminence III Federal Inspector J. W. 1'utterson, the treatment costs nnthiiiK. home was entirely consumed. Kvery district will amiin he represented by a In a matter of Inley s lliuil niajorily will he !S. kivIiik Ina own lofarmers from the Point aa well as otlt stitch of clothing a house full of excelDemocrat In the lower branch of the at with the assistance of u necro und haa the HeMil'lli an what they claim In ternational nole. nuntlliKlon Froctor, cal poNtolllce olllcials, made a search In the county have reported a Ions of lent furniture, a great store of canned next General Assembly, John S. Webb, leiiHt one Hiich u man In A. T, laurel Hllil I'HVIenil countleH. on 29lh and (ireenup, cattle from diarrhea. Report such cases goods of all sorts, a new sewing ma- of Ietcher-co.- , having defeated his Retlie iihotonnipher, iwihI preNident of the of the huildiiiK In JefTerHoii The titllrlnl faiiviiHB where Leo .Voider formerly conducted in lime und you will have one more chine, and all the usual furnishing of publican opponent, W. W. Sergent, of 4,afi3 fur National AhnocIiuIiU! of FhotoKrn phers county allow eil n majority of a Krocery store, and found two clKur animal for sale. Mr. Henley has not a well stocked home. John Ferguson, the same county. It takes a regular and winner of numerouH medalH and HtHiiley In the Fifth illmrlct. 14.44 in postuKe had un animal to die when he beKan Mrs. Merchant's uncle, lives und has a Republican landslide to affect that disIioxin coiituinliiK head- - uwardH both at home and abroad. One Iemncratlc State mosttnntlnK It In the early stuKcs of ihe general store at the home place, and trict, as while Letcher-co- . Is strongly fallen to Mr. ntampn of varloun deiiomlniitloiis. quarterH In the liall limine are lielnK of the honoiH which have by the ly, however, line and two cent stamps disease. he did the best he could toward furn- Republican, Floyd and Knott are relirecently In kept lieh lienrllnlf the outcome nf the! Froctor Drs. Harry and John Cambill o f ishing his sorely stricken In books. relatives ably Democratic' and have pulled many official caiivauM ami the olllclaln are liinbin Salon or FhotiinraplieiM. where The stamps were found by means of Hlaine are beKinnluK If use linseed with shoes and clothes. On Thursday a nominee out of a hole. Louisville Mr. Stanley ih by Hjieclal invitation, be ex lublled lant wiitchliiK every move meal yvith their corn to. make a li llah IlKht. hidden under the Kiound Mrs. Mer- Times. " family came to Louisa, the xhibllioil. ataylnu on Ihe Joh ami receiving con- - year. I'olliiwiiiK Hun ed ration for their cows and calves. the the buildnm. chant wrapped In a klmona. They went the' Salon iHHtied nil annual entitled floor ofntumpH were sent by Mr. KnttulatloiiH from frleiwlH all oyi-This is the llrst demonstration of this . I' .1.. I...n The t.. t.p..l,...,l'u NEW CHURCH TO BE in which 'bot..Kra.ln iH ol the Year." Stale anil country. to the tnspector "'In charKe In inn,!.. ... feed out anv distance from parents, . ames insiin and wife, where ThliiKH have lnKun to ifel lonely Home of Ihe choicest orterinKN of the Cincinnati. BUILT AT ASHLAND. Lou sa. These men. are pleased w ith the a physician dressed the burns and the . . Twii , . aroiiml the ltenililnan State hiMUliiiinr- - exhibition were repli id need.tliin Nobler was recently arrested at homeless ones were made comfortable. were lit maillu r. 1ll 0111 iim-noi.-iThe trustees of the First Methodist fteeion iern III ti. and taken to Cincinnati. He ago ami next year uiey.wni iinoaoi Airs. Vinson started a sure enough Cam of iloMton. me of tin in cjuniialKn oMIcIiiIm are for lit,' liul (nut if said lo have been connected yvith the break the record for that end of the "thimble party" and her stricken ones Fplscoial Church at Ashland Saturday evening (dosed the deal for the purknepliiK mum nml hu'vltiK very little to hapN. the lender of Ills ploIcsNlnll HI robbery 'of the ljiuisa and other post county and build a Silo. they had friends any. Neither Mi-- . M..rr..w n..r any of the I'tuied St.itoH. anil Mr. Froctor. IjinI Wednesday Mr. Kegley helped were made to feel that chase of. the Chambers' property on ' otllces. - Iiiilependent. indeed. Mr. Frm lor n lucture wan avenue, hla heinliuiirterH KialT Iiim, Innvevi-r- , will 18th Mr. (leo. Kelcher of Clenyvood select The aged Mrs. Morchast was badly have street and Carter buildingand Wciblini; Cake.", a Kfimp picMr. Stanley iiilillcly conceilvil yet erecttheir new church Some Shorthorn breeding stock at Mt. HAS ture airaiiKcil and taken by tint) at the DR. BURGESS l llllK ami election. the property in. in BOUGHT AN AUTOMOBILE were so severe that hu ,li,l ed thereon Instead of on owned by the home, of the late .Inlin ('. I'. Mayo in Other Offices. mil home twelve s plenum inoivuiuaia. not lines trip to Lou- on 17th ii nil Winchester, attempt to make Kentucky. fnmiiiiniiiiK on It. a writwere bought right and will grow isa, but remained withthe church, as previously Intended. The lieinocrallc caniliitatee for all er In the London animal, hiivn; "A relatives of the Dr. T. D, HnrKeNH, of Louisa, has They money, none of them lire" over family. The price paid tor the Chambers' ltark.iilulc State tilllcen are elected cleverly iiiiiiiiiued piece of work purchuHcd an automobile and will soon into years of age. property was $10,000. iilurallty ih lea than any nf more three Hnmlctfa Joe Merchant is known by everyone does not often m.''-- : IliiutiiiKton be npeedinK over the .roads of Fork is rapidly becoming fathe other minor olllcer. heinit Klvenim tucky and West VirKlnlu. Me Is known body in this section as a hardworking, home of improved breedabout 400 Lieutenant llnveninr Ulack IHHiialcll. BAPTIST BAZAAR. ' u a speeder on horseback, but will mous as the honest man. For some time he manmlna by the In moat majority, iroliatily now be able to break all paNt records. ing Htock. aged a dairy near this city, and by the The ladles of the Baptist church will MRS. STEWART IN WISCONSIN. 8UO0. The other oMIcetH arc elected hy will enable him to meet labor accumulated hold a sale of useful and fancy articles most incessant Milwaukee, Win.. Nov. 5. Mrs. Cora The machine of 4.ri00 til fiMlll his larKu practice more ALL HONOR TO KNOTT COUNTY. something of this world's goods. Some suitable for the coming Christmas seaWIlHiiii Stewart, Kentucky'n fumoun the demands The Legislature. Knott county, which is located In the lime uiNi HiuiiiK lie inoveo lu i nriir son, on Nov. On this occasion eiliicator, und Minn MarKuret Woodrow promptly. a verv heart of the mountains, h "bis. i0,, where his orosnects seemed good. they will offer one of the nicest assort, The lower HoiiBe will atanil 6S Wilson, diiiiKhter iif Fresldent WUboii most con- - ho takes his loss philosophically, say- - ment of holiday articles ever seen at a COURT OF APPEALS. the distinction of being the to S: Iteinilillciina. The Senate ar Kiienla of honor of the Wisconsin sistently Iiemocratlc county In Ken- - jng n might have been much worse. church bazaar, and they hope that the la alati larKely Democratic, Hurt vs. Morgan county, MorKUii; Kilucatloniil Asnucliition. A bamiuet tucky.Whlle the Democratic vote fell anij i thankful that his wife, his chll-o- sule will be liberally patronized. It will waa Riven liuit evcnliiK In their honor or "was affected by the '"stay-ai- dren and his mother are spared to him. be held In the otnee of the Singer comSnyder vs. Vinson, etc., Lawrence: Carter County. at Hotel Wlnconnlii, after which they practically everywhere else, the pany, near the postotllce. Tho official vot of Carter county visited the aoclal centers of the city. appellant tiled supplemental brief with homes" loyal Democracy of Knott county stood WELL KNOWN PRIEST Htanley l,o85. Morrow 2.620; Mra. Stewart npoke yesterday on the notice. Ulvea splenWOMAN RESCUES CHILDREN. llrm and "came across" with the Hobertn. etc., v. Sandy Valley Walker 2,491; llamlett Keneral proKiam. MIhh Wilson spenkn it lack 1,642, DIES IN ASHLAND. 712 for Stanley for Whitesburg, Ky., Nov. 9. Mrs. John today in the aoclal conter section, Mrn. Flkhorn Rallmntl Company, t'ike; af- did majority of county went for 1,682, LowlB 2.418 (lovernor. Knott N. N. Gosselin, for Holland, a plucky mountain woman, Stewart atartled Wlaconaln educators firmed. Elliott County. for the nomination for (lov- 27 The Rev. Father the Ashland Catho- residing near Jenkins, tn this county, vs. Francis, etc., Hatfield, etc., w ith the annoiincemenl thai Wlscunnln years pastor of Tho certified vote of Klllott vs. Commonwealth, Busklrk vs. ernor, hut as hns always been Its cusyesterday proved herself a heroine In the acale of literacy. lic Church, died in thut city on Suncounty follow: Stunley 1,117: Mor- miu thlrleetith tom stood by the party nominee. Louhy an audience of Commonwealth, and Hatfield vs. Comwaa itreeted day last after an illness of many when her two small children were row 686; nlack 1.081; Walker 678; She teachera, who hlKhly appreciated monwealth, Pike; motion to direct the isville Times. to be cremated in tneir ourmng 7.000 months. He was buried in Ashland about Kitchen for neiireaentiitive. 1.04S;Oear-hwir- t her address. mandate to issue forthwith overruled. He was horn in the Do- - home. She rushed in amid the (lames Weilnendiiv. 628; Ucdwlno 1,207; Claco 62K; GOOD IMPROVEMENTS. Robinson vs. Itoblnson, Pike; allirm-ed- . minion of Cannda nearly 69 years ago. and rescued them, but was herself se WaiiRh 1,122; Cain 672. verely burned about the nanus anil The Improvement committee of E. E. LONG DEAD. Morgan County. face. The house was destroyed with all BAZAAR, city council, under the direction oi John K. M. K. IoiiK, aotr of Frnf. PHEASANTS Mayor Vinson, is doing some good! Tm. ,adll,8 (if (hc M The olllclttl vole of MorRan county LoniC. deceased, formerly of this counChurch South its contents and the family Is homeless. IN KENTUCKY but wil) hod ,u,lr Christmas Bazaar Dec. 2,020; Morrow 1,169; INCREASE work on the streets. Several small alvea: Stanley home In MorKiin county FOUND TO BE A LUNATIC. lledwine ty, died ut hla November 2. Mr. LonK (Hack 1,920; Walker 1,144; useful connecting crossings have been 3rd und 4n i,ef each lady of the hint Tuesday, Iteporls to the Stale commission made and three or four laid across the ,,,.,,,, pr,.lmre something for this 1,460! Claco 1,166; WuiikIi 1,9.'i0; C'liln formerly lived In Fuiiitaville and Lewis Lester, of Blaine, was adjudgICnKlish 1,199. main streets. The crossing from Fer- - ,,olkl.,v Sll,,. vlice , np .announced ed a lunatic by a Jury in the County In the Sinner SewinK Machine allow that the doubled in giison s store to tne court nouse nquiiie Pike County. MRS. A. L. BURTON Fourth Court und was taken to the State Hosbusiness, tin was a filleted with thai pheaNiiuts have more than year. These has been raised out of the ground into later. Pres. the pital at Lexington. Lester Is about 40 He Is n Kentucky within Vice KollowlriR Ih the certllled vote of Pike dreadful iliseiiNe tuberculosis. a Rreut help to farmers, which It sank years ago and It Is no pheasants are years old and has a family. Insanity county: Stanley 2,916: .Morrow 3,379; Krandson of JudKc A. II. Cooper of as they devour nreat numbers of inby Ihe public. These. Imlonger avoided was caused by epileptic convulsions. TELEPHONE EXCHANGE. Dreiler 24; Diilib.t 37; Flckett Nil; MukoIIIii coimly, and a nephew of C. sects Injurious to plant life. provements are appreciated by fill who Hlaek. 2.809; Walker 3.330; HainleU M. Cooper and JikIkc J. 11. Cooper, of Miss Dnllie Peters wan succeeded by use the streets. Some better 'sidewalks Piilntsville- .- PainlHVllle Fust. 2,774; Lewla 8.363; (ireene 2.7s:'; WebopEPISCOPAL SERVICES are greatly needed, but this has been Mrs. Flhcl Spencer Cain us chief (,'ain A gas well estimated to make three er 8.33N; LoKiin 2.7SS; MeOreKor 3.325; has been erator at the local station. Mrs. TUESDAY EVENING. said before, .leflerson-st- . t WELCOME TO BLACK. cubic PUBLIC Keenon 2.781; HuntHinaii 3.332: comattends to the day service and is giv- millionsweek onfeet per day was drilled much Improved by the railroad Heaver creek, In Floyd Judtte 2,788; (Ireene 3,333; Cohen Harbourvllle, Ky., Nov, ing general satisfaction. As mentioned in last The Hev. J. Howard Gibbons, of pany. county. The company Is composed of (lovcrnor-elec3,324, CniodiniHler 2,783; llnnl-eltlai-kImimi. Lieutenant James 1. In the NKWS some time ago Miss preach Dlmtuick 3.330. was Kiven a rousiiiK reception on Ashland, will hold service and evenPeters has a position in the inspec- Judge John II. Holt and the FIRE IN FORT GAY. M. K. Church on Tuesday Huntington. his arrival here thiH afternoon." Two at the Knott County. tion department of the telephone com- brothers of A frame cottage located near the Ft. ing, Nov. 18, at 7 o'clock. The public Is nearly 100 automopany nt Charleston, W, Va. The olllclal count of thin county In hh brass bands and procession yvhich es- cordially Invited to attend. Mr. Gib- (lay public school was entirely 'destroyLICENSED TO WED. folloWB: Stanley 1.400. Morrow 1187; biles were in the public siiiiare. where bons has been called to Trinity church, ed by fire Tuesday night. It belonged C.rillln Walter, aged 18, to Miss Dol-ti- e A LARGE WOMAN. corted him to the 663 Hamlelt llliick 1.216; Walker Covington, and the announced service to young Neil Wellmiin and was unwas Klven. Hays, aged 16. Both live at Wilbur. There was a good looking woman in 285; LewlK 886: (Ireene 1,299: Weber an Informal welcome In this city. occupied.. 'The lire Is thought to have and Democrats alike Joined will be his last 1.302; Hunter H60. who was The groom Is a brother of Dr. ('. II. 6481 tioodiiiiHler been the work of an Incendiary. The iuir passenger depot Walter, of this city. In the demoiistfallon. Nearly 1.000 TO DEATH ailiolning residence of Ijiee Wellmiin so large that curiosity prompted us to Magoffin County. voted for JuiIkc Itlack In CHILD WAS BURNED on wiih scorched but no t biullv danniKed. Inquire how much she weighed. The A young child of Will Howling HAS MEASLES. Olllclal return from Mauolllii roiinty Knox county. weighed clinic promptly Whites creek was bin tied to death by The lire occurred about 1J o lock and replypounds.' She wasthat shewoman. (dvo the rollowliut vote; Stanley 1,2911; Neva, the little daughter of Dr. and some 682 1,233; Walker Ignition of Its clothing while at made a big light. the FIRE WITH LOSS OF LIFE. Morrow 1,806; lllnek Mrs. A. C. Bond. Is sufteiing from an Williamson News. of u grate fire. The Rowlliimletl 1.224; UwIh l.fill.'i: . attack of measles at Wilbur, K.v., where The renldence of a family named play In front NOVEMBER TW Itlack 1,381; (larrett 1,642. Starr, situated on Twelve Pole, about ling family Is prominent throughout IRONTON MAN KILLED BY TRAIN she with her mother and little brother The religious part of the 'observance Clnnilt JiidBo, Patrick carrlcH the coihi- - 6 mlleH below FeiK'UNoii station on the Hoyd county. I'errv McGlone. married, a furnuce " visiting relatives- .-t atieusoi.iK i.e..., of Thanksgiving Day mill consist of y by 228: CoimiionweallirN Attorney, N. on Thursday W, was biiriied OIL NOW $127. union services, with a sermon by Rev. worker of Ironton, was found laying Smith carrlea the ooiinly by 698. momliiK of lust week. The home ciiiikIiI PIKE CASE ArCINHeu,': (he N. W. tracks near Ktna Another Increase of 5 rents per bar- I K. McFldowney, of Ihe M. 10. Church beside Sunday morning early, fatally Boyd County. fir while, the onctipnrHaj were feedlnn The t'ourt of Appeals has iilllrmed oM has been made Smith. From the Information tit bund furnace price of Circuit Court The (illlcliil count of Itoyd ciuinly atock near by und before they could rel In the week, bringing It up to It seems most likely that the services Injured. It Is thought that he was the Judgment of the like & Fannin vs. followa: Stanley 1,716; Morrow 2,614; render liny help It waa destroyed and withinInthe last Kentucky. It Is predicted that will be held at the M.. E. Church on struck by No. 3 while enroute home in the case of Corbln Mix $1.27 an Infant Phillips. llamlett 1,616; UiwlH 2.480; ItepreMen-tall- one of the children, tho flames. of from work. Thursday night, the price mill k "till higher. month, perished In St'dtt 1,840, TliompHon 2,483, Floyd Itcpre-sciitutiv- ; ; . , ;.i h- I comtnlH-Hioiier- , ' s Shi-rir- s one-ha- 111 K l lf s - I j (I,-- I . ii -' 1 contrl-bllllotl- 111 n . ' ' I cunKrat-iilation- n I ,,.., t22?, y I . profi-NHio- 1 biil-ai- n r n AtlliT-Icaii- 11 , . , j j (.Iraiiil-liiothi'r- -ll Iem-ocrat- ff j Hob-Inso- n d fill-bel- . r . t, I to-d- ENTY-FIFTH- , I

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