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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), December 5, 1901

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

> i t i a- r 2 A c WTWELFTH YEAR ONLY ONE SIDE p It For More Than HOPKINS COUNTY KENTUCKY THURSDAY DECEMBER 5 EARLINGTON a Year fore Feland Contests MINERS PASSED THROUGH John Feland of Christian coup ¬ En Route to Nortonville Said They Wei Going Down There to Intolerable Condition of Existeda rMfl S 7 1 PVy A Get I NO 49 1901 JUDGE HALLS ACTION ENDORSED BY PRESS on Monday flied notice of contest the Scabs against Senatorelect D S Ed- ¬ wards and went to Madisonville Newspapers of Kentucky and Other States Ap ¬ Henderson Journal Nov 29 for the purpose of having the pa°< plaud His Action Disbanding Union About fifteen minors landed i n pers served on him or around the union cainps of Henderson on the early morning Hi SMITHS MILTON Mr Feland gives six reasons Camps any where in the vicinity of the trains on their way to join the for his contest arum claims that strike regions will be forcibly union camp at Nortonville A he was himself legally elected by COURIERJOURNALQ disarmed arrested and impris ¬ Journal man interviewed them s 10 votes instead of Mr Edwards and are not there for the defense of The Battle of Nortonville Have onodf rind was told they were going to receiving a majority of four will go down in history as by far their rights or property TheyhaveDistorted View That There In your issue of the 1st inst Nortonvillo to get the scabs 1r votes as the election board cle time most bloodless and at the nogrievancoagainst the mIne opera ¬ Been Two Aggressors Widely tors except that the will not same time almost without ex ¬ permit thorn to run latter business he refers to this plan as a plan to and when asked where they were Hided their Disseminated a restore law and order in Hopkins from they replied they came from ception time most talked of one in and say whom they shall employ and FATALLY CUT county proposed and published theupper part of time State all history Todd County Times whom th oy shall not employ and are HHTO the Editor of the CortrlorJpiir exclusively in tho bent on assailing hard working men CourierJour- ¬ Deputy U S Marshal Dyer Wounded by 4 nall The mine operators prefer non ¬ who are satisfied with the wages they Twas Ever Thus nal and says that such a plan arc getting the hours they Ire re ¬ Jacob Syars in an Altercation Louisville KyjDec 2inOL union labor to union labor and quired to work and meets Avith the hearty approval They had been married onl the treatment against the of certain citizens and so on two months and had just > Permit mo to it is a privilege no one can deny they have received and are receiving t point of view from which your His error lies in the assumption them and also a matter that from their employers without the to he I Sturgis Ky Nov adi80nvilleKy correspondent that there are two aggressors lughousekeeping to his was tks r gives no man the privilege of aid or Interference of a union Work down town days rAVrftWof the lawless conditions when there is but one that the she followed him to time door Dyer exconstable and deputy shooting at their workmen and has been suspended by tho actions United States Marshal was probintimidators troops bavo u have so long prevailed in mine owners and their represent ¬ Ir Ir Ir of these throw her arms around his neck ably fatally stabbed at Casey destroying their property boon called out at n great expense mining district of which Earl atives have no right of selfde ¬ kthe Darling do youi villa in an altercation with n The strike in the Western Ken- ¬ and the entire neighborhood terror ¬ and murmered Ir ington Ky is the center to think the day will ever come young man named Jacob Syars tucky coal fields has been noth ¬ lied by men who if they do not de ¬ fense are without the right P T t Every man has the right to join arm themselves to defend their when we will ever part in f sire to work themselves should at anI Both men live m Dekoven an j He persons and their property ger4 a labor union organization seems e least permit those who do to work are in the employ of the Ohio f has the right to work forthpse against those who are unlawfully Why no my little puss what Valley Mining Company Dyer composed of a lawless set wh arms Who recognize and to refrain armed to do violence to both ¬ makes you sltH Dyer wa have loft nothing undone to ter ¬ the mandate of the court to dls ¬ was taken home from working for those who do This distorted view has been so perse and if they do they will for ¬ Nothing dearest I was only stabbed three times the mos feit what little right they ever had men were widely disseminated that many thinking how perfectly dread ¬ dangerous I wound being across to the sympathy of lawabiding to labor for their daily bread K people whd have given the sub ¬ ful it would be ifwo should the abdomen peoplePaducah Sun employment unless and until all ject but little consideration arelever speak an unkind or harsh Pembroke Journal his fellow laborers are members impressed with the idea that word to each other i When a locomotive Blows Up The St Bernard 6f the same labor organization there is warfare in that territory It is highly improbable that has surrendered Its Coal Company¬ Well dont think of such Kentucky char am one of the very few pe-¬ there will bo any battle with the I with himself He has however in which both sides are at fault wicked improbable things an rt sons who ever saw a locomotive lawless campers near the Ken- ¬ ter and become incorporated under tho equal right to work without The mine owners and their rep- ¬ more sweetheart for you and the laws of Delaware The com ¬ blow up remarked an old rail- ¬ tucky coal mines There is a panys reason was that the laws of beilJgor becoming member of resentatives are simply armed jn will never quarrel We love road man to a reporter of the material difference between mid ¬ Kentucky did not afford them pro- ¬ any labor organization He has selfdefense Tho union miners each other too welly Generally night assassination and an open tection A sad commentary otf Ken ¬ Sun the other day also the right to defend himself aro armed for the sole purpose I know it darling of course the men who witness the explo ¬ fightwith anything like equal tucky lawElkton Progress and his property Ho is entitled of interfering by violence an usign ofa steam engine are so numbers Nashville American iV in the exercise of any of these intimidation with the rights o Only by the aid of troops is there load when the smoke has cleared i The obvious forgot heres a note I wrote te away > frights to all and every form of mother citizens comparative quiet kept In the mines to that they are never able You fellows who like to carry protection which the government f course is to disperse those un- ¬ mother cant you runjby and in tho strike region This striko gwQoin account of the disaster guns and shoot should move over Is a serious thing in Kentucky and this country affords to all and lawful aggressors bo take it to her as you go Law Must Be Enforced If you have time oh Char ¬ come from the shops and was in and grub will bo furnished free vhoaremembersof labor unions pletely tlt an find Tho same firmness now exhibited ley I complete repair It was on the by men who never did a days > They however havo an equal have What is it little girlio4 It was n year ago last April Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in work in their life and who are if exhibitedtomonths ago wouldcondi ¬ j > right to refuse put a stop this unfortunate to employ any when certain mine operators op ¬ rOh to think you would say Vest Virginia a number of years living fine and fat from time la tion of affairs and prevented the nag who is a member of a labor orating with union labor seem if I havo time to do the very fe ago I was on a locomotive some bor of their servants Its a loss of life und of wages and the vio ¬ Ef E union They have tho right to ¬ first thing I over asked you to distance behind the one which good place to go where men lation of law which have made that idofend themselves andahdunI county notorious not only In Ken ¬ dpfqrme exploded and was looking almeiic property against violent tucky but over tho Union It would i Well my dear you know 1 out of the cab window so thi have boon of infinite benefit to the lawful attacks In the exercise known as the United Mine am so very busy Mow sail I the illfated engine was immedi- ¬ strikers Every days delay has lofvany of these rights they are AYorkoM of America a premium thought I might = ately before my eyes Suddehly No Dallying been of harm to them and to their tqntitledtO all and every fonu of wroo busy to take a note for I saw the machine rise in the air Tho Time situation inthe Kentucky cause i and this is true always prof which the government i yoUr wifeoh prompt enforcement of the law is of you cruel man it seemed to me to be about as mining region whichhas so long othis country afFords to nIl and Hopkins and adjacent counties you hurt my feelings high as the telegraph poles be ¬ been tolerated in its lawlessness s infinite advantage to the law break ¬ every ono of its citizens er It is indeed moro to his ad ¬ For more than a year past an nV Why my dear child side the track which as you has reached such a crises as to vantage than to that of any other c Fife foregoing is simply are tolerable Condition of lawless mV I am doubtless Dont dear child know ire not so high leave Gov Beckham no shadow v person All paltering with him and stat6Jnent of time general princi = ness has prevailed which has in ¬ no child thank you Tam a as telegraph poles in the city of excuse for ignoring it or dal ¬ IllS violation of the law is of harm to lo so clearly enunciated by the flicted and is inflicting incal ¬ married woman Then came a cloud of dense black lying with his duty in the prom ¬ him In tho end the law must bo fit Rev John Ireland Arch- culable injury upon the State administered and lawlessness must o But Bulah do bo reasonable smoke and dust which hid the 1hes People who want to work bo suppressed There are certain + bishop ofTSt Pnuljttnd published It is time for every lawabiding and dont not so silly y engine from view and almost peaceably and honestly have a forms of lawlessness of which this jL in the CourierJournal on August Oh Charley to think you simultaneously elfrespecting and patriotic cit ¬ heard the roar right to work and it is so clearly may not bo true sporadic violations which < 16 1001 upon comment you made mien fb openly denounqo these would speak to me liko thatyou of the explosion tho duty of time State to protect of time Jaw i violatisns of time law by the following conditions and to hole to en-¬ will break my heart Both the engineer and the them in this right there is no combinations with the officers of the > One vital trouble with the courage the officers of tho lawI o 1law i conspiracies td violate tho law Stuff and nonsense fireman were killed and the lo possible plea or argument to tho entered Into by thoso whoso duty it strikers is that while they justly reestablish the peace and quiet 0h now I know you dont comotive was fit for nothing contraryNashville Banner is to execute the law may tempora ¬ claim the right to strike they that formerly existed in that love t much but the scrap heap when it metand never did rlly stem to be successful may have deny the right of others not to- part of the State I remain This is rank folly What is fell to the ground Thb crown Tho Muhlenberg News is an for awhile an appearance of triumph that while they justly Very respectfully the matter witliyou anyway sheet over the firebox had blown advocate of time union miners and but even in those eases in the end n claim the right not to work ex the retribution of justice Is apt to MILTON H SMirir will go home to my mother- a out I contends for their rights of free overtake the violators of the law cept on tleir own terms they v know she loves me if you I The strange thing about the speech which is acknowledged s W 0 P Breckinrldgo In the Lox r REV GEO F PENTECOST deny the1 right of others to work explosion was that no white- but a free American citizen who ington Herald dontn Freedom f on their own terms You must begoing crazy andrfgbtcannot be monopolized The Noted Evangelist to Begin a Seri j havent said I did not love you I steam was seen You know that does not want to join the union perfectly dry steam is invisible has sonic rights too which ought Specious Arguments of Revival Meetings at Our Sister by One set of men simply be Oh yes Bay I am crazy being like the air and before it to be regarded Louisville Com Since the above was written it IB City of HopKiruvHJe Soon p causQ they belong to labor unions thats right sneer at me make had time to condense it was mercial reported that some of tho strikers and labor unions will never sufc am your wife who fun of me have returned and reestablished time cloud F Pentecost D teed in accomplishing all the Rev Geo Y on December D of you promisedI to love and protect probably smothered by Several hundred miners In 8 will Yonkers N of smoke and dust raised by the Tennessee once sought to set theEast their camp upon tho sIte of tho old law camp good for the Yrorkingmttn which begin a series of revival services a t only two months ago probably bursting of limo boilerBalti ¬ and the States authority at defiance remain and announce their purpose S they are capable of accomplish and to return as often as the the Union Tabernacle at Hopkins you will strike mo next more Sun A posse of lawrespnctintr citizens yule and will continue the meetin r wont forth and gave them battle and for about two weeks services bolaPratt Case quickly dispersedthom State troops both as to their legal rights and as f hold at 271 pin and 730 pm i rt The decision of the Court of were also brought Into requisition to their wisest policy There can be the office muttering to himself each day correspondent strangely ¬ that of all queer creatures wo- Appeals in the Pratt case i can always 1 t at variance with your utterances men were certainly the queerest merely a return to wellestablish is determluation to enforce it establish and maintain an armed ¬ continually refers to the conten Of course they will make up ed Democratic principles The Nashville American camp under the pretense thatthe camp is their residence This may ville on Christianity In the Twen ¬ when he comps home at night new election law in most of the rQ and in the years to como they disputed points cdnforms to tIle- Two dead and another beyond ro sound plausible at first blush and nt covery is time record of a Sundays f illegal actsjjsri that neither is i will have many such tiffs as tin s original contention made by the fight at tho Frovideno mines in the argument in its favor may seem lvspBaks of Two fKctions or both of the State and Kentucky Is justly one and after they have lived Republicans These contentions Webster county When will this catchy and impressive jbut whenever the case Is presented to a court proud of him Quite an effort is befactious the courts set aside but the Leg- end Uniontown Telegram such trivialities will be swept aside ing made to have the singing of th In your issue of the SQth of Thong N n t islaturo affirmed thorn mds will tell and the bald proposition be an best quality pv4nibor ho outlines a plan to The good people of Hopklnsvlllo D wo havo never had across word election board is appointed by It tho union miners in Hopkins nounced that In a peaceable conv require tluttbotJrsidesl Qi the cordially invite the citizens of the or a fuss in all our married life the Governor vacancies are filled county resist the order of court they uiunlty no set of men bavo a right to prove themselves out menace time public peace by ostab TIMMW union miners and the mine neighboring towns to attend these by the Governor aridit has no will not only laws but menaces to their families i lishlncr and maintaining an armed that muolIiardssurrcnder all arms and services TKe Bee rl judicial powers It is pleasant friends and to the cause they profess camp and the specious arguments that if this bo not compiled with good may be done and the cause o may e she eto sec tho legislative and judio to represent as well They have in its favor will be held about as 1 Christ thereby much advanced par wbne trying to climb qut of a iary departments in amok sweet congregated for an unlawful purpose l Subscribe for TIIK UKE accord Evening Post1 according to the courts are armed Continued on Fourrh Page hammock 1 z I p CaseyVillea 20WO odareo imnnt > organizationsHO ± yof fiof I I c timf ea1a5soon > Iiookhatnq < > nnintf i neighf opm ¬ t istrike recognizepqandgov fYpur f saysf is t I evaugelistdooi address IJ Pentecoatbegahta carryingarmi I Ii + t t M b theyI glf i 1 t t jI las oThe thatl tori propositiono 1 Jj v

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