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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), September 13, 1946

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

"ftNed as ar,nmA The Jeffersonian 17 Jill Jeffersontown F.F.A. Chapter went to the State is entirely customary. John Roederer and Henry Graff led off in taking honors in the F.F.A. classes and in me open classes as well. 229 Students nenry was tne champion prize winner, pocketing $111.50 At Jeff'town Enroll High award money which his regisJeffersontown High School tered Duroc Jersey hogs and Jersey cattle earned for him. John opened its new school year with came right after with $98.00 that an enrollment of 229, an increase of 16 over last year. his hogs won. Many other F.F.A. boys from New teachers in the high school Jeffersontown participated in the are Lawrence Gamble, who is the distribution of prizes and con- - social science and athletics in- tributed to the success of the structor, and John Gambill, who is the vocational agricultural F. F. A. section at the fair. Roederer won first place in the ' teacher. New teachers in the elementary F. F. A. classes with his gilt, 6 to 11 months old; first with his boar1 grades are Mrs. Stout, who trans-pig- ; championship with his gilt; ferred from Okolona, replaces econd in the open classs with his Mrs- Cook as the sixth grade Silt; fourth with his gilt under 6 teacher; Mrs. Cook has moved months old; first with his sow; from the sixth grade to the h second with his gilt; first entn grade, replacing Mrs. his senior sow and second kett who is on leav of absence, starkfourth grade Pfwith his junior sow; second with and Mrs- replacestneMrs. Sprowl, his young herd; second with best teacher, wno is retired. four offspring of boar. ' The l Graff took first and second with Mrs- new lunchroon manager is Hewett M. Robison who bis Jersey heifers over 12 months; first, second and third with Jer- - feeds more than 500 everv dav-The ncw hl8h scho1 band, ley heifers under 12 months; sec- ond with his Duroc gilt; fourth under the directorship of Miss um' with his hybrid corn: fifth for.010". nas 0J Plans are under way for a single ear. These were F.F.A classes. In the open classes Hen- - marching band for the football ry won fourth with his Jersey season- Doris Wiggington is to be heifer over 12 months. In the the drum majorette n diReed Hoskins, a Kentucky classes he won fourth and sixth with his Jersey heifer rector who was a recent visitor, was well impressed by the new under 12 months. band. Other prize winners were, Choir robes for the glee club James Benard with his Barred will be secured for the Christmas TJnrlr nulla fifth am th,is yefrthe F. F. A.' classes; Donnie Hes-- ! vocational agricultural de- hirH hi Ptment has 45 enrolled with 18 heifer in the F.F.A. classes; fifth w members of F,uture Farmers with his heifer in the open classes; v viiiii uu ii muinj All kiiu 1 - sev-anoth- er Puc-wit- - I - well-know- rc,.---- Prf ,,, classes. - ATTENTION! ALUMNI! Robert Dunham second with his Guernsey bull calf in the Kentucky classes and second in the open classes. Richard Moody received third place for his potatoes; Teddy Metzger won fourth place in the 4a event; Leon Ellingsworth's potatoes took fifth; Marvin Laus-mawas third in shop work. The Jeffersontown High School Alumni Association urges all former graduates of the school to be present at its next meeting, which will be held at the school, Monday, September 16, at 8 p.m. New officers will be elected and plans for future activities discussed. n Shively and Fincastle Meet in Boxing Program More than 300 spectators witnessed the first boxing match staged by the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board at Fincastle. Seven matches were offered between boys representing Shively and boxers from Fincastle. Shively was returned the winner by a Fifty-Fiv- e Enroll score of 4 to 3. The matches, under the di- In Marching Band inter-communi- rection of Oakley Brown, assistant supervisor of recreation, were received with gTeat enthusiasm by both Fincastle and lively people. A large number Shively enthusiasts accom- uniod their boxers to cheer them Tht feature match of the evening was between Billy Met puncher from calfe, Fincastle, and Roger Medley, of Shively. The boys battled it out on an even keel with Metcalfe having a slight edge. Other red d I f m ft tnKno CO. t TV It .vnH 0V ff Jw iliaiVllClI OH Shively, win a decision from El- , vp. t t J Tl . . . mo Dieruaum, r incus iiu, uiiu ouu (Fincastle) defeated Mowery Jimmy Jackson, of Shively, in the class. 4 A summary of the first Jeffer-aoUa4 I1UL T 100-pou- n County Playground and Board inter community boxing exhibition follows: Dan Medley (Shively) defeated Elmo Bierbaum (Fincastle) in class; Leonard Medley (Shively) defeated Sonny Powell (tineas division; Bobby tie) in r Ullua.-- it a -- f ft ft r jwewery ir Jackson (Shively) in the Rec-'.featio- n d i cick. f.-, in---- "- division; Bill Stop- insky (Shively) defeated Harry Burks (Fincastle) in class; Ray Murray (Fincastle) de-- ' feated Carl Williams (Shively) in class; and Carmen Fletcher won over Jim Barker, of diFincastle, in the vision. ty By Ziia Kay McDaniel The JefTcrsontown High School band held the first rehearsal of the school year last Monday with 55 members present. Officers elected were: Barbara Krieger, president; Connie Wcatherby, Zita Kay McDaniel, secretary; Shirley Hewitt, student manager and Norman hpencer, librarian. This year the young musicians will form a marching band with Doris Jean Wigginton as majorette. The glee club also met Monday with 40 members present. It was decided to wear choral robes and the following officers were elected: Richard Seewer, president; Edna Mae Snyder, secretary and Verna Lentz, pianist. The band and glee club are planning a joint Christmas program. Miss Fannie Stoll, music teacher who organized and directed the band this summer uncr the auspices tf the countv i department of recreation will rect tnc band and gle clufc) . 100-Dou- REPUBLICAN DAY AT FAIR GROUNDS SEPT. 14 Five Republican clubs are sponsoring Republican Day with a basket picnic and burgoo feast at the State Fair Grounds, Saturday, Septmeber 14, all day and evening. matches The principal speakers will be Other are planned on the fall and win- Thruston Morton, candidate for ter program of the Jefferson Congress from the third district; County Playground and Recrea- and John Sherman Cooper, cantion Board. didate for senator. County Judge Horace M. Barker will preside. Jack Frew, general chairman, Rev. Ryle Speaker Ai Christian Church has issued an invitation to the public to attend and promises fun ah Ryle, pastor of and entertainment for young and Rev. Elmore old. the Middletown Christian Church Howard VanArsdale, it is said, mm hp truest sDeaker at the Jef- Christian Church this will conduct a search during the coming Sunday evening. The day for the youngest and oldest subject of his message will be: Republican who will be the A Christian May Believe." cipient of an award of some kind. worship begins at 8 o'clock, j The picnic will be held rain or The danc-iThe public is cordially invited shine and games, prizes and ing are on the program. attend. Rev. Moak's subject for thoj The sponsoring clubs are the monting service will be: "The 221 Club, the Searcy Club, the Three Main Themes of Jesus' Lincoln Club, the South End Club Women's Teaching." The morning worship and the Republican Club. period begins at 11. d y I J o I 7 nH i i i 111 Locker Plant Holds 3 P i i j I 4-- H CHAMPION the University of Louisville, completed his work on the doctor's degree at the University of Indiana this summer. While working with various groups and committees, interested in health, physical education and recreation Dr. Heldman, who is enthusiastic Fern Creek Revival about the program of recrea-atio- n conducted by the Jeff- To Close Tonight erson County Playground and John Heldman, athletic director of ! The revival at the Fern Creek Methodist Church which closes with a series of meeting the 7.45 service has been well attended and fruitful, announces Rev. W. F. Huddleston, pastor. The speaker has been Rev. Fred N. Glover, pastor of Cooper Memorial at Okolona and Edward Fisher of Mt. Washington Robert Teater, of Jessamine set-uhas conducted the singing with County, slate champion Miss Alma Fisher at the piano Club soil conservationist, will Six additions to the church are tour Kentucky to study conreported with others who plan servation methods. program. Practices join at the close of the meetwhich he will observe will inMiss Lucretia Saunders, Health to ing. clude terracing, drainage, covEducator of the Floyd County Miss Melinda er crops, reforestation, hillside Last Sunday indi- Health Service of Indiana, cated that she was also interested Woerner, infant daughter of Mr. ditches, farm reservoirs and to the point that she wanted to and Mrs. Louis Woerner was the complete farm program of see Jefferson County's recreation christened with her grandfather,- T. V.A. He will be guest of the Firestone Tire 8c Rubber Comat work. Robert Yoho, State H. H. Weathcrford of Campbellspany, which sponsored the state Physical ville standing as sponsor. Others Director of Health and Education for the State" of Indi- to stand at the ceremony were conservation contest ana and Orlo Miller another rec- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowen of Mr. and Mrs. reation leader said they would Campbellsville, Downs Ellison family come to Jefferson County also. Lloyd Weatherford and to see what no Mr. and Mrs. John Hardin, All of them want Wil- - With 8th Inning Blitz makes the wheels of country of Fern Creek, Mr. and Mi l. : - cctom.ntirniiv bur Weatherford and Mr. and j mn.uuwii VM' Mrs. William Woerner of Fern By Royce Hedden that the nation takes noice The Gents registered nationally Creek. Epley, Garrett Little Bobby Woerner, brother their second seasonal victory over ... u Known of Melinda, also stood up, very the Ellison A.C. by a score of 11-- 8 as field man for the Indiana Rec- last Sunday at This con. reaton Association, was also test proved a mite tougher than greatly interested in Heldman's THIXTON LANE RESIDENT the Gents had anticipated as the discussion of Jefferson County OFFERS LANDFILL SITE A.C.'s led throughout the greater recreation. Mr. Epley also plans part of the game. to make the trip to study the T MfAVtAflnl Uft 4ft The Ellison Nine were prac County program of the Jeff erson made by Paul Jagielky, of the tically unerring in the field and Playground and Recreation UUUU UUVC1 huh lit vuiiuiuvi-- , :an by far stronger at the plate than 5lf Board. that in the last encounter when they last week's Jeffersonian, " j county residents take advantage were limited to but one hit. Until the latter half of the third, of the Fiscal Court's offer to E. P. White, Jr., Enters claim sink holes and ravines the A.C.'s led But Floore Writing Protession through use or garbage disposal walked to open half of the third, then stole second and resulted in several inquiries. Mrs. M. B. Graham, on Thixton was scored on a single by Harris. The Kentucky Farmers' Home Then Miller reached first safely Journal carries a story in its Sep- - Lane, has requested an inspection tember issue, entitled "Thou 0f a sjte on her land and William on an error, taking second on a Shalt Not Steal," written by b. RoBards. road engineer and wild throw with Harris pulling E. J. up at third. Haden then hit safelv, Commissioner County Commissioner E. P. White, County White, Jr., will visit the Graham scoring Harris and Miller. Jr. This 2 margin didn't last long, The story, called a "true short property with a view of making short," describes the manner in the fill if conditions are favorable, however, as the A.C.'s scored two This This method will result in much more to take the lead which a thief was apprehended was the score when the Gents by a village parson and the sum-- 1 reclaimed land if the practice exploded in the seventh, scoring justice dealed out by the comes general in the county. eight runs. It carries ai douehtv Dreacher. Floore opened the seventh with BUECHEL CALENDAR snap finish a double and scored after Ham-inre Commissioner White has OF ENTERTAINMENT Ellison hurler, threw a wild ceived a.. number of compliments one. Haming, who was tired, .. the nrst. venture oiA one o. on this, The Buechel community will walked Harris and Miller, struck the busiest men in Jefferson exted Us hospitality to lovers of out Hayden and intentionally County into the writing field. d food and entertainment in a walked Craft to fill the bases with "" series of events starting with a two away and the score tied at Bratwurst Fest given by Henry High View Firemen Watterson Post No. 164, American Reid, next up, Plan Reorganization Legion and the September Fes- - triple that cleaned banged out a the bases and Jtival and Fish Fry of St. Bar- - put ahead High View Improvement tholomew.s church both on Sat. The The visitors seemed to crack-u- p Club met recently and unanimous-- , u September 14. after this and two wild throws ly decided to reorganize the a de. scored Reid and put J. Bill and nunti The View Volunteer Fire Department lectable scrv of bratwurst wiU Heddon on base. Floore then sinthe Legionairres ready to gled, scored them and boosted the III cquijiiuci" to their appetites at the lead to 10-Floore stole second fire several cater that destroyed by Junior Order Hall, at 6 o'clock, and scored on Jean's single to weeks ago. and those craving those golden center. Last Saturday an entertainment brown fish sandwiches will be With the score now the School was held at the High View welcomed to St. Bartholomews. Gents coasted to an easy victory, the proceeds of which were to go Games and amusements will be although the A.C.'s tried valiantto the Fire Department fund. provided at both events. ly to bridge the gap. They manThe Fern Creek Volunteer Fire The following Saturday, Sepmaking Department has offered to make tember 21, the Buechel Boosters aged to score four more, the final score 11-High View community runs to the Club will give a Switzer Hop at The Gents play at home until the latter secures new the Junior Order Hall, promising again Sunday, meeting the Kenequipment. an evening of gayety and fun tucky Metals team. This team is starting at 8:30 and lasting until loaded with power-hitteand P.-T.To Sponsor the patrons are tired and happy. anything can happen. """" The Buechel School of Instruction entertainments have built up a wide reputation MISS WHITE AT HOME in for hospitality and good food and Miss Trudy White, who has The Fifth District cooperation with the Louisville patrons attend these events from been ill following an operation Council, will sponsor a city and county. for appendicitis, was removed to "School of Instruction" to be held her home on Gilmore Lane from JTOWN HOMEMAKERS the Baptist Hospital, Tuesday. at the Broadway Baptist Church, For a while Trudy will be 123 East Broadway, September The Jeffersontown Homemak- - limited to such movements as can 19. The morning session will meet ers will meet Tuesday morning, be accomplished in a wheel chair from 10 o'clock until noon and September 17, at 10:30, with Mrs. but hopes to be able to get back to her classes at the University the afternoon session will be held Marshall Floore. 4 of Indiana before long. from 1 o'clock to 2:15. Trudy and her parents, county County Agent C. V. Bryan says Miss Ruth Dunn will speak on, that Kentucky 31 fescue grass, Commissioner E. P. White, Jr., "Parliamentary Procedure." No reservations will be neces sowed three years ago in a Taylor and Mrs. White, are appreciative min County field, locked and dammed of the flood of flowers, cards and sary and all parent-teache- r ded people are urgently invited ditches that could not be crossed calls made by friends during her illness. according to the announcement with a wagon or binder. 4-- H j J'lown c- 2-- I 3-- 4-- y g, x , ' ll. 6-- 4. !opl? 11-- 8. rs ., P.-T.- j th i Recreation Board, explained the great work being done in rural recreation in Jefferson County. After hearing Dr. Heldman speak on Jefferson County rec reation, Miss Betty Malmka, a member of the State Legislature of Indiana and a director of the Indiana Foundation of Infantile was so enthusiastic Paralysis, that she an-- ! nhruit the nounced that she would come to Jefferson County to study the k The stockholders of the Jeffersontown Frozen Food Locker Speckman Streamlines Office Routine. Plant met Monday night in their annual meeting and the same officials. By A G. Host D. D. Fenley was renamed Jefferson County reports a decrease in juvenile delinquency president; Mrs. Ida Burdon, vice during the past six months of 30 to 35 per cent from the period WoK nc:Hn(. Mi. pb secretary; Walter Diemer, treas- - 'ast ycar- - 1 n's 's an outstanding accomplishment which is empha- urer and Miss Sarah Phillips sizcd bv tne rise in youthful crime over the nation. i A large part of the credit, it : : TT" board member. ' Tr said goes to Robert Speck-- , from getting into further trouble. Thirty stockholders were pres eves sum ent to hear the report of officers man, chief probationary officer warrants and makes arrests so on the progress being made to- - for Jefferson County. me fieldworkers can give ward the plant's completion. Authorized by County Judge ' more time to work on their cases. The building is practically fin- - Horace M. Barker to reorganize Field work is emphasized. ished with only delivery of com- - the Probation Department and Workers meet the people in their pressors and motors preventing given free rein by Judge Law-- 1 homes, get acquainted in their rence Wetherby of the Juvenile neighborhood, early operation. learn just what Court, Speckman has stream-- 1 treatment the child is receiving 1 nnea rne routine oi cniidren s at tne nome and in the commun-case- s and succeeded in effecting ity. South Veterinarians such efficiency in his department Accurate records are kept, that children's problems are given based on all investigations made, To Meet In Louisville top priority in the county. Kindly but positive handling of Under tn new system many all cases is the rule, with a goal Veterinary Med- The Southern ical Association will hold their children, who were formerly of securing the best possible annual convention, .brought into court now find their ment of childen by their parents meeting jointly with the Ken- - cases solved quickly and smoothly and other responsible for them, Truancy cases are handled by the embarrassment of tucky Veterinary Medical Asso- - withou ' systematized conferences held ciation, at the Brown Hotel, Sep-- , appearing before the court Among the new methods are weekly with attendance officers tember 30 October 1 and 2. Dr E S Brashier of Jackson tne follwmK which have worked and parents. This eliminates court the vantage of the children: action in most cases and has reMiss.', is president of the Southern Congestion at the Children's suited in a 49 per cent reduction organization with Dr. R. R. Salley, truancy. Center haf been solved, b a 24" Orangeburg, S. C, president-elec- t. Complete the sug- with all rw. vii- - p wivtn- - Vv hour parole service estion of Jud8e Barker that de- - agencies handling children has is present of the State group, with Dr. T. J. Stearns, of St. Matthews, pendent children be segregated been established. Family service, Dr. G. M. Horton, from delinquent children has aid for dependent families, county municipal welfare, chil-second and Dr. F. been solved by the establishment welfare, agencies and related Sunshine Lodge at Jefferson-- ' dren's M Kearns, of St. Matthews, secwhere dependent children, ganizations are working together retary and treasurer. Dr. Kearns and Dr. F. M. Rei-ste- not charged with delinquency, for the solution of children's of Buechel, are general are housed until they can be problems. The Crime Prevention Bureau chairman and for placed satisfactorily. A system of handling transit records show a decrease in juvelocal arrangements. A number of exhibitors will sponsor displays children has been established nile delinquency of 30 to 35 per through with the cent in Louisville and Jefferson at the convention. County. While the delegates are here, a Traveler's Aid. Close application to the work Children mentally affected and sight-seein- g trip will be conducted at Bardstown where the bewildered children, who are the of supervising the children's probvisitors will be shown My Old result of broken homes, and chil lems, placing the responsibility Kentucky Home, St. Joseph's dren needing medical care are squarely on the child's parents Catholic Church, with the valu- given specialized treatment by and requiring families to aid in the able paintings presented by special appointment with Gen- - the rehabilitation program hasPro-eral Hygiene Clinic, the creased the caseload of the France, and other traditional Hospital Clinic and the Re-- . bation Department 40 per cent places. The President's Ball will be search Department of the Board without additional workers. Firmness and understanding held Monday night of the conven- of Education.. Workers accom pany children to their appoint are the keywords of the present tion in the Crystal Ballroom. ments and make sure they receive system which is bringing notable SONG WRITER WANTED the proper examination. assigned results. For the first time, probably, the underprivileged child in Probation officers are Somewhere in Jefferson Coun to certain districts so they may Louisville and Jefferson County ty, Commissioner E. P. White, Jr., become familiar with the families is receiving maximum attention from those responsible1 for their believes there is a person who and problem In that district. Investigators are assigned to welfare, can compose a county song, pref Only conscientious workers are erably a march that can be set special duties. One type of inves tigator works on cases and pre kept on the staff and there is no to some stirring tune. g such as frequently "Why not a county song?" says sents his findings to the court. commissioner. "A song that Others work on cases in an effort prevailed in previous regimes. the The present set-u- p makes for pan be sung at county gatherings, to solve minor problems to prethat can be played and sung at vent the necessity of a court hear- speed as well as efficiency in the ing. operation of department. Cases school and community events?" A third type of officer follows are taken up immediately and The commissioner would like on case work after the carried through without unneces-chil- d for the county recreation depart- through or parents have been sary delays. The child gets ment to sponsor a contest and before the court, his duty tection from embarrassment and has given the idea to Recreation is that of preventing the child disposition of his case. Supervisor Charlie Vettiner. ' A Indiana To Study Local Recreation Plan County Record Improves While Juvenile Infractions In The Nation Increase; This is the architect's drawing of one view of the Community War Memorial to be erected at Buechel in honor of servicemen who lost their lives in World War I and World War II. Constructed entirely of stone and granite, a fireplace and chimney occupies the center of the structure with bins for firewood on either side. Stone benches will be provided in each wing. A bronze plaque will be set in the chimney with the names of service men to whom the memorial 1 will be dedicated. Relatives and friends of servicemen who died in either World War and who were residents of the Buechel area are requested to contact Dr. J. V. Mahon. memorial chairman, immediately so that no names shall be omitted from the memorial plaque. i ' Youth Delinquency Cut 30 Percent By Improved Probation Measures COMMUNITY WAR MEMORIAL fair and came away loaded with trophies and ribbons which COUNTY Every Friday ai $2.50 Per Year JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1946 J'towu F.F.A. Members Win State Fair Awards r. W JEFFERSON AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 Vol 40 No. ALMOST 40 YEARS OF SERVICE TO ALL 4, j . i vice-preside- of vice-preside- or-to- r, ' time-killin- pro-broug- ht too-hurri- W 'Religious Education' Is National Topic L & N to Build Tower At Chenoweth Crossing Most of the protestant churches in the nation will observe "Re ligious Education Week," start ing September 29. The theme is, Word has been received God's Word For Today." White, Jr., that the L. & N. Sunday, October 6, will mark the seventh world-wid- e com- munion service when throughout the world, churches will seek to have every member partake of holy communion. Some churches will devote each day of the week to some departeducation. ment of religious Others will emphasize the regular services in keeping with the program. The International Council of Religious Education has suggested the following topics for the week: "God's Word for Christian Teaching;" "God's Word for Leaders;" "God's Word for Families;" "God's Word for Churches;" "God's Word for Communities;" and "God's Word for America." LEO MERKEL SUCCEEDS JEROME VANDE VENTER AS V. A. CONTACT MAN Jerome J. Vandeventer, who has for the past few months been visiting Jeffersontown as contact representative for the Veterans Administration, has been transferred to Nichols General Hospital where he will assist the hospitalized veterans in securing the benefits to which they are en- by County Commissioner E. P. Railroad Company has decided to take steps toward providing safety devices at the Cheno-Lan- e crossing, in St. Matthews, which has been a traffic hazard for many years. The railroad company promises to erect a lookout tower from which the guard gates will be operated and traffic e War Goods delays avoided. Sale Begins Sept. 15 Many complaints were made to the Fiscal Court of trains A two - week "top priority" . Set-Asid- tr spll riirrpnt Etnrlrs nf switching for 10 to 15 minutes or ore' Wlth. traffic blocked until surplus goods for veter- ans will begin September 15, it li?e ma,in lmc and switches were Commissioner White was announced today by War c!eardAssets Administration. Whenever VISlte,d .the s.cene and found these practicable, sale of items comPlamts justified, Notices sent the railroad is restricted to one to a veteran, will be able to buy Pany brough no response until these goods at sales in every sec-- , finally word was sent that train tion of the country as well as crews blocking the crossing through War Assets Administra- - would be arrested and held for violation of the traffic law. tion Regional offices. War Assets Administration cau- This ultimatum Drnmnt tioned veterans to lememuer, action and the L. & N. came forhowever, that items are ward with the proposals which in short supply and will not meet promise some relief from the the demand of the thousands of traffic tangles at this point and veterans who want them. more safety for the public. Because some regions do not The letter to Commissioner have certain items, new White contained an appeal for the stocks will be allocated as far as Commissioner to refrain from orpossmie to tne various regions dering any arrests of train crews to the states on until the company had an oppor- and the basis of veterans population tUnity of correcting the situation, Hrivp set-asid- e - , set-asid- e corn-Vetera- ns j j set-asi- set-asi- titled. Succeeding Vandeventer will be Leo J. Merkel, who will be on figures. duty at the Jeffersontown Fire wniy veterans oi woria war n House every Thursday from 9 in may buy items which morning until 3 in the after- include automotive equipment, the noon. All veterans in the sur- general purpose machinery, agri rounding area are requested to cultural equipment and supplies, visit Merkel, make his acquaint- office machines, appliances and ance and confer with him regard- furniture and certain general ing any veteran problems they products. may have. Construction equipment, and Mr. Vandeventer has the good medical and dental equipment for wishes of numerous veterans in veterans, will be allocated only the county that received his as- by Washington. Allocations ap sistance in securing information ply primarily to standard items in and aid in filling out blanks for new condition because used items participation in the various plans are difficult or impossible to covered by the G.I. Bill of Rights. sub-allot- l set-asi- ' j BUECHEL WOMAN'S CLUB Buechel Woman's Club wil meet Thursday, September 19 in the social room of Buechel Pres- byterian Church. The business meeting will be held at 1 1 o'clock with the president, Mrs. William Watson, presiding, Luncheon will be served at 1290. An interesting program has been planned with Mr. John Masters, superintendent of Hikes Graded School as guest speaker. All members are urged to be present.

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